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Want to Meet Wentworth Miller in Person?

Posted by Fara Kearnes on July 25, 2006 6:26 PM |

Wentworth Miller photoAttention all fans of Prison Break and the very hot Wentworth Miller! Details magazine is offering a new "Wentworth Miller Sweepstakes" in this month's issue. If you're the lucky winner, you'll score a trip for two to visit the set of the hit Fox drama filming in Chicago and get a face-to-face meeting with the bad boy Wentworth.

The next 10 runner-ups will win a Prison Break Season 1 DVD. To read the information and enter the Details contest go to men.style.com. Entries will be taken until midnight, August 16, 2006

[Thanks to jkarogia1at the forum for the tip]


plllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee let me meet him he is so hot

I have a funny feeling we would really conect!

Dear Wentworth,
I am disappointed to find out that your Canadian fans cannot participate in this contest:( Can you please promote another contest that will allow involvement for your Canadian fans as well? After all, some filming for Prison Break was done in the Province of Québec:). Keep up the great work,

i really would like to meet this guy not only is he fit as he is an amazing actor in prison break as well as the human stain, id like to know how he got into the acting business and if HE thinks hes what every girl wants....

i would love to meet wentworth i would ask him how he got into acting and why he chose 2 act,and if he wasnt acting wot wud he do instead.i wud also ask his interests xx

Miller is really a amazing man....

i think wentworth iz extra buff man i watch prison break over n over just 2 watch him hes sooo sexi indeed.if i met him i would prob faint from thoe devilish gd looks

wentworth is the cutest man ever:)

wentworth has to be the cutest man ever... and his acting is also amazing... any woman that claims different dosnt know a good man....

Well, i know its too late to enter, but wouldn't that be fun. I mean, who wouldn't want to go meet Wentworth. (I wonder if its wierd having people you've never met call you by your first name...) I want to know more about him, you know, the stuff that you can't read in interviews, like what his favorite book is, or why he majored in English.

Hey hottie I am so sorry that I didnt get to enter into your contest on time. oh but I love you you are the greatest actor and the hottest man alive ill wait for the day i get the chance to meet you

I've got it baaaad for Wentworth. Not only is he the sexiest man I know.. he just OOZES sex appeal, with those beautiful eyes and handsome face/body.. but he also is very intelligent and seems to be down to earth and have a great sense of humor-- which is even sexier to me! I have read up on him... he went to Princeton, loves musicals and likes some of the same music as me-- can make fun of himself and was persistent to get his break in Hollywood. Oh-- sighhh, i could go on & on. He is just perfection to me in a man-- enough said. Went-- if you read this, make me the happiest woman in the world and send me an email! lol starfire776@yahoo.com he just seems like the coolest guy to hang out with and is an awesome actor! He 1st caught my eye in "The Human Stain" and now on Prison Break. The 2nd season premiere was soooo good last night, omg! I adore you, Went! xoxo

awwww i wanna meet him ^_^ oh pleaaasssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeee pleasssssseeeeeeeee pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! i love him

Never see such a gorgeous man before!

Just wanna to say THAT WENTWORTH MILLER IS SOOO GORGEOUS... I like his acting skill. it was sooo awesome....... I wish that i could meet him...

Dear Miller,

you have no idea how much I like you!!!! I am looking forward to meet you tonight...in my dreamsss...hehehhe

Take care!

Hey, when I saw I was too late to enter the contest, I was so dissapointed; but I'm an aspiring actress, so if I ever get my big break, maybe he and I will meet someday. Wentworth Miller, if you ever read this, remember it, wait a few years, and maybe I'll see you on the red carpet someday.

hi hi hi,
you may have seen my sister shannon sign this but she is a totel jerk and wants to marry u but that will never happen cuz she is only 13 so have a nice life in prizon!!

Hey!! I'd love to meet Wentworth ever since i saw him first i've just been fascinated!! He's gorgeous!! xxx

jenny, i dont know who you are,but i am waaaaaay over the age of 13, i am actually over 20. so stop doing stuff like this because ur probably just a kid who hates w.m.

ciao for now!

wonderfull! x x x x x

hi my name is dom and my ant is crazy about you it will be a dream if we can meet you

Yea Went, us Canadians LOVE you too!!!!!

