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Michael Jackson's Kids Were a Business Deal

Posted by Fara Kearnes on February 16, 2006 5:36 PM |

Michael JacksonNow that he's safely out of the clutches of US laws and living in Bahrain, Michael Jackson probably doesn't care that he has lost a court round rejecting his claim that his ex-wife Debbie Rowe gave up her parental rights.

It seems that back in October 1999, while they were married, the superstar and the nurse made an agreement that the he would get sole legal and physical custody of the two children, Michael Jr. and Paris, even though Rowe fessed up last year - then un-fessed up - that the kids aren't biologically his. It came as no surprise that, as we all suspected, it was confirmed in court documents that the whole baby making thing between Jackson and Rowe was a business deal.

This week's ruling overturn's the 2001 case that determined any parental rights Rowe might have claimed were terminated. It's confusing, but a year later, the same judge struck down his own order and determined his ruling was invalid -- because he had made a mistake by not appointing independent lawyers for the children.

And now the California Court of Appeal has just agreed with his reversal - the rights termination document is not valid, and Rowe can again petition for custody of the kids. Unless she changes her mind again, which seems to be a big problem with this woman.

She says she is wanting the children now because of "concerns arising from Michael's criminal prosecution and press reports Michael had associated with the nation of Islam, whose members Rowe believed do 'not like Jews'". The ruling continues, "Because she is Jewish, [she] feared the children might be mistreated if Michael continued his association with the Nation of Islam."

Yet back in 2001, Rowe declared: "These are his children. I had the children for him. They wouldn't be on this planet if it wasn't for my love of him. I did it for him to become a father. Not for me to become a mother. You earn the title parent. I have done absolutely nothing to earn that title."

And the real victims here are the kids.


hello Mr. Jackson this is the same person who wrote you last two years ago. I asked to meet the boys Mike I was interested in raising them up I have done childcare I mean where i was trained micheal by the school district see this is real tuff Micheal this may not be fore you I am divorced 37 years old I have two big boys and there are all finished school I even mentioned that you could meet my exhusband I still love taking care of chldren I really am the one that wanted to take care of them i have been here in orlando florida since december 2005 i been reading alot of information and listening but i also afraid. I am very serious. I been dealing with alot of negativity but because of my love for the children Micheal Micheal I got interested in all of this I called your mom and contacted the superior court office , that where i got the phone number to your home and address.
I already wrote you in atlantic city and in delaware before I left delaware 3 years. I know its difficult I have raised my 2 sons up already
my exhusband and I yes theres alot of parenting classes yo have to go to visitation places to go to. Micheal you could not be found and the last was in some time in june. I came this far. I am here if you some one to ake care of Micheal and
Paris. I have worked in the school district before thats where i got all my training Micheal I was certified there I worked with little children in daycare also. In residential homes 3 different shifts. I hve gone through alot of bullshit, to be honest and been a security officer the last 8 years. I was trying to become a police officer but your family has to be investigated and thats not very easy to do,youcannot have any felonies or abuse charges they must be fingerpringed and investigated. \
Micheal I am the type i am not gonna take not shit I had it to hard I have really been real my ex husband I still love him but I found out in a marriage you have good and bad times but a man dose need to raise his sons no body else can make and mold them like you can that first but you need to make sure you workimg with some one who has been real all the time I can see alot of my husband in you big Arnes came and got little arnie and andy form me so i know what your doing
i KNOW WHAT YOU TRYING TO DO. THAT WHY I AM SORT OF BLESSED BECAUSE I CAME TO REALIZE WITH MY I LOVED THEM AND PROTECTED THEM AND KEPT THEM IN CHURCH. men just what some thing that belongs to some one else and alot of times it not gods way i been ther before and been disappointed. I learned to just muddle though those years until they are old enough now i just want to love and take care of others that need help. I was going to school micheal years ago when i was working at jamesway and going to study paralegal I thought I had some one who wa done for me but see a woman dont care the same sex y9ou need the opposite sex someone who has done what your need to do, I had to get liscensed childcare. not a so call girlfriend that lived with me Micheal these cheildren are ery seriouse bussiness do not play with ther safety and welfare. I learned
with family law i can show you the cases I went to court micheal and was arrested and charged with endangerment welfare of my two lovely babies I was working and I was mad as helL I felt like killing my girlfriend fucked my career and my ego up I was a school teacher and the big
fly guy boyfriend i had was a player a bullshiter he laid brick I had section eight I had everything going for me 1 year probation
my own car my house laid out now I actually have been pubically exposed in the paper a working mother and a dame student Now is why I am so dame seriouse I am now a divorcee I went ot cour tthe judge said just make sure you do what you say you will i was going to school to get the investgigatoion liscense I finally got it did a little internship at family court and applied for copa agenct whereit takes care of children a advocate for children in court. Thats what I love children and boys are my heart. I lived on the side of Senator Mcbride. the man who went to school with mr Ojay simpson my son elementary school teachers.micheal write me at 1012 Willie mays Parkway orlando florida 32809.

Andrea, Your post is not coherant, it makes no sense at all. In fact you sound psychotic, I would suggest learning how to write your thoughts down in a coherant fashion before you try to convince M.J. to hand his children over to you, for you to raise... Good luck with that though.

Of Course He Bought them.
They are not HIS!! They Have NO Father!! But They DO Have a Mother, Debbie Rowe, NOT THAT NANNY!!

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