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Bow Wow To Quit Rapping at 19?

Posted by Fara Kearnes on June 30, 2006 5:52 PM |

Bow Wow to retire?He's just 19, but rapper Bow Wow is saying out loud that a career as an actor is more interesting to him right now, and that and his upcoming fifth album “might be the last one.” He told MTV.com that "[If so], we're going to go out with a bang. It's definitely going to be the biggest album that I've ever done.”

Bow Wow says that the single "Shorty Like Mine" featuring Chris Brown could be "the biggest record of my career."

As for acting, Bow Wow says offers are “coming into the office daily so I'm reading, trying to pick the next one. There's actually one in negotiations right now, but they don't want me to say. But definitely get ready to see me in at least two more movies. Last year I promised myself I'd do three movies and this ["Tokyo Drift"] is one right here."

Read the full story at MTV.com.


why is bow wow goin' to quit?
but i don't want him to quit cause he a good rapper he got the voice the clothes style
i kno all the girls LOVES him very much and i bet they don't wants him to quit

bowwow dony quit i love u wit my heart n i mean it baby!

bow wow do you thing. i am so proud of you and what ever decision you make, as a die hard fan of yours, i'm with you all the way. don't sweat romeo's wack dis track you can't shine like me because you have already been shinning since the day you began. lil romeo was too busy trying to imitate you and steal you spotlight by trashing you like he's trying to do now. you are a better rapp artist, a better actor,you are gorgeous, and your records sell...these are a few things you have over lil romeo. he claims that you are a mama's boy but you been dropped your mother from being your manager when you reached age 16. you don't play yourself by having your mama on your video's hopping around like a damn fool and your mother don't speak for you during your interviews like master p always to for lil romeo. lil romeo is a famous celebrity's kid this is why you always see him and his father's face (master p) on that show (VH1). we would never see your face on that show becasue you are not a famous celebrity's kid....you are a famous celebrity and this is why they are haten on you. you are making movie star money while lil romeo is stuck on nickelodeon. you are featured on hits of other rapp artist such as dem franchize boyz(i think they like me) 3 6 mafia's (side to side)chirs brown (run it remix) and also (where the party at remix) a year or 2 ago with jagged edge. lil romeo isn't featured on anything of anyone's becasue he is washed up. he's corny like that...that's why no one is asking him to be on anything of theres. it's all about you bowizzle. if you want to chill with your music for a while so you can get your acting game poppn' i will still support you. you are a great actor. do your thang.

bow men i feel you, people abuse me bcos like you, men don't fuck up shorty good luck and fuck lil romeo

Dont let bowwow quit.He is fine as ever.And he is a good rapper.Thanks

im so sorry aboyt what happwing but i still love u anway,

im so sorry aboyt what happwing but i still love u anway,

If you quit people is going to think that your following lil romeo. but if thats what you want dog. Do ya Thing "Shorty Like Mine" Is A Real Hit Dog.

It dose not matter wat u do you are still the biggest. and wat ever u do keep on doing it and just stand tall and stand out.

love andrea

bow do yo thang. U r good at both so no matter which direction u choose u still gon be da best. All i can say is follow yo heart. I love u boo.

I do not want bowwow to quit because he is a good rapper an he look good but it do not matter witch one you choose you will still be the biggest.but still
I do not want you to quit because your song shorty like mine song relly had the girls scarming so do what is best. but I will still love you bowwow and you will always stay in my dreams. love bowwow

bow wow u is a fine rapper but a good acter to so i dont care what u do long as i get to see your fine ass on tv some where

bowwow, u is fine anyway. so whatever u do, just keep it real and stay sexy!!!!!!!

Bowwwow you is so sexy and you will never find another shortie like me

i love bow wow soooooooooooo much and i would hate for him to throw his career down the toilet and i love all the songz he made like shorty like mine and frsh azimiz he shouldnt give up all the girls sceamin 4 him at his concerts and ive been to every single 1 and i love them i would really hate 4 u to lose that and i love u wit all my heart and soul and if i was u i would stick wit rappin cause everybody loves u rappin and u are too yung to retire trust me u are a good actor and i love every movie u played in and every song you wrote but u do wat u do and i aint mad at ya but i would really consider u rappin and not actin or just both i really really really really love u to death and i will not let nobody that i love give up their career that they been doin fo a long time go away like that


bow we luv you!!!!! please do not quit on your music
we love it when you rap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


bow u got game lil romeo aint got game he doesnt stand any ground that boy is done froze out bow u aint no lost ya step u the man homie jus keep it up

haahah finally that dude is quitting. his music is garbbage and i think he finally is noticing. idn what u girls see in his ugly ass, i mean really come on look at him. theres bette rlookin dudes out there.but yea anyways as for this final album.... damn thing aint gonna get any higher than #23 on the charts

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