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Drake Bell Recovering After Car Crash

Posted by Fara Kearnes on January 5, 2006 8:01 PM |

Drake Bell picDrake Bell, the 19-year-old star of the Nickelodeon TV series "Drake & Josh" is home and recovering after suffering a fractured neck among other injuries after a head-on car collision Thursday night in Los Angeles.

The teen actor was driving his vintage 1966 Ford Mustang when he was crashed into by a Mercedes as he was about to make a left hand turn off the Pacific Coast Highway. Drake was immediately rushed to Santa Monica Hospital, and was then transferred to the UCLA Medical Center and treated for a fractured neck, a broken jaw, facial lacerations requiring 70 stitches and several knocked-out teeth.

Drake has since been released from the hospital but he reportedly faces a long convalescence, including dental and plastic surgery, and possibly having his jaw wired shut for up to six weeks. A spokesperson said production of the series will be put on hold while he recovers.

"Drake & Josh," which spun its lead characters off Nickelodeon's "The Amanda Show" in 2004, is one of the channel's most popular series. Aside from his role as guitar-playing popular slacker Drake Parker, Bell previously appeared on Seinfeld, The Drew Carrey Show and Home Improvement. He also recently costarred in "Yours, Mine & Ours" which is now in theaters.


this isnt true

yea it is!

oh my god i hope that he's ok

oh my god i hope that he's ok

oh my god i hope that he's ok

i hope he is ok....

omg! i hav been praying for him, and i hope he knows that in the end...everything will be ok.

Drake is gonna be okay and my mom and his mom are like really close i got to vist him in the hospital

i hope drake is ok. He's one of my favorite actors. He's cool

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha You Suck. I hope you die . A horrible, horrible death. I was the cool one not you. I deserve to be the star not the co-star. You give me headaches. RATS!!!! have a nice day. DRAKE.Buddy.
~From Josh that's me

I paid that guy to crash into you. That was my buddy "Chives". HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!
~Josh Peck

Oh god no. Not Drake Bell. He is my most favorite character on The Amanda Show. Not him. But I am just glad he is alive. GUY WHO HIT DRAKE, GO TO CHAIR (electric chair)

Hey asshole Josh Peck inpersonator SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!! he could of been hurt

Anna? Next time you try and impersonated this Josh character, you might want to use a different posting name.

I just hope this young man's life isn't ruiened by poparassi or what ever. I also hope his fucking iggnorant parents don't force him to act AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!!Let the man heal and liv his life you rich and ugly mother fuckers All of you FUCK YOU ALL!Hope you get better DRAKE....I HOPE THEY LET YOU.

Drake is my favorite actor and I feel sorry for him. What Josh wrote was very funny which doesn't surprise me since he is a comedian. Silly Josh!! He is one of my favorite actors too. Also, Anna, if you don't want people to know it is you ,use a different name for crying out loud! Josh, I remember about Chives in one of the shows. He must have been a bad driver! I hope this accident doesn't affect Drake's life. Get better soon!

I play some intruments myself and I sing in the choir. The intruments I play are the clarinet and the piano. My dad is suppose to teach me guitar soon. Get better soon again!!

Oh wow I screwed up that one haha! I thought the posters name went above the post.

Drake i hope u get better and can go back to the 4th season of drake and josh u are so hot. i hope ur surgery go's ok. Get Better. Rest Rest Rest !!!!!!!!!!!!


I really hope you get to feeling better and you'll look fine just the way you are. I'll keep you in my prayers and God Bless. Learn to use that awesome musically talent for God. He gave it to you.

My friend luvs you but i luv you more!!!! Get better real soon!!! Hope your nose feels better!!!

I so hope drake is ok because he is so hot and i don't want that to change and SHUT UP ANNA YOU ARE A BIG MEANEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I so hope drake is ok because he is so hot and i don't want that to change and SHUT UP ANNA YOU ARE A BIG MEANEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really hope that Drake is okay!!! He is my favorite actor and I think he's a really cool person. I wish him good luck on his way to recovery.I HOPE YOU GET WELL SOON DRAKE!!!

