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The Ashlee Simpson Drunk at McDonalds Video

Posted by Fara Kearnes on November 4, 2005 8:08 PM |

Ashlee Simpson pic
"Bitch, stop talking to me. I'm nice." - a drunken Ashlee Simpson to McDonald's employee at 1:30 in the morning.

The untalented one has been in Toronto Wednesday doing press for her album but I guess her civility ends at midnight, or after two beers, whichever comes first. A new video (hosted at egotastic.com) show Ashlee at a McDonald's harassing an employee and telling one guy she won't have her picture taken with him because he wouldn't kiss her foot. She then tells him, "So, f**k you." Nice, he was probably her only fan in the restaurant.

What is it about Ashlee and cameras that she can't stay out of trouble?

Watch the video Ashlee Simpson Shit-faced in Toronto McDonto


i do not think that that was cool at all.how would you like it if someone put you on the enternet drunk?

ha ha the girl is just like everyone else ive been into a Mcdonalds and said shit to people that i probly shouldnt have too , ha ha Go Ashlee!!!!!!!

yea know, i dont think its ok to call ashlee a bad person. who hasnt gone to mcdonalds drunk? i think ashlee is the shit and i love her even if she does get drunk in public

Don't worry everyone, she wasn't really drunk. Joe Simpson has informed the media that it was just another bad reaction from the acid reflux.

i love ashlee simpson and who hasnt been drunk at mcdonalds i know i have the lady wouldnt kiss my foot!! ashlee is a goddess i dont care if she is drunk at the zoo who really cares?

i think she's a bitch, i wouldn't like to see a celebrity and ask for a picture and they tell you to kiss their foot...fuck that, she needs to pull her head out of her ass and realize that some people do actually look up to her

yo ashlee is the best i don't know why you guys would do that to her and put her on tape and embarris her,she's an awsome artists and you well at least she's a singer and lots of people that are getting put down because they dont have such a good voice so i would'nt be making infon of her

you rock ashlee just don't listen what they say to you

Go ashlee!!! Just because you are famous does not mean you are required to please everyone. I would have reacted the same!!

yo that was some funny shit i've seen from ashlee. the bitch was at McDonalds drunk as hell at 1 in da morning. that was some funny shit 4real. now i hope she comes on the daily show with jon, trying to explain herself. you best believe that i will tape. GO DRUNK BITCH AT MCDONALDS!!!!!

omg thats just funny. I dont know what I think of Ashlee Simpson. I go through these stages where I love her, I hate her, I love her, and then I hate her again. I need to make up my mind! lol

Ashlee Simpson was showing the real side of her by displaying an act of 'I'm better than you cuz I have lots of money'. "I bet your manager will be nice to me", I wouldnt have been, I would have treated her like any other customer and told her if she could not control herself that she would have to leave. What kinda shit is that. She is not that awesome. She got all her fame from her sister. Just another blonde haired, mundane singer with no real talent. She is not even that attractive. She looks like every other blonde robot in the US.


THAT WAS A COOL VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WTF ashlee simpson is suck a retarded dumb fuck. who goes to a mother fuckin restraunt and 1 in da mornin and starts cussing out everyone there cuz she is "famous" but really she's just a blonde bitch with money. but still how could the employee do nothing i would tell her to shut the fuck up and tell the bitch to go home like this: SHUT THE MOTHER FUCKIN HELL UP BITCH AND GO HOME U FUCKIN DUMB SHIT!!!!!

