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Gillian Anderson Reveals Her X-File Secret

Posted by Fara Kearnes on April 17, 2007 2:56 PM |

Gillian AndersonGillian Anderson claims she appeared in the popular series 'The X-Files' because of her contract and not because she really wanted to be there.

Gillian, who played Special Agent Scully in the show, told Stella magazine: "I couldn't get out of it. I didn't have a choice. I had to sign a contract for 5 1/2 years before I even went to my first audition - when I didn't know if I'd got the part."

"But then, when I started, I realised I'd be in a Canadian wood working 16 hours a day for 9 months a year. And the reason I stayed so long was because the only way I could get more money was to commit myself to doing it for another couple of years."

Gillian, 38, admits she found her sudden fame very traumatic and difficult to cope with. "When I started on 'The X Files' I had no idea what it would involve. When fans used to ask, as they always did, 'Do you believe in aliens?' I literally had no idea what to say. I used to go, 'Um. could you repeat the question?' I found the whole process incredibly traumatic."

Then she'd better get ready for more questions like that because it appears that the movie version of "X-Files" is about to get the green light.

The movie is "definitely in the works," according to David Duchovny. The actor told Glare: "Mulder and Scully will be up on the big screen one more time, and I'm looking forward to it," he says. "I really miss the people behind 'The X Files.' This film will be a reunion, and I think we'll make a great movie because Mulder and Scully are just great characters."

As for the plot, Duchovny says, "It's five years later. It will be a stand-alone movie. You have to assume a lot of people don't know the show, so you need a plot that doesn't require that you've seen the TV series."


hi, great site thanks for having me

prelude: as a published photo journalist and filmmaker, and living in la …well, corp hollywood is no secret here—though it tries to be—nor is the anderson story …though some deep journalistic investigation works had to be employed. anderson is a smart little thing …she has been leaving breadcrumbs all over the place since x-files 2002, for those who know what to look for.

