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Will Harry Potter Meet His Doom in Book 7?

Posted by Fara Kearnes on December 6, 2005 6:18 PM |

Emma Watson & Daniel Radcliffe picThe mega-successful British author JK Rowling may be planning to kill off the enormously popular Harry Potter character in the seventh book.

She has already begun to write what is believed to be the last novel in the series and is keeping the plot a secret. Rowling has joked in the past that she MIGHT just kill off ALL the characters when she's finished, and fans are beginning to wonder if they should take her seriously.

Harry Potter film star Daniel Radcliffe also hints at the chance his character won't live to see adulthood. "Itís dangerous to say: ĎDaniel thinks Harry might die.í But I do maintain there is a possibility he could be killed."

He recently admitted: "I would like Harry to die at the end of that seventh book. I think it would be a very good ending. I wouldn't want it to be sentimental. I don't like sentimental ends to books or films. I think that would undermine the darkness the rest of the books have."

Daniel, 16, also added that he was not sure how many Potter films he would be doing: "Iím not absolutely confident that Iím doing them all."


I hope Harry duzn't die in the 7th book bcuz if he duz JK might make Voldemort kill him & that wood b horrible. Harry said at the end ov the 6th book he wuz going out into the wizarding world 2 kill Voldemort didn't he? If he dies that's insane.

Madison Whelan 10

I hope Harry doesn't die in the 7th book because if he does JK might make Voldemort kill him & that would be horrible. Harry said at the end of the 6th book he was going out into the wizarding world 2 kill Voldemort didn't he? If he dies that's insane.

Madison Whelan 10


ok think about book 6 for a minute... in it it says that Voldemort used horcruxes and that must be why he survived that night when he attacked harry right? well i read online that maybe he was trying to turn harry into his 7th and final horcruxe and in the 5 book when it tells u the profficy it says *neither can survive while the other lives* ok what if he succeded in making harry a horcruxe he ment to make him a dead one but maybe hes a alive one? so that means that if harry dies then voldemort can die and voldemort cant die as long as harry lives so neither can survive while the other lives and so on anyways theres my comment... and i hope harry dies it could turn out to be quite... entertaining dont u people think? u cant turn this into a cheery book... theres multiple killings.. so i think harry should die... and either hermione or ron or both should finish voldemort off after harry dies lol ok im done later

I believe that Harrry will die and Nevill will finish off Voldemort. It's quite simple really they said that Harry was the chossen one because Voldemort chosse him as an equal who knows Nevil could be chosen as well and marked through his parents. Just my thoughts nothing serious.

What r u people talking about????????? Harry shouldn`t die!!! Why do u say he should???? I think and hope he doesn`t!! I cried(almost) When Sirius died!!!

Harry shouldn`t die!!!

it may not occur to you, but im thinking that Nevill might finish he-who-must-not-be-named after he kills Harry.just my thoughts on the book.

my sis, she cried like a baby on crack after dumbledore died, just thought you should know.

Voldemort and Harry remind me of radio waves. Bear with me. For those of you who don't know, a wavelength is the curvy line thingy. A wavelength's anti-thesis is that same curvy line except reversed. When you add the ant-thesis to its wavelength both just . . . stop existing. Think about it. "Neither can live while the other survives." What if Harry is Voldemort's anti0thesis?

if voldemort has like 4 hocruxes left then harrnis going to have to destroy them all so is the whole book going to be about destroying hocruxes or has the rab guy already got them all. and i dont think dumbledores dead hes probally under cover so snape can get close to voldemort.

and neither can live while the other survives, there is more then just two people in that statement otherwise it wouldnt make sense so voldemort and harry have to die or voldemort and nevile or harry and nevile, well something like that.

why u guys think harry's gonna die??
i think that book 7 is gonna be so awsome cuzz the whole series is soooooo AWSOME!!!
me and my friend cried a while when we saw the ending of GOF ....
cuzz its just sad how He Who Most Not Be Named killed Cedric!
that was sooooo sad....
i think that as long as Harry's alive then Voldemort can never DIE.
so based on this thought it's that harry has to die so You Know Who dies also.
still i dont agree in that harry should die!
And Ron and Hermione stay alone and sad that there best friend Died

My thoughts dont matter very mouch, but I do not think Harry should not die It would runine a aimost perfect book serise. It...well its very stupid.

hy iam maha from kuwait ,iam one of the begest fan of harry potter books , PLEASE do not kill harry it is not right he should live we did every thing he could , iam 21 and ilove him to dieath

All I have to say is how could you do something like that? Its horrible and dreadful. I hate it. It will runine the serise of books.I love the serise so far if Harry dies in the 7 book I will....well I will lothe it.

I am a 12 year old girl and i lovvve! Harry Potter. At the ned of Book 6 Hermione and Ron said that they would be with Harry all the way. So if Herry dies, Ron and Hermione don't stand a chance. I think killing Harry in the 7th book might be ok, but that just shows that no one else can kill Voldemort. Keeping Harry alive would be such a relief for all that Harry Potter fans. I cried when Cedric, Sirius, Lily, James and Dumbledor died...o.k only a little bit of sobbing!

Yes I think harry should not die because there should be a series of 10 books not just seven Ms. Rowling why do you have to runine people desire to read your series? Long live Harry Potter forever and ever.