That was not me who said mean things about Drake. Ive seen like all his shows and bought his cd. To see who posted something you read from the bottom up. I accept your apologies. Get well drake.

dang he suffer a lot from that car crash i hope he gets well thats somthing i dont plan to go through gosh pour drake i hate it happen to him dang i hope some way he can be able to sing and to what he loves to do get well drake

I can't beleive it. that guy who hit Drake should pay BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That guy who hit drake should pay for all drake doctor bills that he made drake go though!!! i hope drake is recovering ok. and i hope he will be able to do the 4 season of drake and josh! i love drake!!! GET BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH I HOPE Drake is okay!!!! He is one of my favorite actors and especailly singer!!! He is really cool!! Is josh okay too eat chicken and rub it on your stomach!!!! I hope you don't look horrible when you've got plastic surgery!! Do u remember the part when an old guy on the drake and josh movie said," u ain't no whan Newton!!! I HOPE YOU'LL LAUGH ABOUT THIS!!!! P.S. DON'T HURT YOURSELF AGAIN AND DON'T REALLY RUB THAT CHICKEN JUST EAT IT !! u had better not cancel drake and josh!!!Can u put your songs on tv they are awesome!!!!!!!!!! your are#1 YOUR#1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love u so much drake i hope that u are ok

i love u Drake i hope u are ok

i love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much i hope that u are ok now

oh shocks bet hes okey> it was an sirious accident

drake you are so hot are you cusens with jeroid gibson?

Hey Drake I hope ya get better SOON your sooooo cool im your biggest fan

Hope you get better really quick Drake. Do u guys think Drake is a better actor or singer?

i hope Drake feels better, Drake is my fav. actor including Jim Carrey and stuff i think Drake's the shit lol Anna go fuck your self i hope YOU die horrible, horrible death. .... ..!!

SORRY ANNA i thought the name above the post was the typer lol im so sorry *hug* i hope I (ME) dies a horible death now

Robert Molina shut the fuck up kid ur gay. Try reading what ppl say more closly u dumbass. Oh and by the way DRAKE doesnt give a shit what you hope for and i agree that you should die a horrible, horrible DEATH!!! .... Along with jared bell

drake your and excellent singer and actor just got telegraph lovin your music. I really hope you get this message and reply. I am really sorry what happened hope you get better real soon (please don't come away from acting) seen every one of your films even josh and mirander's loving drake and josh. play the guitar my self it's good fun and if any one is thinking of playing one just play every day.
Riley Hiwatari age 15

Dear Drake,

Im soooo srry 4 wht happened when i heard i was soooo upset well anyway i m ur biggest fan i hope that surgery doesnt make u less hot well i luv ya hope u feel better

drake lover,

p.s. that guy who hit u is gonna pay(plz respond hearing (or seeing) u would change my life)

Drake is my favorite actor and I hope he will be ok. The guy who hit Drake should pay a lot of money for what he did to Drake. I know that a lot of people are praying for him and i just add to them but I would like to keep up the pride of knowing that he will soon be ok and back where he should be. We love u Drake

drake i hope you feel better and i think you sholdent mind anna

Drake i hope you are ok i hate the thougt your beautiful singing voice being locked up bye bye

Drake my name is marjorie most of my friends hate me because i love uuuuuuuuuu! so much i just hope you are okay because this would be a total tragedy hope you fell better i am your number fan don't forget i love you.

u r like so hot. omg how could u have died

I hope you are ok! I met you once and won tickets to your concert and you were really nice! I cried when I heard about this! I told all of my friends at school and they were all like OMG! Well I just hope you are ok

Drake i hope your ok now, i really really love your song/s especially the "I Found A Way" (Drake And Josh Theme)i also have a band here at the philippines, im a guitarist too, one time we will play one of your songs at school (yea, i found a way) omg! and yea what else? get well sooon! i saw on nick that u guys have a new series of Drake and Josh, i cant wait!! it's gonna take some time, to realize
But if you look inside, I'm sure you'll find....
Over your shoulder you know that
I'll always be pickin' you up when you're down
So just turn around. ( i mean it! lol) get well! <3

hey dude what's up ? sorry bout what happened. hope u get better. Say wuz up to josh 4 me kay.
C Ya! (or not, cause you live.....somwhere diffrent than me i think.)

