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Britney Spears Fears Her Baby is Brain Damaged

Posted by Fara Kearnes on April 21, 2006 3:58 PM |

Britney Spears & Kevin FederlineThe National Enquirer is reporting that Britney Spears is afraid her baby Sean Preston could suffer long-term brain damage, and not just because of that skull fracture he suffered when he fell out of his high chair.

She is also said to fear losing her son to California authorities if the baby is involved in another incident, according to a family insider. The report comes from this week's Life & Style and claims that Britney blames husband Kevin Federline for Sean's' fall that wound up cracking the baby's skull.

Despite the high-chair fall claim that was released last week, the magazine reports that they have heard from multiple insiders and they have told Life & Style that that based on the accounts of Spears family members and Kevin himself, they claim — Sean may have injured himself after rolling off a couch in the same room where Kevin and his friends were at the time.

A source told the Enquirer that the fall wasn't the first time the infant has fallen - that Sean has rolled off a bed and crashed to the floor twice.

The source said that the pop star likes to sleep with the baby in bed with her, and she woke up both times to the muffled sounds of her baby lying face down on the floor screaming his head off. It happened the first time when Sean was just over 3 months old, and then again about 2 weeks later. (Isn't a 3-month old too young to roll over? I'm not a mom, but this 'revelation' sounds fishy to me.)

All of this has not gone unnoticed by K-Fed's ex, Shar Jackson. In Touch Weekly is reporting that Shar has banned her kids from visiting Brit and Kevin's house.


Hey the baby is entirly to young to be falling.they need a nanny or else the baby is hurt,dead,ofr in defax.

Spears cps is on their way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brittnay was not eady to be a mom, I am 14 and I can take better care of infants that she can! Its a sad thing that she cant even take care of this child.

If Britney wasn't prepared to be a mom, I'm sure she could've chosen not to have the baby...but she did! and I'm pretty sure that she had thought about making that decision over and over...coz she surely had a lot of things to lose! I'm a 23-year-old mom and I love my daughter so much. I exert all my effort and I give my very best for my baby's welfare; however, incidents such as the baby falling-off the bed or a couch cannot be prevented! my daughter had fallen off the sofa when she was around 3 weeks old...she is now a 13 months old and she had fallen off the bed or couch about 6 times now....I was scared to death that my baby may had suffered brain damage or something due to her bed/couch falls but I went to see the doctor and they said that it's just normal...and pretty common so there's nothing to be afraid of...I also used to work with a 39-year-old woman who's got kids aged 15, 9 and 1 and her youngest has fallen off the bed and couch about 6 times too! so let's cut britney some slack off! hands down to her for not hiring a nanny to make her job easier...remember, mother knows best! oh, and by the way, a 3-month-old baby is not too young to be rolling-over coz my baby already starting to roll over at 2 months old!

I have three children, all of whom have fallen off both beds and couches. Babies roll over pretty young and will fall. I myself rolled off a changing table as a baby. That said I do think maybe Sean Preston does need a bit more supervision...

u stupid bitch some one needs to take that baby

Guys let be real now, baby are precious jewels that we are blessed with on this earth. Babies have accidents that can’t be prevented sometimes unless you are a “Perfect Mother”. But guess what, there is as no such thing as a “Perfect Mother”. You can judge someone about how they raise their child because it is not right in your eyes. That’s only an opinion; there is no book on how you should raise your child. I am a 22 year old mother of a 15 month old baby girl. I love my baby with all my heart. I would consider myself a wonderful mother, but in other peoples eyes who either don’t have children or just wanted to put rules on everything would probably think different. My daughter was having episodes that were unexplainable. I took her to the doctor, where they ran every test that existed and still could find anything wrong with her. She had a total of 5 episodes, two of them even happen in the hospital. Finally the last time that they released her it was told to me that I CPS wanted to talk to me about what was going on. To make a long story short wishing CPS would take that baby isn’t right. Having children is a bundle of joy but when you are in that hot sit where someone thinks you are not taking care of your child it not fun. I am speaking from experience. Things happen as long as you know that you are taking care of your baby no one can tell you different especially if they don’t have kids themselves.

i dont understand why people would label her a bad mother ,,this is her first child ,,i have 2 children and i remember when my first was born i was constanstly strung out from bein stressed over the slightest thing from a bruise ,,to a slight fall ,,to her hittin her head on walls from tryin to walk ,,i think that she is a typical mother who is worryin bout her child that does not mean that she is a bad mother at all ,,it means that she is overprotective!!!!just like all the other good moms


i dont think you are ready you should have thought before you had a baby! you need to give the baby to your mom or something cuz hes going to end u dead!! oh yeah your fat!!

i really think you should be watching your baby more....i mean c'mon now Britney....

Your such a hore!!!!!!!!!!

You know what? Ppl are just taking a stab at brit cuz they can, its ridiculous! These things happen all the time as the EXPERIENCED mothers were saying! It doesnt make u a bad parent. You cant hold your kid 24/7. The media just makes regular things like that such a big deal. Im sure the baby will be fine. I believe brit loves sean alot and wouldnt do anything on purpose to hurt him. anyways A whore is someone who sleeps around and shes married, use a dictionary..

cut her some damn slack..like they say shes leaning..im still learning with my 5 mo. old

I'm sure that Britney is doing the best she can with her new baby. Being a mother is hard work. Accidents are bond to happen, regardless of how great a mother you are. My son is two and he has fallen off of beds, couches, and everything else that he can climb on. The only difference is that when normal people have accidents happen it is not blowen out of proportion, and put on the news.

I have a 6 month old. All and all he has fallen off my bed 2 times. Yes he screamed his head off. Yes he is fine. But that doesn't make who a mother is. I am the most overprotective loving and nurturing mom out there. When babies start to roll at about this age sometimes it happens. I don't like Britney Spears but this is a measure of her parenting skills. Sleeping with her baby is the best thing she can do for him. Read up on it and maybe you people would have better insight. More children die in crub related deaths each year than bed-falling accidents.

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