August 28, 2009

Justin Timberlake and Snoop Dog Will Star in a Musical

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justin-snoop.jpg Justin Timberlake and Snoop Dogg in a musical together? T.i. definitely has potential as they can both sing and have an amazing talent for comedy.

Justin is being lined up to appear in a new movie produced by Hong Kong singer-and-actress Leslie Loh. “We are in talks with Snoop and Justin about a film. It’s a perfect marriage between movies and music and will suit them down to the ground,” added Leslie.

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Will Smith to Return for 'Hancock 2'

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will-smith.jpgIt looks like Will Smith will reprise his role as the drunken-turned-revived superhero John Hancock in Hancock 2. While plot details are being kept undisclosed for now, the sequel is expected to dive deeper into the world of the immortal superheroes, played by Smith and Charlize Theron in the first movie.

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Megan Fox on Catwoman Rumours

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meganfox.jpgA number of recent casting rumours have been spread about Megan Fox, including her being the next Bond girl. According to UK tabloid The Sun, she is also the latest actress to be mentioned as Catwoman in the sequel to 2008's top-grossing The Dark Knight.

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Tori Amos Thinks Lady Gaga Won't Last

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tori_amos_280809.jpgNobody can deny Lady Gaga is on the crest of a wave. Everybody wants her in their shows, everybody wants to listen her music or, better, to see her videos.
Tori Amos is not so impressed by all this. For her, Lady Gaga is a novelty who won't be around for long.
She’s what I call a meteor — singers who entertain people for a while,” says Amos.

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Shakira is Less Shy Now, in Her 30's

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shakira_28-08-09.jpgAfter a short break, Shakira is coming back with a new album. The single "She Wolf" is already a hit, Shakira "flashing pretty much all her flesh" in her video, as FOX News say.

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Gwyneth Paltrow Wants Her Own Empire

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paltrow_gwyneth_28-08-09.jpgGwyneth Paltrow is planning doing only one movie per year, in order to focus on creating her own lifstyle brands for women and families. Apparently, she wants to be the next Martha Stewart.
“Her plan is to stay visible in the occasional film, but to create products for real women,” a source told Fox News.

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Britney Spears' Producer is Working on a New Hit

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Britney_spears_250809.jpgAnn Mincieli has confirmed that he's working with Max Martin on a new song for Britney Spears.Max is the brain behind of “Baby One More time” and the latest “If U Seek Amy” success so the new song has a big chance to be a hit too.

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