So, no on embarrassed Ashlee by filming her and putting said film on the internet. She embarrassed herself by acting like a b**** and talking down to someone. I have been drunk in public before, and I might have been loud and obnoxious, but I never talked down to someone or told them to kiss my foot. Who the hell does she think she is??

oh my god i never thought that ashlee would do that . the tape was wild and crazy. but any ways go ash

at least she was not lip syncing!!! Ashley was just having a little fun, but she should not be shallow and pick on other people. After all she did not like it when everybody booed her at that college football game.

that sucks wen people no matta who treat u like that even if they were drunk

i love ashlee she is so effin awesome lol that would so totally be me!!! i love her........

ashlee simpson is da coolest white chick eva ann i luv that song dance with your boyfriend

suck it dry if u dont like ashlee

You people on this board blinding defending this travesty:

1) Go back to school and learn proper spelling and grammar. You don't have Ashlee's money machine behind you, you will end up flipping burgers for a living if you don't educate yourselves.

2) Forget what I just said, you're a bunch of ignorant cretins anyway.

Hmm this basically confirms what I thought all along. Kids can't hold their liquor.

I couldn't have said it better Ladasha

ashlee simpson is lame. im surprised she could fit her big head through the mcdonalds door.

Poor Lashada. Telling people to learn grammar and then using a run-on sentence. Hahaha.

I used to have respect for Ashlee Simpson. I now think that she is a big snob. I will never ever buy an album of hers again. I'm sure that she will have an excuse for being such a mean person but I know that she is just stuck on herself. Everyone that I know will never buy a concert ticket or album of hers again. Ashlee, you can apologize all you want to the public but let me tell you, you are no better than anyone else. You should know how to treat people. It doesn't matter who the person is, you don't ask anyone to kiss your dirty ass foot. I will never support your off-key voice or lip-syncing fake self again. You have just lost a lot of fans due to your big headed attitude. You will never get us back. You can kiss my ASS. Thanks for letting us know who you really are. Your such a bitch.

Hey, its me ASHLEE SIMPSON hello i was drunk i did not remember any thing sorry. But i'm sorry that you guys won't forgive me for something that i did not even remember my friend had to tell me.SORRY EVERYBODY ILOVE YOU ALL EVEN IF YOU DON'T LOVE ME. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashlee Simpson... living proof that all the money and fame in the world can't buy class. If she had been a regular person they would have called the cops on her. Especially for being intoxicated in public, swearing at employees, and jumping on the counters. I wonder if she will blame this on the drummer?
P.S. People who really have acid reflux can't drink because alcohol worsens the disorder. Also it can mix with the medication. Not that I was stupid enough to believe her in the first place.

Note to Ashlee fans: stop being so dam naive and stupid. It's pathetic to worship people you'll never even meet. If you ever did meet her she'd tell you to kiss her feet. Get a life and grow the hell up. Trust me, when you get older you will be laughing at yourself for ever even liking her. In a few years Ashlee will be another has been. Just like Sandra, Peggy, Doris, Connie, Lesley, Debbie, Tiffany, Cyndi, Michelle, Lita, Maureen, Joan, Jennie, Alyssa ... so on and so on. (it happens to all of them)

These kid singers have everybody make their music for them. Ever heard of John Shanks or Kara DioGaurdi? They are some of the people that wrote and produced Ashlee's music, Hilary Duff's music, Lindsay Lohan's music, Avril Lavigne's music, Kelly Clarkson's music, and Paris Hilton's music. Google or wiki them.

ashlee simpson, if you don't remember what happened, well, there's like a bagillion videos of you all over the internet by now. shame, shame, shame... moral of the story, if you're "famous" don't go anywhere, bitching at everybody, while drunk cuz there sure'll be sum1 holding a cam w/ him/her to tape your every move... you're cool and all but you're a mean, lip-syncing, bitch!

well i think ashlee is an untalented dumb little girl that doesn't even know what she is doing half the time. what she needs is a freakin' reality check, and realize that singing is just not for her. because she sucks. and she's an alchoholic.