Hey Drake I hope you get well soon!!!!!!You rock my world get better!!!!!!!!!!!

hey i love hope u get better
where do u live

who ever crashed into Drake im gonna find him/her!
ill beat the crap out of them!

Wow who ever is trying to be Josh Peck sucks..Josh would never say that about Drake at all..They are best friends. Soo...who ever it is you SUCK

Drake hope you get better and goodluck finding the guy who crashed into you

Dear Drake Bell, I hope you get better.I've even got my own guitar.Please email me back.My hole family is praying for you to get better.Some time can you come over to my house?If you can can you teach me how to play guitar? My friend Jesse wants to see you too.I'm going to be sending aletter out because I can't give you my address on the internet.

I absoluteley love drake, i wish he is ok, i didnt even know wot had happened till today..
(K) get better soon!!

poor drake, u'd never think of sumink like tht to happen, i just hope he recovers fully, also i hope ryan recovers.

i hope ur ok i sent u like a ton of emails to pray and hope 4 ur wellness......html.....will u still be able to sing?????


it is true nd i hope hes ok my friend didnt beleive me nd then she did nd i love him so much my friend loves josh

im dakota and i hope u r ok

hi drake i watch your show all the time i didn't know you had this accedent i hope you get better i really love your voice i don't know weather you will think i'm sad writing in with me being 20 and all that but thought id say get better soon (ps you look hot no matter what you look like no amount of plastic surgery can make you look ugly love you)

Hi Drake,
I hope you get well soon!! I think that you are going to get better!! I just emailed Josh... I am not sure if he got the email but I asked him if he could give me your email address. Well I hope you email me because I have an email and I am only 8 years old!! Mabie if Josh tells you my email address then you can email me....
I think you look normal too.... Sorry you have to get plastic surgury!!


hey drake,
i'm candy....i hope u feel better and i love u sooooooo much.....i would like die for u...jk...ur so HOTT!!!!....get well soon.

I'm glad he survived and he's okay!!

i hope drake gets better and continues doing drake and josh. i dont know who it wa but someoe wrote he was doing the 4th series, he isnt, he was in the middle of doing the 3rd series whe this happened, thats why there is so few new episodes, god use your nogens(your brains)people!

I just found out about the accident today (2/1/06). Is there any update on his current condition? Has he had plastic surgury yet and what is the prognosis?

Get well soon, Drake. U R THE BEST IN DA WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Drake and Josh is my favorite show!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i my god my bab he is hurt xoxo clothesfreak123
at call4ally.com

well Im glad hes ok(love ya drake) im you biggest fan.

hello... drake pretty recuperate that you are well follows if

love love .....kisses

Oh Drake im SO glad u survived i would lay ma life down for u and the only thing i have always wanted is to meet u or get ure email addy or just write letters 2 u. Hope u get betta lov jussy xx

i hope he is fine/but i know he will recover.prayers are with you

Hi Drake, u are almost my favorite actor!!!!!!!!! can't believe what happened? tell me this is true. i believe it though, because it was all over the NEWSPAPER! I Like the drake and josh show! u and josh are so cool in it. so um... hope you feel better!!!!!

I first found out about this while watching E! and saw it scrolling across the bottom with other news. I actually started to cry. I may not be the biggest fan of Drake and have all his posters on my bedroom walls, own his CDs, and tape everything he's in, but I really do care about him. I'm so relieved that he is alive, but also very upset about the damage. I don't know what kind of person would just run into someone like this. (drunk, idiotic, selfish, jealous) I hope whoever was so stupid to miss a car in front of them will face the consequences.

Feel better Drake!

I hope Drake feels better- not only because he's hot- but because he's a great musician and actor. Drake I LOVE YOU!

