December 10, 2009

Robert Pattinson Says He’s Single

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robert-pattinson_020909.jpgLately, when asked about his relationships, Robert Pattinson insists he’s single.
He declared that in spite of all rumors, he’s too boring to be the subject of true stories.
“I am single — almost everything that comes out about my private life is false,” he said.

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Lady Gaga Has Had Sex With Women

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Kristen_stewart_070909.jpgWe all know Lady GaGa likes to shock, and till now, she did it well.
Recently the Love Game singer declared that although she has never been in love with a woman, she likes having lesbian sex.

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Will Taylor Lautner Be The Face Of Giorgio Armani ?

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taylor_lautner_231009.jpgIt seems that Taylor Lautner will start soon enough a career in the fashion industry.
Rumors say that Giorgio Armani wants Taylor Lautner to be the face for a new line of fragrances as well as for his more affordable line of clothing, A/X Armani Exchange.

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John Mayer Thinks ‘Robert Pattinson Is Boring’

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John-Mayer-101209.jpgJohn Mayer thinks Robert Pattinson would deserve a place is a “10 Least Intriguing People” list.
“I wish Barbara Walters would do a ‘10 Least Intriguing People’ special,” Mayer wrote on his Twitter page.

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Mischa Barton - “Ridiculously Clumsy”

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mischa-barton-101209.jpgMischa Barton belives that the reason of not having a boyfriend is that she’s “ridiculously clumsy”.
And, according to her own sayings, in many time, her clumsiness sent dates running.

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Ellen Degeneres And Her Wife Will Help Lindsay Lohan

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ellen-degeneres-101209.jpgIt has been claimed that Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia De Rossi want to help Lindsay Lohan find her equilibrium in life.
And the first thing on their list was to offer Lindsay a place to live.
“Ellen’s heart is breaking for Lindsay,” a source said. “She’s had her on her show and likes her very much.
Ellen told Portia, ‘We can watch over Lindsay, get her straight and send her back out into the world’.

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Rachel Mcadams Belives In Faith

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Rachel-Mcadams-101209.jpgEven if she agrees that success is the result of talent and hard work, Rachel McAdams says that luck also had a major contribution in her career.
Rachel recently admitted that she is guided in large part by fate.

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Kim Kardashian Agrees ‘Blondes Have More Fun’

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Kim-Kardashian-081209.jpgKim Karadashian decided that she had black hair for enough time and want’s a change.
And because she definitely thinks that the old saying about blonde hair is true, she plans dying her hair blonde again.

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