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July 12, 2005

Amazing Race: Watch Them All Again From the Beginning

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May 11, 2005

Uchenna & Joyce Winners of The Amazing Race 7

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They overcame a handicap of no money, no clothes, a flat tire on their taxi, and starting in last place, but married couple Uchenna & Joyce came from behind to win The Amazing Race and the $1 million prize.

Engaged couple Rob & Amber came in second while a wrong turn ("Turn left" "Left?" "Ron! I said right!" "No, you said left." "No I didnít!") heading to the airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico, left Ron & Kelly in their dust. The bickering couple were forced to take a later flight to Miami and were basically out of the race at that point.

To recap:

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May 4, 2005

Amazing Race 7: Hop On The Bus

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Tiptoeing through entraced whirling dervishes in Turkey. Awesome. Driving a double-decker bus in London. Frustrating. Seeing a Pageant Queen without her make-up on. Priceless.

Those were a few of the highlights of this leg of The Amazing Race. The lowlight? How could 2 of them teams NOT KNOW what Abbey Road was?

Off to a good start: Lead Teams Uchenna & Joyce and Gretchen & Merideth made their way threw the white-robed Dervishes in Istanbul to get their first clue: fly to London. Off they went to the airport and quickly settled for a direct flight that landed at 10:30 am the next day. Later, Rob & Amber and Ron & Kelly chose to risk their luck by taking a connecting flight through Frankfurt that would land them in London at 9 am, more than an hour and a half ahead of the lead teams.

Even though they were on stand-by, the connecting flight gamble paid off for both teams. Ron & Kelly begged for money in Istanbul, and Kelly the beauty queen who had her make-up taken away from her by Phil, actually asked to borrow lipstick from the female clerk at the airport. Eeeewww! Sharin' a tube of lipstick like that? There are some things you just don't hand over to a stranger ...

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April 27, 2005

They Have Gnomes in Turkey? Highlights from the Amazing Race 7

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Well, Ron & Kelly are at each other's throats again. Boston Rob was finally bested at something and his reaction was "Incredible!" There was occasional racing, the usual backstabbing, and the odd bit of luck continues for the old couple. The teams stormed a fortress in Istanbul and took a few globe-trotting garden gnomes along for a ride.


The race began with Rob & Amber and Ron & Kelly all hanging out together at the airport in Jodhpur dissing Uchenna & Joyce and Merideth & Gretchen. They had a good laugh, saying that it was the "blind leading the blind" for those two groups to team up and help each other. Kelly chimed in, "Yeah, Uchennaís a leech for information." HA! Completely unaware that they were in last place, an over-confident Rob remarked, "They just coast the whole game. They are stupid."

Now who's laughing? Once they reached Istanbul Rob figured out that the other two "stupid" teams had actually found an earlier flight out of Jodhpur, India, and arrived in Turkey TWO HOURS before Rob's plane did. The look on his face was Classic.

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April 20, 2005

Off With her Hair! We have a Bad Elephant! Trauma on Amazing Race 7

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In an exciting episode of elephant pushing, camel jockeying, 24-hour train rides, and a female racer getting her head shaved, the Amazing Racers give it their all in the India leg of the race around the world.

Last week, after each exhausted team hit the mat, host Phil handed them their next clue with that evil little smirk and a twinkle in his eye -- as only Phil can pour it on. The clue sent the shocked teams to the train station in Lucknow where they all arrived in early afternoon, only to find the train they needed didn't leave until 9 pm.

The teams hung out, then boarded the train and settled in for a comfy night in bunks, only to be woken up at 1 am to be given their next clue! Even though it was a 24-hour train ride to the next destination and they could have gotten the papers at any time, they get roused right in the middle of their slumber. Oh, these race organizers are such kidders!

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April 13, 2005

Amazing Race 7 Recap: You took His Tea! Shame on You!

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Rob and Ambuh made to the mat first again this week but this time host Phil informed them it was NOT the pit-stop and was only there to hand them their next clue! Think your tired now! Race on!