That is devasting! He is only 19 years old and this young mans face is damaged and shit. His teeth were knocked out , that would suck if if happened to you. Esp. in hollywood where looks are 80 percent your work. I hope he recovers greatly...he is just so young and has his whole life ahead of him! He is human too, rich or not!

you my favorite actor I love you drake hope you fell better

I Love You Drake

Lol---> I bet he has no facial expression now so he's gunna look hilariouse on tv! Lmao!!!!!

i am so sorry that you lost 20 pounds.and i still pray for you.

my name is angela you are so hot, will you marry me? hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooooooooottttttttttttttttttttttttt

if you read these answer me

hope you are o-k

omg omg omg
i hope ure ok drake bell!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey, i hope he gets better the rumor at our skool is that he died but i hope he survives all of his surgry. some people are sayin that he never had a wreck so i wanna find out wat really happened

feel better drake u r sooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot and i really really love u ur face is my screen saver and i have like 6 pages of ur photos stored in my computer so feel better im so glad u kept it together and always remember from me 2 u 3 kisses 2 hugs 1 love feel better peace

drake i luv u hppy valntns day i cried when i read about it (o and i saw u in that fefe dobson video dont go)

some girl named carrie didnt write that i did so im writing it over feel better drake u r sooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot and i really really luv u ur face is my screen saver and i have like 6 pages of ur photos including some when u were little and one with u holding ur guitar on the beach etc... so feel better u are so clever u kept it together that day and always remember frm me to u 3 kisses 2 hugs 1 luv feel beter peace p.s. i love u too joshua michael peck but not as much as jared"drake"bell o and i have a joke with one of ur song lines from down we fall u might want to check that out

hi drake hope u feel better my best friend passed out when she heard that u r in hospital and she didnt wake up yet am soo worried about her when i went to visit her in hospital she was crying like acrazy and she was shouting and hiting her head into the wall i cant believe this plz help me am afraid shes gonna die plzzzzzz sheis my best friend maybe if u send hher amaassige on her email( memenoomy@hotmail.com) ithink shes gonna be better ...thx...hope u r feeling better ...plz help us shes only 14 she dont dezerf to dye ..

iam so sad to hear about that drake is in the hospitle i hope he gets better soon and can go on in drake and josh and that guy who hit drake should pay big

i hope ur ok u are my faveotite actor please email me i'm glad ur ok i watch ur show every time it is on i cried when i read it that guy that hit u will pay big ur friend,

in the email please give me your im my email is trupistons99@aol.com my im is the same as my email

I'm sooo sorry for you!
But I love ya will you be my boy friend
I love you,I love you,I love you,I love you,I love you,I love you,I love you,I love you,I love you,I love you,I love you,I love you,I love you,I love you,I love you,I love you,I love you,I love you,I love you!


My name is Piper. I am a 18 almost 19 years old who has had a crush on you since the firs time you appeared on T.V. I have been a model for the past 7 years!!!! I hope that your face gets well enough for you to be considered the hottest guy in America once again!!!!!!! e-mail me, snickersbubblegum1015@yahoo.com


Oh sorry about the post I wrote before. I meant to write:

I have had a crush on you since the FIRST time.....


hope you feel better drake bell

Hope you'll get better now Drake. I like your song "Found A Way". Anybody know where to download it that is free of charge?

Guys,you all are worrying too much. Relax,Drake there will be fine.



hey drake i hope you get better soon because you are way to good of a singer and actor to be out of that carrer.

i did not say i love u and i am a boy someone got my email and typed it

drake is the best i hoep he gets better

OMG this is all getting way out of hand....

Hi Drake or whoeva scans through ure mail,
Sorry about the car accident,sounds terrible, and i hope you get better soon.I wonder if you ever get through half the mail on this thing, ille probroubly find out, but i guess i thought ide wish you well anyway,you are an awsome actor and musician.Get well,one of youre many fans,carly.

P.S.just a needle in a haystack(how i put myself out too you)...

your the best actor i know i hope your ok

So,Drake is still alive huh? Well I guess I won't have to kill him down so quickly now would I? Muhahahahahahaha just kidding. Yeah but seriously you all are worrying too much.

hey drake i hope you get better i love you and hope you come to miami and preform a concert i'll be there of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!

hey'drake I hope you are feeling well. so get better soon. and I hope you ok. becaus you are one of my biggest fans.

Drake I love you and i hope i see you on the show again You are hotter than Hell!!!!!!!

Hey Drake,
I really hope you get well soon. I am a big fan!! You are so hot!! Drake & Josh is one of my favorite shows!! I watxh it all the time!! I will be praying for u!!

omg!I love you drake. I am your number one fan.Isn't he so hot.I have a picture of him I kiss every day.I hope he is all right.

