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Richie Sambora Not Bon-Jovial With Heather Locklear

Posted by Fara Kearnes on December 5, 2005 7:16 PM |

Richie and HeatherAlthough their 11-year relationship seemed stronger than most, yet another Hollywood couple may soon be splitting up as Heather Locklear and Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora are rumored to have hit a rocky patch in their marriage.

"Richie is a sweetheart, but I don't know if he can take it much longer," a friend said of the rocker who is trying to stay in the marriage for the sake of their 8-year-old daughter Ava.

It been reported that Richie wants to have another child but that Heather thinks it will hurt her career as a sexy actress. (Has she looked in a mirror lately?? She should lay off the botox injections ... she's too young at 44 to be doing that!) A source sold Radaronline.com that "She doesn’t want another kid because she thinks she’s Hollywood royalty. But Richie is an only child and desperately wants another kid."

That will be difficult now that Richie started a 7-month, 20-country world tour with Bon Jovi to promote their new album Have a Nice Day. Rumors are that his bandmates want Richie to dump her and move on. "The members of the band never liked her anyway, particularly Jon [Bon Jovi]," a source told Radar. "The band’s a bunch of blue-collar stiffs from New Jersey who feel that they got lucky. They’re regular guys, and Heather is spoiled — she still thinks she’s an ingénue."

Maybe trout-lipped Heather feels like moving on too. The New York Post’s Page Six reported that Heather invited her ex-husband, Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, back to her place with six female friends after celebrating her birthday at a Manhattan restaurant in October.


Move on RICHIE!!!!! You deserve much better...

Richie is such a great guy. Maybe he would be better off with someone more down-to-earth and out of the celebrity scene. Regardless, best of luck to ya!
Grab a great gal with the same family goals and screw the Hollywood Diva action!

i think that richie and heather are such a cute couple. it doesnt matter if jon tico and bryan dont like her. richie's relationship is non of their business!

Richie deserves to have more children he has so much love to give. Heather is not richies true soulmate.

I don't believe any of this shit about Richie & Heather Breaking up and the members of Bon Jovi not liking her,I think thats all Rubbish, if they do have some issues about having another child, I'm sure its not as bad as that, the press really love making up these storys,they have been doing it for years, they have made up some silly ones about Richie & Heather over the years and even years ago when Richie was dating cher, I remember hearing some really stupid storys about them.
so don't believe what u hear.

I agree with Sabrina, Richie seems to be a great guy. I'm french and i think that american actresses only think about their appearence. Heather really looks like.....ANYTHING! And it's so sad to see Richie with this kind of girl! People who's living on the celebrity planet don't take conscience that they're so ridiculous sometimes! Does she think that nobody have seen that her face is fool of Botox??
Richie should choose a french girl for example, someone who down to earth, as we say in french "les pieds sur terre!"

I'm sure the couple has had their patchy moments in marriage, but what normal couple hasn't? I think perhaps Heather may have some reservations about having another child but it may be due to the age factor, not so much for appearance's sake. She would still look good regardless if she had a child or not. I think they make a lovely couple and like the person above stated, don't believe everything you read. As for them lasting, I hope they do. Not many famous couples do which is truly a shame. They get caught up in the "Hollywood mess." But look at Paul Newman and Jo Ann Woodward for example, they've managed to overcome Hollywood adversity. Hopefully Rich and Heather will follow in their tracks. God bless both of them, my prayers are with them---

Melissa B,
Irving, TX

All I know is Richie is hott!!!!!!!!! He could have anyone he wants. But I like him with Heather only IF she's good to him.

I think that Richie should just forget about Heather and move on and keep his head up.if he sticks with Jon he will be allright. Richie needs someone who will love him for who he is, heck if I was old enough I would go out with Richie. I feel sorry for Richie because his heart is probably healing from the break up. I say good ridence,poor Richie he needs to stay with Jon and the rest of the band and he will be fine.

i think that richie should move on. they been marry for some years now and it time to let her go. richie is realllly hot so he need some beeter the heather lockler.

Well Richie was in Montreal for a week and Heather was there the whole time. She attened both concerts.

richie deserves better anyway and then look at her face and then look at his, he's way to hot for her!

well, you seem to have nailed this one!

