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Rapper Akon Has Three Wives

Posted by Fara Kearnes on November 27, 2006 4:24 PM |

Akon picRapper Akon has confessed he practices polygamy. He made the revelation casually on a radio show, but has now been banned from talking about his three wives by execs at his record label who fear a backlash against him.

"I'm a polygamist," Akon said. "I can afford to have as many wives as I can afford to have. All Africans believe in it. My dad has four wives."

The rapper insisted that under the teachings of the Koran he must treat all his wives equally.

He tells AllHipHop.com that his label doesn't want him to talk about his home life. "I gave them the word to where I won't promote it too much - to where it won't be a topic - to where it starts getting tainted into situations."

"Unfortunately, this is the world we live in, people do judge you by your beliefs and how you think. It's a free country, but it's really not free."


akon is such a good singer.......and he is so awsome...my girl catrina marshall loves just about all of akons songs espesially *looked up*

akon is the best singer .
his voice is interesting
and all of the rappers can't wait to work with him.

OMG! i love akon he is so hott and talented. I love his songs. I would love to meet him some time and hang with him. I LOVE AKON!!!!!!!!!!!

i just love everything about akon he is so wonderful nd especially his voice it drives me crazy.ma dream is 2 see him one day.ilove akon!!!!!!!

pls i will like to see his wives pictures

hey ummmm akon is da bomb!!!!!!!!!!

Akon is such a good singer I love Rap and Hip Hop music and Akon has the best.


hi whatup akon love ya ilove your voice you are very handsome too, keep up the good work i would love to meet you sometime .iam from guyana idid not went to your show but i saw it on tv you were hot i miss out a lot i still love you and i am sorry to hear all the bad things that happenl ILOVE YOU!VIDYA

i am from senegal and of course nd of course i love him.Let me tell you something guys in Afrika having 3 or 4 wives is not bad we are muslims.So akon has nothing to hide about that.Brother please take 2 more we are so proud of you.

Hey... I like akon too... why?! i have no idea... i dont even like the kind of music he sings but i like the way he puts his words together... i like how he sang me "dont matter" thats got to be my favorate...j/k
My sister past away this past June and she really loved to listen to him an now that she's gone, i listen to him to remember how my sister would sing "locked up" in her car... she would go all crazy like if she was a convict... haha yeah i would like to meet him too so i could tell him how much my sister prescilla loved to listen to his voice.

To Fama, I am sorry about your sister. I too lost my sister on Christmas 2004, so i can relate to you trying to grasp all memories. I love Akon now because he reminds me so much of my futite husband who is Nigerian. All his songs I can relate to and they move me. Akon is one of those artist that are musically intelligent. All of his background in music and his culture give him a unique edge. I love him. The album convicted is off the chain..woahdy!

I Love You Akon!!!!

dats my dogg akon i listen to his music all the tyme

hey, i believe in polygamy too :D

I can only say:"Your Fantastiek Boy".Keep it soo!

hey akon, i'm from sierra leone and i visted senegal in april of 1999. Can i be ur wife please. i love akon soo much. i listen to ur songs all the time. keep up the good work and continue to inspire other africans. spread the news about beautiful africa.

Tupac shakur is set apart from the rest of the hip hop nation. I have never heard anyone's passion, lyrics, and heart that Pac expresses in his music, by anyone else. But when i heard Akon's Trouble and Konvicted albums, and when I saw his video "Ghetto," i thought to myself this is a man who cares and wants to make a difference in the black community. He is the closest thing to Pac we've ever seen. Keep doin what you doin. much love

You people in here singing this losers priases are WACK!!

The dude is a polygamist (in accordance with his supposed religion of Islam).

Have you ever listened to the lyrics??? He boast about how he was a meth dealer! Do you know anybody addicted to meth?? He also owns a diamond mine in Africa (hmm I wonder if his brothers slaving in his mine get health care or sick days?)

Stop buying prepackaged force-fed bullshit music like this!

Not to mention the guy sounds worse than Sanjaya on American Idol.

How can you all get on here saying you "love" a man yo don't even know. To me it's idiotic to just out yourself saying you have 3 wives and that's a lie that ALL africans believe in it. Only a few of his songs were decent and I wonder why they weren't all in the "doesn't matter" video instead of one light chick. Don't get me wrong the chick was fly lol but anyway. What are rappers today giving our kids to look forward too. Some people do whatever they can when they have dollars. Think about it, his main statement was "as many as I can afford to have" like we're property. I dare women to make a stand and stop glorifying these guys or we should be able to have a lot of husbands too. Heck if it's about money Oprah should have 25 men right? Anyway Akon lol if you ever read this, thanks for your honesty and making africans look worse than people already so us as being lol.