I'm not writing for the contest as I'm late and from the wrong continent.Reading all these comments make me sad.First because It shows that with the quantity of information we have nowadays, we don't see what we have around us anymore.We are receiving only superficial informations, we are filling the holes with our imagination, and belive that the result is the truth, so that every one around us looks less interesting.I'm sad also, because, like everybody here, I would be pleased to be able to talk to Wentworth Miller, but I realise that at his place I won't have the courage and the time to read all these meaningless mails.I know what it is to be misjudged.I'm not denying that this man is good looking.He has a contagious smile and emit wise and energetic vibrations that I can understand. I'm sad because while reading all the mails I realise that, in our modern times of communication, there are still people that I will never meet. I hope that all of you will discover that the neighbour next door has also treasure inside of him.

omgg plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz let me c him yummmmmmmmmmmmm sxC hotttt :P hiS a stunner i love miller
for sh0re i will make hiM fAll inluv with mEeee yay s0 stEp asIde biitCheZ hIIs miNe ;)

hii sXc hmmmm stAy sinGle f0r mEEEeeeeee oK herEz maH nuMba 0432...... heheh

Ohhh it`s really dissapointing to know that I have no chance to meet him...I am so far from USA :( Here in Bulgaria we are completely denied the opportunity of meeting stars like Wentworth
I believe that Wentworth will have big career not only on TV series but also in movies!So Go on !!!!:)

wentworth miller is soooooooooooooooooooo fukiingG guwjus guy on earth lol

hi.....this is my first time so crazy for adore the guy in TV....and i'm so far from U.S.
anyway.....i want to say....wish you success in the coming soon future

Hay i really wan't to meet wentworth miller because he is so good at what he do's end i realy love him very much he is the only men in my life , if i cant meet him i'm the luciest person in the hole world !!!!!! i cant live whit out him , i;m so fucking in love whit him en i realy adore him !!! PLEASE if i can't meet him then my life is SO PERFECT !! i just realy realy love him so much .. i whill do everyting to mit him !!! Bye bye kisses en much love from Rima [ I'm from holland , but i dont care i would to everyting for him [L] ]

Wentworth, keep up the great work. Amazing! A big fan from France.

As soon as i saw the first episode of prison break i didnt just fall for the episode and the great team but i fell obsessed with michael schofeild he seems like a sweet person and i would love to see im.I think am 2 into im cause e is always on my mind and im always thinkin mmm what will wentworth be doing now.anyway hope wentworth does great in the future and hope is dreams come tru

hay der
i just wanna hang out with the guy, maybe even get some mac donalds or some thing he seem like a man who is down to earth and and have a great time any were.


Hello,Wentworth!I live in Ukraine.Its a pitty but my English is very simple,and I cant say what I want.But you have a brave,strong eyses and face good man.I wish you great love and health.I cant meet you myself,but I see you on TV.Good bue.
P.S. Hello to my teacher of English!!!

Hey deer... mr.Wentworth u are the best ever!!! actually i ADORE u! im totally crazy with u, but maybe meeting u is only a dream.. anyway its a wonderfull dream and i'll keep dreaming about u to the last breath! i'll really apriciate if u wrote a msg to me! miss-my-baby@hotmail.com (Lina from denmark)

I really Really really really really Want to meet wentWorth miller.... He is the best Actors Ever.. I like him. I also Like Prison break. Its a pitty but my English is very simple,and I cant say what I want. Wentworth, keep up the great work. Amazing!I'm Big Fan Of U.. I really really like to meet U.. Haluan Todella KOVASTI tavata sua.. WAAN RABAA INAAN KU BARTO INAAN KU ARKO.. :) CIAO. i Wish U luck N' Thanks

OMG Wentworth
My name is richard and i am sooo gay! You are so hot i am in love with you come into my dreams wenty boy i need wet dreams................WE WOULD ALL APPRECIATE IF U WORE TIGHTER TROUSERS AND HAD A BIT OF LIP ACTION WITH DOMINIC PURCELL UR BRO IN PRISON BREAK

hi wentworth!



hello sexy lover, U look soOo hott on your show. I would love to see u in more upcomming tv shows and movies... But these upcomming events please take off your clothes and show alot more skin.. For us ladies that cant get the real man himself we can only dream every night about you....

hey wentworth miller! or should i call you michael scoldfield or fish???
hahaha! just joking! anyway aziemah here from singapore would like to say well done! u r an excellent actor with a pretty face that make me melt whenever i see u!!!! good job and keep it up miller! hope you for the best and best of luck in whatever you do! may god bless you! good luck! take care...........


you are a very good actor.congratulations


Jus 2 say all the best with ur acting career u ROCK my world!!!wish i could meet you...nicole!

