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EMINEM Wants to Marry Kim -- AGAIN!

Posted by Fara Kearnes on December 9, 2005 10:01 PM |

Eminem picRapper Eminem is saying publicly that he and his ex-wife Kim Mathers haven't given up on one another. He told a Detroit radio station, "We have reconciled and are probably going to remarry."

A friend of the rapper said that's what he's heard too, and told Star magazine: "Em told me, 'I might as well marry her again. For some reason, we seem to be stuck with each other for life,'" the friend said, adding, "It looks like they're getting remarried after the new year."

Fans will be surprised to hear that given the nasty divorce the couple went through. The couple married in 1999, split in 2001, and suffered through a bitter custody battle over their daughter Hailie, who is now 10. The rapper proved he was the jealous type when police charged him with pistol-whipping a man Em said he saw kissing Kim outside a nightclub. He got two years probation for it in 2001.

He says now that his recent rehab treatment for a dependency on sleep medications started him on the road to reconciliation with his ex. "I'm at a point in my life right now where I feel like I don't know where my career is going. This is the reason that we called [the greatest hits album] 'Curtain Call,' because this could be the final thing. We don't know," Em said.

Another friend of Slim Shady's told the Star: "Kim is the only woman he trusts. She's broken his heart, she's made a fool of him, he's wished her dead on his records. And he still loves her."


that sucks EM should not retire though he wants to spend time with his family he should do one more then retire love all krittal

ii totally agree that he should get back with kim. i think he still loves her. that would be so kool to see him happy again.!

i love em!!

i think its healthy that there getting back together for hallie

I think Marshall should not remarry Kim. She made a fool of him. I think he will do just fine raiseing Hallie with out her. If he wants to take a break,I think that is fine. Just remember that his fans love him too. Don't forget about us.

i think it wil be gr8 if they got back together becoz hallie wil lov it an theve had ther fall outs its time for a new life for them but PLEASE DONT RETIRE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH like LOADS i lov u marshall love coral # ENGLAN biggest fan EVA ur the best

i don't think that they should get back together because she cheated on him and she may no WILL do it again remember marshall you may think that you love someone but in the the end they WILL turn thier back on you and even the people closest them no matter who it is no matter how long you known each other just think about it.
your biggest fan natalie mowry oh and how, i've been listening to your music sence i was in elemetary school and im 19 years old well bye.
p.s. i know this about her because it's happend to me when i was 3 (my mom) but it was for the best. good bye
natalie mowry

maybe kim is different to your mom. I think em would be in a better position make that call.

Let him do whatever he wants its his life. Yeah, his music is wicked and we will miss it, but I think he should be able to enjoy his life just like we do. If he forgives Kim, then he forgives her. It's none of our business. If Marshall ever gets to read this but probably not: Hi Marshall, your music is really good and you have put alot of effort into it and congrats on you and Kim getting back together! Hope everything goes well and you's both be happy. From a lover of your music... Stef

That waz by me not ELMO

i agree that he should get back with kim, THEY'RE CRAZY IN LOVE.

PLEASE.. is very important for me:
someone got any photo of eminem kissin Kim or hugging or somethin from a Pair(Couple)
Send it to my direction pleaseeee


I love em

Pojebani jestescie i tyle lol

DONT DO IT!!!! i love u em!! u should be all mine. Dont "lose yourself" to her, she's a drug-addicted whore! LOVE ME AND ONLY ME!

HEY trish, U HOMEWRECKER.. Leave Em alone, maybe he loves his crackwhore. U need to find ur OWN rappin WHITE boy! HOMEWRECKER!!!!!!!!!

follow ur heart em, i think she lovs u and u lov her, but remember, HALLIE LOVES U BOTH! NO MATTER WUT

Not that its any ones bussiness but there are pros and cons to getting back with kim for example halie will be happy but will you.

Not that its any ones bussiness but there are pros and cons to getting back with kim for example halie will be happy but will you.

i think em should not get bak wit kim cuz she made a fool of him and its says on one of his tattoos rip kim rot in piece .i respect that he is taking a break cuz every super star needs 2 spend time wit there family!!PLUS I LUV U EM AND I HAVE UR NEW CD ITS GREAT!!!

