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Chad Michael Murray Dates High School Senior

Posted by Fara Kearnes on March 24, 2006 5:30 PM |

Chad Michael Murray pic"One Tree Hill" star Chad Michael Murray is on the rebound from his brief marriage last year and has hooked up with an extra from his hit TV show.

The 24-year-old actor, who divorced co-star Sophia Bush last September after just five months of marriage, is reportedly now dating Kenzie Dalton, 18, who plays a cheerleader on the teen drama.

Kenzie, who is a high school senior, confirms the relationship to Life & Style magazine in an interview, saying, "We've been going out since December." (No word yet on if he'll be taking her to Prom.)

The couple have largely kept their relationship out of the limelight, because they started dated when Dalton was only 17 years old. She said, "Chad and I just hang out. We don't really go out at night."

Life on the set of the teen drama is chilly, with the ex-couple still working together and Kenzie has a frosty relationship with Chad's ex-wife.

"Sophia and I don't talk," she admitted, "but she is aware of our relationship."

"Sophia’s just glad she got out of the relationship when she did," a close friend of the actress told Life & Style.


Kenzie and Chad r not rite 4 each ova......... Chad and Sophia should b 2getha!!!!!!!!!! plus kenzie is blonde!!!!!!!!!!!

personally I thing chad is way to hot for that kenzie girl, she's ugly. i think he and hilary duff looked so cute together on a cinderella story, to bad she's already taken :(

As long as Chad is happy, then we should respect his choices and how he chooses to live his life. And just because Kenzie is a blonde it doesnt make her any less human or even any less suited for Chad. Do whatever makes u happy!

Ewww. WOW!

I used to love Chad as a actor, but how low can this guy get? First, he gets rid of the only good thing in his life, his beautiful and talented ex-wife, Sophia Bush. And now he is DATING A HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR. He can go to freaking jail for that! Wow! Chad what the hell are you thinking? She isn't even pretty and guess what else, she sucks ass at acting. Not to sure why she's even an extra on the show anyways. I love Sophia Bush and I wish her all the luck and happiness in the world. But, Chad, he's sunk to new lows. Way to go Chad, you just basically screwed up your life. Have fun with whoever that blonde, ugly, 17 year old ditz is. And I can't believe people are even thinking that this relationship is okay. It's freaking illegal. Ewwwwww.

WELL. honestly. i don't think it is anyone elses buisness but theirs. I am a close friend of Kenzie's older sister and happen to know that they are one of the sweetest (not to mention most beautiful) familes in the state. Excuse me but "ugly blonde ditzs" don't make it as 1st runner up in state USA pageants. I think any other person attempting to make that statement or any other one close to it should hold their tounge. And what does it matter that shes a "high school senior" isn't it the media that has tried so desperatly to get everyone to understand that age is "nothing but a number"..."Love is Love"...(i could go on but i won't, for the sake of your dignity.) I respect everyone elses opinion but make sure its accurate next time. Don't just let harsh words to come out of your mouth out of jealously. Its not attractive.

i think chad and hilary duff suits each other they looked good together in cinderella story but its up to chad who he goes out with not anyone else i think hes cute and i am a big fan of him

OMG!!! HE'S SUCH A MANWHORE!yea i said it, he's a manwhore!! like how could he do something like that?!?!? i mean seriously... has he looked at sophia bush... obviously not b/c she is the most drop dead most beautiful person ever!!!
i dont give a flyin crap who this kenzie girl is or how smart she might be... whatever!! she and chad are sooooooo not in love... or anything but a hook up for him and a good title for her...
so im happy for sophia! i luved cmm and her 2gether, but he's such a gayfag now and she deserves waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better!!!

Excuse me but "ugly blonde ditzs" don't make it as 1st runner up in state USA pageants

um... yea they do

first of all, chad what the hell are you thinking. That is not your type, who the hell is this thing you are now dating, you can do better than that. Go back to Sophia Bush at least try

OMG!!!!!!!!!! wat da hell r u tinken chad your like ma fav actor n you hav no idea how upset i am about diz. (u goin out with a blonde chick HOO IZ 18) cum on!! oh well it is up to you hoo u want to be with but keep dis in mind you n sophia were BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People, get off their case. What they do is their business. If uve got nothing good to say, then don't say anything at all. U make it seem like such a huge crime, when really in fact it is nothing in comparison to all the other unfortunate things that take place in the world. Please, stop baggin other people out and let's just learn to be more accepting of others.