I would love to meet Wentworth miller he is so nice looking but not just that but he is very intelligent person is well and I would probably faint if I would see him or be mega shay but I heard he is a shay person is well

is this a contest?? then i want to meet him too¡¡¡. no, seriously, i read some of the comments and i agree with the one written by someone called Bev. I wish he´s more than just a cute guy, handsome boys go nowhere just for being pretty. sorry if i don´t write ok in english. i´m spanish. I would take W.M out for partying ´til 7.30 am. some beers, dancing... which is something spanish people know how to do...
but i think that won´t happen ever, i´m too far away, so good luck everyone

I just wanna say that Wentworth, you really are the hottest guy ive ever seen!!! I fell in LOVE w you the first time i saw Prison Break.

je viendrais ou tu voudras kan tu voudras
je sais que tu es trés sollicité mais tu sais the most important is not only the physical beauty, but also and much more the heart beauty.
Let me see your true colors sir Miller... i'm sure i'll found a rainbow!!!

how cool can it be if me a girl from sweden coms to meet you you can do that my drems com tru i know that you have meny girls after you but i can tray im 21 170 long brun eyes blond coloring hair saiz small sometims medium it depends i liv alon in my on home an i work whit helping people ho neds help.went you do my day good bay bay (angel)

je vais dire la verité je trouve pas vraiment mr miller vraiment beau mais je trouve k'il a fais bien des etudes vraiment bref j'aimerais bien savoir ce k'il pense de la serie prison break???
kissou tout le monde.

I will say the truth I do not find really Mr. miller really beautiful but I find k' he A make many studies really short I would like to know this k' he thinks of the series prison
break???!!!kissou everyone and good luck

hola yo quero saber como yopuedo bajar la 1era temoparada de internet o en DVD para tenerla porfa diganme un besote a wentwork miller.

Wentworth Miller is soooooo sexy only if i was younger or he was older...

Please girls tell me where Wentworth Miller lives I want to now a street and where in the /Usa now ...Please

Wentworth u r FOOOOIIIINE!!! U got the sexiest eyes and DANG!! why u gotta be so old?? im seventeen but my birthdays' comin up so it can work out, right suga baby???!!!

OMG Wentworth Miller is very cute. I love him in Prison Break with his co-star Dominic Purcell . They are so cute. I watch Prison Breack every Monday and i am obsessing over them.

You're one Hot Sexy guy Wentworth Miller. I cannot believe your B-Day is the same as mine. I would love to party on with you on June 02/07


Hi Wentworth,
I'm a french woman, living in Paris. Congratulations for your work in Prison Break. I'd like to meet you. If you read this message, answer me (in french ?!). Bye, see you soon. Au revoir...

your the best, I love you
from Tunisia

Hey Wentworth Miller! Or Should i Call You Michael Scoldfield Or??
Haha! Just Joking! Anyway Salma Here From Somalia Would Like To Say Well Done! U r An Excellent Actor With A Pretty Face That Make Me Melt Whenever I See u!! Yeah, Really Like 2 Meet U.. Good Job And Keep it Up W.Miller! Hope you For The Best And Best Of Luck in Whatever You Do!good luck!. TakeCare.

Wentworth...Here in Greece we like you too.You indeed are a hottie.But thank god for me i passed the age of 13-19 in which girls fall in love with movie stars.(I don't mean it in a bad way!!!I have been in such a place years ago and i was actually keeping money to get on a plane to Hollywood to meet the actor i used to be in love with)anyway!Keep up the good work and be well!It keeps us alive to see guys like you in movies and tv.Kisses from Greece!

Hi my name is angie I am from chicago I have a loving boyfriend and two children. I would really love to meet you. I love your hit show prison break Woo do you look really good in the show. I work in the santa fa building downtown chicago you film a piece of your show on the 17th floor which i work on the 16th.. I wish i would of known you were going be there I would of sure loved to work that day. you took a picture with one of the girls i work with man was i so mad but hey why hate. People at work tell me I am crazy cause i talk about the show all the time you know but i like it so whatever.... I would really love to meet you or have a email address to write you and swap photos it would be great if you write me back or email me i'd love it. respond love angie

well not trying to be psychotic but i haven;t had an infatuation since i was like 14 and i"m 23 so keep making it hott, thanks,j/k,lol, luv yuh,from sexy dfw tx,girl

you realy bring the image on the screen as a true talent ihope the life you lead will never let u down, but you'll find out what the real meaning to life carries, ooo i hope i can at least know that i am in the same city as you someday


hey Wentvorth,You are just perfect actor....love how You act...manny xxxxxxxxx from Croatia

