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Will Wentworth Miller Head Back to Prison Tonight?

Posted by Fara Kearnes on November 27, 2006 4:38 PM |

Wentworth Miller pic"Prison Break" winds up the season with the final episode tonight (November 27) with luck running out for our favorite fugitives. Wentworth Miller hints that his character and the others will be pulled further into the government conspiracy that's been partially revealed over the last two seasons.

"This is a pivital episode because the brothers find themselves back at the center of the conspiracy," Miller told TV Guide magazine, adding that they come to realize that "running is no longer an option - they have to stand and fight."

Miller says that the chase couldn't last forever what with the FBI always thisclose to the capturing the escaped convicts. "We've had half a dozen car crashes, lost $5 million, and I've been shot at how many times?" he says. "It's enough to sustain a character in another series for three or four seasons."

Coexecutive producer Zack Estrin does reveal that "several characters will find themselves behind bars at the end of this week's episode."

He also promises a "classic Prison Break cliff-hanger": "We've proven all along that we will lose characters. By the end of the season they will dwindle even more. This episode shows we're not gonna mess around. Virtually no one is untouchable."

Hopefully, that doesn't include Wentworth.

Prison Break will be back on January 29, with a recap show on January 22.


I agree with evry1 whose posted their comments abt went.Hes the most cutest guy i have ever seen.i wouldnt mind meeting him in person.

hot-hot-hot....why o why, i shall now always suffer from the pain in my heart:( o Miller

i like wery wery match

wentworth is the most handsome, cutest guy i ve ever met in my life....u r the best...u r Mr World..believe me it's no joke..

Wentworth is the most handsome, cutest guy i ve ever met in my life....u r the best...u r Mr World..believe me it's no joke..

hi wentworth miller you are a lovly character i like u in prison break ur a great actor love from tammy xxxxxxxx

is true...you´re so handsome and so nice guy. me love you in latinoamerica. am from argentina.

hello went .yoy are good aktor(prison break) and charming man.regards singl beata .bay bay from.poland

hi all, what good looking men come from england uk. if he was mine boyfriend, id never get off his face, if you understand, id sit there all day and night long, i wish but i live in hope bye to all of u.xxxxx


OH my god jus writing this blog makes me shake thinkin bout you,yeh u mite think ama weirdo but ure the cutiest and sexiest guy around from when i saw u in mariAh carey's video.i would love to meet u in person that would be the highlite of my life n yes i reali am obsessed with you x x x x x x x x x xx

Hey went! my name is irene and i am a huge fan of brisonbreak. congratulations! best of luck to you! regards fron cyprus

i just watch the movie for the whole week... nah! it makes me shout all of a sudden and my adrenalin rises on scene to scene basis! i just wanna wish i could extend this to the staff and casts of prison break! .... two thumbs up

hi miller u are BARE CUTE i really wanna meet u in person accept ur to busy makin episodes in America come to ur home country plus i bet more ppl love here den America i luv prison break its bare sik so come to england especially to london plzzzz xxxxxxxxxxx hope u cum cya later

Went, im obssessed, addicted, name it! to prison break. i jst sit all day repeating the episodes! i love u. ure the best actor ever! and meeting u in person is my dream. i want 2 c u n tok 2 u personally. I LUV U, I LUV PRISON BREAK! THUMBS UP 4 U... WISH U LUK!


Wentworth's the most amazing and gorgeous man i've ever seen on t.v!!! i looove him..everything about him, his movies, his lifestyle, his acting, his killer smile, his so-expressive eyes, his character, ohmy!! he's simply a heaven-sent creature this world has slapped me..i could die after meeting him in person!! i love you Wentworth Miller!! Mabuhay from the Philippines!!

Wentworth Miller is one of the most sexy and amazing man in the world. I hope to have a personal conversation with him and said that girls from Tajikistan loves him very much. Keep being such a man.Love you Shohona from Tajikistan


i really do love you

I ve been dreaming about u lately...I love u really...And of course my congratulations on your being an excellent actor!!!

my god, u're so hot in that jail suit!!!this character is so cool, i love the way you think bout every detail about getting out and saving ur brother. so cool!great job!! is it true ur on britney spears video clip long before?? love u so much!!!

Hi wentworth, just wanted to let you know i think i love you! is it true your gay? That would be fab. Would love to meet you i know it will never happen but a boy can dream anyway nearly done kissing your ass, your fantastic! Keep up the good work can't wait for season 3 to start in the uk Anyway better go! Love you from scott allen contact me if ever you read this would love an autograph on prison break dvd boxset scottrallen@hotmail.com

hey i like you very much :) tc

Hi there Went,

OMG.... look at us here! Your FANS in the Philippines. I think everyone who has seen PRISON BREAK are breaking their own heart including me.... You are the cutest and the most handsome guy I admire. You've got a lot of fans here.... I hope you can one day visit my country. Girls here are waiting for you! GOD BLESS YOU! Stay cool!

hi!! went m. you know what i really admire you because you did a graet job in the prison break season, i love you went! that comes my heart really2x like you,i hope one day you can visit philippines.jut dont forget moSt of all God.Always pray.Take good care went!i think im in love w/ you. joela ARROYO

we love you your just great we cant find no words 2 describ you we love you and we r so happy cus sarah is pack 2 da show go ahead and (1 4 all . all 4 miller)

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