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September 26, 2008

Will Britney Get Back Together With K-Fed?

Posted by Fara Kearnes at 4:56 PM | | Comments ( 0 )

k-fed and britneyAccording to reports, Kevin Federline may be trying to get back ex-wife Britney Spears and repair their troubled relationship. Sources claim that K-Fed has confessed that her bank account Britney is still “the love of his life” and has apparently apologized to the pop star for his part in their failed marriage.

“Kevin has apologized to Britney for his failings as a husband and said he wanted a fresh start,” says in insider.

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September 10, 2008

Lynne Spears Publishes Tell-All Book on Her Family

Posted by Fara Kearnes at 5:11 PM | | Comments ( 0 )

lynne and jamie lynnLynne Spears' new memoir, 'Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World,' details the ups and downs of a normal family from Kentwood, La., which lands in the harsh world of show biz.

"I wanted the truth out in my own words for myself and my family," she tells People of writing the book, which chronicles Britney's highly publicized troubles and Jamie Lynn's pregnancy at 16. The latter, says Lynne, "was probably the hardest time in my life."

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September 8, 2008

It Was Britney Spears Night at the VMA Awards

Posted by Fara Kearnes at 4:47 PM | | Comments ( 0 )

britney spearsShe didn't perform a note but Britney Spears still managed to steal the spotlight at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night. Following last year's disasterous over-weight, lip-synching horror show, Brit walked out, spoke four lines to welcome everyone and then walked off again. She returned several times to be presented with a lot of moonmen hardware for her videos.

But you know that when Britney's non-performing appearance is the only thing to talk about the next day, that the show sucked. And who's idea was it to hire a no-name British douche to host the show?

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August 25, 2008

Britney Spears Singing Live - Off Key and Just Awful

Posted by Fara Kearnes at 5:19 PM | | Comments ( 1 )

britney spearsWe all know Britney Spears lip syncs in concerts and most people are okay with that given her non-stop dance moves for an hour on stage. However, an old video posted online this weekend of a recorded feed of her open mic make it very clear that Brit can't sing a note!

The pop star's real singing voice isn't apparent to her fans in the audience because they are hearing the song's dubbed version being played over the speakers.

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August 14, 2008

Jamie Lynn Spears' Baby Daddy Cheated On Her

Posted by Fara Kearnes at 4:00 PM | | Comments ( 0 )

jamie lynn spearsAre Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge really going to go through with a wedding? And will his girlfriend be invited? It's come out that Casey was seeing an older woman named Kelli Dawson, 28, while 16-year-old Jambo was pregnant with Casey's baby.

Kelli gave an TMI interview to InTouch magazine and claims she and Casey, 19, were having a torrid affair and stopped sleeping together just a few months before Jamie Lynn's daughter Maddie was born.

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July 31, 2008

Britney Spears Kicks Sam Lutfi Off the Gravy Train 4-Ever!

Posted by Fara Kearnes at 4:26 PM | | Comments ( 0 )

britney spears leaves sam lutfiBritney Spears has decided to get drop a bad gremlin from her life and has kicked her controlling ex-manager to the curb. Sam Lutfi had managed her career right up until her meltdown last spring.

There's been a restraining order against Lutfi in place since February 1 and he cannot come within 250 yards of his former meal ticket or any of her homes. The court order is set to expire today (July 31) and Britney is hoping Lutfi will go away quietly so that she won't have to have it re-instated.

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July 16, 2008

Britney Insanely Jealous Over Jamie Lynn's Baby Daughter

Posted by Fara Kearnes at 4:05 PM | | Comments ( 1 )

spearsIt's been speculated that pop tart Britney Spears took one look at her newborn niece Maddie last month, realized her 17-year-old sister Jamie Lynn was a new mom to a little girl, and had some kind of mental or emotional "breakdown."

She cut short her trip to Mississippi and flew back to LA. A source says that for the next two days, Brit was "a bit dazed and distant", and wouldn’t answer any of her dad's questions and "had no enthusiasm for anything".

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July 7, 2008

Is Britney Back With Adnan Over Sex Tape Fears?

Posted by Fara Kearnes at 4:44 PM | | Comments ( 0 )

adnan and britney and sex tape rumorsBritney Spears, who's been acting and looking pretty sane the last three months, is either about to get crazy again or she's scheming to get some alleged sex tapes back from her paparazzo ex-lover Adnan Ghalib.

"Britney's really scared that Adnan has a sex tape," says a source. "She wants to get it out of his hands."

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June 20, 2008

Britney Spears Biographer Says Her Friends Are 'Like Vultures'

Posted by Fara Kearnes at 3:54 PM | | Comments ( 0 )

britney spearsA shocking new book claims Britney Spears tried to kill herself - twice. "It really became an issue once Jayden was born and it became clear Britney's marriage to Kevin Federline was crumbling," says biographer Ian Halperin.

The author spent 18 months as an undercover paparazzi getting close to Spears and her inner circle, and wrote a tell-all about what he saw.

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June 19, 2008

Jamie Lynn Spears Has a Baby Girl

Posted by Fara Kearnes at 5:33 PM | | Comments ( 1 )

jamie lynne spearsCongrats to Jamie Lynn Spears who had a caesarean and popped out the lil cheeto today. The little girl born to the 17-year-old and her 19 year old fiancée Casey Aldridge has been named Maddie Briann.

"Just the family was there," says a source about the birth around 9:30 a.m. at a hospital in Mississippi, near her Louisiana hometown. "Everyone is healthy and happy."

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