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Amazing Race: Give me all your money or I yield you

Posted by Fara Kearnes on April 23, 2007 6:51 PM |

Dustin - KandiceBeauty Queens Dustin and Kandice landed in first place this week on Amazing Race as the suave confidence of Oswald and Danny begin to unravel. The boys were seriously short on coin (down to their last $16) and, knowing they did not have enough money for future taxis moving around Macao, they offered the BQs a deal: they would sell out Eric and Danielle if the girls would give them money. The "yield deal" was an easy call for everyone involved.

The BQ's had $200 left and could spare $45, and it usually the best thing to do if you can try and prevent one of the stronger teams from making it to the final 3. (Even though at this point it looks like Mirna and Charla will likely make it.) So, all involved agreed that it would be to everyone's advantage to yield Eric and Danielle - who were already running in last place but were hitting so many cylinders and running such a good leg that they were catching up quick.

So much of the success of the race falls to either luck, such as getting a cab driver who doesn't get lost or the taxi get a flat tire, or being plain stubborn. Danny is becoming a real problem here as Oswald and Danny chose the physical detour task of delivering the dragon's head and drum to the docks - just 3/4 of a mile away - rather than making some Chinese noodles at a factory. Danny swore he knew where the river was but got lost anyway and the team lost an enormous amount of time while the other 2 of the other 3 noodle-making teams had no problems with their tasks. If it weren't for the fact that this was a non-elimination leg, Danny would have lost it for them here.

The best part was Oswald's prayer regarding his lost cab driver: "God give me the patience to withstand the things I cannot change -- and the intelligence to hide the body of this man once I'm done killing him."

The roadblock consisted of one team member jumping off the 61-floor Macao building in the wind and the rain. Scary as hell and Dustin was nearly in tears watching Kandice fall from the tower. Then it was amusing when she ran over to hug her and crashed into her - did you catch that huge BONK sound? Little Charla easily stepped off the platform and performed the task - while Mirna nearly screwed them up at the detour, cutting the noodles too big - then being unable to beg the noodle nazi to allow the badly made noodles to pass.

Mirna also lost the cousins some time when she got stuck on the streets driving the mini-car, blocking traffic and getting honked at. So why is she asking Charla if she wants to drive and berating her for not learning to drive a stick shift? Is she stupid? Without hand levers, the little person is not going to be able to reach the foot peddles. Duh.

Next week, the BQs are in the lead as Team Shmirna leave second, followed by bickering frat boy Eric and Danielle, and marked for elimination is team four, Oswald and Danny. Let's hope they can regroup and pick off Eric and Danielle in the next leg, which determines who will be in the Final Three and racing for the $1 million finish line.

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