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Amazing Race 8: "The Experience is More Than A Million Bucks"

Posted by Fara Kearnes on November 9, 2005 8:47 PM |

Phil Koeghan in Costa Rica"What the hell are we going to Phoenix, Arizona, for? I want to go to New Zealand!" Well said, Marion Paolo! Amazing Race 8: From Here to Costa Rica and Back, made a turn north and returned to the United States, to the exotic locale of Mesa, Arizona.

Let's begin the recap in Costa Rica, where the families take off for a beach and a roadblock in which one member will swim out to a bouy. In the ocean. Not. As. Easy. As. It. Sounds. (And I'm a swimmer.) Pa Bransen dives in for his girls; NickAlexTom goes for the Linz bruisers; and Pa Tony Paolo volunteers for his family, but quickly finds he's in over his head. Literally. He's helped back to shore by the rescue team.

"Oh, thankya, Jesus!" Ma Weaver intones as her son Rolly successfully swims to the buoy, then adds, "Dear God, maybe we’re going to catch them," as he makes it. Hey, call me crazy but, um, maybe it might be that your gorgeous strapping young buck of a son did it all by his self without divine intervention? Just a thought.

Completing the roadblock, the teams take taxis and drive 2 1/2 hours to a metal church and get a clue from the altar boy. The clue is a detour of Brush or Barrel. In Brush, the families go to a boxcar factory where they paint part of a wheel; or they could chose Barrel, where they go 10 miles to a sugarcane plantation, and load up a wagon with sugarcane and take it to a rum factory. "Am I in hell?" Brian Paolo asked as his parents began singing in Italian as they ride atop a truck full of sugar cane stalks. AlexNickTom exclaims, "I have a pole going up my butt!" I don't know which brother is which, but the Linzes are the guys to hang with when you want to have a good time.

Tasks completed, the teams are off to the airport ... to -- Arizona! Yes, back to the U.S. of A. But for some reason, you can't get to Arizona from Costa Rica - you gotta make a connecting flight in New York or Newark. Oh, the horrors of air travel.

Once they arrive in Phoenix, the families are back in SUVs burning up gas, as they go off to the Roadblock at a Super-cart track where one team member had to drive 50 laps around a track. Yes, in some sick twist of fate, the Weavers find themselves at yet another racetrack. Ma Weaver "spares" her teenage children the awfulness of driving a go-cart and does it herself. One of the Pinks tries to be nice to the kids and says "Your dad would be proud of you guys. Just think about that." A nice gesture. No harm, no foul. Yet, moments later Rebecca Weaver hisses to her equally skank sister, "I hate the desperate housewives. They’re just so annoying, and they lie." Holy attitude, babe! Lighten up!

After the roadblock, the teams headed for Fort McDowell and the Weaver girl (who else?) proceed to throw garbage out of the SUV window at the Godlewski sisters, and then tell a toll attendant to delay the Linz siblings. The toll attendant tells the Linzes the car in front was talking smack about them.

Now I wasn't planning on pointing out any more Weaver shit-talk but then they had the audacity to point out a garbage truck and asked if the Paolos were inside it. Then they made fun of the guy driving the garbage truck, who they don't know from Adam and called him "Arizona’s finest." What the f**k? Just because their father who died had a cool job and got to be around million dollar race cars every day, doesn't give you the right to mash on blue collar workers, who you think are worth less than you. Most un-Christ like. (Except for Rolly who doesn't seem to hate anybody. Good for him.)

The Godlewskis arrive at the pit stop in first place. Much clapping and jumping up and down. The Linzes and Weavers pull in. The Paolos got lost and think they are last but they hope it's a non-elimination, so they TAKE THEIR TIME pulling on extra clothes in the parking lot -- when suddenly! The Bransens pull in! Now it's a footrace to the mat and the Paolos make it, looking ridiculous but hilarious as both ma and pa Paolo are wearing tidy-whities over their pants. I mean, extra-large size, tidy-whities. Who knew underwear came in that size.

