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March 11, 2005

Amazing Race 7: All Bets Off says Odds-maker

Posted by Fara Kearnes at 6:18 PM | | Comments ( 0 )

Sounds, like somebody knows who the winners of CBS's "Amazing Race 7" are, and they've been betting heavily on them.


Sportsbook.com has announced that wagering on reality television series "The Amazing Race" has been halted due to irregular betting patterns on one of the teams. (I won't say the names, but it's a **SPOILER ALERT** to you if you do click on the news link below. That is, if this team does turn out to be the eventual winner.)

The race, of course, ended months ago but the participants are sworn to secrecy or risk facing $$ heavy fines by the producers. But somebody out there must have got the idea of scoring some easy cash . . ., "Sportsbook.com is no longer taking bets on 'The Amazing Race,'" said Alex Czajkowski, the Marketing Director of Sportsbook.com. "In fairness to our customers we will honor all wagers that have already been placed on this event."

Reports are coming in that, over a 12-hour period last week, there was a significant increase in betting on a particular team. That betting pattern alerted odds makers of a possible leak of the show's outcome. The suspicious bets were placed from accounts in California and Massachusetts and were made for the maximum allowable wagers.

For more on the story, go to biz.yahoo.com.

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March 2, 2005

Chicks Rule on Amazing Race 7

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Amazing Race 7 kicked off it's new season last night from L.A., as the 11 teams sped off to Lima, Peru for the first leg of the around the world race, with Debbie and Biana (photo) winning the lst leg. The first thing that slapped me awake were the accents - we had Rob from BAW-stun, sounding worse than Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting, Miss South Carolina will her lilting southern drawl, and the loveable Hillybillies from the state of Deliverance.

Debbie & Bianca

Unfortunately, one of my favorite teams was the first to be eliminated as the the Copperhead Road boys, Ryan & Chuck, were eliminated due to a slow cab driver. Dag gum it! And I loved the subtitles that were used when they were speaking English.

The ditsy Barbies, Megan and Heidi, had their first blonde moment minutes into the race when they almost rear-ended a car on the freeway on their way to LAX. They needed to pull over and switch drivers -- a wierd start consider they still have about 72,000 miles to go.

Team Geritol got in a few digs right off: "Old age and treachery can outperform youth and inexperience," Merideth said. Ha! He hasn't dealt with Rob and Amber yet.

Speaking of treachery, Team Survivor are the race celebrities and they know it. Rob and Amber have porked up since their Survivor days two years ago, too. No longer lean and chiseled, the flabby Rob did some grunting up the mountain in Peru. But otherwise, they grinned and mucked up for the camera at every opportunity. God, they are obnoxious. I hope they last six or seven rounds.

, The pack was bunched up flying to Cusco, Peru, because of the flight delay but that kind of thing makes the show more interesting since no one gets way out ahead. Teams had no problems riding the Zip Line across the Gorge for 1400 feet, no sissy screams for Mama like we heard from HellBoy in AR6.

All the teams were thrilled to do it. One of the gay guys from Team Bird Cage squealed "Oh! It's like Splash Mountain!"

Patrick is the youngest but he's not intimidated by anyone, and he had this to say about Boston Rob, "I watched Survivor, he's as dumb as a rock." He has no future as a llama herder though. The funniest part was that llama spitting, and spitting, and spittin' some more, in Patrick's pretty face. Take that! You silly little gay American! I snot in your hair!

Rob and Amber knew better than to deal with large animals. They chose to haul the 32 pounds of Alfalfa up the hill for 2/3 of a mile. "Ah, when in Incaville, do as the Incas do." No problemo.

Not much bitching and whining on the first leg since the teams are still excited and for the most part, still getting along, although Team Action Figure, Ray and Deana, got into it a couple of times. Susan is pretty frantic and needs to chill a bit, or she'll blow it for her and Patrick.

One of the two brothers looks like Zach Braff or whatever his name is from Scrubs. Brian and Greg finished safely in the middle of the pack and should be around for awhile. They were pretty funny carrying those baskets and waving to the local kids: "How's it goin'? Eat your Wheaties. Don't do drugs."

Debbie and Bianca reached the finish line first and won a cool $10,000. EACH. That's a nice change from the usual vacation the leg winners have won previously. When Susan hears about the money, she's really gonna have a crying jag.

Like I said, I'm already gonna miss Ryan and Chuck, since they would have added a lot of fun to the race. How often do you get to see a Portuguese-speaking redneck on TV? They're so rare in the United States.

Can't wait for next week when the 10 teams get into a cat fight at the fish market.

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March 1, 2005

Heavy Fines keep "Amazing" Racers in Line

Posted by Fara Kearnes at 2:03 AM | | Comments ( 0 )

Die hard fans of shows like "Survivor" and "The Amazing Race" wait breathlessly from week to week to find out who will be eliminated next.

Rob and Amber

But even though the shows were taped months ago and contestants have been home for awhile, the shows still need secrecy so the audience won't know who came in win, place, and show in the finals.

So why aren't their any leaks of the outcome?

Producers try to make sure there are still lots of surprises for their series by building a financial penalty into the contract that cast members sign.

If they reveal anything, they’re liable. For "Survivor," the fine is $5 million — $4 million more than the prize the sole survivor takes home.

Crew members and others who come into contact with the production also sign confidentiality agreements. For "The Amazing Race," the fine specified in contracts for the cast and others is $10 million.
, Creator and executive producer Bertram van Munster told Reality Check magazine last year that "We have actually had people sign confidentiality papers in countries where $10 is a fortune."

The show's producers resort to deception and other tactics to keep results secret until the season finally airs.

But here's an interesting note, "Survivor" and "Amazing Race" losers don’t get to head home immediately -- even when they throw up their hands and quit like Aaron and Hayden did during AR6. The last team to the pit stop is eliminated by being whisked off to an undisclosed location for any early vacation. That way, their early return won't spoil the finale.

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February 26, 2005

Amazing Race 7 Starts March 1

Posted by Fara Kearnes at 10:16 PM | | Comments ( 0 )

The 11 globetrotting teams are set to begin the 7th edition of "The Amazing Race" on Tuesday night (March 1) in Los Angeles.

This season's race is already attracting attention because of the addition of veteran reality show players from "Survivor." Amber Brkich scored a cool million as the winner of last spring's "Survivor All-Stars" competition, closely followed by her fiance and runner-up, Rob Mariano.

According to Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan: "There's a new kind of tension among the teams because Rob and Amber are now a part of the mix. They are obviously a threat to many people. I've never seen so much raw energy at a start line."

"A lot of time on 'Survivor' is spent sitting down and working out what you are going to do," Keoghan said. "There's no time to contemplate like that in 'The Amazing Race,' where you have to make decisions in the moment, on the fly, very, very quickly. To me, this is actually the very antithesis of their experience on 'Survivor,' so viewers will see them reacting to a completely different experience here."

Keoghan says this is the season to watch: "I know I said this before about race 5, but I honestly believe number 7 is the best race that we have ever had."

"That has a lot to do with the teams we have, and I can assure you that the show has moved back to its roots in terms of the things that made people fall in love with this show in the first place."

And the dance card reads:

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