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JK Rowling May Write Harry Potter 8

Posted by Fara Kearnes on May 14, 2007 3:08 PM |

Harry PotterJK Rowling was rumored last year to be busy committing literary manslaughter, dropping hints in hopes that her loyal fans will be forewarned that young wizards are not immortal and that a character (or two!) could meet their Wizard Maker in the final book, "The Deathly Hollows".

Hold on -- now the author says on her website: "I might do an eighth book for charity - a kind of encyclopedia of the world, so that I could use all the extra material that's not in the books."

Rowling says an eighth book would allow fans a further insight into the world of Harry Potter and his friends, including details that were not included in the best-selling novels.

She has already penned two Harry Potter reference books - 'Quidditch Through The Ages' and 'Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them'. The books raised more than £15 million for the British charity Comic Relief.

'The Deathly Hollows' is due out in the summer and was supposed to bring the young wizard's adventures to an end. Now we'll have to wait and see...


wat da hell is go n on wid u ppl. i thought da harry potter series wa over wid 7 book.

cant you read? it says its just an encyclopaedia on the world. its not continuing the story of Harry.

i think that they should do a prelude about godric gryffindor

harry potter 8 will b awesome

There could be an 8th for Harry's job as an Auror.....

i think Jo should wright a series of book maybe 3 about lilly and james potter and the first wizard war

i really really really hope jk decides to write another book i think it would be great to hear more about the lives harry an ginny potters children james albus and lily and also to find out what career path harry and his friends take

If J.K does an 8th book i want it to talk about what happened during the missing 19 years of the 7th book! How does the wizarding world react 2 harry killing voldemort? how did harry and ginny get back together? what happened at their wedding? Tell us J.K! PLEASE!!

i would think it would be sort od stupid to make a seaquel because if she does, what would it be about? all the interesing things would be over. only him fighting unknown bad guys that you never heard about in any of the seven harry potter books. only voldemort and all of the death eaters. but ya never know

yep, me too.. I want to now what happend in this 19 years gap she has created at the end of the 7th book.. It's just too soon to be over:(

I think an eighth book would be great, tell what harrys doing,his family, what led to the 19 years down the road, and as for action he could set out to find all previous death eaters.

i think she should make a eith book but then maybe that lead to a ninth book and so on.

i think she should write an eighth book about harry's kids

i only finneshed book 7 like 10 mins ago and im soooo anoyed jk has not written an end she just makes it seem like there wil b more. she shud rite bout harrys kids and their adventures.

I think i won't be as good as the others but i would like to see something different written by her.

they really need to make another harry potter

you all are being spoiled!!

give jk rowling a rest!

umm... in response to Fan harry and ginny weren't ever realy broke up they pretended to be after voldemort took ginny to the baskalisk so that voldemort wouldn't target her anymore

Hi guys...

OMG I'm crzy bout HP. I really do hope Rowling writes what happened within the 19 years that went by. What happended with everyone, not just Harry!
OYE really hope she does that!

what will it be about

i think an 8th book would be awesome... i also think hearing about harry and his kids and if he marries ginny... and if he becomes an auror...

what i dont understand is that the last chapter nineteen years later is about nineteen years later and they said that teddy lupin was snogging some girl on the train but he would have been nineteen and dont the leave hogwarts at eightteen or i am just confused???

What a plot line this would be: Voldemort had a son.

that is a huge flaw in the story. I never thought about that. I think that Teddy is snogging Bill and Fleurs daughter that they might have had,Victoire.

Also at an interview with J.K, she said that dracos wife is Pancy Parkinson a slytherin that tries to turn Harry in when the are evacuating Hogwarts. She is also in some of the other books.

Another theory i have is that Neville Longbottom married Luna Lovegood.

I think that J.K does plan on retunrning to the wizarding world soon enough. I mean it sounds far fetched but think about the things she left that could be started up again if she wanted. The missing ring of life that harry left in the woods. If a surviving death eater went and retrieved it they could bring voldermort back and follow through on some of his plans themselves or atleast find a way to bring him back permanently. I really do hope she will make an 8th harry potter book sometime in the next few years maybe she did it just to spend time with her family. Or maybe her oldest daughter will be able to convince her to continue the series seeing as how she is a big fan of harry.