Hey Drake,
Do you remember me, Lindsay Myers? Well I am your biggest fan! You were my first crush! Everyone in my school well all the girls love Jesse Mccartney! He is soo ugly! My dream is to come on stage with you and you sing any song to me by our selfs!!!!!!!!!! Love you soo much! please get well soon!!! Love, Lindsay

I hope hes fine, he is such a good actor

Rest up Drake..." Im ready for Drake and Josh"

Drake is the coolest... I cant believe it... anyway i hope for the best and im glad that he alive

hi drake! i hope you get better! whoever hit you should pay for this! i love your cd and i watch drake and josh all the time, if you can, can you respond to this. anf if there is typos, sorry,...i had surgery on my finger yesterday andf it is hard to type!
Love you bunches! Feel better!

OMG....i am like...Drake Bell`s BIGGEST fan EVER!!! even tho. he got like,his teeth knocked out and 70 stitches, he will still be the hottest guy in the world!!!


OMG,are you guys idiots?!?!?!?! He just wants to be a normal person like us not a fated star always followed by you guys. Give it a rest!!!! Sooner or later,he'll be annoyed by your presence. GROW UP!!!!!!!!

I love the Josh & Drake show.. More importantly I hope Drake recovers totally very soon..All our thoughts and prayers are with him..

Seriously,you guys are OUT OF YOUR MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!

im so sorry about what happened to you and im praying that you get through it ok.just know that all your friends and family and fans are there for you all the way!!!!!!get better

sonya luvs yew

All of you are just plain idiots aren't ya?

Man,these guys are like fucking bithches!!!!!!!!


drake your so hot no your more than hot your sizzling yeah thats what youy are well i hope you get better soon.

love ya!!

Whoa,I am a watcher of his show and I hope he gets better,but I bet he'll be getting just as much girls as before the crash.

dear drake my name is branden I hope you are going to get better I heard that you had some of your teeth nocked out I had my adult tooth come out I am still having my root canale surgery it is my forth year and i'm still having it done i've been so dipresed I get pick on at school they say i'm gay and through my lunch on the floor if you couid replie back it would light up my day from branden your friend 12 years old I go to Shadowlawn elementary in naples florida talk later.

wow thats big but i hope you are ok and i want to see a photo of you afterthe accident

drake bell is a fag and i hope he dies a horrible death !
i luv him

hey drake u r one of the hottiest boys on this plant and me and my nabioor r aubsussed with u hittie and anna you need to shut the FUCK UP i FUCKING dear u to say that to drake again and i hope u die in your moms hand then u and her and your dad FUCKINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG die and all go to hell.

Drake is the cutest guy on this earth and anyone who says otherwise will get a personal message from me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I'm SERIOUS about anyone who says anything bad about him . Because i will cuss u so bad u will wish you were never born!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh poor baby me and my friend thought it waz so sad that you got hurt hope you get better soon!!

you are sexy you should take your shirt off on more of the shows and get some abbs

i hope drake parker is gonna be ok he is soooooooooooooooooooooo talented and has a amazing voice
oooo and to the josh peck impersonater .....i mean anna u really need to see that

Do I have to say it over & over again? YOU KNOW HE IS GONNA BE FINE SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!

Man I am so fucking mad and sad why did that have to happen to him. I hope he gets better soon. I love him.

Attention idiots,SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!

i hope you feel better i'm praying for you.


i hope you feel better i'm praying for you.


I am realy sad about Drake Bell and I hope hes ok. I Love him. I am his number one fan. I wish I could meet him. That would be the best. He is so hott and funny and he makes me laugh so much. I Love him and I pray for him to get better and if your talking bad about him and saying you hope he dies and stuff then your realy stupid and you need to shutup and get a life fags because Drake Bell is the hottest,funniest guy in the entire world and your just jealous

If you love Drake Bell go to my website ILoveDrakeBell0110.piczo.com It rox! Bye now
-Drakes number one fan Jessica!