Ok, all I have to say is YUCK! I mean seriously, she has to be pregnant, talk about Gold Digger, thats probabley why she is with him anyways, because he has money and she wants it. Why couldnt he wait until things were fine with Sophia before he started anything with Kenzie, All I have to say is Kenzie watch out, because if a Certain someone Named "Paris Hilton" Comes by, you'll lose your Man haha! I'm sorry but I have Lost a lot of respect for Chad M. Murray, he has no concious at all, does he not care that Sophia is hurting? First he cheats on her and then he rubs it in her face that he is dating someone who isnt her and way Younger than her, Talk about "Robbing the Cradle" YUCK! Chad Grow the Hell Up!


chad and sophia are meant for eachother hottest couple ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love them!!!!!!!

ok so, i think that EVERYONE should chill out at this point. it is their perrogative. it is their choice. Kenzie is beautiful. i've seen her in person. she's a commited person when it comes to love. let them do what they want.

okay well i have to say that chad micheal murray is just living life. if he wants to marry this chick then he can or if he wants to play her then thats his choice but there is no need to dis him like that. he's just playing his own game in life.

Chad is so not right for this Kenzie person!! I loved it when he was married to Sophia and plus this Kenzie chick is in highschool and she is a blonde>> it just seems like they would be friends or bro and sis!

Good god, everyone chill out .. what is it to any of you skanks if kenzie is with him or not. Who cares if shes pregnant?.. shes a beautiful person inside and out. everyone is just hating on her because they wish that they were her. SO CHILL OUT!.. WHAT DID SHE DO TO YOU?? its not her fault that chad cheated on sophia with stank P.H.

OMG!!! HE'S SUCH A MANWHORE!yea i said it, he's a manwhore!! like how could he do something like that?!?!? i mean seriously... has he looked at sophia bush... obviously not b/c she is the most drop dead most beautiful person ever!!!
i dont give a flyin crap who this kenzie girl is or how smart she might be... whatever!! she and chad are sooooooo not in love... or anything but a hook up for him and a good title for her...
so im happy for sophia! i luved cmm and her 2gether, but he's such a gayfag now and she deserves waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better!!!

LOL are you an idiot or 14? Seriously, looks arent everything and who the hell are you to say they are or arent in love i dont know either i barely watch the show but i dont think you should be ranting on about who loves who , your just jealous he didnt pick you!

I Did LIke Chad so mutch. Soffia does not dissurfe you anymore you sleppt with Paris Hilton and now you are?????


just think what you are doining

Sophia Bush actress; born on July 8, 1982; met while filming the WB drama One Tree Hill - 2003; engaged in May, 2004; married on April 16, 2005 at the Casa del Mar Hotel in Santa Monica; separated in September 2005

She Married you and you screw up

I did like your life so mutch so mutch. somthing was right with to of you but what did happened?????? huh Do you dont love her

I think not becosue you screw another girl :S:S:S

Don’t kid yourself you all know you still think he is hot even with no moral fiber. Layoff this Kenzie chic it is not her fault that he cheated on Sophia. She also is not a ditz she can play the hand she is dealt very well. How many of you have bagged the man of your dreams? Who cares if she is 18 he is supposed to be the older more mature adult. But evidence shows that to be false as well. If she is pregnant ha ha, Chad what goes around comes around you know (karma). He was clearly out witted by a younger woman not hard to do with a man at any age. As for this marriage Chad should try to keep it in his pants a little longer. To who ever knows this Kenzie girl wish her luck with graduating, college, marriage, and possible motherhood. I have heard it to be difficult with a husband with a wondering eye.

