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Daniel Radcliffe Enjoys Lip-Lock With Co-Star Katie Leung

Posted by Fara Kearnes on August 23, 2006 1:43 PM |

Katie Leung and Dan RadcliffeHarry Potter co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Katie Leung had to kiss on and on and on in order to get one perfect kiss for a scene in the upcoming wizard movie "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix." Not that Daniel minded as he later quipped, "My God that was fun."

The two had to lock lips about 30 times as they portrayed the first precious kiss between Harry and his love Cho Chang.

"We probably got it on the 30th take. My god, it was fun," Daniel said. "Me and Katie, we were awkward and nervous at first but once we got it, it was fine."

"Daniel is a good kisser," Katie reported. "I really enjoyed it. He's energetic and makes you feel relaxed."


daniel radclife is nice.

Ive always fancied Daniel Radcliffe but i hate hate hate katie leung for snogging dr how dare she and she says that Dan is a googd kisser i makes me feel relaxed the cheeky bastard

Hye I Sameeksha from INDIA.Since I am a big fan of DANIEL RADCLIFFE and I like DAN,therefore,I don't like his kiss scene also I hate,I really hate Katie Leung forever.Hope this comment were pass to DAN and Katie Leung.

Yeah... I don't think Dan will be very impressed that you're saying you hate his co-star, a girl he obviously gets along with.

Stop saying you hate Katie, it's pathetic. How would you like it if you had the part and everyone was saying they hate you? Katie was obviously the best girl for the part. I think Katie's pretty and an excellent Cho. I can't wait for the movie to come out.

Hi.I don't really care about the kiss scean (sp) and i think you should say the same.

it's not fair that you hate katie for kissing dan yoy should hate cho for existing!! haha theres a girl in my class whos so anoying and always cry's we call her cho chang!! haha besides katie is a really good actress and she is really preatty so leave HER alone!! and the scene was necesary to make it a perfect movie so too bad you cant do anything about it!!!

Dont press ur anger towards katie. Shes a newcomer in hollywood. Its dan. I know.hes seemed to be such a big player. I knew it fromt the beginning. A british player. Since the third movie came out.

My God all of you are so ubsessed get over yourself, leave katie alone, and accept the fact that daniel will never be yours. Thats OK though there are plenty of other guys in the world and none of ya'll even know what daniel is like. Why would you want to date someone you don't know, because he's good looking, and famous. To me thats not a good reason and i don't think daniel thinks it is either.

my gosh....katie is a great actress.... and also, perfect for the role.... well, i cud say dat if ur in her position and all da people hate u, wat will u feel??? so stop insulting her...k??? she's pretty and perfect gurL-nXt-d00r....
i luv katie leung very much... and i cant wait to watch the next movie....

Look all I want to say is that leave Katie and Daniel alone!Firstly Daniel is tired of all you girls chasing him and secondly Katie is the best actress I ever seen with the most magnificent hair.Any objection,please send an e-mail to venipeter@hotmail.com

yah katies cool its all the little baby bitchy girls who are so in love daniel create websites saying they hate katie its so mean to kaite its stupid and bitchy girls like that deserve and fuckin slap.

we think daniel is a jerk... who loves to fool around with jerks and he will always be a jerk... till his death! Jerk! Jerk! Fool! Veni stop saying things you don't mean. Declare that you are in love with him!
I use this id against all the creepy bicthes who love him

OMG, will you get over it? So what if Katie Leung kissed Daniel Radcliffe? It's not like it was in real life; it's a movie for god's sake. I actually feel sorry for Katie Leung; who would want to kiss Daniel Radcliffe anyway? *gags*

good luck mrs katie leung seriously especially to daniel radcliffe also i mean mr both are really great to seriously i know its really nice to being together so hum congratulation so thats means belong to each other so happy couples im sure you will really happy for you and your sweet coming friends them marrying together congratulation to and good luck instead of emma that be not nice to say sorry.

i agree i HATE katie 2 probley more than uand we are not pathetic she is

i am a certified daniel radcliffe fan. and i think i have already love him. but we should not be angry or curse katie. katie is only doing her job as well as dan, instead we should support the two.

i love you DANIEL RADCLIFFE!!!