Since the Boom-Boom girls and dad were last, but not eliminated, Phil took all their money and possession. As they set out for the next leg, the dad pimped the girls to go beg for money at a nearby casino while he stood in the shadows. "Older men are not a real turn-on for people to open their pocketbooks, so I just try to keep a nice distance." Smart guy, dad.

The next day's Roadblock actually seemed dangerous, as one member from each team went up in stunt plane with a pilot who did barrel rolls and loops and all sorts of stomach content-emptying stunts. It looked awesome! And it was so cool to see that Rolly Weaver, 14, and Brian Paolo, 16, (another cutie) were elected by their families as the ones to take the airplane ride roadblock because one small opportunity like that can literally change your whole life. I wouldn't be surprised if Brian or Rollie became a pilot just because of that 15 minute AR stunt.

The next clue instructs the teams to drive to Page, Arizona and find Glen Canyon Dam where they'll chose between bailing out a boat, then dragging it on to shore, or using a compass to criss-cross the river picking up cards. "This is a big river. If I decided to drown you in this freakin' thing, ma, no one would ever find you," DJ Paolo tells his mom as they bail water. The scenery in Arizona is spectacular and the Pinks and Paolos express the wish that they could stop and enjoy it. But this is a race, and the next clue sends them all to Lake Powell to find Antelope Point. Once there, they'll hop on a boat and search for the next pit stop: a houseboat on the lake.

The Godlewski sisters take off minutes after the Linzes but roar past them in their boat, since the heavier Linzes seems to weigh about 200 pounds each (Remember the jeeps?) and the little outboard engine is straining to putt-putt across the lake. The Pinks reach the mat first and this time they win a travel trainer. (Yeah, a TRAILER. They looked a little surprised.)

The only thing I can say about the Linzes -- Alex, Megan, Tommy, and Nick -- is I can't tell them apart. Megan's the one with the boobs but otherwise, the brothers are so alike it's hard to tell who is who. Ditto for the Pink Sisters. I know which one Christina is, she's the crier. Her sisters are mean to her. And the oldest sister is Sharon, who's like 42, which is only 4 years younger than Mama Weaver, but Linda Weaver at 46 looks like a generation older than Sharon, who's obviously having a blast with her four little sisters.

Speaking of the Weavers, the second they reach the mat safely they start ragging to Phil about how "mean" the other teams are to them. Huh? Rachel Weaver, in tears -- TEARS! -- tells an amused Phil, "It’s really frustrating because those people are CLASSLESS ... we’re the ONLY family that’s trying to live a Christian life and it’s really hard." Phil tries to comfort them, despite the fact that they are STILL IN THE FREAKING RACE!

The Paolo family is last to the mat and they know their race is over. They are eliminated. Nooooooooo! The family from hell who showed their humanness and gentleness and became fan favorites are gone. Regarding his mother, DJ says, "My mom really did surprise me. This race really showed me a different side of her and maybe next time we’re in a situation, I won’t be so down on her." Papa Tony adds the final nice touch, "This is more than I expected. The experience and the friendship that we made on the race, it’s going to last a lifetime and that’s more than a million bucks."


WOW so you suck, the desperate housewives suck and they shouldnt be there, and the weavers are the most amazing people on the race. rebecca and rachel weaver are NOT skanks, and all the teams teamed up on the weavers and still couldnt take them out, so that just goes to show how strong they are..

I love Rolly Weaver!!!
Go Weavers!!!

Rolly I love that you are a cristin.You have so much self confedence in yourself.You also never give up or turn down a challange.And thats what I love about you.If you have any time please give me a e-mail I would love to know more about the amazing race and your family.I truely hope you guys win. You have the most faith and love in your family and thats what makes a team strong.
-yous truly Tatum Luck

Grate job on swimming to the bouy and getting that flag!Also awsome job on flying that plane!You did GRATE keep it up weavers!!!!!!

