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June 30, 2006

Lohan's Hush Hush Birthday Plans

Posted by Melanie McKane at 9:08 PM | | Comments ( 0 )

lindsay lohan photo Lindsay Lohan has revealed she’s planning a secret (well, not so secret anymore) birthday party on Sunday because she’s terrified her special day will be ruined by intrusion by the evil paparazzi.

The teen queen, who’ll turn 20 this week, has hinted that she may fly out with friends and family to the Caribbean for a party, as it’s her favourite place to head to when she craves privacy.

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Keith Richards On Aboard For Third 'Pirates' Film

Posted by Melanie McKane at 8:46 PM | | Comments ( 0 )

pirates photo Rolling Stones rocker Keith Richards has revealed he will appear in the next ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie.

Keith has been signed up to appear in the third film, titled ‘At World’s End’, as Captain Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp‘s character‘s dad.

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Lil' Kim Released From Jail Next Week

Posted by Melanie McKane at 8:37 PM | | Comments ( 0 )

lil kim photo Lil’ Kim will be released from jail next week, a statement released by Queen Bee Entertainment has revealed today.

The hip hop queen, whose real name is Kimberly Jones, will be released from Philadelphia Federal Detention Center on Monday, July 3rd at 6 AM but will be placed under house arrest for a 30 day period.

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Kate Moss Wants Alex Turner For Monkey Business

Posted by Fara Kearnes at 6:15 PM | | Comments ( 0 )

Alex Turner picSupermodels aren't used to getting chilly responses from guys but Arctic Monkeys heart throb Alex Turner turned down a date with Kate Moss. Her offer shocked him so much he turned to his mom for advice and naturally, she told the young rocker to stay clear: "There was no way she wanted her son involved with Kate after all her cocaine carry on," a source said.

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Bow Wow To Quit Rapping at 19?

Posted by Fara Kearnes at 5:52 PM | | Comments ( 20 )

Bow Wow to retire?He's just 19, but rapper Bow Wow is saying out loud that a career as an actor is more interesting to him right now, and that and his upcoming fifth album “might be the last one.” He told MTV.com that "[If so], we're going to go out with a bang. It's definitely going to be the biggest album that I've ever done.”

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McFly Blast Lohan For Premiere No-Show

Posted by Melanie McKane at 12:32 PM | | Comments ( 0 )

lindsay lohan photo Lindsay Lohan and McFly’s war of words has continued, with the band’s drummer Harry Judd blasting the teen queen for letting down her British fans.

Harry - who says he spent a night with his co-star Lindsay last year - has blasted the actress for not showing up to the London premiere of their movie ‘Just My Luck’ on Wednesday night.

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Depp Laughs Off Hutchence Movie Rumours

Posted by Melanie McKane at 12:19 PM | | Comments ( 0 )

johnny depp photo Johnny Depp has laughed off reports that he’s set to star as the late INXS star Michael Hutchence in a new biopic called ‘’Slide Away.

Depp says he hadn’t heard anything about the project until he read about it in the press and says, even if he was approached to play the rocker, he isn’t glamorous enough to portray him in a movie.

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June 29, 2006

Arab Guy Tries To Pass Himself Off as Brad Pitt

Posted by Fara Kearnes at 6:46 PM | | Comments ( 0 )

Brad Pitt picA Jordanian man who has never heard of Brad Pitt knows who he is now. The guy, who was ignorant of the Hollywood actor's identity, used a photo of the world's top male celebrity and created a fake ID in order to attempt to steal money from an exchange in Dubai. This proves that if Brad ever wants to travel where he won't be recognized and bothered -- he should head over to the United Arab Emirates.

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Nelly Furtado: It Pays To Be Promiscuous

Posted by Fara Kearnes at 6:06 PM | | Comments ( 0 )

Nelly Furtado picFor the first time, Nelly Furtado can celebrate chart success on both sides of the Atlantic after her album "Loose" reach the top spot on the charts in Canada and the US. The Canadian singer is also reaching the top of the UK chart with her single "'Maneater." Her new dance floor sound has relaunched her career and is making her the new pop hope.

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Sarah Silverman and the Sidekick 3 Ad

Posted by Fara Kearnes at 5:31 PM | | Comments ( 0 )

Sarah Silverman and Side kick3Just when you think you know where she's going with something - she pulls you in another direction! Don't miss comedian Sarah Silverman's hilarious new commercial for the new T-Mobile Sidekick 3. I loved the "come back when you get a USB port" line. Watch the Sidekick 3 video.

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