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Bow Wow Searches for a Virtual Valentine

Posted by Fara Kearnes on February 13, 2007 2:29 PM |

Bow Wow picBow Wow is searching the internet for a valentine. The rapper is hoping to get over his split from R&B singer Ciara by appealing for female fans to post video Valentine's messages. Bow Wow and Ciara dated for a year before they split in April 2006.

The videos will be featured on Bow Wow’s MySpace page, http://www.myspace.com/bowwow, using a custom video player powered by Umundo.com.

Bow Wow, whos real name is Shad Moss, is asking his amorous fans to send him video V-Day messages to bowwowvalentine@gmail.com..

The winning entries will be shown on his website at a later date.


il est tros beau,sait un petard,machala!!!!!!!!!!!

Baby I can be your Valentine all you gotta to do is say so and i'll be there cuz i love u so much.

hae im ur biggest fan and u knw wat ur my first baby i hve had coz i luv ur sngs

Bow Wow I know u is looking for a gurl but I will tell u right now I not like other gurl my name ain't every where round my town I keep it good and clean baby.so I'm not trying to nasty but u can do anything u want too to my body and what ever u what me to do to ur bodied wit no fusing.
Ur Gurl,

bowwow i can be yo valentine why not

Im on my brothers computer.Im hes sister shad I love your music,im not sure i love you because i dont know you like that so i say pick the best valentines girl see ya soon.

I love you so much. When do u want to meet up.I live on Beverly rd est 19 which is in brooklyn. Please come I need a date.I really want to see u. Love u with kisses.

Hey Bowwow dis Breyonda im posting dis message 2 tell u i can be your VALENTINE with your SEXY self love ya 4-ever

love is about being with who you really want to be with you might not never get that out of your system because there aint no shorty like yours

you r so fine and i'm so fine............ i see no reason for us to be apart..its fate. love you

i will like to be your valentine? hook me up because you is so fine.


hey it's ur gril shayla let me tell you something all you need to do is hit me up

Iz be ur valentin babi!..luv u

if u aint already found that special girl i am sure she is out there somewher!! i know i would just as well love to be i your arms andytime any day whenever your around! i hated the fact u were with ciara but that was ur choice!! whomever u choose will be the luckiest gurl in the world because i know id be!!just to hear u call me, say my name or write me a letter with make me cry because just knowing u got this would bring so much joy into my like like no other!! u can look me up in ur friends on myspace and id love to hear from ya!! ttysoon!!

Hey Bow Wow, I've always wanted to meet u. That is one of my best dreams. Anyway I hope u find that right one 4 u. There's no need to rushu know. If I was 2 b wit u, I would be the best girl 2 u that you've ever had. You'll forget 'bout Ciara after you get through wit me baby.

Hey Bow Wow, I've always wanted to meet u. That is one of my best dreams. Anyway I hope u find that right one 4 u. There's no need to rushu know. If I was 2 b wit u, I would be the best girl 2 u that you've ever had. You'll forget 'bout Ciara after you get through wit me baby.

wats gud? dis be Christina 4m B.K. but right now residing in brentwood (i no u aint never heard dat me neither) until i moved out here...n e wayz wats good bowweezy? holla @ ur gurl...iight @ christina_sylvestre@yahoo.com

Hi bowwow i know its late but i would realy luv 2 go out on a D.A.T.E. Wichya just a date(or more)i was raised in johannesburg right out side of pretoria some of the best BOOTTY !!! UVE EVER SEEN COZ IM 4ROM SOUTH AFRIKA!! (I AINT A BITCH BUT HEY)SO HALLA AT UR GIRL:0782250245or0781703984.ur biggest fan candy sipamla a.k.a candylicius.luv u shad.

hey i don't have a web cam but just to say i really think that you are a respectable hansome person and i'de love to be your valentine

hi bowwow
i know i'll nevr compete to wat all the other girls have said but i can say i am one of your fans and that i will always be loyal to so if you need anything i will always be there.

bowwow i know ur use 2 girls like ciarab but im not like her im 18 i love 2 draw n sing im not popular n some guys might even tell u im ugly but the one thing that no cant lie bout is dat im honets i never lie i would tell u straight up how i feel bout up n so here it is im not a girl dat would faint if i see u yah i would feel happy but i dnt slober over people i just care even if i dnt know u i still care bout u so if u wana pick sumone else instead of me ill understand i hope dat person bring u happyness

hey i dont know exactly what you may be lookin for but dont worry you will find her. It's better if you become a friend with a gurl before you fall in love. As one of your greatest fans I think you are a successful young man who should be loved just like any ordinary guy and deserve all resprect and I just want you to know you U R LUV'D maybe one day we will get to meet then again it is a 1 in a million chance.Just hold ya head up and be patient that day will come and it will be worth da wait.

i love u so much and u look so sexy with your short off ....................

hey shad you are my favorite singer and you dont know how i feel about u i had a huge crush on u since you first came out as lilbowwow i wish i could meet u .well im gonna because im a singer dancer and i but undiscovered so if you ever want to talk about you life or problems im always here much love ketuwrah aka cherry

heyy boy..

hell i´am vanda from mozambique,and i love your music

i´am waith for your e-mail

hey bow wow im i of ur biggest fans and ur a great rapper. u will find that 1 speacial person just like everybody is suppose to.luv ya angie aka turtle

Hello handsome i know how it hurts when someone have an heart break because i have gotten so many heart breaks and it has made me not to believe in luv any more searching for valentine through internet can never get you your true luv let ur heart speak 4 itself.

Hello B i know how much it hurts when someone gets an heart break b/cos i have gotten so much heart breaks that is why i don't believe in luv anymore but looking for a valentine through the net can never find u true love let ur heart speak for itself.one love baby

hey bowwow i loved you so much n ur songs i just wanted 2 let you know that im a real chick no matter wat cuz if you got a problem wit me imma tell you 2 ur face but im always sweet n nice 2 people but its up 2 you if you want me 2 b ur valentine cuz im not gonna throw ma self at you like how most of these gurls r doin so i hope you choose me but if you dont its all good just make da right choice n i hope you happy wit ur choice

hey bowwow my name is santela i am 9 i love you so much and so that i love you i picked you for my famouse rapper and i need some facts about you please e-mail me back you can find me at this school name Taylor County and it is in butler ga. i love you and you are my true hero.

You are so sexy i loved you since day one bowwow.

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