Hey... I dont know wat to say... Iam jst mad about him... I am in great love with him... He is Damn Sexy...
He is tallented... super tallented... His voice turns me on...o God pls If u r listening me them make me meet this Guy.. He is my dream man

i just dont know wat to say akon, Africa unite

First of all peace and blessings to all the africans back home and overseas.. peace to all americans and america, this is our home now and we cherish the land and its people that host us..
now back to those mfckin 2cock suckers talking about akon.. bitch, we came from nothing n this is how we eat now.. fuck meth and coke cuz tht shit dont make us, we just making money offa that shit..
talking about he has this many wives and this, check ur facts first b4 u leap hoe cuz that shit had already leaked out before he made his statement, as a matter of fact he was forced to agree to it cuz the word was alredy out on the streets, all he could do was make a better case and explain clearly.. i'm muslim, i dont plan on marrying 3wives, but i show love to all my uncles that practice.. if u dont understand my culuture, stay d fuck away...
akon ma nigga cant wait to see u at ma graduation party end of this month.. anybody really wants to come down here, let me know, i'd send u tickets and book u a hotel so u can meet akon in person.. memphis, tn holla at me.. peace!!

Yeah, i like akon and i would like to meet him one day, his voice is exceptional. If you four or ten wives, it does not matter as it is your personal lives. so, continue with good good voices, God has given you this gift, so don't rejected it. make its fruit. i'm from Mauritius, and one day i would like to come to senegale just to meet you. keep up. Bye


Hey, I love Akon's voice! His song "Don't matter" is the best! and Mama Africa. Oh, it is so beautiful. I would love to go to Africa just to see what he is talking about.

Gie props where needed. The Lyrics to Akon's songs are profound...esp. Mama Africa. I listen to it most mornings on my way to work. What Akon does with his personal life is not my concern. May God grant him the strength to continue producing quality stuff for all to digest...

akon i love your music keep up the good works

You know, Akon is so awesome, I really don/t care if he is a polygamist! Getting 1/3 or a 1/4th of Akon is probably better than 100% of most guys! Plus, I think Polygamy is actually kinda of a cool idea if the women aren't being oppressed into it. I would much rather be married to a guy and a couple of girls to help out with everything. I have a friend from Africa and she is one of 4 wives and loves it! they are like sisters and there is tons of help to get everything done.

Akon is a wonderful singer and has an awesome voice too. you are damn good my brother. stay cool. salam alaikum to u my brother.

omg!!!! im listen 2 dont matter rite now!!!!!!!1111 i LOVE AKON!!!!!!!!!

akon ur a great singer. and everybody who keeps talking about how many wives he has y do u care and im muslim. and akon sed himself u should treat ur wives equally no matter how many wives he has atleast he noes he has to treat them right.

hey i fink polygamy is good if Akon can afford to take care of all of them den he shud hes got a good voice an women luv it so don blame him hiz just so sexy as women cant help ourselves

Akon has the best voice ever and i love all his songs.personally i dont see anything wrong in havn many wives.whats important is loving them all.

i cnt blame him 4 feelin guilty but aye life is life and der r times wen u do things u dnt have 2 do but akon is a good singer knowin dat people will try 2 put him down but not every1 sum of hiz fans wil stay by his side even witout or wit his past

Well, the guy is just fine, no words to deny it.

No singers as ever emerged as fast as this African Boy.

He came from Africa and conquered our America. I don't like Hip-hop, neither Rap. But Akons songs touch me so deeply the I cant help listenig.

Man having more thr 1 wife in the USA is cindered a crime, but if your religion acepts it, then go ahead.

Keep touch lives boy

no body wanna see us together but it dont matter no, cause i got u.i love u akon

i love all your songs..
i love the lyrics..
i love the melody..
i love those video's..
i love the way you work out..
i love everything bout u..
im goin crazy bout u..
for god sake i love you..

omg!!!! i wanna b ur wife too!!! call me...

hey mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn u r the best.
if god ask me than i wud like to b like u

ever since i love akon not just, my country person but just like that i can't wait to see him. Am one out of billions of his fans Akonnn i love u. And about the song he sang with T-pain Bartende,r i really love the track, i always play back that track, his voice is just as if i sould cry any time i listen to that track, and im never tired of hearing his music!!!!!!!!!!


Hey man come on what are you talkin about?? Akon is nothing!! I live in Denmark and i was one of the 4000 people that came to listen to him!! I waited like two hours and he only sang two songs!! And he left beacuse they sad there were a fire NOT!! fUCK HIM!! :@

i love ur song,lyrics&clip but ihat u(just kiddin)i always love u.can u send me the new album.it's from ethiopia.

Hey, I love ur songs & ur voice is sooo hot.


I love everything about Akon, he's my role model. My dream is to collaborate with him and make a single. I'm an african as well, Nigeria to be precise, I'm 17years of age.

AKON is the real guy. everybody want him to feat em...

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