Luv you all-Tatum

I adore that you guys did this for your dad. I know how you feel my dad has a desise.:( MY prayers will always be with your family even if you don't win ether way I will always think of you and your family and what you went thought.MY prayers will always be with you.give me a E-mail if you guys have any time. I would love to hear about the amazing race and more about your family.

if you have one of the weaver family members email.. please contaacts me at pretty_iin_piink@hotmail.com

hey weavers!!!!!
You guys have amazing in this race. you have influenced me so much to pay more attenction to my faith and how much i pray. thanks soooo much.
good luck weavers from tatum

Oh my gosh i love the Weavers. They are so cool. I think that it is cool that they are living a christian life. I am trying to do that, and it isn't the simpilist thing you can do.

I love Rolly. He is so HOTT! Rolly, if you ever get this email me back. That would be the greatest thing ever.

I think that it is kind of stupid that so many teams hate them, and they didn't even do anything to them. The only reason why they hate them, is because some teams told them how "cruel, and rude" they are.

I feel so sorry for them. They are a big inspiration for me. If my dad died i couldn't do what they are doing.

Rolly your HOT!


P.S. Rolly plz email me back. Oh yeah you are totally Hot!

i love the weavers so much!!
rolly if you ever emailed me or something i would be the happiest person on the earth!!!

(its gay cause i had it since i was like 8 and 4 years later i still have it!)
rolly is soooo hott!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rolly is so hott. And how can everyone hate them??? They are the nicest ppl. on the whole show!!! The other seams jst suck!!! And Rolly is so way hott.

I love the Weaver Family and I hope I can show them my home soon...

omg!! the weavers are awesome!! u guys kick butt!!! U guys are soo amazing...rolly ur sooo freakin hot and the girls are all beutifull..i hope u guys win and dont listen to what the other teams say because they dont have no reason to hate u becuase u guys are the best!! u guys rock my world and i feel so srry about wut happend to ur husband/dad i bet he was as amazing and awesome as all u guys are! omg o freakin love u guys!! Rolly ur amazing, way to go with all the girls:P if u guys dont win (but i know u guys will) than im gunna cry because u guys totally deserve to win and the other teams should all go home rite now! way to go and keep up the awesome work..and dont listen to the other team because they have no idea who there dealing with:P love u all!!(L)(K)xox
Love: Jocelyn

Rolly and I have so much in common! we are: blonde, christian, tanned, 14, cool, popular,live in Ormond Beach,Florida! Rolly is hot and I love him so much, I, would add him to my msn, but since i don't have his email adress i will just give him mine: pink_flamingo11@hotmail.com hope you add me or email me.
love you a lot!


i think you should add me rolly to msn or just e-mail me i think your fricking cool lol so yea my e-mail is joeh_@hotmail.com



I wish I could talk to u!! If u have aim or e-mail i wanna know!!! PLEASE!!!!

OMG!! Rolly is so hott!! My friend thinks he looks like a chick and I'm like no way!!! He's the hottest guy eva! I reelyy hope the Weaver family wins the amazing race and I dun't like how the other teams r always making fun ov them I want 2 go and slap them in the face lol.. I think the Weaver girls r pretty too lol I hope the Weavers WIN!!

Hey Rolly i just wanted to say hi and if u have time plez e-mail me @ iloveu_1307@yahoo.com because i really want to lean alot more about u and about ur family. i g2g hope to c u soon and god bless =)

rolly doesnt like girls he likes men
be happy for him =D



Okay I have one thing to say..The Weavers are one of the best families to ever be on the amazing race. Rebecca and Rachel( Ahahah wha'cha wanna bet I spelt that wrong? I even do that to my best friend..-sigh- Im such a blonde...) are like ubberly pretty, and they seem like a really great family.

Sheesh Im just now realizing how many fan-girls Rolly has...Oh to be a hott reality show star idolized by probably millions of chickittas around the world...But anyway, I can so totally relate to the Weavers, both my parents are dead and Ive been living in foster families, So I can kinda relate to their dads death.