P.S. If you are reading this can I continue our series? please please please and finally please

Yes I think harry should not die because there should be a series of 10 books not just seven Ms. Rowling why do you have to runine people desire to read your series? Long live Harry Potter.

P.S. If you are reading this can I continue our series? please please please and finally please

Don't Let Harry Die PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! It Will Make Me Cr(BOOHOO)

I,m Gay and I want to kiss him if he dies

Gay is my name (I'm a girl) DUH

Hello everyone is anyone there I like harry potter i think he is so cool!!!!!! Where are you guys from i'm from England

I don't think Harry should die!!!!!!!!!!!
It's already too sad that soo many characters DIE!!!
Well kill off Neville but not harry he's KEWL!!!
I think it's wrong to make everyone die!!!!!!!!
That would really, really SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

do not kill harry PLEASE ms Rowling,10 series that would be great .

Harry can't die. Oh!!! Please. The boy went to so many bad things. He deserve to grow up, to be an adult... and stick with his life.

well could u think that ethier harry or nevill has to die? and that is what the prophecy ment,*neither can survive while the other lives* .
and voldemort chooes his equil by killing one of them leaving the other is chosen equil.therefor nevil being the true one chosen to be voldemorts equil. ethier way i belive that nevill will play a HUGE factor in the next book.

well all of u r just plain stupid (appart from the people that mention the prophecy)
1. of course harry is going 2 die
2. this will make the fans unhappy which is what JK wants, sudden twists
3. its ovious neville is the one 2 kill voldemort
JK never made up the prophecy thing for a bit of ight reading.
4. and havnt u thot............all u folk sayin u DONT want harry 2 die, are just puttin ideas in JKs head!!!!!!!! IDIOTS!!!!

i wood like to say that "annonimous" is right
i think JK is plannning on kiling harry (no matter how fans dissagree neville is goin 2 kill him
though i wont him 2 liv
if she kills him i will tell my friends never 2 buy her books again1!!!! no joke

I think Harry and Nevil will team up and in the end Harry will sacrifice himself in order to kill Voldemort. He'll be a hero and there won't be anywhere for the series to go without him - hence the last book.

i think people who are saying Harry will die or must die in book 7 are only remembering part of what the prophecy says and doing what Snape did. Ok i agree that neither can live while the other survies but the prphecy also says that that either must die at the hand of the other so either Valdemort must kill harry or harry must kill Valdemort plus i think dumbledore is dead but he had plan for the remaining horcruxes incase he died maybe there's new charcter to come like the hier of Godric Gryffindor

harry could be the heir of gryffindor. that could be why voldemort chose him.

wat if harry goes evil and helps voldemort and he breaks ginny heart and ginny dies ...just like star wars!
because annakin is suppose to be "the chosen one" and he loves padme but then he goes evil to save her. mabey harry would go at any lenghts to save ginny,after all he is that type of person. then neville is the "new hope"...sorry HUGE hp and STAR WARS fan

o and thank u for not going out of order like george lucas that was stupid

Harry should not die, that is just insaine. Harry should kill Voldemort, and get back with Ginny. I have no clue on what should happen but he should not die. That would completely ruin the story line. Maybe Ron and Hermiane can date in the 7th book. I personally would not bother reading the 7th book if harry was killed.

i dont think ms rowling should kill off all the people and if she does i will never read one of her books again

i personnly think JK has killed off harry because she has already written the last chapter
and she said she wanted closure on the whole harry potter thing so that says pretty loudlt that she has killed off the hero (harry) in the last book ..... boo hoo
also i think she has made neville the hero in book 7 cause in the order of the pheonix the prophecy says "he will hav power the dark lord knows not" this is neville cause he dosnt know neville has power or any skill

It is probably simpler than either Neville or Harry. After Harry uses his scar detector to locate and liberate the objects of Riddle's part souls, Riddle's remaining soul, body and magic will be so weak that his Deatheaters and the Dementors will turn on him and destroy him. Without Harry, the others including Neville will be unable to locate the other horcruxes and be unable to destroy the enclose part souls. Dumbledore was a super wizard yet two horcrux defences severely injured him. Do you think Neville or the others could possibly do better than Dumbledore than Harry would?

I think that Harry should finish off Voldemort so he can live a normal life.However if Voldemort kills Harry I think that that just cold after all he was the only person to survive the killing curse.But Harry deserves to live so I think thats wrong.

I agree Harry Potter should not die!
I am a huge HP fan.
Don't do thz J.K.Rowling! PLZ
I'm going to cry if he dies.

I so think Harry should die, to many storys have a good ending, But evil will win yay
Love A Tom Felton fan

Harry should NOT DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If he dies I will never be able to re-read the book again. I've read the first 6 books at least 10 times each. I love your Harry Potter books.

I love Keshav Bajaj, We kissed last night and he proposed to me!! I love him but he loves Kurren Kuthoria

I am in love with Harry potter and the secret passage ways of School, there is a secret passafge way in the g-corridor. THERE IS!!

What!!!why do U think harry is gonna die??? he faced enuf danger already!!! He should live on
and live a normal life!!!

By The Way is Harry really Gay??

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