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September 28, 2005

The Amazing Race 8: Family Friendly Edition

Posted by Fara Kearnes at 5:21 PM | | Comments ( 0 )

The eighth edition of Amazing Race: Family Edition began last night with 10 teams, each comprised of four family members (count it up: that's 40 people!) who embark on an 11,000-mile race that begins beneath New York's Brooklyn Bridge. As the teams got stuck in traffic on I-95, the sound of millions of TV remotes clicking over to "My Name is Earl" could be heard.

Granted, this race is quite different than what we've seen before and kudos to the producers for trying something new. But I can see bickering families smacking each other while hopelessly lost in an SUV on I-70 anytime. That's why die-hard fans like to see the race move to different countries; the traffic jam of cars and cows in New Dehli are somehow more interesting.

Anyhoo, so we have The Pert Shampoo girls (the Bransens), The Pink Sisters (Godlewskis), Miss Louisiana and her family, the Schroeders (also from Louisiana), the Gaghan parents and little kids, the rude Paolos, the Black family from San Francisco, and a few others.

Me, I'm rooting for the insane clown posse New York Italian family. Always good for the best quotes: "You're Overthinking!" Chill, paisanos, stop screaming for juuuuuust a sec while I go fetch some aspirin... [pause] Okay, let's continue.

So, go figure, it's that same New York family who gets LOST in Manhattan. Father Tony Paolo says: "A New Yorker gets lost in Manhattan? What a day!" His oldest son agrees: "This is disgraceful! We're so stupid!"

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