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Anthony Kiedis Finds His True Chili Pepper

Posted by Fara Kearnes on May 3, 2006 3:56 PM |

Anthony Kiedis picRocker Anthony Kiedis is ready to take the sock off and grow up. He says he's ready to settle down and start a family.

After years of partying, the 43-year-old frontman for the Red Hot Chili Peppers says he realised he'd changed when his girlfriend left him and he fell apart.

Kiedis - whose former conquests include supermodel Heidi Klum - says, "Today I feel like I'd like to get married and have a family. More so than ever. I really don't think I was capable of being that guy until about two months ago."

"A bomb went off inside me a few months ago. I broke up with a girl that I was really into. I started wondering why the break-up happened and I realised it was because of some of my own character defects - the feeling of wanting things you don't have."

"The minute I started seeing how these defects of character were controlling and dominating my life, they vanished. Suddenly I didn't think the grass was going to be greener, I didn't feel like I wanted something that I didn't have. I actually went back to that girl and patiently waited to see if she was willing to give it another go."

"Now I'm quite content to marry this girl and have a family - if that's something she's into as well."


hey, i think Anthony shold settle down and start a family with me!!! i lov you so much anthony!!! u rock!!! email me, if you happen to read this. lol. no i think that you have lived an amazing life so far, and you havnt started a family yet, and so if you feel that you are in that place right now, go for it. and good luck!!! also if you do see this, please email me any way because that would be so cool!!! my email is, fcbunnygal@yahoo.co.uk, love you loads. and peace to the world!!! rock on!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anthony is soo hott!

no no nooooooo, don't marry her, marry me (as the song goes! can't remember whose it was tho')......seriously tho' you really must hold on until we meet.....the grass is getting greener my sweet!....ok, I'll wait to hear from you....lol MWUAH! (that's a big kiss by the way) bexmck@hotmail.com X

Quite content to marry?....What's that then, fireworks?....mmmmmmmmm.....uummmmmmm....errrrr :-)

anthony e-mail me

no don,t get married i love your music and if you get married and have kids you will not get to move on with your music.and by the way i love you you are really hot..

I wish you would marry me. I know what it feels like to want things you dont have...i want you! But good luck with your relationship. I just saw you in concert, and it wasnt as raw as your earlier days, so i hope if your dream does come true and you start a family, it won't slow down yor career. i love your funkier albums, BloodSugarSexMagik is my favorite!, but i like your new ones too. Good luck with everything!

your #1 fan

i am married with two beautiful girls. they are my life. i hope you are ready to get married for theright reasons not because it the next thing to face. it is hard work. i wrote a poem about it on the fan club. iwish you well. just make sure you have enough in common other than the sex and that they want the same thing including kids. it does change your life but hers more than yours i hope she is not too young to look back years later and wonder where she and her life has gone. sit back and let it come to you. take from some one who did not show the whole person and now 10 yrs later i am paying for it in more ways than one. good luck you always have my support no matter what.

omg i love u anthony kiedis haha yeah email me please if u happen to read this!! natalie_262@hotmail.com!!!

love u sooooo much!

i luv you jensen your show rox

hey i hope you have a great life with her.But you can married someone who your age./JK. sO E-MAIL ME BUT JOHN ISSSSSSSSS SOOOO HOTTTTTT
E-MAIL ME AT zulema678@hotmail.com or zulema876@yahoo.com with love and you guy rock

I can't believe I'm actually writing something in here, I guess I felt compelled to write.."Somehow I don't think he will be reading any of these emails" but if you are AK...I have the perfect friend for you! Her name is Heather, and she lives Down Under (Auckland NZ) She just absolutely rocks, like no other I've met. A scorpio too! She's like no other, and after reading your book OMG! You are both so similar it's scary! Ok, I'm probably talking to myself, if not, you know you want to know more...


gees how come everyone has to ask AK to marry them? He has his own life and a girl he's in love with already. I realize you guys like him, don't get me wrong, I do too, but just saying to marry him and he's never even met you, you sound like a very desperate person and a cry for attention. If you want to marry someone, how about getting a life of your own and starting off like he did. He has a life and about to have a child. So leave him be, even if you are a fan. I am probably the biggest fan of RHCP, but i don't go around saying I want to marry them. Anyway, Good luck and Congratulations to Anthony Kiedis (where ever you are) on your first baby. That's so awesome that you are going to be a dad. Man, I wish I had a father like you, your going to make the best dad a kid could ask for!

im posting this to just thank anthony for his beautiful book. my son and i read it at the same time and it gave us both insight on the disease of addiction. it helped me to go back to AA after another relapse on alcohol and i am so grateful to anthony for his honesty. best wishes and love always to you anthony, again thank you so much, you really helped us both alot. love, shelley bruey

how has just written pauline (right?):Somehow I don't think he will be reading any of these emails...this too...but...maybe...however i can try!first af all: i don't want marry you!:) ...but i like your music and i think u are so rock...like me...and i love it!if you ever read this message...this is my e-mail:theburez@hotmail.it

Hey Anthony, what is up. my name is Zack Marcotte, and i was at your concert a few years ago. your dad gave me that poster with all the bands on it. Oh by the way i was wondering if you could give me some tips. i have a band of my own... i mean i play guitar, drums i need some one to help me become the best that i can be. oh and i need help too my girl friend kinda kicks me in the balls every day but after that she Frenches me for like 3 minutes. what do i do. here is my email dude: www.scoobyzack09@gmail.com

I almost feel like an idiot writing on this in hopes for Anthony is read it. If you do read this, I just want you to know that your brilliance, strength, and love for music has really inspired me. I read Scar Tissue and absolutely fell in love with you, and the band. I'm not your typical fan who's crazy about you just because your gorgeous.I really feel that your writtings, and stories make me a better person, and make me belive in things I never thought were possible. I really hope you read this. If you do please e-mail me. I know its weird but yeah..



Hi AK ur awesum
plzzz email me if ur read this or if ny1 noes his email send it 2 me its Benben_777@hotmail.com
dude ur mi idol the chili may av been rnd 4 25 yrs but ur stil the best band around. Since the chilis r planning 2 go into the punk scene sort of i suggest listening to billy talent they r an awesum ban (not as good as RHCP though)i liv in england wen r u guna b in hyde park next ?? cant wait til u r. i avnt eva actually been at 1 of ur concerts (gigs).
r u going 2 release all of ur unreleased songs on an album songs like love rollercoaster bicyle song and funn face and rolling sly stone in a studio version it wld b so grt if u did i wld buy it cz sum of the songs r absolutely awesum plz plz email me if ur AK or a member of the chilis or any1 hoo noes any of the answers 2 mi questions the email iz Benben_777@hotmail.com incase u missed it the 1st time thanks so much
ben adams england u.k. eurpoe age 14 (nearly 15)

well I really doubt Anthony is going to read this but i decided to write anyway...anthony I'm not one of those crazy fans who asks to marry you...that's just stupid you probably haven't even met any of these people...I love ur music RHCP is my favorite band and I'm hoping to go to one of ur concerts one day (well another one of ur concerts I've been to 2) you,flea,john,and chad all rock and I'll support you in everything...because of my high doubts of you reading this I'm not gonna post my email address for all to see but I am one of ur biggest fans and I'll keep my eye out to see if you or anyone else from the band posts anything

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