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Kevin Federline: Father of The Year?

Posted by Fara Kearnes on November 28, 2007 4:53 PM |

federlineWho's Your Daddy? Kevin Federline has come 7th iin a list of what is being touted as the '50 Most Influential Men under 45'. The ex-husband of Britney Spears, scored in the top 10 along with the late Anna Nicole Smith's lover Larry Birkhead in a category dubbed 'The Good Fathers' in the list compiled by Details magazine. Incredibly, Harry Potter scored lowly, coming in at 42.

The publication wrote: "Meet America's new parental role models. We all expected Kevin Federline and Larry Birkhead to crash and burn as fathers. Instead, by being more visible presences in their children's lives than many Hollywood A-listers, they emerged as unlikely candidates for Dad of Year.

The cover story and article paints Federline, (a.k.a. "Fed-Ex"), as a minivan-driving soccer mom who watches 'Spongebob' and 'Finding Nemo' with his four kids, and opts to stay at home and decorate his kids' bedrooms rather than party or enjoy his pseudo-celebrity.

"To be a father is...everything," Details quotes the "rapper" as saying. "I mean, to me, it's the best thing in my life."

The list was topped by 'High School Musical' star Zac Efron who, along with 'Transformers' actor Shia LaBeouf and the 'Disney Kids' took joint number one spot.

K-Fed also beat out the founders of YouTube, YouPorn and Google, as well as NBC co-chairman Ben Silverman, rapper Jay-Z, possible presidential first kid Andrew Giuliani (how is he influential if you've never heard of him?), and even Iggy (Ellen DeGeneres dog).

The list wasn't limited to the living and breathing - the ridiculous article included two dead guys - Columbine murderers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold - who also made the list of "Most Influential Men under 45."


I think that kevin is a great dad and desirved to be father of the year. Im glad hes got custody of his kids because I think he will be more responsible of them...

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