I love this new twist the Amazing Race producers have thrown at the teams - a couple of which (ahem, Lynn) were complaining about how tired they were. So Phil's raised eyebrow was our clue that he was throwing a wrench into everyone's plans for a rest stop. Which means no one was eliminated last night as the episode was the first of a two-parter.

Rob and Amber, the Survivor couple, keep up the pressure on the other teams but refusing to give up the lead. I loved it when Rob told the ticket agent in Botswana not to let the other teams book on the same flight as he and Amber, and Ron 'n Kelly did. The lady was shocked, and asks what to say when they ask her about it, and Rob just tells her to "point to me and I'll look at them and smile." And she got it. Only Rob could have the charm to pull that off.

Arriving in India, gutless wonders Ron & Kelly wimped out at the Yield and chose not to give the hour-delay to Rob & Amber who were right on their heels -- literally, standing right behind them. How incredibly stupid. It was a perfect opportunity to set Team Survivor back and Ron lost his nerve. No million dollars for these two with such stupid thinking.

So the five teams arrived in the teeming streets of Lucknow, India, where apparently, hundreds of people (and a few cows) have plenty of time to stand around and watch an American TV reality program being filmed. Oh, here are two TV stars?!? Marvelous! [applause] What the heck for?

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April 6, 2005

"Dude, We should date each other" and other Amazing Race moments

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Last-place Brian & Greg, the brothers who became everyone's favorites, were eliminated from the race last night, but donned swimsuits and winter hats and strolled up to the mat like the alpha men they are. God bless them. They were the classiest losers of any reality show ever.

I'm going to miss the fun they had and the one-liners. Driving through Africa and seeing a sunrise with your kid brother is priceless: "Dude, We should be dating."

Team Survivor won yet another leg of the tour. Rob and Amber reached the finish line first in Botswana, and won a trip to Monte Carlo. They've already won trips to the Bahamas and London previously on the show. They got off to a good start in the goat-milking competition (I scored 'em a 5.5), while having a good time, enjoying the race, and being with each other: "It's just a blessing," Amber said. "We're the two luckiest people in the world."

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March 30, 2005

Bu-bye Ray & Deana. Or, Bleed Like Me

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March 23, 2005

Luck of the Irish Wins AR7 Leg

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Greg and Brian in Tigre, ArgentinaThe best line of last night's episode was delivered with a huge grin by Rob: "Oh my God! Iím telling you, luck has always been on my side. It's like I was born with a horseshoe up my ass!"

"Ramber's" ability to dig down and come up with the lucky breaks has added an incredible dimension to the show this year. I still can't say much about Amber -- she'll almost invisible next to this supernova. How did she win Survivor: All Stars? Now only does Rob have an incredible flair, he is usually the most cocky, quotable racer. He loves himself.

Biggest jerk has turned out to be Ray, the muscle guy, who loves himself too, only he doesn't have his shit together. Now he regrets not doing the beef-eating task and taking the four-hour penalty from last week: "Deana and I took the penalty in the last leg and now we are stuck at the back of the pack with the rest of the bottom feeders. I feel embarrassed to be where we are right now." Ease up, Ray, you ass. You're not that great.

The gay guys - Oy vay! I love the cattiness of Lynn 'n Alex and their ability to come through on the detours and roadblocks. They are the comedy relief team of the show, and would have placed higher if they didn't have that motor falling off their boat. It's time for them to get some of that incredible luck that Rob always seems to find. , The grandparents continue to stay in the game, as due to Brother dudes, Brian and Greg, and the cool black couple, Uchenna and Joyce. She was dumped by that horse - twice - and got right back in the saddle.

Team Flyboy and Miss Beauty Pageant are the most vanilla and boring contestants I've seen in years. Go away. Quickly.

Honestly, I don't know how the team of Patrick and his mom, Susan, even got on "The Amazing Race." What did the producers see in these two? He won't listen to his mother and tells her to shut up when he's the one who needs to shut it, instead of stopping in the middle of a task and complaining that he can't do it. What happened to that "never give up" speech he gave awhile back?

