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Amazing Race 8: "If You Live, Let's Go Out!"

Posted by Fara Kearnes on November 23, 2005 4:34 PM |

The Amazing Race 8 families toured some amazing scenery in south Utah in the eighth leg of the tour and all the teams loved it - except the Weavers who didn't appreciate any of it. The desert, the mountains, Lake Powell, wide open spaces. Pfffft. Doesn't impress Rebecca Weaver, who says that anyone who thinks the world is overpopulated needs to visit there. Uhmm, what-eva Becka!


So the teams head out from the Lake Powell pitstop to Monument Valley, Utah to John Ford's Point. The Weavers reach the box first and receive a clue that tells two members to take a heli ride to the top of Elephant Butte. No challenge here, just a nice awesome view of desert and butte formations. You know - God's country. Rebecca yawns.

Sharon Pink complains about little sis Christineís talking and wonders if she has a word quota she has to reach every day. Way to diss your sis! You gotta admit, Christine does talk a lot. Yowzer. And about nothing interesting. And that makes me wonder about the editing being done on AR, I mean, the Weavers keep complaining about all the hate their getting from the other teams but we haven't seen it, yet whatever is going on behind the scenes have caused the other teams to yield the Dubyas twice now. Except for the goody-goody Bransens who have declared themselves neutral. Also horrible this race is the lack of interesting dialogue -- just "Good job, guys. Good job, Lauren. Go, Lindsay! Whhooooaaa! Good job, you guys." Gawd. Sounds like a freaking softball team.

But speaking of dialogue, the Linz bruisers keep getting funnier, what with the "Mexican hat rock" comment and "Howa bouta pick-a-nick basket" greeting to a freaking 1,100-lb GRIZZLY bear. They Linzes and the Bransens are having the time of their lives while the Pinks are being driven slowly insane by the chatterbox sister, and Rolly Weaver has become an Army of One. Seriously, except for driving, he does all the tasks - swimming, going up in the WWII plane, helicopter touring, ski jumps. What has Rebecca or Rachel done? He's even begun to speak (Rolly speaks!) which also cool - he's definitely experiencing stuff that will change his life. And his sisters show nothing but contempt for what they've been through the last few weeks. Rachel/Rebecca snapped in the SUV that she thought "the people who win will just spend [the money] on a new nose job and big boobs." Whoa, was that a smack on the Bransens? They aren't racked but then they're all wearing sports bras and that tends to flatten the hell out of any curves. The Pinks? No boob jobs needed there, so maybe Rachel/Rebecca is jealous of Meghan Linz?


Anyhoo, the first task is a choice between desert bike riding (downhill) 6 miles or rappeling 270 feet off a cliff. The Weavers choose the bikes but then find the going to be tough, while the other 3 teams do the cliff drop. When are we going to have a challenging Amazing Race when teams have to do BOTH, like, rapple down the cliff THEN ride a mountain bike for 6 miles to get the next clue. There, now that would be a race! This detour was AMAZINGLY uneventful.

Then it's off to Park City, Utah, where the roadblock involves a very cool ski jump into a pool. (I would so do that.) The Linz bruisers yield the Weavers (what a surprise!) and the most athletic member of each team volunteers to go catch some sweet air. But not sick air - only Nick Linz and Rolly Weaver went for altitude, the two chicks sort of just whiffed off the end of the ramp. Nick's take off spanked it but his FACE PLANT landing was hilarious!

Best line of the day: "If you live, let's go out!" (Some dude at the top of the ramp asking out the very cute Bransen daughter.)

2nd best line: "You WISH you were Lance Armstrong!" (Rolly heckling bikers training on the road as they drove past. Bikers don't train in Florida?)

3rd bestest line: "Chris, stop talking."

4th bestest line: "Miss Utah? Ooooh, Miss LATIN Utah - even better!" (the horndog Alex/Tommy/Nick at the finish line.)

Worst line of the day: "We are the only nice family left." (Come on, Weavers. There hasn't been anything wrong with any of the families on this race - you're the ones inciting the neg feedback.)

The Linz bruisers finally nab a first place finish and won a trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Bransens are second and do the usual happy dance. The Pinks pull in pleasantly surprised that they are still in the Amazing Race and Michelle (who has a great dry wit - I'm liking her more) checks her watch and says Christine hasnít made her word quota for the day.

The Weavers are resigned to be eliminated and say that they are so over it and so done with the other hateful teams -- but wait! It's non-elimination which every AR viewer knew, because it just isn't time for the final three yet. The Weavers stagger in like they couldn't care less but Phil gives them a pep talk and that "Phil look" that says "don't ruin my show, you wenches!" Mom and the girls change their minds and are encouraged by the thought of sweet revenge on the other teams. They vow to return and fight to the finish!

Next week: The Bransen and Linzes are on a collision course in hot air balloons, while Ma Weaver confronts the lads about the yield and tells them they are gonna be sorry!


