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Survivor Guatemala: Hogaboom is Cut from the Team

Posted by Fara Kearnes on November 28, 2005 11:01 PM |

Gary Hogeboom, the ex-Cowboys/Colts/Cardinals quarterback of the 80s era was the latest tribal member to be sacrificed in the jungles of Guatemala as the delicious back-stabbing, bitchfest intensifies.

Tribal council

At the reward challenge, Jeff quizzes the tribe members about the details of Mayan culture. Each time a player answered correctly they got to smash another contestant's hanging pot in order to eliminate them from the challenge. Last person with a pot to piss in at the end won. Cindy is the victor and picks Rafe to join her at dinner and for a massage.

Cut to Rafe who tells viewers that he is like, "a really touchy person," who doesn't like to be touched but he was so surprised that, when he hugged Cindy under the waterfall, it was all warm and fuzzy and the touch of a female was truly not icky after all. Or words to that effect.

Back at camp, Stephenie tells Judd that she wonders how Lydia has survived for 29 days without being torch-snuffed, and after Lydia's frequent whining, we are wondering that too. Lydia complains bitterly that Cindy should have picked her to share in the food reward and that she's starving and she thinks Steph eats too much cuz she's usually the one invited to a reward chowdown. Steph rolls her eyes at this and plants her hands on her skinny hips in defiance.

Lydia needs to get over herself since she is no threat to win a rewards challenge herself. She tells us, "I felt insulted. Cindy should have chosen me ... I feel like an outcast." No, but you are a whiner who's getting on everyone's nerves now that Jamie is gone. Lydia plays the helpless victim but really, there is no need for the others to waste their vote on her. She'll survive another few rounds until some other strong players can be eliminated. If anything, she should VERY pleased with the way things are going.

Next up is the immunity challenge where the contestants race to seven stations and put together a puzzle and answer questions about a Mayan folklore story about Ixchel and Voltan and sons of the moon pulling the sky at the corners or something like that. Hey, Judd couldn't remember the details either. But Rafe, the fast-thinking little gay Mormon with the quick feet, wins immunity. He's pleased with himself.

Oh-oh! With Rafe wearing the big necklace again, that leaves the quarterback alone in the backfield -- and the blitz is on! Steph turns to Judd, Rafe, and Cindy, and says like, guys, are we tight are not? and they all agree to sack Gary at tribal council. Steph is pleased with herself.

The only surprise at the council vote is when Judd outs Gary for trying to make a deal with him and reveals to all that "He said Lydia and Cindy should not even be here." Oooooh! That smarted as Cindy winced and Gary had that desperate 4th-and-10-on-the-forty-with-four-seconds-left look on his face. He tries a hail-Mary to expose Judd as a liar ("I honestly don't think I've lied to anyone yet!" Judd responds ... "OK, so I lied about the idol.") but the others already know what Judd is like and the tribe speaks thusly: Bu-bye, Gary!

Next up on Survivor ... through some slopping editing we already know who wins immunity since "the person" is seen wearing it in the final clip of the preview footage! Way to go, CBS.


Does anyone have the transcript of the Maya folklore told by Jeff during episode 11 (or was it 12?)?

If so, then please email it to me.


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