What the F*** does she think she is stupid B**** I used to like her stupid ass but not anymore she's very good at messing up her image. I think by now her "career" will be over in a couple of weeks or days. well dereved B***

everyone is always sayin if yur famous u have to watch everything u do cuz someone may be watching.... when r people going to realize that celebs r jus like normal people... they are nothin special and we need to stop worryin about what they do all the time... i've been drunk in McDonalds before and cursed out people... no one cared because im not famous.... so jus because she can sing its a big deal that she did something that we all have done

Wow, I think I am very impartial to what I saw on the video. On one had going into McDonalds drunk wasnt cool, but then again she is just a human being like all of us ( just cause she's famous dosent make her abnormal, just rich ). I would be annoyed too if people ALL THE TIME were asking for my autograph and time. It was kinda funny, but I think it may hurt her career in the long run. Nevertheless I still love Ashlee Simpson, shes got balls!

ashlee who??? kiss your what?..america doesnt even like you! we had to choose between you and your sister and we picked jessica the cute one..not the lip singing poser rocker

Yes she is a normal human being. I'll give her that. But, that doesn't really excuse it. When you become a celebrity, you choose to be in the public eye. So I have no sympathy for her. She has no right to act that way towards anyone. She's not above anyone and I really don't care how drunk she is. Either be humble and appreciate your fans and all that you have or don't have that kind of career. She should definitely be appreciative, because she has no talent in the first place and really doesn't deserve what she has. She just got lucky with her sister and the family she's got.

The headlines talk about a big freak out in McDnoald's. That was so tame, and lame, I can't even believe it. She's just some drunk girl at McDonald's. If THAT is mean to the employees - I must be Satan himself. Anyone who calls that mean desn't have a firm grasp of the meaning of the word.

look ashlee is the greatest and everybody knows it. She is so punk rock and maybe this is just the way she wants to show it even if she is drunk. Who the fuck hasn't been.

wow!! ashlee is the biggest bitch i have ever seen in my whole damn life!!!! and whoever that person was who left a comment sayin she would have reacted the same way ashlee did..they're fuckin mental 2. how could she tell a fan to kiss her foot and swear at them. wow...w/e she hads no talent anyway...

That was totally f***ed up from Ashlee to talk and treat people that are trying to help her stupid ass get some food. Doesn't she realize that it's those people that make her what she is? To be completely Honest, Ashlee wouldn't have gotten a deal if she wasn't Jessica Simpson's sister. So if you ever happen to read this ASHLEE: "Get off your high horse and be thankful you still have a career AND FANS after your SNL flop."

This is a bigger issue than Ashlee getting drunk and treating the worker and a customer like they are beneath her. The BIG issue is that Ashlee is representing the USA in Canada. I'm not sure about you but she was not making a good 'ambassador' for us.

I think it is fine to go out and get drunk but it is not fine to treat other human beings with no respect. In addition, do you realize that this little episode is being played all around the world? No wonder people from other countries think we are snobs. We have to realize that from a national perspective if we are in another country people lump the actions of 1 person to the whole country.

Ashlee needs to not only apologize to the two people she treated horribly but also the country of Canada (our friendly allies) and America.

This behavior is unacceptable.

Ok, I loved Ashlee and give her props for overcoming some of the things she had to deal with, but, you do not tell a fan you will not take a picture cuz they won't kiss your feet!!! She's not better than anyone else and should not have such an ego. If I were that fan I would be crushed that she would say that to me. What kind of person does that. Drunk or not she shouldn't treat people that way she hated others who were rude to her. She is just like the people who put her down!!! Money doesn't mean you can get away with sitting on the counter or telling people to kiss your feet!!! Screw that!

okay thats not ashlee simpson so take it off you people are soo annoying shes not like that shes amazing so get over yourself. byee

She thinks she can get away with anything because idiots like her fans, or any famous persons fans, lead them to think that. "Oh, they're a star, so we have to treat them special". Screw that!

Only idiots listen to ashlee simpson

what a loser. she can't sing and she's such a fake.

I have gone to that McDonalds in downtown T.o.
it's right on Bloor st.

I ask't some employes if this is where Ashley Simpson was in! They replied yes and that she also said she was at a bar earlier on.

they would rather not talk about it though

but it's not like that's the first time they seen people drunk over there.

