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Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson Catfight

Posted by Fara Kearnes on April 14, 2006 5:06 PM |

US Weekly coverIn today's Lindsay Lohan briefing, we have a magazine story about a fight between teen queen Mean Girl going all bat-shit crazy on Jessica Simpson about something. And it made Jessica cry.

US Weekly is reporting that Hohan and Jessica were in the same LA dive bar called the Dime last week and Lindsay's new boyfriend, director Brett Ratner, left her side to go sit and talk with Jessica and just hang out.

And then Lindsay sent over a round of drinks (hey, she's 19 remember - there's still no carding in California bars!!) to Jessica and her posse, but then, Hohan like totally flips out because Jessica didn't say thanks. That, and some chick at Jessica's table called her a "bitch."

So Hohan goes over and goes, "What's the matter? When your sister is around, you can talk (BLEEP) about me, but now that Ashlee's not here, what are you going to do? Come on! I'm 19 and you're 25! Say something, you coward!"

And then Jessica says like she totally can't believe how high school this is.

But the Mean Girl is in her face and Jessica starts crying and tells Hohan that she didn't want to cause a scene and Linds gets even more bat-shit crazy and says, "Let's go outside then, you and me. Alone. I don't need to embarrass you. I'm not causing a scene. You think I care? Step outside! Let's go!"

Ratner, the 37-year-old X-Men movie director, tried to hold back his 19-year-old girlfriend but was ignored. Just like his films.

"Lindsay really gave it to her and Jessica just freaked out," a source told the magazine.

"Finally, Lindsay shouted, 'That's right! You got Punk'd! I just Punk'd you. You are the most insecure little girl! F*** it!'"


omg she is soo rude. Jess is so awesome...that fucking sluts jealous

Hohan... Umm Drugs Are Bad Mmmkay

lohan is a dirty little slut that think that she just the best and tuffer than anyone but hey i bet that jessie would have smashed her with her hand tyed behind her back like anyone else would have she like the lowest celebrity ever she only big cause she like to f**k around with everyone's boyfriend's

Lindsay needs to stop thinking the world revolves around her. She made an ass of herself attacking Jessica like that. Power-tripping little brat needs to come down a notch or maybe a few hundred notches.
Her values are no where. I hope Jessica gets a restraining order against Lindsay.

OMG..!Thats so mean jess does not deserve to get hollered at!Not at all!Lindsy is jealous cause she's anerexic.

i would have beat her ass

lindsey needs to go get some medication because she is nuts

It's all marketing

2 all ov u bitches and assholes who hate lindsay, fuk all ov u, lindsay Lohan can fuk up tht single bitch Jessica Simpson!!!SHOT Lindsay!

lohan is not all that . she is mad because jess is 10 times better then her any day.

lindsay can do anything she wants and i won't care!

Lindsay and Jessica naked catfight. Hairripping, boob twisting, scratching knock down catfight until they are naked and nasty

haha i love it a blonde bimbo gets smart with a loud mouth trouble maker....my money is on lindsay. Tear her fake hair out girl the world needs less stupid people!

first of all, its nasty that lindsy is even dating some old 30 something year old motherfucker. he should teach his "daughter" some values and morals. how stupid is that. lindsy gets mad over jessica not saying thanks for some drinks that she shouldnt have been around in the first place. the last thing lindsy needs is alcohol b/c alcohol can make you look older and act immature and lindsy already looks 40 but acts like shes 12.


lindsay is so stupid...i hate her, dont be jelous cuz jessica looks better then u...if u were to come up to my face n say something i wouldint be supprised if i punched u...so get over urself..n go bac to kindergarten where u belong....HATEFUL DRAMA QUEEN....

Lindsey is just jealous! Jessica is prettier, more talented, and more popular. She needs to grow up and take some lessons from Jessica on success! You go Jess!

A wonder that Jessica and Lindsay donīt like each other, they have the same astrological sign (cancer) and I am a cancer too, so I know what I am talking about - we normaly like each other! I am in a dilemma now - I like both of them. And I dont think that it is true what the press is writing about them .. Its just a gossip story like all the others before .. dont you think so?
Excuse my bad english, because I live in Vienna and we learn it at school so I dont know if i have made any mistakes.

I don't know if this is true but i know that lindsey is very rood and i would have ***** slapped her! But jessica is smart she has to much class to freak out over nothing! lindsey is just jelous b/c she cant get any guys under 30. because she looks like she is fourty. she is just mad cause jessica can have a great body and she can eat all she wants!!!!

Lohan is just jealous because Jess is wayyyyyy hotter than her :D:D:D


♥ mmk this is all bullshit im 15 years old and um lindsay is a bitch!! i dare taht bitch to say something to me like that if i was jessica then i would have knocked the bitches face out!! then we would see if she talkes anymore shit or not! jessica needs to fucking stand up to that bitch!! shes like a stick all jessica would have to do is touch her and she would snap in half like a fucking twig!!

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