He the hottest? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU"RE CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THERE ARE TONS OF OTHER HOT GUYS WHOM ARE BETTER THEN DRAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure he is hot,for girls....I don't suppose guys think that too? Anyways,don't wish him alright until you mean your whole life. You gotta wish him in a mature way like Spawn there. He wished Drake just alright....

drake is sooooooooo hot get u should do more shows cause u rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drake will be ok, I will pay him to recover

OMG Drake is like so sexy.I hope he gets well really soon and start acting again :) u rock my world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey Drake I love you so much ur my Fave Show And your acter is soo funny and Josh Peck too I love you I hope u will Feel Much Better!

hey I missed you so much!! I hope I could see u! but i cant lol but i hope you will feel much better and I'm so sorry about the addiendent. so, I hope u can do the TOURS on MN!! Lets go!

hey I missed you so much!! I hope I could see u! but i cant lol but i hope you will feel much better and I'm so sorry about the addiendent. so, I hope u can do the TOURS on MN!! Lets go!

Drake don't listen to ANNA! I love you I hope to marry you and I here you once had a girlfriend named jill so here is a little rhyme for you

drake and jill go up the hill. Heaven push jill down the hill. Heaven and drake live happily ever after

Marry him?!?!?!?! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE HOPELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No use wasting my breath,do whatever you want....

wow drake u r sexy and should do more shows and get more abs and take your shirt off more hope u r ok i luv u cause u can sing good and play guitar good and u r sexy!!

drake hope u fell better u are soo cute

awww my best to drake, and all that stuff about him being the cutest, i like josh better, but hey thats just me... but now hes slimmer hes not as cute for some reason, and i normaly dont like heavy guys:P go fig huh? anyways my best wishes gos out to him, and i know the guy feels really bad, and going to loos alot of money. i gotta do a gig now, ill chat latez seeya!

somebody thats not my friend chloe lapp wrote something about that she liked josh better thats not true so if u are not her dont write anything thank u so much

its probley true but some people think not but how isnt if they come up wid all the stuff

OMG!!! I so hope Drake is feeling better he is the hottest guy i no i love him get well soon Drake i love you

omg i didnt know about it till yesterday wand that is sooo sad im srry you went through the pain drake ive been a car cash but not like you been. well g2g buh bye yall

where can i see photos of the actual car accident? and drake minutes after the accident? please post sites!

I have it. But to avoid crazyness,I won't post it.

I hope u get well Drake u r my FAVORITE actor

i hope u are ok i love u so much i wish i can meet u i fill bad for u i dont car how u look i will still love u no matter what love u

Drake you will find the way, as your song°°°

I love you drake...


hi drake my name is paul i am 9 years old i hope you feel better and i play guitar i am your biggest fan

Hope u r better


Hey my name is Jess i love Drake iv scence every show he has ever been in, Drake i hope you are ok? And yes i know your 19 and im 14 but i still love you hope you get better soon* please send a email back. I know you got loads of fans and if you dont want to email back dont worry, and no im not a freak! email back your freind Jess.

I WUB YA! DRAKE shame that ur disks arent aviable in my country T_T i hope hear more of you! and u were awesome in the movie =D

OMG! when i heard this happened i was soo sad! drake bell has to be the hottest actor in the world and i love drake&josh awsome show of course cuz drake is in it but im soo hes ok and still acting I LOVE U DRAKE!

i felt sorry u baby. U have pretty eyes and awesome hair. ur sweet sorry about your car accident and about your neck and your jaw and your teeth... ur cool
i luv you
ur my #1 fan...
I like your show...
because ur funny and u make me laugh...
l luv you
lindsay h.

hey men good luck i pray for You men.....Because you and i can be working together in drake and josh series....thats only a joke men....But when you become 100% heald just teach me about guitar Thanks men.....alan from Philippines

Do you even think he would view this posts? Hmm? HELL NO MAN!!!!!!!!

dude, i grew my hair like yours... i know your healthy again, hope to see some more episodes soon. later...

chloe u said u know drake in person so could u please give me his email address . i promise i won't tell anyone . u can mail it to me at crazysanjana@vivasclub7.cjb.net

Oh God I hope Drak is okay. i mean head injuries. i wonder what the guy in the mercedes was going

Who ever said that they hope drake dies you guys are fucken assholes. I LOVE DRAKE. Your sooooooooooooo freaken hottttttttt and thats the truth!!!!!!!!