I couldn't believe it when he actually said: "Mom, I want you to stop before we have an embarrassing moment." No, Patrick, your entire performance on AR was on LONG embarrassing moment. Fortunately for us, Patrick was eliminated. Unfortunately, he took his mom down with him.

Other than an amazing lack of action on "The Amazing Race" the past few weeks, things look promising for next week's two-hour episode with a nasty head wound, screams, and a roll-over SUV accident in Africa. Blood and gore! It looks terrible! I am so there . . .

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March 16, 2005

Amazing Race - March 16 review

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Lynn and Alex
March 16 review

Finally, a tough roadblock! A feast it was . . . of Cow ribs, cow intestines, cow udder, pork sausages, blood sausages, a whole cow kidney, and parts of cow saliva glands. A veritable feast of roasted cow innards. But little meat. I wonder what kind of spices were used? Nummy!

To the teams:

Alex/Lynn: Team numero uno. Lynn: "If you can't do it, Barf it up." Alex: "That's the last thing I want to hear is 'Barf it up.'" He did anyway, and felt a whole lot better afterwards. Give it to that guy, this was a tough roadblock, and 3 of the 9 teams didn't complete the task. They kicked butt in the raft rowing against Team Survivor, but why didn't they win a trip or money or something for finishing first on this leg?

Rob. Not Rob and Amber, anymore, not now anyway, since she's just baggage that he's carrying around. Amber hasn't done a thing but whine occasionally. He's an army of one, and we haven't seen her step up -- yet. You have to hand it to the guy -- only Rob would be able to quit a roadblock task and turn it to his advantage. Genius. I still don't like him, but he's a smooth player. Who's been this crafty in the amazing race like this before?, Susan/Patrick: Team Mama's boy. Somebody stop me, but I'm missing Hellboy Aaron. Shut up and eat the "Argentina Feast" -- flies and all -- whiny boy. He finally did it, but would have been done an hour earlier if he hadn't taken so much time to discuss why he couldn't possibly do it. They must have been re-enacting some family scenes of when Patrick was a baby and wouldn't eat the strained peas. Only this time, mommy is telling him to vomit. The real problem was, it took them 1 1/2 hours to get out of Santiago, and it's amazing they still aren't there driving around looking for the "Al Norte" exit.

(Amazing FACT on the Amazing Race: Gay racer Alex is 22, Patrick is 26!!! Doesn't it seem like Patrick is the baby of the race?)

Meredith/Gretchen: Very endearing and nice old folks. Their concern for the others was touching, and they show alot of class, as well as smarts, for going along with Rob's suggestion to quit, even though they were taking a chance.

Rob/Deana: And why was the smaller team member doing the eating? He must out-weigh her by 80 or 100 pounds, he should have done the roadblock.

Uchenna. Not Uchenna and Joyce, she's another invisible who needs to step up. As for the big guy, he had no trouble with the 4 lbs. of "cow's everything" except when Alex vomited at his feet. Even more impressive, Uchenna sat there and ate! I'd of gotten up and moved away from the vomit. Downwind . . . across the circle . . . anywhere. I liked Joyce's quip in the car later, "Do you want a mint?" Was she trying to tell him something, or, oh wait, did he vomit too?

Ron/Kelly: If he mentions one more time he was in an Iraqi prison, I'm gonna barf.

Gregg/Brian: The bros took a goofy view of the detour - who would pick a 7 mile bike ride (over train tracks, no less) over a river flowing at a speed of about 20 or 30 mph, and with 3 other rowers in the raft to help out? I'm beginning to wonder about the smarts on these two . . . they can't suck every week, but at least they've got determination. Yeah! Pick up the wreck of a bike and run with it! Yaaaaah!! Dudes, get your sh*t together -- soon!

Debbie/Biana: The "childhood" friends blew it. "Love you." "Love you, too." [averted gaze] The girls drove 2 1/2 hours PAST Santiago to the ocean when the clue clearing mentioned something about them driving through the Andes Mountains. Hmmm, what could be wrong here? They could have placed well, since Deb kicked ass eatin' 4 lbs of meat - the only chick to do so. But with the long drive, they went from first place to eliminated. At least they picked up $20,000 for winning last week . . .

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