I would love to meet you. I know the time to sign up has pasted but it would boost my moral to the limit if i could meet you. I am in the Air Force stationed in Belgium. I think you are a good man but I thought that good men were a myth. If I met a good man in person(you) it would be give hope back to someone who lost it.

bonjour, je tiens à te dire que tu joues de manière formidable dans la serie "BRISON BREACK" et je suis fan de toi.surement tu n'a pas le temps de lire les messages que des milliers de fans comme moi t'envois, mais j'espère seulement que t'auras reçu mon petit message!!!! desolé de ne pas savoir ecrire en anglais!

hello!my name is tanya and i am bulgarian :D.dear mr.w.miller,i watch 2 season of prison break,and you are my favorite man thats ever see!!!please if you have little time write one messege to titinkoto@abv.bg!thanks before!i love you so much:)

i would love to met him thats all ive been talking about to my friends i think i talked there ears off.

I am your biggest fan and would love to meet you in person some time. When I watch your show my heart is pounding and my legs shake. I am sad that the season is ending, but hey you strong cute men need a break. if you could pick me to be the one to meet you I would pay you a million dollars. You and my older sister are 1 year apart you are older though. She dosn't have a boyfriend and loves your show. I would send you a picture of her if I could.

Love you soooooooo much

sugar, how'd u get so fly?

hey you wentworth or can i call you "stinky" lol you are thee man i gotta meet or talk to you i'm 27 from canada. I'm pretty and fun and definetely down to earth not high maintenanced but definetely like to look presentable lol.When you meet me you'll know baby that i'm your girl. so get in touch

I'm not like those other fans of yours that will actally go crazy but I have one thing to say PLEASE don't let Prison Break end soon it's the best show my brother has seen and it will kill me to see that his favorite show is over P.S i heard you went to Princeton University I just got a scholarship to go there

Bonjour de France, et plus exactement de Bourgogne. Juste pour un petit message d'encouragement et qui sait peut-être au plaisir un jour de vous rencontrer Mr WENTWORTH. Bien cordialement, une femme a qui vous plaisez beaucoup.

hay went i dont know if your reading this right now but i just dont know u but my mom is kinda like u she would rather stay home and play board games then go to a party she is very beutiful and she would like to get to know u or at least meet u so i hope youll read this

hey went it is me hayle one of your biggest fans i would love to meet you not because of your looks or because you are a movie star or wat ever kind of star you call your self i would like to meet you because i find your personality i now that sounds like crap and you proubly think i am lying but i am not i just want to meet you so i can get a better idea of a person you are so i can understand your self and your charactor (i am not a good spell so if i spell anything wrong not laugh and i don't put . when i am to put them) well i betterwe going i have to go to bed soon good night don't let the bed bugs bite

most peple on here are commenting on how sexy or how much they love wentworth but i think they are trying too hard i didnt get to try for the "to see wentworth miller in person" competition because i never new about it but all i want is a signed autographphoto of him and one day i will come to america to see him at a premiere or something luv u wentworth jamie-lee x x x

To Mr Miller.

If you are ever in South Africa on business let me know would not mind meeting you....

P.S. The whole family have enjoyed your series of Prison Break...

And to all you girls out there remember Wentworth's personality may not be the same as his character portrayed in P.Break :)
he may be goodlooking but personality is what counts.

Hey Went

I wish you all the best on your career. May my Lord Jesus fill your heart with joy.


wentworth Miller.
I just want to say, that I love Prison break! I'm a huge fan! and you are the most beautifull guy i've ever seen! You're Hot!
You can't come to holland do you?
If you ever go to holland please let me now!

went is so cute mignon in french

Hi my name is Carmen im a big big fan of prison break ever since i saw the show i have been wanting to meet wentworth miller growing up in my life i had maney faverite celibertys but there is no other celeberty i would rather meet then wentworth miller. i watch the show every monday and had not missed an eposode since the first one. wentworth miller your a great acter your the best charactor out of all of them.

p.s. wright me if you can carmacita22@yahoo.com

would there be any chance that i could meet him?
i live in the Maldives?