hi em. Im one of ur fans every body in my class say that u suck and u dont know how to rap.but i cus them up and saw that ull become a legend.i have all ur cds and some songs are funny and said. i hope u get this . and by the way u should get married to kim cause u where ment to be.and if u do get married make a song about it bye

hi em. Im one of ur fans every body in my class say that u suck and u dont know how to rap.but i cus them up and saw that ull become a legend.i have all ur cds and some songs are funny and said. i hope u get this . and by the way u should get married to kim cause u where ment to be.and if u do get married make a song about it bye

eeeeeerr y dus every one keep tlkin like Em is reading this??????? He isnt lol! Or is he??? I very much doubt it, he's got better things to do like remarry Kim- the ruff as hell addict whore who cheated on him and embaressed him and is only after the money he has EARNT EVERY PENNY OF! He can do so much better. I feel like he doesn't care about us (his fans) at all, I'd die for him and do anything for him and he doesn't even know I exist and nor would he care. He cancelled the UK tour which I was going on and now he's getting bk wiv Kim, who he rapped about killing, and that's not just the old stuff- take a listen to Puke on Encore!! We always go on about how 'real' he is. Maybe he's not all we thought after all. I am one of his biggest fans and always will be, but I feel weird about him atm. W/e, good luck to him.

Hey! I think that Em and Kim should get back together. I do because Marshall will be happy. I know he was already happy with Hailie. It would also be better for Hailie. But like what Adrian said, I don't think that it was fair to cancle a concert that everyone was looking forward to. That was kind of mean, like he didn't care about he's fans. I bet he still does care about he's fans just that he has Kim and Hailie now. They can be a family. I still want him to rap 'cause he rocks! Sooo, yea.

#1 Em fan!!!!

Eminem is soooooo hot and he rox and he has kim and hailie GO HIM!

I'm totally against Eminem and KIm getting remarried...how can you publish a record last year bashing her....and then decide Ilove this woman...like fuck man...you got some serious head issues. I've been listening to your music since you got started and never in my life have I been so dissappointed in you. But see I can look past that as long as you dont forget about the fans man. As long as you keep entertaining all of us fans Im sure we'll forgive you.

Aww i wish them both the best. When they divorced and all that sh*t was going on btween them, i new he still loved her. He always will. They've been through so much.
Im happy for Em sooo much, he deserves to have the family he's always wanted. It will destroy me if he retires, but then... like i said, he deserves to be happy.
I just hope he knows that it is a bit of a gamble.. if this goes wrong this time.. hailie will be old enough to decide who SHE wants to go with... yeah she SHOULD pick him.. but thats not certain.

As long as Em is happy, I'm happy. If getting back with Kim is what he wants, then his fans should support him & stand by him. He could take care of Hailie just fine without her, he's already shown that. It's not like they just recently split, they've been split up for a while. He's done very good by her so far, nothing will change that. & it's good for Hailie to have both her parents back, especially when Em is mostly gone. It probably would be a good idea for him to retire, so he could spend more time with his daughter and not miss her growing up. He's given his fans so much, if he wants to retire, well I'm cool with that. :-)

-His #1 Fan

You are a DUMB ASS for Going back. Fuck that bitch. Go forward not back.

i dont think em sould remarry kim but at the end of the day he loves her and has feelings for her so what ever he wants to do i am glad he iz doin it for hallie thow but i hope he knows he has got big fans out there that love him i am ur 1 FAN FOREVER love ya em xxxxxxxxxx


Hey everyone...my uncle Marshall (Eminem) got married today

ohh my God. yeah.. i love EMINEM very much. i'm mad about him.he still loves KIM and he deserves true love. it's great for HAILIE. I hope they live happily ever after and i wish him the best of everything...


WOOOOOOW :)) the break of their marry is verry long.! i just want to say that IF THEY WANT THEY HAVE TO BE TOGETHER, because its very hard to save the love for so long..

yo im so mad eminem is my man not kims but is for the better of hallie

I think EM should marry kim and stay with his child, but never retire.he is the best white and black rapper ever.

eminem dont retire because you have lot of fans that dont want you to retire so please dont i love you so much if anyone has aything to say to me about eminem email me at parminder-@hotmail.co.uk

Well What can i say i,m happy because i love Sexy Gorgeous Eminem Marshall Mallow tres tres much but i,m not too happy he and Kim have got Re Married i feel i wil never get over it or my recent ex either i will always be a Major Fan of Marshall and will always be tres much in love with him !!!!

I say... Live and let live.

what, r u crazy em i thought u said u were done wit her but i guess not. i don't like that u r getting back together wit kim but hallie really needs a mother and a father at times when she needs it. i know what she's going through at times.

man i under stand but why should he goin back crawling to kim,

Em please don't retire and DO NOT get married to Kim again because u r doing just fine without Kim around. Hailie loves u more that her own mother thats pretty sad. Please DON'T lose yourself to her. Em u should love me instead of Kim Why? Because she's a drug-addicted whore! So love me and only me!!!!!!!!!

love ya soooooooooooooo much em

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