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May 29, 2009

Angelina Jolie Injured on Film Set

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angelina-jolie-salt.jpgAccording to TMZ.com, actress Angelina Jolie was taken to the hospital today after getting hurt on the set of her new movie. The star was filming scenes for the upcoming thriller, Salt, in New York's Long Island when she bumped her head.

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Lady Gaga Is Angry That 'Paparazzi' Video Leaked

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lady-gaga.jpgThe video-leak bug has apparently hit dance princess Lady Gaga, this time infecting the new clip for her latest single, Paparazzi. The nearly eight-minute mini-movie, featuring a murderous plotline that revolves around a doomed starlet, was leaked online this Thursday, apparently before the fashion-forward diva was ready for it to debut.

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Chris Brown and Rihanna Will Reunite in Court in June

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chris-brown-rihanna.jpgThe Los Angeles District Attorney's office is expected to subpoena Rihanna, and she will have to appear at Chris Brown's June 22 preliminary hearing on felony charges, her lawyer told Access Hollywood.

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May 28, 2009

Taylor Swift Says She "Doesn't Compete" with Miley Cyrus

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taylor-swift.jpg Miley Cyrus has no reasons to be afraid of competition from Taylor Swift. "I've always approached this from the place where I don't compete with other girls," the 19-year-old country singer told the Associated Press about pals Cyrus and Selena Gomez. "I don't compete with other people in the industry. I compete with myself."

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Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman Team up for Broadway

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jackman_craig.jpgTwo of Hollywood's most sculpted leading men may be paired next fall on Broadway. According to the New York Post, James Bond star Daniel Craig and Wolverine leading man Hugh Jackman are reportedly teaming up on Broadway later this year in the new drama A Steady Rain by Keith Huff. The two are expected to play two Chicago cops, friends since childhood, whose lives take divergent paths after an unnerving incident.

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Chris Brown Was Sued by a Photographer for Assault

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chris_brown.jpgAccording to Usmagazine.com, Chris Brown has been sued by a photographer who claims the singer was involved in a violent incident in March. Robert Rosen is suing Brown and the L.A. Fitness gym for assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and false imprisonment.

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May 27, 2009

Model Jesus Luz Says He Doesn't Have Plans to Marry Madonna

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madonna_jesus.jpgBrazilian model Jesus Luz is denying reports that he and Madonna are heading down the aisle for a Kabbalah commitment ceremony. "She is my friend, only my friend," the young cover boy said in his first-ever TV interview on the Brazilian TV program Fantastico, New York's Daily News reported.

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Jessica Simpson Has a New Reality Show: The Price of Beauty

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jessica-simpson.jpg Jessica Simpson, who has been criticized in the media for her fluctuating weight, is working on a new reality TV show which will see her travelling the world with a friend in search of what other countries/cultures view as beautiful for her new show The Price of Beauty.

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Supermodel Adriana Lima Is Going to Be a Mom

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adriana-lima-marko-jaric.jpgAccording to People, Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima and her husband, NBA player Marko Jaric, are expecting their first child together. Reps for the couple confirmed that the Victoria’s Secret Angel is due this winter.

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May 26, 2009

Buffy to Be Back on the Big Screen

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buffy.jpgBuffy the Vampire Slayer could be coming back to the big screen, but without the original cast or writer.

The new movie will not have any connection to Joss Whedon's 1997 WB series, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, and would not include popular supporting characters like Angel, Willow, Xander or Spike.

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