If you want to know Spain, you have to contact me.
I know is very difficult, but Spain is a very beutiful country to visit, and I'm a good tourist guide.
Kisses ana Happy New Year

hi Wentworth! i dont know if you'll ever get to read this, but just incase...please come visit the philippines...ill show you around..all the hot spots and all the paradise resorts..!!! =) take care always and god bless


What city in USA wentworth lives ?

please answer..;)

i really love the film prison break and i love the role of wentworth millier as michael scofeild as he is sssssssssssssoooooooooooo hot
my name is emilie isabelle and i live in mauritius iii lllllllllloooooovvvvvvveeeeee u wentworth miller

you are a sexy boy

OMG!!!!!!!!!! DAMN dat guy is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sekc!! jus da thought of him makes me dribble!!! lol . if i met him i wud jump on 2 him and eat him alive!!DELICIOUS!!!MMMMMMMMMMM

hi my name is carina and i love wentworth im live in portugal i see always prison break because michael of corse kiss

i love wentworth he is so sexy and my only wish in the whole wide world is 2 meet him. i wud so give up my life 4 him anyday.i really do love you wentworth!

wentworth miller is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy i love u

please come to africa, kenya to be specific, my parents will not object.

i LOVE you wentworth miller nd i really wish that i could have met you.
its not fair i try dn enter all these cometetions but none of them seem to get me anywhere i woudl really love to meet you not only are you such a great actor your sooooooooooooo GOOOOOOOD LOOKINGGGGGG too!!! please please let me meet you ... email bk lv me x

plssssssss let me meet him

Wenty hope u find love if its ment to be we will meet i adore u, u are so dammmm fine.I`m a girl from R.S.A hope we can meet someday.

Well...... can i just tell you that i am very sorry but wentworth is my husband 2 be.... and dominic purcell has 4 children 2 emma. WE LOVE YOU !! SHAKA CAN

Dear went!
My name is ildiko,iam hungarian women iam live in
Budapest.I have two children i watch 1 season of prison break.you are very good actor.Congratulations for you works in prison break you are the man of my dreams! Please,if you have
little time write one messege to.Thank befor. i- love you ildiko,and my son(zsolt).

Um so in one of the articles written about him, Went says he wants more saucy fan mail!!.......so where can i ask do we his fans send it to him?? If anyone knows please lemme know by emailing me, thanks darkasia72@hotmail.com

we love you!
from hungary ildiko,zsolt,attila

you are so builifol,goodand you are so so so so so so so sexy!

well im sorry but i wanted u to know that tania is not my real name or harrison well bye

hi wentworth i wanted to ask u how it feels to be an actor?? i never wanted to be an actress well is to much 4 me but i dont mind if my boyfriend was an actor i would always stay with him and hold his hand. and keep is feet on the ground,i can understand to be with an actor.if u want to know about me well then i better start i like to read a lot people call me a weirdo girl.smile some people tell me that they like my confidence.and humor.well enough out me so wish u luck and bye

hey! i love michael scofield!!!

oyu are so ciu and so sexy!! have you gote a girlfriends??

Heyy....obviously Miller doesnt read all these comments, so you people are idiots. && if he did read it, you think you are the only ones who tell him this shit? BE REALISTIC PEOPLE

everyone acting like they know him and shit, yall are CRAZY!

but with that said, he is the sexiest man alive, thats the thing u've all actually managed to be accurate on!!!


You are very popular in Ukraine, and your last work "Preason Break" have a lot of funs in UKRAINE.i personally like You so much!Good luck to U!Nice to meet U,Best Regards

i would like to meet wentworth to see if he really looks that sexy in real life i think he is a great bloke and a really good caractor in prison break well done wentworth u have it all xxx

Hey :)
Everybody here write to Wentworth so I wonder if someone receive any answers by him ??? Is this really makes sense? It's incontestable that he's ехclusive..but I don't believe in all this loving words! And despite my desire I don't want to meet him because I yield to temptation..Тhis makes no sense at all

Hey :)
Everybody here write to Wentworth so I wonder if someone receive any answers by him ??? Is this really makes sense? It's incontestable that he's ехclusive..but I don't believe in all this loving words! And despite my desire I don't want to meet him because I yield to temptation..Тhis makes no sense at all

id like to have a 1 nyt date with Mr.Wentworth Miller! like everybody im a big fun of miller! i just wish that i could see,hug & kiss wentworth! hehe...i guess thats everyones girls dream!

Dear wentworth!! I'm like your biggest fan... I lvoe you.. Im am from the Domincian Republic and at my school I was one of the first girls to watch Prison Break and now I;ve gotten all my friends to see it.. I'm dying to meet you really I have to before I day I mena like talk to you would eb incredible even recieve an e-mail will make em the happiest girl!!

hi wentworth miller can i have your email please i love you to bits xxx

elo omg wentworth miller aka michael scofield lol i watch prison break havent missed a single episode so far lol coz i find u so cute u seriously dont look like u were born in 1972 lol ... plz talkin to u would be like a dream come true lol...

