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Hip Hop's Queen Latifah Does Things Her Way

Posted by Fara Kearnes on January 11, 2006 6:47 PM |

Queen Latifah picQueen Latifah, who always seems to give the best interviews of any celebrity, just had another good one with gossip maven Cindy Adams at the New York Post . Last week she was honored with a star on Hollywood Boulevard's Walk of Fame, and this week she is promoting her movie "Last Holiday." But that's just a small part of all the things that the hard-working Queen is doing lately.

Here's the interview with the rapper-turned-actress:

"Excuuuuse me," Queen Latifah says, "See, they put me up at the Essex House, and I'm doing this interview lying down on this great big bed with these gorgeous soft linens. Girl, I tell you, it's so silky you could fall asleep just from the thread count alone."

That's like a big giant step away from her growing up days in Newark, right?

"I had a few hometowns. Newark was just one of the places I grew up. My mother got us a house in East Orange, another in Irvington, all nearby. Until this business took me around the world, I was already living all around New Jersey. My parents broke up when I was 8, and mom was always on the hunt for a nicer neighborhood. We had no money, no credit and banks at that time did not make it easy to get loans. Now she doesn't have to worry. She lives in a really nice house in Wayne, which I bought for her."

What was the first thing she bought for herself when she hit it big?

"A car. A cheap, beat-up, old used Volkswagen. I put my money to fixing it up for $1,500 with a sound system, rims and a seal on the side that said, in silver, 'Ladies first.' "

Latifah says the movie is premiering in Newark "to bring a little excitement to the town, which is seeing some redevelopment. And because nothing's more important to me than family and friends. I have the same friends since high school. Some even work with me. Look, I'm not the type for airs. I never had the attitude I was better than someone or someone was better than me. I always come back home. I don't feel embarrassed by who anybody is nor what I came from. But I can step into the middle of Hollywood and feel just as comfortable."

"Although I have my own entourage, I try not to get too fazed. I look to stay in my own lane. Show business is a business, and I'm trying to do things in my way. If I'd allowed myself to get too taken up by everything, my star could have gone out a long time ago. And, y'know, when people see me on the street, they feel I'm one of them. They say, 'Hi.' They feel they can give me a hug. They say, 'My daughter loves you' or that I'm their inspiration because I represent big girls."

Speaking of big girls, does this big girl ever bother with dieting?

"Look, I am never going to be a stick-thin Halle Berry, so I'm cool about that. I like to eat a meal. I'm not into sweets but I just like meals. Like anything that puts weight on me. I am not one to turn down macaroni and cheese, even late at night. I love Italian food. I love pasta. And you give me Indian food. I love my curry, my tandoori. I get bored with yogurts and broccoli. A refrigerator full of water and Gatorade? Honey, that's just not gonna happen."

This means she'll inhale a bucket of popcorn at the premiere tonight?

"I always eat popcorn. And Raisinettes. And Twizzlers."

The Queen won't ever have to worry again about banks and mortgages. She has film production deals. She's back in the studio prepping a jazz album. Her cosmetics line in tandem with CoverGirl, and for women of color, debuts in Wal-Mart and drugstores next month. She's expanding into Newark real estate. She's working on a clothing line "and other deals that won't have to rely on me being a hot movie star. It's whatever properties feel comfortable for the Queen, but don't necessarily require me to be their face."

"Let's face it, I've made a few mistakes along the way. Oh, yeah. But everything I now know was dumb to do ended up teaching me a lesson I had to learn. Experimenting with drugs as a kid, dating the wrong guys - hey, I'm just glad I got it out of my system. I learned from all of it."

About her film "Lost Holiday" she says: "It's funny, touching, full of heart. It's about a woman who only has three weeks to live and how she lives it. It's about people who work so much that they forget their dreams. You mustn't ever do that. You must remember your dreams."

Watch for Queen Latifah, along with L.L. Cool J. in "Last Holiday" which hits theaters this Friday, January 13th.

Source: www.nypost.com

And check out another great interview at: www.blacknews.com


I think that Queen L atifah looks so beautiful
in her movie last hoilday she doing just fine it's nice to know that someone can do so many things in their life while still so young and be comfortable where they are in life i like her for that she has been helping so many woman with their life struggles that's great i would love to meet her some day one can only hope right?! she funny got great personality,sexey. Seem like she fun to hang around i would be 31 this year i haven't know where near much fun as she has but great job Queen keep doing what you like don't let nothing stop you may God bless you.

hello miss latifah i know it,s not right for me too be e-mailling you becouse i have a wife and she know,s that i love me some queen latifah i just don,t know if this e-mail will get to you but i am saiding it any way just say hello i know you might get this all the time and have nice day.

Queen Latifah looked good in the she and LL Cool J he is so FINE!!!!!!!!!!!! and this is the first movie that I saw that he didn't take his shirt off, Damn! and when they kissed it was beautiful keep the movies comin' Latifah and LL and next LL that your shirt off!!!!

Queen latifah i love you so much you always in my heart i wanted you ever since i layed my eyes on you because i always wanted to be with you all day long i mean it you are my women in my heart and you are not alone i am with you all day and i support you all the way i believe in you and i trust you in my heart how much i feel about you your the reason i want and i want you in my life i want you to touch me and make love to me all i ever wanted is you are so beautiful and wonderful women in my heart i cant live without you all day of my life so i think you are incredable women you are to me make me your women and take me out of here i want you to be with me i always wanted you forever ever since you are mine how special and kind and beautiful women you are in my heart i always love you i always will be the one i want in my heart it is you i mean it you are everything to me do you wanted to hook up and meet you in person all my life is wanted to be with you all day long you are the reason i wanted to be with and i love you more then anything to me my love for you is real and my heart wanted you all day long i have these feelings for you and biggest crush on you ever since i layed my eyes on you i love your body and i want your body come on i got to have you.

I simply luv the "Queen"! She has been an inspiration to me for as long as I can remember. I have followed her career since she started the group "Naughty by Nature". I love her diversity and the fact that she is multi-talented. How many beautiful young women do you know who have enough insight in themselves to be an entreprenuer, rapper, singer, actress...and the list goes on. I am proud to have her as my muse.

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