August 4, 2009

Octo-Mom Calls Babies a "Mistake"

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octomom.jpgWhoever let that woman have (eight!!) more children?

In the new issue of Us Weekly, Nadya Suleman, who has 14 children, admits: "I think it was a mistake - in terms of the well-being of the octuplets and of my other kids. I can't give myself to them 100 percent...if I'd known that, I never would have fathomed having eight more."

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July 25, 2009

Octo-Mom Signs Reality TV Deal for Kids

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octo-mom.jpgOctuplet mother Nadya Suleman has signed agreements for each of her 14 children to earn $250 a day to star in a reality television show. The contracts, which still require a judge's approval, guarantee the kids will collectively earn nearly $250,000 over the next three years. They'll receive $125,000 for 36 days of shooting in the first year, $75,000 for 21 days in the second year and $50,000 for 14 days in the third year.

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June 1, 2009

Octomom Gets Reality TV Show

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nadya-suleman.jpgNadya Suleman, the Southern California insane woman who gave birth to the world's longest-surviving set of octuplets, has signed a deal to star in a reality television series, her lawyer said Sunday.

After weeks of meetings and negotiations, Suleman, who gave birth to the six boys and two girls in January and also has six other children, agreed to be filmed for a proposed television show by Eyeworks, a British production company, attorney Jeff Czech said. But the company hasn't yet sold the show to any American television network, he added.

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April 24, 2009

Octo-Mom Wants to Add a Pet Pig to Her Family

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suleman.jpgAs if she were not crazy enough, being single, unemployed, raising 14 kids, all under the age of 8, and using public assistance to afford her eight nannies, Nadya Suleman wants to add “something” else to her already huge family – a pet. And guess what? She wants a PIG as their pet!

"For a couple of years, the kids have been asking for a dog," the Octo-mom told the San Gabriel Valley News. "I've actually been looking into a pig, like a little one."

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