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Survivor Episode 12: "I Hope You Get Bit by a Crocodile. Scumbags!"

Posted by Fara Kearnes on December 2, 2005 7:34 PM |

JuddJuddy! Juddy! Juddy! You big ol' lyar! Telling everybody you don't lie then sporting that dumb look on your face when all your fibs are revealed. Judd is the latest tribal member to be kicked off of "Survivor: Guatemala" as he fell into the trap of showing up clueless at Tribal Council.

Danni has been panicked that she had a bull-eye on her back, which she did, and she knew it, but instead of moping around like Lydia, Danni went after it. The girl showed some balls in launching a plan to turn the others onto Judd, who had been assuming all along that he would easily make it to the final two.

At the reward auction where each survivor is given $500 cash to bid on blind items, Danni wisely bids on a sealed envelope containing a hint that would help her at the next immunity challenge. The other rewards included beef jerky and a Philly Cheese sandwich, but the sweet reward is the opportunity to have a loved one spend the night at the camp. Judd borrows money from Cindy and wins the reward. He's allowed to pick two other members to share the love and he picks Cindy and Steph.

Judd's wife Kristen, Cindy's twin Mindy, and Stephenie's beau are taken back to camp to see how the tribe has been living for 31 days. Judd's wife is shocked that her hotel doorman husband has learned the ways of the wild and has survivalist camping skills. Well, he is good for something. Steph will later say at council that she's been with her boyfriend Michael for 7 years (whoa, get married already or something) but presently she says that she "owes Judd bigtime." Stephenie told Kristen she and Judd had a tight bond, and they planned to be the final two Survivors. Stephenie gushed, "Jersey would be proud." Oops, she'll regret saying that. Meanwhile, Judd tells his wife about his gang of four and how he hopes to go "final two" with Stephenie. Little does he know yet she's a scumbag.

The three losers, Rafe, Lydia and Danni, spend the night at the old camp. Danni begins to work on Rafe who is easily swayed by her charms and actually says: "You can't trust a person like Judd, but you can trust that you can't trust him." Whatever.

Lydia, who's not getting the whole alliance thing, begins to work on Judd but he's already certain that his gang of Steph and Cindy and Rafe are going to vote out Lydia next. Later, Judd wonders to Danni if it wouldn't work better to get rid of Steph at this point, and Danni nods politely. She's feelin' safer by the minute...

This immunity challenge is a big human chess game played on a large playing board where the survivors have to turn over a white square to a red one, stand on it, and try to advance in the game without stepping on any red square that's been stepped on before. Steph does some quick analytical thinking and looks like she's about to win the challenge, but then Danni is allowed to open her card which says she can switch places with anyone on the board. Bu-bye Steph! Danni wins immunity and cries with joy when Jeff hangs that wierd thing around her skinny neck. Steph looks worried.

At camp, Steph learns from Danni that Judd is willing to vote her out, since she a strong threat. Hmmm ... well, two can play that game, so Steph decides to betray Judd before he can betray her.

Judd, to the camera, says he really has no alliances since sending someone home tonight means he's one step closer to winning. "That's how the game is played, man!" However, he is sure the plan to vote Lydia out is still in effect (even though "plans" on Survivor can change as easily as Rafe's loyalty).

Meanwhile, Steph is saying, "Judd and I have been really close, but if someone is going to slit your throat because you like their company, hell no, they got to go."

At tribal council, when Judd write Lydia's name down, he says, "You sang and danced your way right out of the jungle ... adios!" But yikes! Judd is stunned when Jeff pulls the names out and his name comes up the second time in the voting ... one for Judd, one for Lydia ... another for Judd, another for Lydia ... he's sweating. What's going on? You can see him thinking ... it must have been Danni and Lydia voting against him!

Welp, once Jeff pulls Judd's name a fourth time and declares he's been voted out, Judd jumps up angrily and snarls all the way out: "I hope you all get bit by a freakin' crocodile. Scumbags." He hisses "Scumbags" twice more after his torch is snuffed. Wow, he really DIDN'T see that coming!

Cindy, who didn't get the memo and voted for Lydia (according to the old plan) is miffed. But if she's smart, she'll come around and begin to see it's actually to her advantage to get rid of Judd now (and Steph and Rafe A.S.A.P.) if she has any chance to win. It's down to five survivors: Steph, Rafe, Cindy, Dannie and Lydia, and right now, it's anyone's game.

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