May 7, 2007

Eric and Danielle Can't Now Split the $1 Million Prize - And Split Up

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Eric and DanielleWell Eric and Danielle won the $1 million dollars in last night's finale of the Amazing Race All-Stars and now they can go their separate ways. She'll be all the better for it. Incredibly, the bickering couple were the team that thought most alike when they needed to, allowing them to solve the final clue separately, then have a 2-minute head start over the Beauty Queens and Team Shmirna in a race to the finish line.

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April 23, 2007

Amazing Race: Give me all your money or I yield you

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Dustin - KandiceBeauty Queens Dustin and Kandice landed in first place this week on Amazing Race as the suave confidence of Oswald and Danny begin to unravel. The boys were seriously short on coin (down to their last $16) and, knowing they did not have enough money for future taxis moving around Macao, they offered the BQs a deal: they would sell out Eric and Danielle if the girls would give them money. The "yield deal" was an easy call for everyone involved.

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April 16, 2007

AR's Eric and Danielle Continue to Be Dogged By Bad Luck

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Eric and DanielleEric and Danielle are barely still in the race after coming in last in the ninth leg of the Amazing Race: All Stars. Once again, stubborn Eric refused to stop and ask for directions and his frustrations are causing his team to lose time. Since it was a non-elimination leg, the fighting Eric and Danielle have another week to insult and scream at each other, watch Team Shmirna pass them by, and roll their eyes at the beauty queens.

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March 26, 2007

Not an Amazing Race; All-Stars are Stuck at the Airport

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Teri and IanMost of the Amazing Race All Star teams ended up stranded at the Johannesburg South Africa airport for nearly two days while trying to get a fight to Zanzibar in a weird twist where Charla and Mirna (Do you speak Spanglish?) ended up almost a day ahead of everyone else. At the back of the pack, three teams were frustrated to be in last place but they had no choice since their flights left hours (make that days) later than the front runners.

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March 12, 2007

Rob & Amber Go From First to Last in Amazing Race

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Rob and AmberThe power couple started the race in first place and wearing identical smug grins but Rob and Amber got beaten out by crazy Mirna and and her dwarf cousin Charla after a mail sorting roadblock at the End of the World.

It should never have come down to that. The last-minute cliffhanger was the fault of Boston Rob who didn't known how to spell "P-H-I-L-I-P-P-I-N-E-S".

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February 19, 2007

Rob and Amber Outwit, Outplay All-Stars on Amazing Race

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John Vito and JillThe Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan admits he wasn't so keen on the idea of having an all-star edition: "The big question was, 'Who would we pick?' Because after 10 seasons we just had such a great range of teams," Keoghan told TVGuide.com. "You can only imagine how difficult it was to leave out teams like the bowling moms, the clowns and the gutsy grannies, Lynn and Alex... there are so many great teams."

After last night's new season debut, fans are wishing Phil had picked the clowns, the bowling moms and Lynn and Alex to return... as John Vito and Jill (pictured) were the first team eliminated.

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January 16, 2007

Desperate Amazing Race Turns to All-Stars Edition

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Rob and Amber picIn news that's no surprise to fans, Rob and Amber Mariano, TV's most successful reality couple, will return for another around-the-world trip in "The Amazing Race: All-Stars" which will begins February 18.

Among fan favorites and villians who will be returning are Team Guido, cousins Charla and Mirna, and the fab duo of Ozwald and Danilo.

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