August 2, 2005

Amazing Race 8 Sucks So Bad, You May Never See It

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Rumors are running amok that Amazing Race 8 (the "family" race) sucks so bad that producers may scrape the footage - and race - completely.

Sightings of The Amazing Race 8 have occurred all over North America (New Jersey, Alabama, and Canada) this summer, but the race apparently hasnít ventured off shore.

Adding to the ridiculous premise of allowing young children to participate in what was once a grueling trial of stamina, patience and wit, The Orange Country Register newspaper is reporting today that "the race is being softened up to accommodate the kids." The new show is a family-of-4 team edition that allows kids as young as eight to race with their parents.

The Amazing Race 6ís Hera McLeod (photo) posted the following message at Survivor Sucks: "From what I hear, they are having a lot of problems with it and it may actually not be a rumor that it all gets canned. (I canít tell you my sources so donít even ask! haha! ) Personally, I think it would be a blessing in disguise because TAR is not meant for children!"

June 13, 2005

Are Jonathan and Victoria as Crazy as they Seem?

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Baker & Fuller picThey're baaaaaaack! According to an interview the evil couple gave to Tvgasm.com, Jonathan Baker and Victoria Fuller say there was a lot of editing and other stuff on Amazing Race 6 that was done to make them look bad: like making her seem like a whiny ass and he a wife-beating control freak.

In the interview, they veritably "seeth" about host Phil and call him names (Trashing Phil is so NOT COOL!), and then tell how the Prime Minister of Canada called them, and how they lost 30% of their spa business right after the infamous shoving incident in Berlin.

Read the Tvgasm article for revealing details of what went on behind the scenes as they try to repair their reputation, about their claim that Hellboy Adam really ISN'T Gay ... and find out why Canadians hate Celine Dion. No, that last part has nothing to do with the article but the dozens of reader comments below it go off on a Celine tangent. Too funny.

April 8, 2005

Amazing Race Villians To Shoot New Reality Show

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Jonathan Baker & Victoria FullerThey're Baaaaackkk! Jonathan Baker and Victoria Fuller, the "Amazing Race 6" contestants best-known for their constant onscreen bickering, are back for to give us more of their special kind of lovin' and sharing.

Victoria, the 1996 Playboy centerfold, will be appearing again in the magazine next month, then the coule is opting for a reality show pilot on VH1. They've also taped a demo for a potential show to air on Sirius Satellite Radio.

"Basically it's Jon and I, and the arc of fame," Victoria explained, "from going on a reality show, being dumped off on the end, and what happens when you come out on the other side."

Welp, that's not what we saw last fall when Jonathan unload - screamed at, shoved, and humiliated - his wife on the popular network reality show, a scene that many interpreted as domestic violence. The couple earned a reputation as one of the most hated contestants ever on "The Amazing Race."
, "As the show was going on, people were in a state of shock," she said. "And so were we, because we were portrayed so negatively."

After the Amazing Race episode when she was so rudely shoved by her husband at the mat, the couple reported they received one million E-mails (mostly negative) on their Web site: jonathanbakerandvictoriafuller.com.

But after they started doing interviews and showing up at red carpet events, people started seeing them in a different light. Fuller said the incident and other situations where it appeared Baker was verbally abusive were overblown.

Still, their new show will have some aspects of the explosive relationship viewers saw on "Amazing Race." "People like flawed characters," Victoria said. "It's all great and fun. People want to know you have problems, so there will be an element of that. Is he pushing me? No. Will we be at each other's throat to that degree? No. But we still will be bickering, we still will be fighting because that's who we are."

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February 9, 2005

Amazing Race 6: The Models Win NOOOOOOOO!!!

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The whiny models Freddy & Kendra beat fan favorites Kris & Jon to the finish line and won the $1-million prize in last night's season finale of The Amazing Race 6. "He is definitely worthy of having my children," an excited Kendra said of Freddy to host Phil Keoghan.

Freddy & Kendra

The model had whined her way through most of Africa, calling Dakar "gross" and complained that the Africans living in poverty "Just keep breeding and breeding." (Kendra is the one who shouldn't be breeding)

Kris and Jon got tripped up by an American Airlines employee who said it was the fastest flight (NOT!) while Freddy & Kendra got to Chicago faster on United. That 30-minute difference, plus a train crossing the tracks, were bad luck for the magic couple who had run a flawless race up until the finish.