I think that anything that comes out of Rolly's mouth is hott. Even if it is an insult. I also think that when his shirt is off he is so hotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt


I hope the Weaver's win. They have been through alot. Though they may not alwyas be nice... why should they be? It is a race and there will only be one winner. They don't have to be nice to the other teams... also Rolly cannot run the WHOLE race on his own therefore Rachel and Rebecca obviously do care about it. They are not just lazy. so. GO WEAVERS! they deserve it the most. definately. Rolly is EXTREMELY hott too. omg i like love him.

I think Rolly is Hot and his family deserves to win! hes hottttttttttttttttttttttttttt! i love him. its not an obsession, its a crush =)

Omg! Rolly is soooooooo HOT!!! I hope the Weavers win!They deserve it they've been through alot!I LOVE ROLLY!!!

one of the weavers, add me to msn or email me at@ pretty_iin_piink@hotmail.com
i think your family is truly the greatest
Alicia F, 15

Rolly is soooo hott!! i have been wanting him to win since the begging!!!! i saw upset to see them lose!!!! and sad to say that i cant see rolly any more!!! luv ur rolly!! wat a hottie!! lol!! xoxoxoxox, rolly!!!!
yea rolly if u r reading this or any of the weavers IM me at PreTtyinPinK5344!! i really want to talk to rolly!!

weavers rock you are soooo awsome and rolly you are soooo hottttt i was so upset when it was over cause i cant see ya any more. you should of won if any of the weavers are reading this im me at meggiemax112293 i really whant to talk to you cause you are so awsome cause your christans ans rolly youm are super hot you can also e mail me at meggiemax112293aim.com xoxoxoxrollys hot megxoxoxo

The weavers lost!!!:(:( nooooo
rolly is sooo sexi!!!
n now i cant c hym n e more:(:(:(:(

Hey omg rolly is sooooo hott. And his family did deserve to win but they didnt. And I hated the Linz's they were dumb jocks they had no point at all to win. But the weavers did. they've been through a lot...but rolly is soo awesome. and if rolly reads this... jsut to make it clear...im not obsessed lol i just wanna get to know u .... thats all... plz add me on msn messenger or yahoo... whichever you have if u have one.... queen_victoria1992@hotmail.com for msn and ashleygurl22 for yahoo. kk ttyl HOPEFULLY...
Ashley-14-F- minnesota

Hey I love Rolly Weaver he is sweat and sesitive and not to mention HOTT I want to talk to him plz so plz any Weavers I would love to talk to you Love you alL Kelsey:)

hay i love rolly he iz so tute n hot! lol. he is so nyc n the main part dat his family got into the final. i feel so sorry for him and his family losing his daddy! hay if ne weavers r readin dis email mi or add mi ta msn



hey it is really sad that the weavers lost there dad i feel so sad for all of them and it is really hard. i no u guys will get through it. i wished u guys won i think u guys diserved it because what u guys r going though and it was really mean of the other teams to be mean to u guys but i was routing for the weaver the whole way through. and o ya rolly u r so cute and nice and i really like u because we r alot alike u like sports i like sports and alot of other things. and if any of the weavers read this plez email me i want to hear from one of u. and when u lost i like cry god i really wanted u to win

i Totally agree with everyone that ROlly IS SO HOTT!!! i want to meet him so bad and i wish he knew me but rolly if you ever see this then add me to your email if you have it miss_muffy_6@hotmail.com!! ok luv ya so much xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

hey ok all of the coments are right he is hott and what not but however at this age it is not really love it's puppy love and therefore we can't really love him just think he's one of the hottest things in the world and realy it's like we say we love our favorite shirt but Rolly instead and it's not really true we obviously love our family's though (although we may think we don't sometimes)So i just want to say Rolly if you are reading this you are hot!!!!!

hey everyone!!! i live in australia and the family edition season isnt ove for us yet and now i know that the weavers lose:( i luv them...especially rolly! it realli annoys me how all the utha teams hate them so much...and i luv it when the weavers tease them coz they totally deserve it!!im going to a cristian school next year but i have no idea how to say a prayer and stuff!!its a bit sad realli! any way if you want to add me on msn feel free to do so!
rolly i luv ur name its sooo cute!!!
luv tori

rolly weaver is sooooooooo cutttttteeeee...he's extraordinary....
he is soooooo great(same with his sisters....and mum)

rolly, pls send me an email.....kateap1031@yahoo.com
rebecca, pls send me also an email....

to all people out there, you are so cute!

hahaha well i seem saying i love rolly isnt gonna work alot of ppl love him haha well if you guys are reading thsi well done you guys one a great race and i kno how hard it is to lose a parent and the way u guys handle it was just amazing so strong you guys helped me you really did.....thank you for a great show:)and if you wanna be intoush aye you cane my addy is sexc_babii_fallin@hotmail.com oh yeh and i do think rolly is a lil hottie hehe:P
lov ya Yvonne

hahaha well i seem saying i love rolly isnt gonna work alot of ppl love him haha well if you guys are reading thsi well done you guys one a great race and i kno how hard it is to lose a parent and the way u guys handle it was just amazing so strong you guys helped me you really did.....thank you for a great show:)and if you wanna be intoush aye you cane my addy is sexc_babii_fallin@hotmail.com oh yeh and i do think rolly is a lil hottie hehe:P
lov ya Yvonne

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