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August 31, 2010

Beyonce to Receive a Yacht for Her Birthday

Posted by Irina B. at 11:55 AM | | Comments ( 0 )

beyonce%20knowles.jpgMega-rich rapper Jay-Z sure knows how to treat his lady. According to insiders, he is reportedly planning to buy his wife Beyonce a private yacht when she turns 29 on September 4.

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Quentin Tarantino Wants Justin Timberlake for His Movie

Posted by Irina B. at 11:44 AM | | Comments ( 0 )

timberlake-justin.jpgInsiders say director Quentin Tarantino has eyed Justin Timberlake to star in one of his movies. The Pulp Fiction filmmaker is reportedly considering the SexyBack hitmaker for a new violent epic based around a trainee hitman.

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Katy Perry’s New Album Cover Smells like Candy

Posted by Irina B. at 10:06 AM | | Comments ( 0 )

katy-perry.jpgKaty Perry’s Teenage Dream album cover smells like cotton candy! The I Kissed A Girl singer says her fans will get a smell of spun sugar when they open her latest album, which hits the shelves next week.

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August 30, 2010

Robert Pattinson to Be Angelina Jolie’s Son

Posted by Irina B. at 11:37 AM | | Comments ( 0 )

rob_pattinson.jpgAccording to some new reports, Robert Pattinson might be playing Angelina Jolie’s son in an upcoming movie. The Salt actress is already in talks to star in the new Clint Eastwood-directed movie Unforgiven.

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Jennifer Aniston Froze Her Eggs

Posted by Irina B. at 11:15 AM | | Comments ( 0 )

Jennifer%20Aniston.jpgActress Jennifer Aniston seems quite desperate to be a mommy as she recently had her eggs frozen at a Southern California fertility clinic. And according to a pal, the 41-year-old star will retrieve the eggs for conception soon.

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Lady GaGa Frightened by Mobile Phones

Posted by Irina B. at 10:54 AM | | Comments ( 0 )

ladygaga.jpgAccording to some sources, eccentric star Lady GaGa is scared of mobile phones. The singer is reportedly terrified of getting a brain tumor from using a portable device and now insists that a member of her entourage holds her phone a short distance away from her whenever she has to make a call.

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August 27, 2010

Taylor Swift Has a New Boyfriend

Posted by Irina B. at 2:23 PM | | Comments ( 0 )

taylor%2Bswift.jpgAccording to several reports, 20-year-old Love Story hitmaker Taylor Swift has hooked up with British actor Toby Hemingway. The Black Swan star plays the singer’s love interest in her upcoming music video Mine.

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Lady GaGa Has Low Opinion on Paris Hilton

Posted by Irina B. at 9:30 AM | | Comments ( 0 )

gaga-hilton.jpgSuperstar Lady GaGa confessed she doesn’t have a very high opinion on wealthy socialite Paris Hilton. The two stars went to the same New York school, but the Alejandro hitmaker doesn’t rate Paris’ musical capabilities.

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August 26, 2010

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Broke Up

Posted by Irina B. at 9:13 AM | | Comments ( 0 )

Miley%20Cyrus%20and%20Liam%20Hemsworth.jpgAccording to the latest reports, 17-year-old Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus has split from her boyfriend, Australian actor Liam Hemsworth! And sources say Liam has been telling pals he’s completely “single.”

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Kristen Stewart Getting Jealous of Costar

Posted by Irina B. at 8:58 AM | | Comments ( 0 )

kristen%2Bstewart.jpgActress Kristen Stewart is reportedly getting jealous of her T.i.ight costar Ashley Greene. According to sources, Kristen is furious that Ashley has been getting so much positive praise during promotional tours.

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