I had a feeling she only had Ava for Richie. He's such a sweet family oriented guy. It seems when she was married to Tommy and he wanted kids, she said no and split. I thought she didn't want them because of Tommy's addictions. I guess she just didn't want kids. Poor richie. I hope he finds someone who actually gives a damn and wants a marraige and children.

he deserves better but it's there business

Went to see Bon Jovi last night and Richie looked extremely happy. It's a shame about the break up but sometimes it's better that way. I feel bad for their daughter who will be in the middle..Hopefully the next time Richie falls in love he finds someone in his own backyard right here in Jersey!!

Last night I saw Bon Jovi in Atlantic City, NJ.... Richie Sambora sang "I'll Be There For You" with all his heart and soul. Jon walked off the stage, the stage was black except for the 1 spotlight on Richie and the entire audience had chills.


Richie has wanted children as long as he has aspired to have a music career. Looking back over the last 11 years, it is crystal clear who wanted to be a parent and who wanted the spot-light. Marriage is difficult without entering into it with unrealistic expectations - even when you are famous. There is no fault on ONE single person; it take two to make a marriage work - it takes two to tear it apart. I pray for Richie, Heather and most of all for their precious daughter. I am sure Jon and Dorthea are both stepping up for moral support.

Did any of you ever stop to think that this all might just be a load of crap being made up by someone for publicity purposes??? Leave Heather and Richie alone. I'm sure they have their problems, as so ALL married couples, but they don't need the added pressure of a bunch of lies and people salivating to find out about any possible sign of trouble there might be to add to it. Give them a break. It's probably not true anyway!

It is a pity for them to split but all i can say is that i hope that they will both be happy in whatever happens. I always thought they made a lovely couple. As much as i think that heather is so hollywood material, richie should stick to what he knows best and find someone who is near to his roots. Coz who knows, most homefolk couples always last longer then anything! God bless them both and best luck to richie. You'll be fine hunny!

For starters, Heathers getting a bit too old to have another child anyway. She'll be sagging all over the place after the birth and maybe she doesn't like the thought of all the exersize she'll have to do. Secondly, I've seen her up close at a Hollywood club and that woman has so much Botox in her face, you can bounce a rubber ball off of it. Having said all of that, Hey.....if Richie still loves her then that's great but let's not forget, she filed for divorce because she found some dirty photographs in his email NOT for any other reason. So lets get our facts straight.

I agree that Richie is freakin HOT HOT HOT !!!!! He just looks good enough to eat !!!! But all that aside, There must be more to this than just some chick sending him dirty pics of herself. I really liked them together, they almost seemed so normal for a spotlight couple.

There's a lot more to this then we know because Richie wason't the only one to recieved these photos in his e-mail, apparently Jon got them as well, so that is not the reason why they broke up, and what she did to richie was very mean, Filling for Divorce and not saying a word to him, he found out from a reporter just before a concert, and now his has to fight for the right to see his own daughter which he should not have too, he should have part custody.

Well Heather and Richie may be split up and may be moving on, but he certainly deserves someone better than Denise Richards!! She is a skanky, 2 faced, coniving backstabber who turned her back on her (so called) best friend. I feel she set the whole thing up and then moved right on in on Richie. Surely he has to know how Denise is and is only using her for comfort at this point. He has to know Denise is the one who convinced Heather to go ahead and file for a divorce. I probably was going to happen anyway, but Denise should have stayed out of it and cleaned her own "house" first.

Don't belive everything you hear,Denise has said her Friendship with Heather ended long before she started dating Richie and there was never anything between them when he was merried to Heather ,there are other reason's why,

Sorry Heather, Richie doeson't belong to you anymore and he can date who ever he wants

I am not a fan of Denise Richards. She cant act and she certainly is not a good mother if she is running around chasing Richie all over the place. What a joke she is. You are not a true friend nor will you ever have a true friend. Friends dont do what you have done. Get out of the picture and let them get there marriage back together. You will never hold a candle to Heather.

I don't think they will ever get back together now, Heather doeson't deseved to have him back anyway, I don't know why people are blamming denies for all this, what has she done really, just because she is now dating richie and heather was once her best friend,Heather was the one who wanted the divorce, I know some reports say that denies was the one who talk Heather in it, can that really happen? if she really loved richie she would not have done it the way she did. and If Denies makes Richie happy then good for him, I think this was a good way to get back at Heather for what she did to him.

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