Hayden and Aaron had the worst experience in China dealing with a lost cab driver and arriving at the roadblock so late. Hayden had to go through 3,000 locks with a key to find one that unlocked but she quit - causing her and Aaron to take a 4-hour penalty and being eliminated from the race. At the finish line, Aaron dropped to one knee and proposed. "Nothing else matters because I have you," he said to her.
, Personal trainer Rebecca and her sissy partner mama's boy Adam (also a trainer) surprised everyone by coming in third. Adam did mature quite a bit during the show: He screamed liked a girl when sliding down the pully in Sweden, yet did the skydiving stunt in Hawaii with no problem. That's one for him. (Update: The show was shot last fall and in a recent interview with a newspaper, contestant Victoria Fuller said Adam and Rebecca aren't on speaking terms now. - We knew that was coming.)

He nearly blew it: In Chicago, Freddy ran up to a police car and asked the cop to show them the way to the little know park by escorting the cab. He said "It's an emergency." Kendra saved their butts by pulling him away and saying "Honey, you can't say that!" So, with film crew in tow, the racing couple ran off leaving a bewildered cop probably wondering if he should follow them.

Odd reference of the episode - several times Kendra referred to the team of Adam/Rebecca as the "little ones." According to bios, Kendra is 25, Adam and Rebecca are both 27.

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February 2, 2005

Amazing Race 6 Episode "On The Road To Shanghai"

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After a little elephant polo in Sri Lanka, the teams headed to Shanghai and run into the most difficult roadblock by far: hauling a taxi cab in China. Apparently, as it was explained later, it was "rush hour" in Shanghai which means that all taxi drivers drive around in empty cabs and refuse to stop for people needing rides. (Must be a communist thing.)

Adam and Rebecca

, So there was more running, more rappeling off another tall building (ho-hum), and more frustration as we watch Hayden & Aaron's relationship coming apart faster than Rebecca & Adam's, while Kris & Jon showed that they are flappable and less than perfect. And kudos to Kendra for hauling ass carrying those bricks. Dumbest move: Freddie giving into his ego and wasting a yield to get revenge on Rebs & Pony Boy, rather than using it on their closest competitors, Jon & Kris. Odd moment: Rebecca says she actually liked the movie "Shanghai Surprise" -- which is why she want to visit China. (Blank stare here)

Now that all the eclectic people have been eliminated, we are stuck with the WASP crowd for the finale. That's two sets of model/actors (Aaron/Hayden, Freddie/Kendra) who can't hold a candle to the "Baywatch Babes" Jon & Kris, who really SHOULD be on TV. (Oh wait, they are.) Rebecca is also a looker, but poor Adam, with his Hellboy horns, baby fat, mincing walk, and 8-year-old tantrums is lucky to have Rebecca to carry him to next week's finale for the $1 million prize. Stay tuned.

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January 19, 2005

Amazing Race 6: 8th episode

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The current race is only in its 8th episode with 5 teams left, and now we hear that Amazing Race 7 will make its debut Tuesday, March 1 -- only three weeks after the current race finishes.

Why the short break between installments? CBS says that the ratings momentum the current Amazing Race 6 has generated -- it's posted big improvements for CBS in its 9 p.m. Tuesday timeslot -- justified the quick turnaround on the next installment. The timing also means the 7th race will carry into May TV ratings sweeps.

The current AR 6 will conclude with a 2-hour finale on Tuesday, Feb. 8.

Quote of the Day from last night's episode: "This place is much better than Dakar. It is a different KIND of poverty. Its like they these people CHOOSE to be this way. I think itís kind of refreshing. The animals arenít even as skinny." stupid model Kendra, on people in Ethopia.

Hayden has had a personality transplant -- she must have done some soul searching after the first few weeks, because she's a different person now.

And Victoria DID, in fact, have two asses with her going up the road: a donkey -- AND JONATHAN!

January 5, 2005

Why didn't Victoria just THROW UP ON JONATHAN?

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To recap Amazing Race's episode last night - the gang of racers hit an eatery in Budapest and the show's highlight was Victoria's retching at the vomitorium (er, restaurant) while eating 24 oz (or was it 32 oz?) of spicy soup. She filled up a bowl under the table, plus the floor, then splattered the musicians with her puke (they momentarily stopped playing). I normally don't find puking funny but when whiny-ass Freddie managed to MISS THE FLOOR and and refill his own soup bowl ("About 4 oz" he said) with his own puke, I cracked up. Then he has to eat his own - which made Kendra gag.

