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Pink Slipped! The Fightin' Godlewskis are Gone from Amazing Race 8

Posted by Fara Kearnes on December 7, 2005 6:50 PM |

Not even rounding a corner at full speed could Michelle Godlewski eject her cranky sister Sharon from the back of the golf cart as the Pink sisters rolled up to the mat in last place on Amazing Race 8: Family Edition, and lose their shot at next week's final run at the $1 million dollar prize. The only thing we are left wondering is: will the sisters be speaking to each other again by Christmas?

The Godlewski Sisters

As the leg starts out, the teams headed to Turtle Ranch in Wyoming where they all ended up camping in their trailers yet again for another night. One of the kids asks Ma Weaver what a Turtle Ranch is, and she actually says this: "Itís where they make lots and lots of turtles." (oh. my. gawd!)

Rachel Weaver offers up one of the best quotes when her older sister won't get gas when they stopped for directions and all four go in to the store together. Coming back out, Rach is still ragging on Becks and says, "Look, sheís not the smartest one in the group. She doesnít make any decisions but press the freaking gas pedal. Gosh, you drive me insane!"

"Tomorrow, weíll get gas," Ma Weaver says settling the sibling spat. And I am cracking up!

Off to the detour, the teams then got to choose between "Pioneer Spirit", where they had to attach the large wagon wheels to a covered wagon, hitch up a team, and drive the rig a quarter mile, or "Native Tradition", where they would build a teepee. The Linz bruisers found they had the spirit (Whose got spirit? Yes, we do!) and completed yet another task without hardly breaking a sweat, while Wally and the girls struggled. The Weavers worked together well to get up the tent, while the Pinks intensified their family squabble trying to build the teepee. They were the last team to complete their task again as they have been often in the competition.

The teams then raced 221 miles to Cody, Wyoming, to find the Irma Hotel and have their picture taken in period costumes with a very odd Buffalo Bill impersonator who already looked 3 sheets to the wind even though it was early in the day. I guess there's not a lot else to do in Cody, Wyoming. Bransen girls show absolutely no sense of humor posing in Old West clothes, while the Pinks actually had some fun with it, as did the Linz bros. Pops Wally Bransen loved the family photo and got back in the car joking that it would make a fine Christmas card. Lauren rolled her eyes.

It's in the hole! Next up was the roadblock: two members of each team searched for 4 colored golf balls lying somewhere on the back nine of a golf course. They were each given a nifty Buick golf cart (hey, were those leather seats?) although Sharon Godlewski took the opportunity to really PISS OFF HER SISTER by walking much of the course, while Michelle screamed at her. Sharon snapped back: "You can just keep being your sarcastic self and go look for a ball."

Ahhhh, good times, good times.

Rolly Weaver and his mom completed the task quickly putting their family in third place, while Sharon and Michelle fiiiiinally found the fourth ball. As they rejoined their younger sisters, Michelle admitted, "We had a meltdown."

The Bransen blondes and Pop were the first to head off to Absarokee, Montana, to the pit stop. When they arrived, Phil informed Team My Three Daughters that, as winners of this leg of the race, they had won a Buick Lucerne. (I know, I know, what the hell is a Buick Lucerne? It's some kind of 4-door. I'll bet the girls tell Pop he can have the car.)

The Linzes came in second and will be tough to beat in the finale. They are the overwhelming fans' favorite (especially hottie Nick, and kid sister Megs is very pretty, too), with the Weavers and Bransens coming in next according to the internet fan forums. How wierd is that that the top three favorite families all made it to the finals?

The Weavers were comfortably headed for a third place finish when Rebecca Weaver (who, according to her sister, has nothing to do but push THE FREAKING GAS PEDAL) was pulled over for speeding in the town of Absarokee! The suspense builds as the scene cuts back to the last place Pinks who are catching up. Will this long arm of the law stop the God-blessed Weavers?? Becks catches a break when the townie cop lets her off with a warning and the Weavers come in third to earn the last spot in the 3-team final leg.

When Phil told the Godlewskis they were eliminated, Christine admitted that she was "a little bit sad ...I was surprised with how Sharon treated me on the race at times and how she spoke to me." (As if! She should have seen the Michelle-Sharon spat on the golf course!) Sharon responded by saying, "I love my sister Chris. Itís just, we donít click and I donít expect that this experience will change that."

Amazingly, for the first time during the race -- and now that it was the appropriate moment -- Christine doesn't cry when Phil gives them the bad news. She seems relieved that family time is finally OVER ... that is, I suppose until she sees her sisters at Christmas and they sip some hater-nog and fight over who's fault it was that they came in fourth on the Amazing Race.

Next week: Flying trapeze stunts, white water riding, Rolly and Alex knock each other down at the Pearson airport check-in counter which upsets mama ("Get away from him!" she hisses), Wally is ready to kick his daughter's ass for telling him for the umpteenth time, "Hurry up, Wally! (doesn't matter which daughter), and what nugget of wisdom will geographically-challenged Ma Weaver give to her kids when she sees Lake Ontario? She's already told the kids that Lake Pontchartrain was one of the Great Lakes -- maybe she'll tell 'em this one is the North Sea.



kudos to the Weavers!

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