hey sup drake i hope u alright and i hope they don't take out drake & josh that show is funny anyways i hope u get better man

oh yeah and if that was josh writing that u suck,he sucks ass fucking dirtbag that fatass bitch

i just wish u could come to my house so u and me could just chill oh yeah i live in chicago,illinois (3852 w.79th place) and after u get better because i don't want to be hanging out with a surgery cool guy

i just wish u could come to my house so u and me could just chill oh yeah i live in chicago,illinois (3852 w.79th place) and after u get better because i don't want to be hanging out with a surgery cool guy

spiritdetective, ur acting like a KID!!!!!!! You're wasting ur time here!
Why don't u just push off and go play with ur Barbie dolls??!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to topic:

Fractured neck, a broken jaw, facial lacerations requiring 70 stitches, and several knocked-out teeth????

I hope he looks the same after recovery...

i really hope you feel better and you are still very handsome (which i know can't change)

I hope you feel better Drake!

Hey Drake this is Mikalya I live in Iowa hey umm like you are cute but Roger Jaworski is really cute hey will you plz e-mail me back when you feel better Love You Mikayla

hey drake. hope u feel better. and im just wondering. do u remember on that one episode you took that num 1 styrophone hand and started rubbing it. and when u took that picture of joshs oprah picture and rubbed it with yer but lol keep up the good personality

Hey Drake, hope you're doing great. Do you remember that episode of Drake & Josh which you took a ride on a car without the permission of the parents and ended up in big truoble?
Well, I never thought that it would happen for real. I'm so sorry for you dear. I'm praying God for your good and for a bright future for you . And your music is incredible. Love ya lots.

Hey baby, I hope ur doing fine. Love you. I just can't get you out of head that I even dreamed about you last night.

You weirdo people talking about drake like that wishing him to die, ya'll are soo stupid. Ya'll will have to answer to god for that! I'm a close and personal freind of drakes and he's really upset that ya'll are writting that. He says thanks to those who are nice. anyways see you tomorrow drake if your reading this. Well of course you are your sitting right next to me!
- Heather!

Is Drake's album available here in the Philippines ??!

Hope you are ok
I play the guirtar. I have the same as you. Except mine is black.
I watch Drack and Josh everyday!

drake bell is hott!!

I hope u feel better. Maybe u could call when your better!
P.S: what happend to your mustang?
Peace out!!!

drake you may be better i hope you are mate my email address is www.adamjoshua78@hotmail.co.uk add me please ps: my name is adam i have the same guitar as you so rock on

yo r u feeling better i hope you are mate my name is adam and my email address is www.adamjoshua78@hotmail.co.uk please add me on msn messanger by ps: i have the same guitar as you

i hope you are ok.i only just herd because i live in england!!!!!!!!!!!!i wondered why the series was so short!

Drake u have the best show ontv ! i love u so much i met u once in Pittsburgh when ur band played for charity OMG ur so hott i love u and i hope u ger better and keep up the best show in america always beleive in urself cause ur goin so many places I loveu so much!!!

hi drake bell just to lett you know that your my bigest fan

love from mariyah .

Drake. You got hurt, that's so sad. I hope you get better sometime so we can work on Drake and Josh again. You're my best pal.

Love from Josh, yes, the real Josh NOT that stupid impersonator.

Hey, Josh Peck impersonator. You're not doing it right. THIS is how to impersonate Josh Peck (shapeshifts into Josh Peck) (In Josh Peck's exact voice: Oh i am sorry that you got involved in that crash Drake my buddy, but i do hope that you get better soon and....oh geeze! Just get better alright)

ok people its sad that people hate him and weird girls that are stalkers want to marry him. and its sad that people are impersonating josh peck. the only people in here that are sane is the people that just wanted him to get better. the rest of you , get a life!

umm one josh probably doesnt even come on these sites cause he doesnt even have a myspace(trust me I would know)

i love you DRAKE you dont understand how much i hope one day you become my boyfriend and then we can get married you are so HOT i so wish you get better soon call me please!!!!!!!
701-817-337-4062 or 817-914-5834 i love you please call i might go to your concert. i live in texas ilove you so!!!!!


you are obsessed.....get over him....i like him as an actor. you need to get it through your head. you and him will never be together. so get over it!!!! i can't believe that people are still posting on this website when the crash was like 2 years ago. i didn't even know about it untill just today.......where was the crash???

drake is soooooooooooooooo
cool ,nope
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool sorry to here about the bad news.
gee doesen't matter if you have plastic surgery you still will be hot to me!!!

