November 6, 2009

Kevin Federline To Become A Dad –Britney Spears Devastated

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Britney_spears_250809.jpgBritney Spears was shocked when hearing the news that Kevin Federline is about to become a dad.
Sources say that Britney never wanted Kevin to have a child with another person and was very furious when hearing the news.
Britney never wanted Kevin to have another child unless it was with her,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer."

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Robert Pattinson Can’t Run

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robert-pattinson_020909.jpgKristen Stewart recently declared that she’s more fit than her co-star and love, Robert Pattinson.
And Robert totally agrees with Kristen.
“I’m definitely claiming that one,” Kristen said. “Rob can barely jump rope. I call him Flippy because when he does his stunt rehearsals, he flips around [makes a gesture like a penguin]. And, God, when he tries to run …”

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Pamela Anderson Says Her Kids Love Living In A Trailer

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pamela_anderson_250809.jpgPamela Anderson, who is currently renovating her Malibu home and has set up temporary residence in a trailer park, says her two sons love living in a trailer.
“I’m living in the trailer that I have in Malibu which I normally use as my guest house where all my motorcycles, surfboards and all the fun stuff for the kids is kept,” Pamela said.
“But now that we are in there the kids don’t want to leaves.
“Even though my house is almost done and we are getting through this contractor hell."

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