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March 31, 2010

Lady GaGa Won’t Wear Casual Clothes

Posted by Irina B. at 12:18 PM | | Comments ( 0 )

lady.jpgDon’t ever expect to see Lady GaGa wearing just jeans and a T-shirt! “I think you should look nice all the time,” said the Poker Face singer.

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Selena Gomez Fashion Designer

Posted by Irina B. at 11:46 AM | | Comments ( 0 )

selena%20gomez.jpgTeenage actress/singer Selena Gomez has a new job: junior fashion designer! The Wizards of Waverly Place star has joined forces with Kmart for a budget-friendly juniors fashion line, called “Dream Out Loud.”

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Lady GaGa Has a Giant Statue of Herself

Posted by Irina B. at 7:47 AM | | Comments ( 0 )

lady.jpg Lady GaGa revealed how she assigned a giant replica of herself as a centerpiece to her live shows, but she was disappointed to discover it was too big to fit into venues. The Telephone hitmaker has to make now special arrangements for her towering statue after failing to fit it into the Aussie stage of her current world tour.

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Lily Allen Wants to Try for a Baby

Posted by Irina B. at 7:44 AM | | Comments ( 0 )

lily_allen.jpgSinger Lily Allen, who suffered a miscarriage in 2008, is quitting drinking so she can start trying for a baby. She and her boyfriend Sam Cooper have settled down and hope to be expecting soon, insiders say.

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March 30, 2010

Ricky Martin Comes Out as Gay

Posted by Irina B. at 10:13 AM | | Comments ( 0 )

rickymartin.jpgThe bombshell news for today: Ricky Martin confirms he’s gay! The Livin’ la Vida Loca hitmaker, who has twin boys born via a surrogate, gave the statement on his website on Monday evening.

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Dakota Fanning Took up Cheer-Leading to Be Normal

Posted by Irina B. at 8:12 AM | | Comments ( 0 )

dakota-fanning.jpgTeen actress Dakota Fanning took up cheer-leading so she could feel like a “normal” schoolgirl. The 16-year-old star, who stars alongside Kristen Stewart in new movie The Runaways, a biopic about the ’70s band of the same name, attends private school when she is not working and wanted to be like everyone else at high school.

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Keira Knightley Missed Out on My Fair Lady Movie Role

Posted by Irina B. at 7:58 AM | | Comments ( 0 )

keira_knightley.jpgActress Keira Knightley is apparently “gutted” that she missed out on the lead role in a movie adaptation of My Fair Lady to fellow British actress Carey Mulligan.

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart at Breaking Point

Posted by Irina B. at 7:50 AM | | Comments ( 0 )

rob_pattinson.jpgAccording to a new report in an Aussie tabloid, Robert Pattinson’s relationship with Kristen Stewart is being put to the test because the pair have spent such a long time away from each other.

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March 29, 2010

Is Lindsay Lohan on the Verge of Death?

Posted by Irina B. at 8:46 AM | | Comments ( 0 )

lindsay%20lohan.jpgIt seems Lindsay Lohan is on the verge of death, or at least this is what insiders say. Sources who care most about the troubled Mean Girls star have told TMZ that Lohan desperately needs to get help, but she refuses to listen.

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Robert Pattinson – the Next Hugh Grant

Posted by Irina B. at 8:37 AM | | Comments ( 0 )

rob_pattinson.jpg Robert Pattinson sees himself as the next Hugh Grant! He admitted he wants to star in romantic comedies. The hunky British actor, who shot to fame in the super-successful Twilight movie franchise, says he’s keen to make the transition to chick flicks, but is yet to find the right role.

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