Anyone on here feel free to email me any time or contact me on AIM or yahoo messanger, you all seem really kewl and stuff

email: bmjenack@twcny.rr.com
AIM: GorgeousXscreamS
Yahoo: brianna_rae_is_ooc

Note: I wont be on for a while! ( AHHH Im grounded! Failing english..so totally unfair...Might be on sometimes though )

Well bye!!
~* <3 Brianna*Rae

HEY!! hey brianna-rae((person who posted above moi!!!!!!)) i soooOooooOoooo know u im in u chem lab class anyhoo ROLLY WEAVER IS THE FUCKIN HOTTEST ON EARTH!! omg omg omg EMAIL ME!!!!!! or something!!!! i would be the happiest person on earth!!!!!! to brianna-rae: lil harsh with the fan-girl thing...BUT TRUE TRUE TRUE!!!!! haaaaaaaahaaaaaah imagine of rolly emailed 1 of us that would be A-W-E-SOOOOOOME!!!!!!!!! but ya goin now!!!!!!! love, janellie PS- ROLLY OMG U HAVE TO EMAIL EITHER ME OR BRIANNA-RAE SINCE WERE LIKE BEST FRIENDS AND EITHER OF US WOULD SHOW THE OTHER AND DIE!!!!!!! WELL I WOULD...SHE'D JUST...STAAAAARE AT MOI LIKE I WAS AN IDIOT....

You guys are the best team on the Amazing Race!Good luck to you guys!


Heyy..sign this!
(make sure you include the exclamation point..it's part of the link)


P.S..woah. i bet rolly weaver has no clue how he's so loved by all these girls! lol..i'd be totally surprised if he didn't have a girlfriend..he's incredibly adorable. the girls in his school are probably all over him!!!!

rolly has to clearly add me to msn : ) pretty_iin_piink@hotmail.com

Rolly you are ssssssoooooo hot!!! I'm all for the Weavers!! You guys rock!
And Kristi i so agree with u. Girls are probably all over him.

holy sh*t, so many girls r obsessed with rolly. ya hess pretty hot but theres so much more than just looks to a guy. the thing i like bout him is tthat he seems like a goofy guy( you wish u were lance armstrong, and u failed math class,bec) but no one can saay they luv him cuz noone knows him in real life, but i wanna get to know him cuz he seems like a cool person,
so rolly if u ever see this add me queen_of_losers11@hotmail.com

ps, my name is i luv rolly it just goes like that and i dunno y, lol i dunno know him so how can i love him

shit , sry i meant to say i didnt put my name i luv rolly cuz of wat i said above but ya w.e if anyone wants to talk add me queen_of_losers11@hotmail.com

Rolly you are my favorite!even though i am 4 years older then you i think you are sooo cute i love your blond hair and blue eyes!i would die if you e-maild me or added me to msn!!<3<3
PS my e-mail is lilduckmonkey_38@msn.com(its a stupid e-mail because i made it when i was like 11)

Its really cool that the weavers are christians seeing how many people would critize the fact that im a christian 2!!! the weavers should of Won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rolly weaver is the most amazing thing on the face of the earth!!

hey......omg i cant believe that so many teams hated the weavers!!!....i was going for the weavers from day one because they are soooooo nice to each other!! if i could say who won it would be the weavers!!! they deserved it all the way...im not kidding!!! well if you get this rolly or any of the weavers ....email back...b/c i have sooooo much more stuff to say!!!....by the way


I'm soooo sad that the Weavers didn't win!!! Rolly was the best and hottest out of all of the teams!!! Rolly's on FIRE!!!

OH YEAH MY EMAIL ADDRESS IS.. cheergrl429@yahoo.com i was the one that put anonymous right above this email!!!

Rolly is the best and the hottest guy in the amazing race, ever! I wish that rolly would just e-mail me or just say, HI!!! that would be totally rad!!! that woul be the best Christmas gift, ever. and oh, I'm also a Christian. Rolly is number 1!!!!!!

