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Keisha Castle-Hughes Expecting a Baby. Yup, She's 16.

Posted by Fara Kearnes on October 6, 2006 2:55 PM |

Keisha Castle-Hughes picActress Keisha Castle-Hughes and her boyfriend Bradley Hull are expecting a baby together. The actress, who is 16, and Bradley, 19, have been dating for three years.

Keisha is best know for playing the young Maori girl in the independent film "Whale Rider" - her first ever acting role at age 11.

Since "Whale Rider", Keisha has only appeared in a few roles but they've been big - she did play the Queen of Naboo in 2005's "Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith" and will appear as Mary in the upcoming movie "The Nativity Story".

The Australia-born part-Maori actress grew up and still lives in New Zealand.The star made history by becoming the youngest actress ever to be nominated for a Best Actress Oscar in 2004 at the age of 13.


Wow. That is crazy. It's true kids are growing up way too fast.....makes me scared to have any of my own! I had my first real boyfriend when I was 17. I'm 27 and I don't even think I'm ready for a child. I think the growth hormones in meat are to blame.

I'm with Elisa - that is crazy. Her life & career are just getting started. Girls look up to her and want to emulate her. If I had a daughter I wouldn't want her thinking that 16 and pregnant is great or easy. Crazy.........

I applaud her. No, I'm not agreeing with teens being sexually active. But teens ARE having sex and ARE getting pregnant. I'm sure MANY of the young stars have gotten pregnant but have had abortions. She is brave enough to not only reveal this to her family but have the criticism of the media hounding her at a high point in her career. I say: Congratulations

Take her cultural backround into consideration also. In the community that I live in (the Hawaiian Islands) it is not uncommon for young girls to have children, even out of wedlock. Some family members that live in NZ says that they their community is different but similar in many ways. Just because Hollywood doesn't agree with the position that she has put herself in doesn't mean its wrong. I applaud her for making it known. Maybe Hollywood will get a taste of what it really means to be cultured.

What is she doing with a 19 year old boyfriend? Isn't it rape since she is underage? Where were the parents when she was dating an adult? All I have to say is she should keep her work load easy and good luck with her caree. Being a jound actress is a very big thing and to have young fans looking up to her and now she is pregant what does she have to say about teen sex? Congrats!

iam 16 i have custody of my 4 year old sister and one year old brother, my mother died and i manage fine, ive started a child care course.i love children and my mother wanted me to have her kids over my 20 year old sister. nothing wrong with kids, the mordern world has such a negitive veiw on children nothing wrong with starting early

I found this blog while serching for Keisha’s contact information to send her a letter to congradulate her on her pregnancy. I found your views rather shocking for a teenager, they echo the thoughts and ideas of older women who have never been in the place of a young mother. Babies, born to a 26 year old mother, or a 16 year old mother, do not destory lives, or block the path to dreams. The mother makes that decision herself. A teen mother can say “I am pregnant my life is over I might as well give up now” or she can rise above peoples expectations and persue her dreams and goals and be a loving, caring parent who is able to provide for her children. You may find it sad that she is pregnant, but I find it sad that someone who is her peer by age is unable to see past social stigmas and realize that she has the ability to be a great mother if she so chooses. It is only in recent years that being a teen parent has become taboo. Women are ment to bear their children early, not in their late thirties which has recently become the norm.

My wish for them is that they are able to rise above the people who pity them, or look down upon them, and say yes, we may be young, but we are strong confident caregivers who are able to love fiercly and live responsiblly, despite our age or societys view on us.

As a teen mother who is acheiving her dreams, accomplishing her goals, and raising a beautiful healthy son in a loving household, I am proud of Keisha’s ability to stand up and tell the world that she is going to do this, despite societys opinion of her.

I say congratulation to Keisha. She is an amazing actress and a baby is a blessing, not a bad thing. Even if she is 16. I cannot begin to tell you all how much respect I have for her, and like somebody else said, that they were looking for contact information to tell her congratulations, that is exactly what I am doing as well. I want to be an actress and if I have half the talent she does then I would not suck. So what if she's only sixteen. You say she's not old enough or not mature enough? Well what makes you think you are? And you shame her, because what about all those girls who looked up to her, now this will just ruin it. Well guess what I am one of those girls. I have respect for Keisha and that has not changed one bit.

i think that keisha is doing a great job and doesnt believe in abortion. If she wants to keep her baby noone should put her down because of it. If that was the case everyone who had a kid for the first time should be put down. Let her and her boyfriend(father of the baby) and there unborn child alone. If you all want to gossipp how about gossiping about brittany spears now that is the one you all need to gossip about not keisha and her baby and the father. That is none of the societys business and they shouldnt be putting someone down. It could happen to anyone at that age that they get knocked up it not the parents fault and it surely not for us to decide for it being right from wrong.

When sixteen year olds give birth there is usually a man in the picture not held accountable or named and as a result many sixteen year olds will be pregnant by the same man and never see childsupport in any form except from taxpayers. In our town the record is 28 children by one father. Is it hard not to marry a cousin in a small town? Time will tell with the next generation.
She still put in a good performance in a great film, but is this person a role model for sixteen year olds. Is a thirteen year old dating a sixteen year old legal or the example you want any kids in your life to follow?

First of all i'd like to sy CONGRATS! To Keisha and her boyfriend, and that no one should be judging them or their families.I come from the BIG ISLAND of HAWAII and where I come from we have alot of young parents. I'm happy to say that I am one if them. I hold no regrets because I look at what I have in front of me and i'm thankful for it. I became a mother at the age of 16 too. I am not with my boyfriend any more but he helps out alot and I appreciate it.Both of our parents help out and I thank them for it.Also my mother was a young mother herself. She was 17 and my dad was 19 when they had my oldest sister.Now theres 6 of us, and theyhad their struggles and fights but they made it through. Everyday I look at my two kids and I say to myself i'm happy that I did what I did because with out my whole family I wouldn't be where I am today. Now I work as a secretary at one of our local schools. So this is for Keisha don't ever give up your hopes and dreams because everyones looking down on you. Show them what you can do stand tall and proud and tell them this is not mistake I made its just a lesson in life that I'm proud to learn from. Dont ever let anyone put you or your boyfriend down.

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