Dear Wentworth Miller,
I am not one of your no1 fan but i think you are a good actor and keep the good work and maybe someday you will get to be a really excellent actor like brad pitt or maybe even jack nicholson you never know

Hi! I'm Pole. My friend give me P.B on birthday. I'm glad that you take this film, I know you from M. Carey clip and ...you still escape... :))

all my respect for the owner of the site for creating this but unfortunately I don't beleive that these comments really get to Wentworth. So please help me and tell me what do I have to do to get in diect contact to him. Thank you

hi my cosen zara loves you so much and she has pics of u all over her bedroom and she wants to meet u and she never stops watching prison break because she wants to watch you all the time

Like many women on here, I admire Wentworth a bit too much. I have him as a wllpaper on my computer, I have a folder with picutes of him titles "My Husband". I find him very attractive. I would love to meet him. At least talk to him and get to know the real him.

He is the most beautiful man EVER!

He is the most beautiful man EVER!

Yes, Mr. Miller IS a very wonderfull (handsome, smart, funny, lovely bla, bla, bla..) man! Or, I believe he is.. I am from Denmark and do not think that I would ever be abble to meet him! He's has a gift. Thanks a lot, Miller's parents, you must be great having such a wonderfull kid.

Yes, Mr. Miller IS a very wonderfull (handsome, smart, funny, lovely bla, bla, bla..) man! Or, I believe he is.. I am from Denmark and do not think that I would ever be abble to meet him! Hes has a gift. Thanks a lot, Miller's parents, you must be great having such a wonderfull kid.

OMG wentworth miller is so fit!!!!!!!!!

i would anything 2 meet him his the BEST!!! lol

lv layc ~xXx~

i am obsesssedddddddddddddd with himmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I love Wentworth Miller so much well his looks in anyway and i could imagine him to be the most perfectist man ever. Everthing about him is perfect and he has the most amazing eyes and body. He would be the bestest boyfriend ever and he would be such a gentleman. I would do anything to meet him but i know i wouldnt be that lucky. Please let me meet him it would make me the happiest person alive!

hi sexy...
u,just come into my dreamzzz.i like the way you act.and i really like the character....wish u luck.hopefully we will meet someday but not in a crowded with your fans..coz im not going even if u there accept u r my hubby....yes i really like u.but not me if go to catch the celebrities.of a man like u hav a lots of fans..so i will come to your dreamzzzzz..c u 2nite!good luck beb.bye

I want to meet wentworth miller not just because he is the finest man on earth but also because he is the star of my favorite show Prison Break

Girls girls girls! Wentworth is not going to wanna meet such desperate ladies. Have some class if you want him to return a letter to your emails. If i ever meet him I would never fall into his arms just because he is who he is. He would need to work it like every other bloke :)

i am wentworth millers biggest fan


People write here many things about Wentworth Miller sometimes they write silly things like :"I love Wentworth..." (hmm.. you can't love him you don't even know him.. you only like his apperance and way that he plays.In real life he's difrent.) But I have to say that I like him very much in Prison Break and I like to watch him on TV and on the internet. I have my silly dream.. ;P to met him someday live.. hmm.. who knows maybe some day.. hehe

Kind regards to you all and to Wen too ofcourse:)

i love watching u on prison break

I think y'all are crazy hahaha

I think y'all are crazy hahaha

dear mrs wintworh
i like the way you act you have a great charecter work up the good work and good bless you. i am a realestic girl and i know its an impossible to see you face to face. fat chance. but i always pray to god to show you the right way in your life i cherish you

Hi...I must say that i would Love to know personaly Wentworth Miller, i think he is a wonderfull men, the expression on his eyes, his pretty smille shows hus women the most sweetest guy.
Well this is for Wentworth Miller: "IN MY DREAMS YOU'RE MINE, IN MY LIFE YOU'RE MY DREAM..." I hope we can meet one day...maybe next life.
Huges Kisses Ana Marisa

hi how r u went worth ? iam emy from egypt u know it ?? (idont think so ) i wanna to tell u that you are agreat actor and i wish to meet you you are so cute and iwish to accept my invitation to egypt to see the pyramids u will be welcome finally i wish to u agreat life and more successful movies bye

i love you and you are soo hot :) love you
love breeanna

Wentworth j'aime le personnage de Michael Scofield que tu incarne dans la serie PRISON BREAK et en plus je suis accroc.J'ai hate de voir la 2 saison.Je t'aime à la folie je t ai dans la peau I LOVE YOU FOREVER

WHY ARE YOU SO DAMN HOT????????????????????????????????????????????????? UR A SEX GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PERECT IN EVERY WAY!!!!!!!!!!

wwheewww!!!i cant wait for u to come to england,honey ur so gorgeous,ur smile& oh! ur eyes r so beautiful, i love u,Went, ur the hottest man alive

you are the best.
go wenty !!!