Harry Potter Series gave me something to do in my boring life. Whenever J.K. Rowling releases a book, I'm sure to be buy everyone of them. She a very, very talented author with great stories.

i think she should write an 8th book! write more about lily and james and sirius' childhood! im interested in the whole lily/snape relationship, and how it turned into lily/james!

OMG u retards why the hell r u watsing tıme riting here I have J.K. Rowlings email soo write there
now go rit there u morans

i wonder what happens in the "afterlife." I mean...
Voldemort and Dumbledore are both dead... What will happed if they meet in death?
and also... what was up with the wierd creature that "is beyond any of our help" when Harry and Dumbledore were talking in the second-to-last chapter.

WHAT IF Harry Potter lives?
He is the final horcrux.So it was not destroyed.Out of all the followers of Voldemort.Draco is still out there.Foreshadows a rivarly may still be brewing?They are not friends.I mean Draco and Harry.It took voldemort 13 yaers the first time to come back to existence.Could happen again you know.Magic is unrevocably the most unpredictable thing.As far as black magic goes it is the most dreadful to rely on logic.Knows no rules.

I think that the next book should be about Harry & Ginny's kids.

there NEEDS to be a harry potter 8. i think that it should be a real book like the rest. the stories of harry and his family.

Although I would love to see another book, I think that some things are best kept the way they are.

If she does another series..she should do a prelude about harry's parents adn their lives at hogwarts. It's not like she could lose any money if they dont do that great.

y dont they make a book bout he who must not be named returning and killin his sons or someting like dat

I am a very big fan of the harry potter series. Be that as it may, I think JK Rowling should NOT write another book. They have to end sometime or the plot would be worn out. By continuing much further, Rowling might overdo it. Fans have actually gone through emotional nightmares waiting for the 7th book and now that it ended so wonderfully it might be better to leave it at that than risk more.

I would like for there to be a Harry Potter 8. It was such a fantastic series I can't imagine it over.

I want another book, but I'm not quite so sure I know what I want it to be about, there are so many gaps in the story.
Oh and that thing when Harry almost dies was probably Voldemort's horcrux. Think, it's grotesque, described to look like a baby, (which Voldemort did look like in the Goblet of Fire) and beyond someone like Dumbledores' help. When I first read about it, I thought, hmmm... But then I thought what else could it be but the piece of Voldemorts' soul still latched to Harry?

I really hope there is an eighth book ; i hope`s it`s either about harry in those 19 year`s or something happening after their kid`s

Can't anyone read? It says that the 8th book will be an encyclopedia. She wouldn't be continuing the story, she would be explaining Harry's world a little more, giving extra details, and stuff like that.

Snape and ron hubba

Harry Potter and The Attack of The Muggles; with American Wizards who come to the world's defense and put Voldemort to shame with Final Fantasy style magic...
Yeah...more millions for Rowling, everyone else gets a thrill.

if there was another harry potter book about harrys kids or his parents or whatever, then it wouldnt be harry potter 8

i love hp
jk rowling must right another book or i like will never have anything interesting to read!

harry potter 7 was awesome-im not sure if jk will write another.but if she does that would be awesome.though--in the front cover of the book it does say"we now present to you the 7th and final installment of the epic tale of harry potter"

If she does write an eighth book I would like it to be about Harry's dad james and the four friends and how james and lily died in the end

the 8th book could be about the 19 year gap, harry becoming an Auror, james lily and albus potter and rose and hugo weasley's year at hogwarts.

Ok, so it doesn't have to be about all that stuff. Like what happened to the other people outisde of Harry's close circle. WHat about the other students of Hogwarts. How could Harry become an Auror if he never finished his last year at Hogwarts?

yeah i really agree. i also want to know what happened to the wizarding world after harry defeated voldemort. i also hope jk rowling would detail what happened to harry, to his friends, and howgwarts. although i felt that some things should be really left the way they are. well anyway the 7th book has been really great! the harry potter series will surely be a legend

i would luuuuuv a book on the marauders and snape, we all know snape had an unhappy childhood and teenagehood, but how bad was it, plus, jo developd snape so well and it make us feel crazy about his young days.

i think an eighth would b good to like tell what happened when harry wan't even born yet. when his parents were in school. when voldemort came to power. and when james and lily died.



I hope Ms. Rowling writes another book,,,HP or not,,,coz she's really a genuis!^-^


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