I would have kissed her feet

Ohh Ashlee what wont you do to get attention from ppl. So rich adn famous now it jsut doesnt seem to be enough. Still living in the shadows, or jsut the shadow of your hangover. dun dun da dun dun da dund a dun daund dun da da I DIDNT STEAL YOUR FIRES


What's the big deal here? he could have his picture with a great celebrity such as ashlee. all he had to do is kiss her shoe

Just because Ashlee Simpson is rich and famous (both b/c of her sister) never exscuses what she's done this time. It's almost disturbing how many stupid immature stunts she will pull to get air time over her sister. Ashlee, Your voice seriously sounds horrible when you sing and even when you talk. Please Go Far Away. Honestly these people who buy your albums are obviously 5-13 yr old girls. How do you sleep at night knowing how much of a fake lifestyle you live? Get over your sisters fame and your family's money. You are annoying, ugly, and trashy. All the money in the world can't change who you really are. A little girl from central Texas who would have been nothing without your older sister. She's not all that great either. But 100 times better than you in ALL categories.

Yeah go Ashlee! I did the same thing when I was in Vegas except I was a big bitch to the employee. I threw food and soda all over the place and cussed the bitch out! Yeah, I was drunk and she was pissing me off so yeah. I love Ashlee! She's so cute!

Ashley, I am sorry that I was not there. To get a picture of you, I would have gotten on my knees to kiss your feet until you ask me to stop. You are a great and just to be close to a celebrity like you would have made my heart beat 1000 miles per hour.

I would LOVE to kiss Ashlee simpsons feet !! if she asked me to even smell them I would !!!

mmm I would like to lick ashlee's feet and smell them all day, I would really like to be ashlee's slave too!

Ashlee Simpson is so up herself, I used to think that she was ok, but now I realise what she really is...

she was just drunk!!! like all you stupid hypocrites dont make mistakes. leave her alone and worry about ur life!

she was just drunk!!! like all you stupid hypocrites dont make mistakes. leave her alone and worry about ur life!

Ashlee simpson is probably the most useless person on this planet who has absolute no talent. Seriously do everyone a favor and get lost. Name one thing shes done!? Shes a complete idiot and moron..did people forget she can't even sing! And dancing..dont even get me started..in her video La La..what the fuck is she doing? u call that dancing? Retards dance better than she does!

I agree..Ashlee definately needs to go into hiding in 2006. She's about as useful as Paris Hilton.

Who the hell is she not to give a fan her autograph. It's not like shes a big superstar, she can't fuckin sing at all, she's such a poser and dancing..well it's just better if we don't go there. Take a hike Ashlee, your two minutes of fame are done!..in fact, it should have only lasted 2 seconds.

i like her music but i think it is stupid of her to act like that. Just because she is famouse and has money douse not mean she can talk to people like that.

Wow.....I really worry about future generations if this is what they look up to.


i think they shouldnt make a BIG deal out of it. Who hasnt act crazy when they're drunk!!! Give her a break, She's tha best. i STILL luv ya Ash!

I would kiss ashley's sexy, red, dirty feet all night long, they are soo sexy. i would smell and lick them.

i love ashlee no matter wat!! she rox!!!

This just proves what an ignorant, childish, irresponsible and untalented witch she really is. To go into an establishment that is family oriented, and in front of people trying to have dinner with their kids, the idiot goes in there, drunk and foul mouthed acting like she's retarded and demanding things, like she's the queen of mentally challenged superstars. Oh wait....I'm sorry, I just figured it out, she must be....my apologizies. It was my band, they threw me off for a minute.

Way to go Ashlee!!! It would be an honor to kiss your dirty feet!!

tasha shut up your just pissed off because your notas talented as her. haters go to hell. ashlee rocks! peace out bitches!ha ha!