Hi there Miller..

I'm 1 of ur billions fan n i'm from malaysia, if u read this, plssss mail me...nurulizeeanie@gmail.com...can u come to malaysia pls???

i would love to meet wentworth in real life, is there any competitions that u can win so u can exclusivly interview him!!

Hey, I'd really like to win this competition because i have this friend and i did something really nasty to. And she is in love with Wentworth miller so i was thinking if i won this competition i would give it to her so that way i would feel much better for doing something nice to her to make up for what i did. so yeah it would mean the world to me if that was at all possible. Thanks guys

Hey wentworth, how are u doing? my name is charity i gweh and am ur fan from nigeria. i want to let u know that u are a grat actor that set a goal and achive it. i love u and really want to meet u in real life, althought we met last night in my dreams ( he laughs)

i love u wentworth not cause of ur body and all that cause of what ur like in prison break and cause ur body but u r a nice person i may be alot yonger than u but i still love u by the way i am 11 my email address is kajal_m@hotmail.co.uk so if u want 2 talk 2 me u can i hope i meet u bye kajal.

If i have a ever met a man that could meet up tp the title of being a man it would have to be Wenthworth Miiler. He looks heavenly divine.... i could eat him alive....he is tooo damn sexy .......Wish i could only meet him

Dear Miller,
You'll not imagine how i am crazy for you.
I even can't help not seeing you for a day.
i awefully want to meet you .

Oh Wenty, you are so beautiful inside and out! I want to meet you and talk to you. I hear you are a polite, intelligent, and sophisticated man and I simply adore these qualities in a man. Your so sexy, too!!

hey wentworth,
how u doing? well i would love to meet u but every girl says that and i dont blame them u are georgous well i live in tasmania under aussie and i would love to come for a holiday just to meet u and if i could win the trip to see u it would be even better but i never won much in my life so i wont get my hopes up and i dont want to win one of the season 1 dvds cause i already have it. well i hope day u actually read this just so u know that no matter how far away u r, u r still being thought of.well thanx for listening

love u 4 eva layne

Hi, Went!
We are your fans from Georgia! We have just seen "Prison break", which is very popular in our country too, and we are waiting for the third season.
We have never been somebodys fans and we even don`t know how to write to you! Can you tell us how we can
do it?

FYI: Prison Break series is pretty hot now in China.
U make Michael Scofield so alive in tis series.

Hi Mr. Miller

ur are very talented and i really impressed when I watch Prison Break season 1 and season 2....Love you so much.
I'm waiting for the next season....

hi i'm went worth's biggest fan i think i should get the interview with him cz i'm writing a book about celebes and i'm also gonna write a new book that well one i hope well become a movie .the only problem is that i don't live in U.S.A and i don't really think i can win this interview .that's 4 sure, but i would love to .if he's reading this plz answer me back kisssssssssssssssssssssssss

hey wentworth you are so hot. You are a lot older than me but i still love u.
I thought u were 23 years old but when i found out u where 35 i was shocked if u were 23 years old u will be 4 years older than me i'm 19 almost 20. IF i meet u i will be so happy i would like to be ur friend so i hope i get picked which it will never happen because this is my 5 th time trying to meet someone that is famous

went is so fine i wud love 2 meet him and if i eva did i wud cry wen its tie 2 go coz i love him so much i wud die 2 touch him he is such a sex god

this guy is AMAZING!! and also soooo fit! i wouldnt say not to him lol he's an brilliant actor!! would loveeee to meet him in person and see his sexy little face upfront:D xxx

i'm not going to say what do the others say.. because i think if it's not politr to talk like that ...i'm not saying if wentworth is a bad actor ... no !! he's perfect and i love him verry much !! i want really to see him and i hope if i know what's his e-mail ...please!!!

he is a nice guy . His eyes are so perfect.