Q and A

* hollywood didn't 'get' Gillian Anderson: not true …they knew what they had $$$. thing is they couldn’t control her and she refused to be peg-holed or abused (see her past rebel history against the unfair ways of the “man”).
* sinister at work: not really, well I guess if you call the daily routine of how corp, big business does business sinister ..well,yes, i would call it devious, only as much as any other "beyond powerful" said industry run by big corp america. it’s just a bit more hardball, sly, and there’s much more temptations to fool, and lure in unsuspecting young naive artist’s—which anderson admits to publicly.
* NOT lost her looks: she’s a natural; even with beautiful female imperfections (that only a vain person would notice at all) that work together in a great package. some kind of inner beauty, which can’t be hidden shows through the lens. it’s obvious she accepts aging, therefore it accepts her, well. at any age she is the type that will shine so bright that the aging is not seen ..the whole package just works. she has shown to be the type that doesn’t think she is attractive but doesn’t sweat it ...perhaps that is her beauty secret …humility. She’s casual about it ..a real 2010 kind of look about her (off screen). it seems she is taking more interest lately in her style and appearance as to what is fashionable and cool—she admits to her now and then lazy fashion blunders, however.
* 'You'll never work in this Town again!: she has a contract out on her that is as real as any mafia hit …a black-ball contract which extents strongly in the UK and all US independent films (indi my ass) …anyone who hires her without the approval of corp hollywood will receive her same fate! she is one of many however, but she’s the top of their list! hers is a bit different in that she became very popular|powerful, and she flat out quite them at a time which cost them millions if not billions, and the timing of what was and still is going on here in Hollywood …with the new hollywood coming on strong and all. to much to state here as to why hers is a unique story …to include (ramble, ramble) she is smart and insured that what happened in 2002 was document (see labor laws for working mothers) and now becoming more public …smart little whip that anderson …cost her though—big time …what doesn’t kill ya makes you stronger! sometimes she has more guts than brains because, as most artists, they can let their heart rule and not their great iq s …this journalist would have invested in a legal team that would scare the hell out of G before taking on a billion dollar corp like hollywood …yet I’m confident she knows that now and seems to be making all the caution, stealth moves …quite impressive actually.
* talented actor: after what this woman has been through that is an understatement of gigantic puportions. most would not have gotten up from it, ever!!! …most don’t. her works prove that she is most believable in any role she renders …and while dealing with the 2002 ptsd which she still endures today …and with projects that are so beneath her abilities. knowing this industry as I do please note that some of …most likely any projects she was in (rubbing it in her face side-line roles) done by, or influenced by the big-6, she had no choice but to humble herself in doing …but she kicked ass and did her best regardless (courage, guts can’t begin to explain this person’s complex makeup). corp is much like the military with an exit, declassification contract in writing and verbal (or threat). corp hollywood can still do her much harm. the 2002 thing is still very much apart of her life which makes the other artists|actors cower in their boots …believe it! …and that is just how corp hollywood likes it. the old Hollywood regime is on the outs however …thank G.
* selfish reasons-xfiles2: the 1st years of motherhood are precious and essential for bonding and corp hollywood stole that from anderson (documented, see contract). anderson is too intelligent, capable and good enough to get involved with corp hollywood again for any reason. if she does x-files2 you can bet she didn’t or couldn’t invest enough in a legal team powerful enough or courageous enough to face off with a billion dollar corp. i’m selfish and want to see her in it but not at that expense to her or any other person. i hate bullies!!! …especially in the arts!!! i say free skully! …i say down with x-files! …i say let anderson work again! with a great project we’ll all forget skully and the x-files quicker than an old lady goin down with a bad hip. SHE IS SO MUCH MORE, talent wise. no one has seen what she can do, yet.
* 'bully attack': bridges, douglas, paltrow and the other old school, old money hollywood clan can tell you all about the “black-ball, scare and slander” management style of old hollywood …1st off, know that they rule just like the military ..you buck them, don’t follow orders …you will be dealt with on the highest level of harshness till death! if they say you will do this movie or whatever, you will or else. at the time—in that decade--anderson was an off the streets young naïve artist with guts, brains, integrity, honesty (in hollywood, unheard of) and beauty with a lot of fight …she fell to realize that one doesn’t take on pure money-worshiping billion $ entities, you will surely loose! this doesn’t mean she is out. unknown to her because she is a true artist, not a politician, …all here in hollywood are waiting for just what and how she will be in this …her story is one that happened to land right in the middle of a war struggle in hollywoood not seen since corp was brought up on charges the last time for monopolies in the arts decades ago, which they have recaptured again just about the time of her arrival. i doubt Anderson really knows that what happened to her had nothing to do with her …she was just a pawn in this bigger picture. she’s figuring it out, it seems, just by the moves she’s making. too much to state here but in closing; mixing business with the arts is a tricky thing …much like mixing oil and water …corp hollywood is just being what they are …you can’t truly hate a bear or a shark for being a predator can you? moreover, there are some very non-corp, extremely talented artists rulers in hollywood but they don’t control things. old Hollywood is done any way. rumor is that that are bust, totally bankrupt …the new hollywood is completely unaffiliated with old hollywood and has simply gone around them (see internet hollywood). that’s where anderson will slip in, count on it. she’s not the type, at least from my research, one who fears at the thought of a good fight or that will ever give up, till death. she’s a scraper …believe it. i’m confident once the legal aspects of her story are smothered in time we will have many movies about her story ..same as marilyn and the like.
-* David: won’t hold it against him but from my research he is a part of her current “black-ball” fate …a no guts wonder, though smart enough to know she was biting off more than she could chew and would take him down with her . in short he abandoned her in her fight against corp for unfair labor practices (hollywood can be a real 3rd world sweatshop, for real). i can’t respect a person who completely abandons a young working mother over G given rights like that of motherhood. in his acts he didn’t fair much better than her, he fell to realize …you make a bargain with a bully and you’ll loose. no one will touch him either because of what he knows about the labor practices involving anderson (see their once intimate relationship). he abandoned her to save his own skin but what he got in return was the same fate she got. they still hate each other …well maybe not hate …blame each other if you will. it’s a sad thing all around. hope they grow from it. i like his works a lot …not his principles. i would not choose him for a friend.

* PS: unFame is one of the new hollywood web sites supporting the arts. they have a special feature posted …an essay “The Back Rooms of Hollywood” it gives detailed info of the real hollywood (it’s quite accurate) and its bully tactics and use anderson as the catalyst for the essay ..at least i think it’s her …they don’t say for sure.
see, unFame.com

thanks again for having me, all the best. the Vishitor

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