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OJ Simpson Admits He Did It. (Sort of.)

Posted by Fara Kearnes on October 20, 2006 3:55 PM |

OJ Simpson picWe all know he did it - "it" being murdered Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman in cold blood. Now pycho OJ Simpson is coming out and saying that, like, IF HE DID IT, this is what would have happened. The cause of this revelation is the $3.5 million Simpson is getting to write a "novel" describing a brutal knife attack that may detail what happened 11 years ago when his ex-wife and her friend were slain.

“Only that kind of money could have tempted O.J. to finally tell the truth,” a source familiar with the top-secret book "If I Did It" told The National Enquirer.

In the book, Simpson "describes how he grabbed a knife from a man who accompanied him to Nicole’s home -- and moments later found himself covered in blood and looking down on the bodies of Nicole and Ron,” said the source.

With its publication only weeks away, the tell-all blockbuster has remained the most explosive secret in publishing—until now. In its early chapters, O.J. paints a vivid picture of his life with Nicole and details their bitter divorce amid her affairs. Then former NFL star gets to June 12, 1994 – the night of the infamous double murder.

“O.J. prefaces these key pages by almost half-heartedly claiming this part of the book is hypothetical,” said the source. “But I don’t think anyone is going to be convinced of that.”

Because of “double jeopardy” laws, legal experts say O.J.’s confession will not likely lead to any legal trouble for him.

The book’s working title is “If I Did It.” But Simpson’s account of the slayings is so chillingly realistic that it leaves no doubt it is a confession of what really happened.


Hi I'm just so sad all over again for Fred Goldman and Nicole Brown's family. Why do they have to go through this again. A tell tale book "If I did it" ? How very sad that OJ could even put out such trash!! Yes trash and I wouldn't read it if you gave me millions just to have a look. It's disgusting and I only want to say my heart goes out to Fred Goldman and his family and Nicole Brown's family.
Forgive him as he knows not what he's doing!! He's insane as that's the only answer I can come up with other than cashing in on a big pay off!!

We should all have a minute of silence for the true victims in all this.

Im actually neutral in this situation. I think its kind of messed up that he would put his children through this but who knows what the situation is with his family. I really dont care if OJ did it or not but it seems that racism and prejudice are still live and kicking. I read Eunices comment but does she think the same in the case of Robert Blake? Whites dont talk about that, but they still talk about OJ. OJs verdict was White Americas Black Eye....but the system said he did not do it. Is this America? You still damn the innocent because you think the system is wrong? The Kennedys have rape and murdered for decades but you accept them as leaders of the united states when they built america on curruption. To say there is not a white america and black america would be a bold face lie.

Not saying that it's write, but it just seems like America won't let OJ go. There have been plenty of incidents where African Americans were killed by Whites and got off. Yes, it is a terrible occasion when anyone's life is taken by another. However, really there is nothing new accept of the color of the accuser skin. We tend to love the law once it works in our favor, but hate it when it doesn't work. Maybe this is a chance for american to see the Justice system is messed up and not only when it doesn't work in favor for white americans. Really, this country is still practicing slavery; the only difference African Americans, Hispanics, and Muslims aren't in shackles. So, instead if focusing on OJ Simpson alone maybe we should focus on creating a justice system which is truly blind to color and rules in favor of the the actions. So, what if OJ got off! We have a better picture to attack like our children's education, child molestation, and economic issues. America didn't give this much stink about Katrina,which is a disgrace. So, shut up about OJ and WAKE UP to some pressing issue we have in front of us.

Of coarse he did it, and he got off by why admit it now? Just so he can say I beat double murder and I'm black - na na you can't get me? Fuck OJ... and as for the Katrina comment, if people would've evacuated as suggested, weren't shooting at the helicopters coming to save them, and stealing plasma tv's when they're houses are under water (I mean c'mon hoe iggnorant can one be?) then maybe these 'people' would have had more of a chance, and yes they had plenty of help. it's a terrible situation but when you act like a bunch of fucking animals then thats exactley how you SHOULD be treated... it's not a race issue (katrina) it's how the residents of New Orleans acted. I wouldn't help them either if they were trying to shoot me fuck that

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