GIRL$ I % THINK WE % ALL KNOW % HE WILL % NEVER READ % THIS BUT % WE CAN % ALWAYS % DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MWAH MWAH *************^^^^^^^^

hi MR miller ,i am blanche from malta i wish some day to have you under my arms ,i loved you from the first day i saw you on prison break ,you're a great ecellent actor, i'm an actor too ,i dream you evry day ,who knows ,hope some day i'll see you ,tc wentworth miller

well he is really (HOT)THATS FOR SURE BUT HE IS ALSO AN ASOME actor i love the way he acted in prison break!!LOVE IT!THATS ALL I HAVE TO SAY!!

wentworth earl miller III
...i dont know what brings me to this site, i just found y self sending this msg. ive been watching the prison break since the other day.. its a DVD either its pirated or not i dont know. im teaching here in china and its the first english film ive watched since may. the first time ive seen micheal scofield i know girls are going crazy over him, he has a beautiful eyes. i find his character and personality in the film very interesting.. a very strong attachment and love to your family. thats the botto line of the film is all about. i found y self shedding a tear or two, i sure i not the only one who found the movie very moving. im very close to my family thats why i really do worship micheal scofields' character in the movie. went portrayed the character so well. thats why im loving him...on my own. ore movies wentworth! -frans fro philippines.

Hey Miller!
I heard you were a gay!
Oh My God!

hi.....miller!come to indonesian!i want to meet you,cause your acting so...........i can't say with my think!see you

Heyyahh Im Called Emma!!
Omg Ur A Propper Bird And Id Love To Meet Yahh!!
I Fink Prison Break Is Wel Good I love it and ur GREAT!!
Emma from farsley!!

Dear Wenrworth,
You are fantastic in Prison Break.I really enjoyed every character of the casts.I watched already the season1&2.I love the story.Theres a lot of vaues there.Im fm Philippines.I hope i can have a picture of u,just a remembrance.pls send a message on my e-mail.

please please i want to meey wentworth miller i want to meet him in the cast of prision break. I want this more than i ever wanted anything in my whole life

Janaia Pettiford

Dear Wentworth,
You are the most handsome and attractive man in the world!!!

hi Miller,

i would like soo much to do what are you doing, but i never had this oportunity...so, all I can do is to watching your work...
Here in Romania is a seecknes with 'prison breack'
I still believe that maybe I have a little bit look and I will came to speack with you face to face!
good luck!
and sorry for my english

i love you!!!

Hello Wentworth
I don't realy know if you going to read all these e-mails or somebody else read it for you. I wish you can read mine. Well I am from Greece and I am 18. I apologize for my English. I would like to meet you as once a year I come in USA and certenly in Miami. So I hope you can go there some day. My dream is to be an actress and play with other actors and of course with you. I don't know if it is possible butI would like to cantact with you so If you can find my e-mail Please cantact me. I know that many girls want this but I hope I can be the one that you would chose. I donn't wonna be boribg so I am living you now and I am waiting your e-mail.
My e-mail is dinkirene@yahoo.com
You are invited in Greece on Summer

Hi went your acting in prison break is soooooooo cool.The first time my cousins saw it they were so excited.And i like it too.See ya later went miller.


hello wentworth! i am from Cyprus. I dont know if you know where it is. Its an island near Greece. I want to sent me back mail!!!!!
i am in love with you i want to meet you but i know this can be only in my dreams!

i come from Thailand.umm!this a first time i talk with superstar from another country.i watch prison break and i saw Wentworth Miller and i need to know who are he?maybe my englisht language not so good i am so sorry.and i will to follow his work.nice to say.

i want to talk to you if you want, of course!

hi you is the best
s.tomé and principe

am inspired by ur intelligence in acting;though i study science i will like to know ur secret in action;cuz uve inspired me to switch one day

i' a guy, but i have a crash oh him ...i love this man, he's absolutely sexy!!! yet i am not gay lol

I would love to kick Wents ass at scrabble.I would beat you Wentworth because i'm really good.Do you like a challenge?


please i want to meet him

i love you went very much. I like your films,if you can unswer me, because I'm your fan.
I'm waiting your letter with all my heart.
I very, very, very much love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


hi cuty, this whole thing might not be true but if u are reading this i want to tell u that i love u so much i am just a teenager right now but i want u to know how i really feel about u and i also know that i can never meet u because i live in iraq, the most dangerous place in the whole world (at least thats what i think!!)i cant get u out of my head- and just so u know i wish we were locked up in a cell together!! and i know thats what the other girls want, right girls?!

dear wentworth,its a very pleasur to writ to you and i am so happy i want to know that i love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much i have photos of you in all my room i have buy tee.shirts of you i know its crazy and i know that you never know it could a witness to see you and im sorry for my english because im from france i dont speak english very well here is my adress weelsquad@msn.com if u want just contact me i will be verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry happy so bye and i hope to read my latter kiss

wenty please arraive in tbilisi because i love you so much i don't know how to live without you please halp mi wenty you are love of my life help mi

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