Ya the weavers hsould have won, but w.e. everyone is too obsesed with rolly lol, i wanna meet him too but its not the end of the world if i dont so ya w.e

yeah so the weavers were getting kind of annoying! exept for Rolly! like he was really cool and stuf and really HOTT! lol and yeah but his sisters and mom werer really starting to get annoying. Especially when they quit looking for the clue box in the stadium, and Rolly wanted to look for it! it sucked that he couldn't go find it himself!

I think the Weaver family should've won. They deserved it. All of the other teams nagging on them and them taking it, and of course, the loss of their father/husband. I'm sure he was awesome. I'm so sorry for you guys! That's so sweet that Rolly "admits he's running the race for his father."

Okay, for all you Rolly Obsessive girls, I think you are being stupid. Yes I agree that he is gorgeous, but you need to get real. Some of you girls are like "I WANNA DO YOU! CALL ME!" That's a little wrong. And seeing as he and his family are Christians, he's not going to "do you." Looks aren't everything. Yeah he probably has a really good personality, but you don't know until you meet him. And as watching the show, has a great sense of humor. "You wish you were Lance Armstrong!" lol. And for being 14, he did really well with this race. I don't think I would've been able to do it!

Rolly-I feel REALLY bad for you. All these nasty obsessive girls saying this nasty stuff. I know I would hate it if I were you. Yeah, you are gorgeous, but some of these people are taking it too far. They shouldn't be saying that because they don't even know you. Yeah you're probably a great guy as I said before, but still.

Linda, Rebecca, Rachel, and Rolly:
Best of luck with your loss. I'm very sorry.

(oh and I posted this as anonymous, not whoever is above or below me idk which.)

Well that didn't type right.

And for being 14, I don't think i would have been able to do it! Seeing as I'm 14, too.

God Bless!
~anonymous lol
not putting my name because of creepy people who might read this. haha.

Hi Rolly, I think that you and you're family are the bests. You are very courageous and good luck.

Gurls umm yeah just like that gurl said up there looks are not everything you have to look in the inside of the person to really know if you like the person ya.. the looks have a little but if an ugly comes up to you what are goin to do when you found out that he is the nicest person you ever met..so just take that as an advice...well g2g bye

this is amanda the one who wrote that above not alex..

hey! weaver family is my favorite. they won 3rd and im happy for them. i really admire their mother. great mother, has a lot of guts and energy to face challenges! her daughters are also charming, i like their attitude. my idol, rolly, you are so cute, youre a hottie. im dying for your email. pls email me. WEAVER family is simply amazing! making great things possible!

its me sheree gil! Rolly i like you so much. I admire your family! for me youre the champions. email me:sheree_gil@yahoo.com.

Hey anyone actually gotten ahold of any of the weavers? lol I mean you all post your emails and stuff...does it actually work?

Hey I just want to say that I really liked the weaver family. Rolly was my favorite thought probably just because he's a around my age and stuff. You're really cool dude. And better yet youre a christian. Way to go, you went on TV and showed the entire country what you believe thats pretty awesome. My name is Ross and Im 17 from Michigan, if you wanna talk gimmie an email... FlossyPB@aol.com.

God Bless

Hey Rolly,
I think your so hott your Aunt Kay is my teacher so I think I know more about you than the other girls who are writing about you.Anyways I'm only 10 but if you don't have a girlfriend call your Aunt Kay and ask for my #!I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!Call Me PLEASE!!

i looked and i found what i think is their address and phone number. The address that i found is:
191 Pine Cone Dr.
Ormond Beach, Fl 32174

The phone number that i found is:

If any of you try this write back and tell me if this is them.

OMFG, rolly weaver is soo hot its not even funny!, i love him soo F'n much.. he is my idol!!!!!, i LOVEE the weavers:)

did anyone try their phone number yet?

hey omg you r so fine give me a ring 785-8254332

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