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April 17, 2008

Paris Hilton Apologizes to Kim Kardashian's Butt

Posted by Fara Kearnes at 4:48 PM | | Comments ( 0 )

parisParis Hilton has issued an apology to her fellow raunchy sex tape star friend Kim Kardashian after giving us her real opinion of the big bottom girl: “I would not want that — that’s gross,” she said when she was asked about Kim's famous butt. Paris then added, “It’s disgusting. … It reminds me of cottage cheese inside of a big trash bag.”

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April 11, 2008

Search For Paris Hilton BFF "Not Going So Well"

Posted by Fara Kearnes at 4:37 PM | | Comments ( 0 )

paris hilton tinkerbellSo where's the love for the wonky-eyed Paris Hilton? Geez, she puts out an offer than you all are invited to a casting call to get on her dumb show so you can look like retards trying to be like her best best slutty girlfriend and go shopping in Prague and shit, and instead of throngs of worshippers only 40 people show up?

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April 8, 2008

Paris Hilton Launches New Line of Clown Shoes

Posted by Fara Kearnes at 5:51 PM | | Comments ( 0 )

parisSocialite, sex tape star, and guru poser's follower, Paris Hilton is pursuing yet another publicity venture, this time in fashion. Over the weekend she was in Montreal to launch a new line of shoes even though the heiress has a terrifyingly large pair of feet -- size 11 (UK size 9) -- which she admits herself are clown feet.

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April 1, 2008

Paris Hilton Does a Face Plant in Prague

Posted by Fara Kearnes at 4:58 PM | | Comments ( 0 )

parisThe latest photos online show Paris Hilton and her current beau Benji Madden running away from the paps but the reason it's even newsworthy is that she trips over her size 11 feet a step and busts up her chin when she face plants on the floor. No, that's not the amusing part - it's that Benji not only doesn't help her to her feet, but the douchebag steps over her trying to get away!

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March 17, 2008

Nicole Richie Mortified That Paris is Dating Her Brother-in-Law

Posted by Fara Kearnes at 5:14 PM | | Comments ( 0 )

paris nicoleParis Hilton and Nicole Richie are back to their feuding ways. Nicole is pissed off that Paris has set her sights on Joel's brother and Nicole’s future brother-in-law, Benji Madden. It sounds like Paris is dating Benji just to annoy the hell out of the happy new mom.

“Nicole has made it clear to Paris that she doesn’t like her seeing Benji,” an insider told Star magazine. “She thinks Paris is a total nightmare to be around and just wants her to go away."

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March 4, 2008

Paris Pouts Because We Don't Take Her Seriously

Posted by Fara Kearnes at 5:26 PM | | Comments ( 0 )

paris hiltonParis Hilton is like so pissed that we think of her as a party girl and not as a good deed do'er - which is her opinion of herself. The socialite - who just posed topless for the February issue of 944 magazine - says she wants to be taken seriously: "It makes me angry because people don't know the real me. Yes, I do get paid to go to parties. But when you see me at a party, I'm always working or promoting something."

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February 28, 2008

Paris Hilton to Search For New BFF in Reality Show

Posted by Fara Kearnes at 5:16 PM | | Comments ( 0 )

parisParis Hilton is working on a new untitled reality show that is expected to be ordered by either MTV or VH1, Us Weekly reports. "The show is going to be about her searching for a new best friend," a source said. "Paris is tired of the haters and she's looking for someone new."

"She's looking for someone new and cool who she can trust."

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February 20, 2008

Paris Hilton Gets Oscars Ban

Posted by Melanie McKane at 1:27 PM | | Comments ( 0 )

paris hilton photo Paris Hilton’s movie career isn’t exactly going to plan. First, her new movie ‘The Hottie and the Nottie’ was a box office flop, now she’s been banned from the Oscars.

The rich-bitch isn’t happy about the Oscar snub, as she’d already chosen a $4 million dress to wear at the prestigious event.

"She cried hot, salty tears when she was banned from the Oscars,” a source said. "She’s desperate to be taken seriously as an actress and hoped she would be able to network with the film bods."

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February 16, 2008

Paris Banned from Sister Nicky's Place

Posted by Melanie McKane at 12:52 AM | | Comments ( 0 )

paris hilton photo Nicky Hilton has banned her sister Paris from coming to her new house in Los Angeles, in case she steals her style.

Nicky has just finished decorating her new place and wants to keep it unique, which means stopping Paris from copying it.

“I told her she isn't allowed to come over if she copies me,” Nicky told ‘InStyle’ magazine.

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February 15, 2008

Paris' Movie is Not So Hottie: Named World's Worst Film

Posted by Fara Kearnes at 5:32 PM | | Comments ( 0 )

paris hiltonSocialite and sometimes actress Paris Hilton's new film "The Hottie and the Nottie" has been named the worst movie OF ALL TIME -- at least according to visitors to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) website. They gave it on average a score of 1.2 on a scale of 1-10.

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