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Britney Spears is K-Fed Up and Tosses the Bum Out

Posted by Fara Kearnes on December 2, 2005 6:24 PM |

Britney Spears picSounds like pop tart Britney Spears has finally had it and has kicked out hubby, Kevin Federline, after the two got into a fight. K-Fed has reportedly packs some bags and is staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

According to the New York Daily News, Britney lost it when Kevin's loser friends showed up at their mansion: "Britney turned around and fired two of her longtime security guards for letting what she called 'the weedman' into the house," a source told Star magazine. "She just seemed crazy with anger."

Britney is said to be furious about her wannabe rapper husbands partying since the birth of their son, Sean Preston, 2 months ago.

After she threw him out, Britney cut loose herself and took her girlfriends to DJ AM's new Hollywood club, LAX, where she knocked back a few Red Bulls and vodkas with "Jackass" friends Steve-O and Johnny Knoxville in an early celebration of her 24th birthday, which is today, December 2.


hola como estan quiera saber mas de que se trata su pagina gracias

Good for brit, that hubby of hers is a good for nothing bastard. Msenge baridi kummamaye zake shenzy ...........mwanaume mzima hovyooooooooo shoga la kutupwa.

me parece que es una chica muy piola y muy linda, aunque parece una olorosa de (lejos aclaro)me parece que tiene granos en el culo y por no lavarcelo y que bueno la quiero mucho
jejejeje Robie Williams

me gustarianconocerla y compartir una cuantas palabras con ellas

i love britney spears so much that i can fuck her all day long!

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Prepare to see Robbie Williams kitted out in a sailing suit and captain's hat - he's bought himself a yacht.

And the ultimate showman obviously wouldn't be happy with anything less than the ultimate boat.

According to The Sun, he's spent a whopping 8million on the luxury boys' toy - a top of the range 115ft Athena cruiser from Italy's leading boat company, Riva.

It's the biggest and the most expensive bit of kit they've got and he's named it 'My RW'.

They're his initials, in case you hadn't worked it out.

A source said: "Robbie is keen to escape the limelight when he can. He felt the boat was the perfect way to disappear without being recognised.

Er, we may be simple land-lubbers, but wouldn't the initials on the side of the boat be a

bit of a giveaway? And besides, we've got dinghies.

The source added: "He is going to keep it in the Med so he can enjoy sun-soaked holidays a short hop from his flat in London."

Robbie is unlikely to be lonely on the open waves though. His boat is so big, it sleeps 24 people and that's not even counting the eight crew.

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i want a girl who is single and dont have kids.

i am very happy to see you.how are you and how are about life i no is fine i want to tell you that i love you and you will be my firend

i'm sooooooooo happy 4 her it's about time she got him out of her life!!! i just hope he does't take all her money!!!! he is a ssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaappppppppp

hey brit!takecare of urself n preston.. mwah

hi! i really like britney spears! she's my idol!!! i dont care of the scandals about her....basta! i like her!!

Hi;I'm very very happy.
Ilove Britney very much bse
she's very attractive.
She has good sound.She's my idol!!!!!!!

I have to add this:She's my idol

hey Britney Spears hi,
the really i love the britney she's beautyfull lady and like the shape it is very nice the really thing she is beautyfull.hi! i really like britney spears! she's my idol!!! i dont care of the scandals about her....basta! i like her please i am waiting your reaplly ok god bless you good health and bright future.and please i want to send yoyr pictures the really pic and then please send your cd music.
viva,i love you
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every body say smt abaut brit but she is our princess !!!

hey!! i just want u to know that your the best brit!!girl i think all britneys rock! my name is britney too!! haha! we are so freakin awesome!!!! im glad you finally kicked kevinout the house! girl you should have never dont that any way!!! haha! but thats me! you know! i wish i could tell you all about me! i would love to see you in concert buti neveri have the time! i want o be just like you!!!crazy huh? i have liked you as a singer ever since i was a lil girl. i have every CD that youever made! and i almost have all your posters! well the ones that im aloud to have anyway!hehe. girl if i could meet you in real life and hang out with you id probably faint! haha! just remember your biggest fans!! lots af love!!! //**britney**\\

I love that girl, she's so sexy

hello britney how are you .i am so happy to see you in internet i love you so much .your music is like a food to me .i real i love your music & you.please keep it up .bye.bye.

hey!that's a good decision for you ms. britney!i really don't like him to be your husband. You deserve someone better, that is if you're still interested of finding a new love!goodluck and more power. Don't let those issues bring you down....xx

fuk u britney!

hey ms brit! hello! im one of your most fan here in philippines. i really most like brit is that the way she performs on the stage. she's lively and lovely. i watched those videos here that i had saved and keep on repeating it. i really love the way she bring her self, knowing that there's so many struggles come in her way, she's still strong. God bless your family Brit and go for it. ^_^

hello britney your my number one idol.......... hope you visit here at phil
love you my idol

hi briteny u r sooooooo swit and i love u so much


hello my friend I love you.

Good job tossing him out but why the hell did u shave ur head

what a slut britney has become, but shes so sweet of a slut.ide say shed give it to the local garbage man

Oh Britney!
I'm so happy when I see you in the internet. you know Britney you are a beutiful girl. and you have sweet music. please Britney I realy want to read your message through my message, please, if you can just send me your picture and music. you Know Britney I Love your body and style. I LOVE YOU BRITNEY. you are my angel.
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hello i am from iran and love you very much you are very nice and kind i love lets to your country and drink one coffe with you that s a dreams

i love britney spear so much, she's my idol and even though there so many scandal and mistakes that she had i still adore and ill be orever his biggest fun until i grow up and become a mother too....

i like u

When did shaving your head become illeagle in American? Leave the poor girl alone already! Go find Bill O'really and pick on him..

ei brutney .. u knoe wat ..im zo very proud of you.. you have a star ayt now... olwaisz teecee .. and take gud care of yah szelf ..

lhab yah

jessica love you forever britney spears

I'm so happy when I see you in the internet. you know Britney you are a beutiful girl. and you have sweet music. please Britney I realy want to read your message through my message, please, if you can just send me your picture and music. you Know Britney I Love your body and style.I LOVE YOU BRITNEY. you are my angel.engoy your good day.By,shahed

Hi you are very sexy & I like fuck you,Britney.

u r cool
u have a nice dresup sens
u r popular everywhere
u cannot hide your beauty
u r sexy
u r nauty
u r amazing
u r just great
u r having very bright stars

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