The spelling is M U C H not mutch

yes i know

I-m from iceland so

i think kenzie shouldn't be dating chad because she is to young and if they don't split up i hope they have a nice wedding in jail i know i won't be going there to see him get married maybe sophia will call it off or give kenzie a big puple eye

i think yall can suck it. get a freaking life and stop bugging other people. its not that big of a deal. all of yall who think kenzie is a "ugly blonde ditz" obviously need to get help. its really none of your business and i dont know why you think it is so just leave them alone. yall dont even know kenzie so you shouldnt be saying anything. i dont see yall getting winning any beauty pagents or Chad Michael Murray being interested in you. Shut the hell up.

look i realize everyone thinks this is a huge joke. but why would he be dating an extra, there so many other girls out there that he could date but why her i mean mabye theres something really there mabye they really care about each other. ive seen them together and there very cute and yes i know shes still in high school but like a quote from one tree hill "how old do you have to be to be in love?" lets just see how long they last then you can start the mean gossip.

And ive heard shes a nice girl so stop pickin.

I attend Kenzie's high school and to say this had shocked our town of under 100,000 is an understatement. No one knows what either one of them are thinking! Not many of us know the whole story, except that we do know the true Chad Michael Murray. Murray is completely full of himself. Many of the residents of Wilmington were just as star struck others are when One Tree Hill came to town to film here, but all of that changed when the real Murray came out. None of us knows what either of them are thinking, and maybe we'll never know. However I pray to God that Kenzie realizes what she's doing. I wish them the best of luck under these circumstances! Good luck Chad and Kenzie---you two are going to need it.

how can you sit here and talk about kenzie that way. You don't even know her. and she is a nice girl. Let her be.

i think sophia is an ugly girl... her head is way too big for her body. haha. Kenzie is cute, petite and NICE, unlike sophia




you all need to take a chill pill seriousley. Its obviouse that he went out wiv her cause he loves her cause y would he go out with a 18 year old girl hu is still in high skool and not to forget he could choose any girl he wanted. Mind u i personally think that he should go out with hilarie burton the one form one tree hill called (peyton) they so make a great couple on screen.

heyall need to get a life because that
girl ant nothing but a pices of junk.

i used to have a crush on chad but when i found out that he was engaged to sophia that really ticked me off but after a couple of months went by i just felt that they should be together forever but when they got a divorce it tour my heart out and when i found out that he was dating kenzie dalton oh that really ticked me off cause i thought he and sophia was a great couple

I have a friend who looks like chad michael murray and he's really romantic and deep like lucas, so its kinda creepy how similar they are minus the fact that my friend doesnt have relationship issues like cmm and lucas. lol. anyways,
as an actor, i think chad michael murray is very talented. his characer as lucas on oth is a really complex character and cmm does a good job portraying this. Yes he is also good looking, there is no denying that. However, as a person, he seems to have some relationship issues based on reports of the tabloids.I dont know cmm personally so I can't really say anything about him too negatively. However, if the whole cheating with Paris Hilton is true, he is an idiot because Sophia Bush is way prettier than her. As for the engagement thing to girl who is still in high school, yeah wise move there buddy. Let's see how long that lasts. Frankly, I dont care too much about his private life because i will never meet or come across him or anything like that. However, as long as he keeps on being a good actor, he will go far but if he wants to go further he needs to stop making such poor decisions.

I agree that Chad and Hil were perfect 2gether in the Cinderella Story, and they could make the perfct couple!!!
But ofcourse it's up 2 Chad what he's going 2 do with his life, and whatever we say, it cannot change how he feels, and what he thinks!!!

i really want to know if chad did cheat on sophia or if its just a stupid rumour, cos if he did then hes an idiot but if he didnt then i guess he isnt!! lol. but u cnt really blame kenzie for chad being with someone else so soon after sophia, its chads choice what he does, kenzies just fallen for someone, she shouldnt be made to feel guilty for that! although i do feel sorry for sophia n i completely back her with what she says! n about the age thing with kenzie n chad, its only 6 years for gods sake, i think u should all calm down before u start sounding really jealous n pathetic.

i think if he likes her then he should marry her!

by da way does he live in america ?????