, Earlier, the herd had to race to a clue as a group and Freddie, who doesn't understand the physics of a heavy gate -- that if it goes up and if it has no safety latch or hydraulics -- it will come smashing down on your head. Serves him right for not watching, but he's a consistent dope -- he had a meltdown and looked for someone else to blame! Surprising moment: Jonathan stands up to the raging whiny-ass and tells him to chill. (But a "Slow Mo" replay of the gate incident, we think, shows Jonathan pulling the gate back down, but it's inconclusive.)

Bolo and Lori go from worstest to firstest by slamming down a goblet of pig's blood. Is that what passes for a bar in Budapest? Looked pretty S & M to me . . .

Cute couple Kris and John (the Heather Locklear lookalike and her gorgeous man) continue to race with grace, style, never an angry word between them, and they both look hot in Speedos.

Rebecca now gets cooties every time Adam (Hell Boy) gets near her but she was a trooper eating the soup -- she waited until she got outside to throw up graciously in the bushes. (Atta girl!)

Hayden and Aaron weren't as annoying this time . . .
jonathan & victoria

Have you noticed that Victoria does all the hard tasks instead of Jonathan, yet he still yells at her? In the pool, all the male guys threw the ball and got it past the "professional" water polo goalie, except for the team of Victoria-Jonathan, of course -- that's right, it was up to Victoria TO SCORE THE GOAL. (Atta girl!)

Poor fatherly Gus and daughter Hera choose to paddle the raft across the Danube River (bad call) instead of doing the water polo task, which was odd since Gus has been flashing us the upper half monty for weeks now. NOW he keeps his shirt on? Still, the thought of him in a teeny-tiny pair of speedos - Ugh! And what is up with Hera's gorgeous blue eyes? I think she's very pretty (and I'm a chick). A little make-up and she's right there with Halle Berry.

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December 22, 2004

Amazing Race 6 - Jonathan is AMAZED

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December 17, 2004

Amazing Race 6: Slurs, Insults and Shoves

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Ahhh!!! This is what reality TV is all about: Jonathan screams at his wife (as usual), but shocks viewers by shoving and berating her at the pit stop; Kendra gave us more insults of Africa ("This city is wretched and disgusting, and they just keep breeding and breeding . . . it's disgusting"); and Hayden accuses Bolo of being on steroids. (Bolo: "Who me? I'm not on steroids?" as his bulging arms knock over Hayden)

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December 11, 2004

Amazing Race 6 "Quote of the Week"

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Quote of the Week:

Hellboy: "Do You Want Me To Go Jump Overboard?"
Rebecca : "Yes, that would be AWESOME."
, On to the review of AR6 !

Team of Kris & Jon: First again. Ho-hum, won ANOTHER trip. They are a cute couple and likeable, they've made a couple of mistakes but have managed to stay as frontrunners. AR producers must like the "WET tee-shirt" episodes for ratings - and Kris didn't let them down!

Jonathan & Victoria: What was up with that sissy hat, Jonathan? Fuzzy baby blue w/polka dots? And those pants every week??

Bolo & Lori: The Hulk and Daisy May are the best comedy team on the show and she kicked serious butt in the salt paddies! That lady is yoked! Stay tuned next week as pro wrestler Bolo tangles with snippy Hayden who accuses him of being on 'roids . . .

Hayden & Aaron: Whoa, is he a whiny ass or what?

The old folks: Gotta give it to Don & Mary Jean. They've lasted longer than the Mormon sisters and the two wandering Jews from the Brooklyn who were eliminated in the first legs of the race. Hope they can overcome the financial setback next episode and stay in the game!

Freddy & Kendra: Don't you hate these two spoiled models? But kudos to Freddy for refusing to be ripped off by the cab driver. The prissy Kendra announces "I feel very unsafe. We are in the middle of Ghetto Africa." Has she not watched previous races of AR?

Adam & Rebecca: What does Rebecca see in Hell Boy the drama queen? She's way more mature than he is and he seems to be deep in the closet. Last week he was screaming "Mama! Mama!" on that safe-as-kittens pulley ride in Sweden . . . What was THAT all about? On the train he points out, "I'm physically weak, apparently." And Rebecca responds, "Well, stop being a wussy-boy and maybe nobody would say that."

Gus & Hera: Once again Professor Klump and Jada got lucky and are STILL in the race, to the amazement of all. The ex-CIA inoperative grossed us all out by taking off his shirt in the taxi and showing us that pair of 46 triple DDDs. (And to think the FCC was outraged over Janet Jackson's boob!) The daughter, Hera, is actually pretty cool, but she lacks confidence, even though she's right most of the time. Her father needs to get a clue.

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