Drake your my favourite actor i love your songs espcialy i know i realy hope i can meet you some day

do you now me .. well do you have a bebo


is drake ok my friends have been saying he died coz he was takin drugsbut if hes alive wich he prob is let me now nd good luck drake im your fan xx

hi drake, i know what you feel dude years ago going on holiday my car was flipped into a ditch. i broke 3 of my fingers my collor bone and my leg. unfortunatley my little brother (4) didn't make it he died. my whole life fell apart. when i'm older i wanna be an actor like you and go on many t.v programs and movies for my little baby brother.i hope some day i'll get to meet you. ....... hope you ger my message....... jake

i am so glad that you are better. i was so shocked to know about your car accident. i love you drake. this might be a common sentence for you, but for me it is very special cu'z i love you. please add me.
lo'v you drake! :}

hey drake who ever is inpersinating josh is such a geek!!!!!!!!
by know people should know your ot of hospital and looking good
its a bit annoying that people keep going on about it
dont you wanna forget about it are something
cause thats a good idea


he is sooooo cute!!!!

i hope you ok
luv u

If someone you didn't know was in a car crash none of you would care.

Anna stop doing a josh impreshion drake was hurt who eva crashed into u drake they should be put in jail for 999999999999999999999999999 years
we all luv u (especialy me)

omg hoo eva hit him is stupid!!!! he is soooo lucky that his face wasnt screwed up for life bc he wooda had a lot of angry teenage girls after himmm.

i feel so bad for you. I hope you feel better and recover fast.Im so upset that you crashed up.Dont worry youll feel better.

Drake bell i hope ur fine by now ur so kool and im ur #1 fan drake i love u drake bell.

i hope u get better soon stay in bed i will kill me self for u i am and wann to be your girl friend.

Hey anyone want to email me, I'm a big Drake Bell fan. And I've got popcorn. My email is camillia_saboo@yahoo.com

I love drake!!!! i saw him in concert and he rocked!! drake rocks! oh yeaa! will you marry me? lol hahha

i love drake he rocks!!!! will you marry me drake? i love you!!!!

Hey Drake I like your song
that you play at the guitar I can play too.
You are the coll
person that I've ever seen.I'm From Brasil.I hope you have an nice day.

wow this is so awesome that this has happened your show blows like you do. and your buddy is a terrible actor too. why must tv be plauged with stupid people. you should not be getting paid for that crap you call acting. you are in no way funny, altough being a fag would make you funny.

Drake... you rock. i just found out about the crash today (im stupid like that) and i am glad you are better, you tottaly kick "butt". my sister lurves you. you rock!

i think drake is so cute ,but why him

omg i hope he is ok poor thing I WONDER IF HE COULD EAT AFTER THAT? good this he is STILL singing and doing drake and josh he looks soooooooooooooooooo CUTE and josh is a little cute now that he is not fat round sick man now

Drake, I hope your jaw and neck feel better! That must be tough trying to eat and sing like that.....I'll be watching Drake and Josh for awesome new episodes once you're feeling better!!!

hi drake, hope u no that when u act out for a new movie i watch it, so when superhero movie comes out i'll be watching it an i have watched u in loads more other films an they r fantastic. sometimes i wish i could be in there with u acting. also i c u have recovered.

drake....... i hope ur okay
!!! i luv ur shows ur the coolest .. n ur songs man they rock!!1 ur my fav. singer.. n start actin in drake n josh again!!! i luv u!! im ur no.1 fan .... i hope u get well soon.. GOd bless u!!!! take care!!!! we all luv u!!!

hi people,

it is true. √ć'm okay now! Don't worry. Keep watching Drake&Josh and for the girls, I fell in love with a amazing dutch girl. I do know her name, Romy. She is beautiful.

hahaha that is what u get

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