to start things off i just want to say that when i found out that chad was going out with sophia i was really pissed and now i hear that chad is going out with this Kenzie chick and it ticked me off more.............I reckon that chad and sophia make a better couple then kenzie all i see in her is a young-ugly-dumb-blondie who is in for chads money and they are so not right for each other

CHAD U DESERVE BETTER.....i know chad can do better ditch kenzie is way too young and i know you can find someone better. I LOVE YOU CHAD......HEAPZ

Hey my name is Christina and i go by Wisty! Chad i am you biggest fan i know you got a divorce and i am sad about that i know your going out with an 18 year old but i don't see anything wrong with that i think as long as she makes you happy in life than that makes me happy the other girls yea their right in some ways but their wrong in a lot of other ways. I know you hate the rumors it is like school you say i am best friends with this guy and the next thing you know everyone thinks your dating him. Trust me i know i think that you should just ignore these people and do what ever you wanna do. You are a smart guy and yea i wanna meet you but i dont want these rumors to get to you because ur awesome at everything you do! by the way i love to watch One Tree Hill and The House of Wax is like my favorite movie ever! well anyways i know your proubly never going to read this but know that me and millions of other people have faith in you! and i love the fact that you don't want your kids to do drugs me too i am totally against drugs in every way but i have to say i have dated people who do drugs but i have nothing against them because i know that they try to fit in abd they try to say no but than people make them do it. well anywayz i hope everything turns out ok and you get that family you always wanted! and hope there drug free! love, the one and only wisty!

wow! calm down people if Chad's happy let him be!

no offense to all those girls who like chad but come on really....hes a jerk....he cheated on his wife for some little girl....yeah yeah i know w/e shes 18 but have u seen the pictures of her....she looks 12. Kenzie, just realize that yeah maybe it might seem like love for you two now but he might drop you just like he did with sophia so take what you can get now becuase good things never last! GOOD LUCK TO SOPHIA IN 2007....YOU ARE GREAT IN OTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chad michael murray sucks!

i think that chad and sophia were sooo perfect for eachother and now that they are finished it hurts me. it hurts me that he cheated on her and has moved onto kenzie. i hope kenzie relizes what she is in 4 because he will probarbly do the same to her. i hope that kenzie leaves chad and waits until she is older to find the love of her life. same as sophia. chad can burn in hell.

you are all quick to make these comments but how can you? you say hes great or hes a pig and sophia is great or watever, dont get me wrong i think theyre both wonderful especially in oth, but you dont know them all you know is there characters which are probably so different to who they really are, so you cant judge them, yes chad and sophia look fantastic 2gether, but im not going to judge any of them as i dont know them and i think you should all do the same, if he has made a mistake im sure he will learn from that in time if not then gd luck to him and sophia.

chad is soo dumm for going out with kenzie soo chad break up with kenzie and try Sophia please do not stay with kenzie she is to ugly for you and you are soo dam HOT!!!!!!!

Ok, so I've been reading what everybody wrote, firstly to Rachel, I don't know what planet you live on, but not even a blind person could say Sophia Bush is ugly, so don't even try that one honey. Anyway I of course don't know her personally but I have heard almost all of her co-stars say what a great person she is including chad. Have you seen pictures of them together, they look so happy, the way he looked at her is incredible and I'm sorry but I've looked up pictures of him with Kenzie and I just don't see him look at her the same way. I don't blame her for this, and I'm not really staying on her age because you can't help who you fall in love with, I just think maybe he rushed into this, and he should take the time out to realize what he's doing before he's onto his second divorce and hurting another beautiful woman who deserves better. I still loved Chad though, He's a great actor and I'm addicted to one tree hill but I was dissapointed in him and I hope he redeems himself.

i loved chopia! but ever since i saw the MTV special on House of Wax back a few years ago and he was such a TOOL, i've been if-y about chad. then he cheated on sophia. got engaged AGAIN to that other kid, and now i when i see him on interviews and such, he's seems like a dork. sophia was too hot for him anyways.

and he has a tattoo of his own initials! wtf is that about? he must really be in love with himself...at least that's how it comes off.

my name is hoda.
i am iraniyan.
i love you.

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