I love dan radcliffe and katie leung also and i am not like others who says that they hate katie and kiss. I love katie and kiss the most and i want a kiss from dan radcliffe

Oh! i really like dan with emma watson.they doing job togather very well.
So......i dont like katie with dan

i m saneha

can u tell me daniels e mail id plz???peply me soon on my id...

How dare people hate a person just because they're kissing someone you like! To all you girls who hate Katie you are some jealous ignorant idiots!!!!!!!!!!!

And anyway what makes you think Dan would choose you over her?

You idiotic Katie hating jealous girls!!!!!!

i was fan for dan but i do'nt sad about his kiss becouse he's actor and all of the actor like him!!!!!

Jesus, you girls need to learn how to type and spell.
"i do'nt sad about his kiss"
"can u tell me daniels e mail id plz???peply me soon on my id..."
"well, i cud say dat if ur in her position and all da people hate u, wat will u feel?"
--What the heck? (I didn't type any of that, it's called COPY and PASTE)
Haha it's funny though. But really, go back to second grade...unless you're there already? If so..sorry for being 'mean'.
Got something to say?
Say it to me threw here:Amararad@tmail.com.

hey... those who hates katie are just jealous bcoz she had stolen harry's first kiss....

well, you don't have to hate her bc0z she's not the actual cho chang... she was just doing her job well... she was kinda perfect for the role...

she's so innocent and really nice and also, very sweet... so, i guess there's nothing's wrong with her...

if you don't really care about her, well, just leave her alone... besides, you're just wasting your time....

katie is a gorgeous gal, don't you think...???

well, i guess that bonnie, dan, emma, rupert etc., won't be so impressed if you'll hate her...okay?

stop being so pathetic...

i think katie is really pretty...

omg its a frikking movie! shes being PAID! $$$ so if she wants that $ and te one in a lifetime chance then she has to frikking kiss him!!! anyways if this helps THEY BREAK UP in the "movie" !!!! pathetic wannabes!!

hey AZ...
dont you know how to read shortcuts?!?!
i hope you can...
don't think that your a perfect grammarian while your not...
sorry for being mean...
i'm just correcting you...

well, katie is so beautiful...she is really a fashion icon...in her interviews, she is so innocent and so sweet...she is also very nice...it's not katie's fault if she had kissed daniel radcliffe... besides, she is just doing her job...okay?!

i heard that she had a boyfriend? who's the lucky guy?! i'm not sure yet...

she's working with leo ku in his music video "love coming home..." she's so pretty (as per usual)...

i really like katie leung... she's onr of the best teens ever recorded in the hollywood...

I don't know what can i say.. but, hey., nelle or jessica.. u've touched my heart!!Before i read ur statement i feel very hate on katie.. but, it has increase of it all ur statement..if i were katie,i'll very happy.. i know it.. but now,,how can.. i'm still hate katie?!

thank u shaddie...

hey... i love katie leung...she rocks...
hope she can visit philippines... bc0z if she will, i'll come...


i love you katie leung...


HeeYy..I'm stiLL haTe Katie!!How caN I love heR??OwYeah..neLLe,,caN I have uR eMaiL?? PlisZ aDd my aDdrEss in spideazblue@yahoo.com..k??

yu must see , r yu looking for the same one , this is for yu only harry potter .

hi to both harry (Daniel, and Rupert)
yu look great, i hope yu might be recalling those moments , we just memorized and shared with a different mening , neither this is a warning , nor this is from any girl's mouth , yu better understand this as a friendship , perhaps , i m not striving for this , but caring a bit , may be for yu , yu understand better , i m not recalling and even i cant see this one, plss look this on e,
hopefully, i m in a search of yur link and address , may be in future , i will be there with yu to see and give something from my side ,
and also i want to tell yu that here besides this best of luck for both of yu

hey ya!what ah big kissing is that!!! i rily hate that dan says,"it was fun."yuuuuuccccckkkk!!

hi i really like katie leung she s so cute and pretty i like her than bonnie to harry. hehehe and to who hates katie they so stpid to hates her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!love u cho chang always me nesle.

You guys are pathetic, anyway i love katie leung.. hate daniel radcliffe, hes so... gay!

Why does everybody hate katie leung r u guys just jealous that she got the part and u guys didn't I luv katie leung she is so pretty and the white people who hate katie leung I bet u guys just hate her becuz she asian shit I am asian 2 and just becuz daniel said that it was fun

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