She's great. It's not a sin to drink. It's fun and it takes off a huge load. At least she's legal. It's not like she was stoned or high off of snorting black tower herion. Chill people. Just because this guy happened to have his special little ''camera phone'', doesn't make it ok to post someone's drunken mistake all over the internet.

All u stupid ass people need to stop hatin on ashlee cause she is an amazingly talented singer/actress*!!* And Yall r just fucking jealous b/c yall cant be makin half the goddamn money she makes and if she wants to fucking get drunk and go to McDonalds then Let her do whatever she fucking wants and dont worry about it!! like any of yall hasnt ever got fuckin drunk! ok so yall need to get a fucking life and go to hell u stpuid MOTHERFUCKERS! im out biotches

i think ashlee simpson is a great singer but not better than jessica!! she is only famous cuz of her
i think ashlee thinks she is hot shit and needs to get over herself
hopefully she learned from this she is just like everyone else!!

lets get started
Ashlee Simpson is not a singer or an actress. I know this because i happen to know what it takes to be a singer a songwriter and a musician. i am all of the above for a band called spring loaded. Granted we aren't famous yet but we do write, perform and god forbid SING!!!! our own music. As a musician i understand that the people who nuy my cd's are the ones who pay my rent. I work for them. So if they want me to have a picture taken with them I do it and say thank you no matter how drunk I am. (and I am quite often.)
I am also a canadian and if I had my way I wouldn't let that slime across my border. It's people like her that made fun of the wheelchair kid in grade school. If we would all just try to understand the complexities of music we would know that ashlee simpson is a drunken talentless whore of astronomical sizes. but we wont so the world is listning to the creations of the incredibly stupid.
And ashlee. If you ever read this please take note. YOU SUCK! learn music, cut back on the whore makeup and stop pissing people off. It's shamefull

I dont know whats more pathetic. Simpsons actions or you people actually defending her. You know what we call those people who get drunk and go to McDonalds and harass everyone? The dredge of society! These people telling her to pull her head out of her ass, sorry, its all in vain. She is uncapable of unfucking herself. She is a spoiled talentless whore(and yes i am more talented than her) who should stick to learning from Millie Vanillies mistakes and stay the hell out of Toronto. I hope she chokes to death on a regurgitated McNugget that some disgruntled McDonalds employee slips in her cheeseburger. Oh yeah, don't think i have forgotten about you foot fetish slimes that go on about her feet. Unfuck yourselves you shameless deviants. No one cares how much you love feet or Simpson. Just cause your horney and shes famous soesent make her any less of a cop out, media frenzied, spoiled little brat. Get some pride for fuck sakes.

You people are so stupid Ashlee Didnt get her fame from her sister she did it herself.

Ashlee did nothing wrong. Heck I would pay to be that lucky fan who ashlee actually had a chance to clean the goddess foot. I would have done it willingly and asked to clean her shoes and eat her toejam too. I would love to sniff her sweaty socks. I would love to eat her toejam

I would spend my life serving ashlee simpson as her dog. I would pay to do this. I would be her human toilet I would eat her poop and drink her pee. I would clean her shoes socks and underwear.She could use my tongue as toilet paper. Of course this is just a fantasy

i love ashlee's feet i can serve him as her dog i want to be her foot slave i want to lick her soles suck her toes kiss her wonderful feet i wish iwas there and ashlee the foot godess wants me tp kiss her foot ashlee you ans jessica all i want is to be your foot slaves and serves you like a dog

i would love to kiss ashlees feet i would do anything 4 her i would lick her feet i would be her slave and kiss her ass i will be her slave 4 life i would lick her ass ill be her human dog she kan sit on my face and i would love just to kiss her feet just anything of her body ashlee is my idole 4 life!!

First of all, Ashlee is just an ordinary girl who got drunk at MacDonalds, second, even though she's a celeb it's just because she can sing well, and third, it really sucks to have someone put up a video of you like that on the internet. I neither hate nor like Ashlee Simpson, heck I only like one of her songs. SO I'm neither a crazy fan or a hater. So yeah.

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