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Kristie Alley Slams Rolling Stone for Dissing Scientology

Posted by Fara Kearnes on March 22, 2006 2:58 PM |

Kirstie AlleyActress Kirstie Alley is criticizing a Rolling Stone article on Scientology, calling it a bash on her religion, boring, and -- Yikes! -- slamming the hip magazine by comparing it to your grandmother's Reader's Digest.

"Shame on you, Rolling Stone, for your slam piece on Scientology," the 55-year-old actress flames about Janet Reitman's recent 13,500-word report on the belief system founded by L. Ron Hubbard.

"Rolling Stone has been my favorite magazine since college, but come on religion-bashing for the sake of sales? Yikes, dudes your cool factor just dropped to Reader's Digest."

Alley also disses the writer Reitman who "interviewed me for two hours as I watched her eyes darting around in her head like a trapped lab rat. Janet, dear, people like you will always bastardize good things like religion. ... That's why you exist, honey. My problem with your article was its degree of boredom."

Reitman, who reportedly worked on the piece for nine months - with the cooperation of church officials - shot back: "Alley's letter perfectly exemplifies why the Church of Scientology has an image problem rather than debate points of substance, its followers all too often veer into personal attacks."

"Alley is one of the church's most prominent and spiritually advanced members. Yet this is all she can think of to say? Yikes, indeed."


Scientology is a cult. And a real phoney and exploitative one at that. I visited one of their offices 20 years ago. I walked...OK...I RAN OUT because all they wanted was THOUSANDS of dollars from me.

This is worse than purchasing dispensations from the Catholic Church during the late Dark Ages!

I was delighted to read the well written article about the so-called religion Scientology. If Scientology (founded by a science fiction writer looking for a way to make money) is a religion, than I am Howard Hughes! Scientology was treated fairly in the articel and that's where the rub comes in as they should have been skewered for their activities. After reading the article I hunted around the Web for more info to find that they don't believe in God or Jesus, they vehemently attack anyone who criticizes them, use instruments to "clear" people that were once banned by the FDA. How the IRS ever managed to be convinced that they are a religion is beyond me, but they have the millions to amke things happen. The worst part about people like Crusie, Ally, Travolta and his wife is that they appear normal (or did until Cruise blew his cool with Matt Lauer)- the worst part is that people may look into the organization because these celebrities are in it. You cna bet that they are not treated the way commoners are treated. They have a specific plan to recruit celebrities. And a specific plan to squelch dissenters. Ask any Scientologist about Lisa McPherson and others who have died in their hands. Too bad that that lawsuit was settled out of court. I congratulate anyone who would bring Scientologisty to the light of day and expose their crimes. They should be disbanded! Tom Cruise used to be a favorite actor of mine. But I will not be patronizing any of his movies nor other Scientologists any longer. I only hope that Katie Holmes comes to her senses and that more of Scentologists nutty ideas are exposed in the birth of Katie's child, when we hear what Scientology would want you to do regarding a child's birth and upbringing!

After reading an article on om Cruise and his advanced level in scientology not capitalized on purpose...I was amazed at the fact that he is so brainwashed... Them to here that Kristie Alley is also a scientologist I was dumbfounded...How can these people believe that aliens are going to come in there space ship and save us ????? I know that scientologists require you to live in the buildings owwned by them and to give all your earnings to them...Why aren't Tom & Kristie living in their buildings??? AND GIVING EVERY PENNY THEY MAKE TO THE SCIENTOLOGISTS ???? I guess the scientologists that aren't as wealthy are the only ones that have to give all there money to the cause ... What in their minds has led them to believe that a space ship is coming for us ???What and how did the space ship bible come about ???? Wheres the proof???? I use to love Tom & Alley now they can go F--- themselves.... Alley a Fat B---- and probably will also battle the bulge and Tom is a frigin midget that wants to be 6" tall ain't happening !!!!Sorry, as hard as it may be to understand that God is and always will be it's the truth & if you investigate it you'll find the answers and you'll know...........

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