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Amazing Race 8: Leave it to Weaver

Posted by Fara Kearnes on November 2, 2005 5:19 PM |

"We hate the Weavers" seems to be the emotional bond that's bringing the other teams together as the families headed off to Costa Rica in this week's 6th episode of Amazing Race 8. The embarrassing Weaver clan -- I mean the three crazy females, not poor, shy Rolly Weaver -- are self-professed Christians who are often caught on-camera spewing more hate than a neo-nazi rally.


The New Jersey Paolos are really coming together as a family and it's incredible to see that participating in a reality show for a month has done more for them than years of expensive therapy ever could. Ma Paolo annoyed every viewer during the first two weeks of the race but has morphed into the one you want to cheer for. Son DJ still yells but there are tell-tale signs he's treating both of his parents with more respect after they've come through for him every time. Boo-ya!

Papa Bransen seems to be growing a pair and is getting testy with his daughters. He was just along for the ride before but now that they are among the last six teams, he's smelling that million bucks and wants to win. O ya, baby, he's wants it.

The Paolos made it to the Yield Mat first and laid it on the un-christian Weavers who are back to asking the Lord for every little thing, and saying they've been raised not to trust anybody but God. Way to get along in the world, freaks. The Weavers find out they have been yielded and they are not happy about it as they spend their hour standing around making fun of the other teams and their publicity photos. Judge not least ye should not be judged or however that goes.

Teenagers Rachel and Rebecca Weaver made fun of the Tony Paolo's garbage truck (he really is a garbageman) in the Paolo familyís picture while waiting for the yield to expire. Next, the Weaver girls pulling out the Godlewski sistersí picture and cracked "I hope those boobs cost a lot!" As the other teams run past them from completing the "find the pebble in the pile, grasshopper" roadblock, they wonder in amazement why the other teams hate on them so much.

Hey, what goes around comes around. The only amusing thing is that Rolly always looks mortified by his family, which is normal for any 14 year old. He must get razzed at school when this thing is shown like, "Dude, that's your mommmmm?" And Rebecca, that stripey hair must die.

Blessed are the Gaghans for they are filled with joy. (Weavers take note.) The parents have endless amounts of patience with those two little ones and never complain. The road block of searching through coffee beans to find the red one was especially trying for Ma Gaghan, and as a result it put them far behind the other teams.

The Detour was a choice between following a rope bridge course to collect relics, or haul bananas. Papa Paolo lifted up those banana bushels (100 pounds?) like they were nothing, while the sons sweated and groaned and admired their dad's bull strength. Brian said, "Dad, youíre a frickiní monster. I donít know how you did that." And DJ added, "I cannot do what my father does." They were the only team to choose the banana run, while the others went up on the suspended bridges.

The Linz continue to cruise under the radar, right in the middle of the pack while the Pink Sisters, the Godlewskis, continue to argue and bicker more than the Paolos. If those bitches were my sisters I would so want out of that family.

The Gaghans know they are in last place but try just the same, knowing that a bit of luck might come their way. And it did as the Weavers get stuck in the wet grass and Ma Weaver went all Joan Crawford on her kids and started yelling at them then saying she just can't go on, just can't DO IT anymore. These meltdowns on TV are what AR viewers live for. (Yes!)

The Paolos reach the Pit Stop first and win some cool ride options - they each get a Segway, Vespa, jet ski or ATV. The Gaghans come in last and get eliminated. Little Carissa, the show's own Dakota Fanning in training, is heartbroken and Phil tries to say something nice and not too inane. But the good news is, we are down to the five strongest teams, all interesting. Things are looking up.


The Weravers are great bunch of poeple and everyone needs to get a clue!! Grow up there just like u in this game for reasons ... and theirs are just as important as yours!! So leave em alone !!!!!!! P.S Rolly give me call :)

love always Tania,

First I want the Weaver family to know that my heart goes out to them. The awful things the Linz family has said about them is terrible. When I saw the one sister cry at the Pit Stop today I almost cried myself. I can't believe that CBS has put these nasty remarks into the series and that the Weavers are at home hearing them. Please know that my husband and I truly hope that you won the race and no matter what you were the team with style, the only team that was. I never heard any of you fighting with each other and you are playing the game the way it should be.
I wish I had a way to email you to tell you this and I hope you get to read this.

tania it seems your just as intelligent as the weavers. (thats a bad thing)

The poor family lost their father in a tragic accident, leave them alone!

the weavers are hateful, rude people who are also amazingly clueless. Whyd oes everyone hate them? Because they think they are better than everyone, throw trash at people, spend time actually trying to hinder other people, etc. Their holier than thou attitude will bite them in the butt eventually, i'll be surprised if any of those rude children have friends.

I believe the Weavers are hated because they profess to be Christians, but aren't the personification of Christ-like selflessness. Sure they've said some unkind things about their competitors, but so has everyone else as far as I can see. Since when are Christians supposed to be perfect? Especially teen-agers? I do fault the mom for not speaking to her daughter's petty comments, but I suppose she has to pick her battles like any parent. She is a widow after all.

Rolly (as far as I know) hasn't had anything but a great attitude and has not generally joined in saying unkind things about any of his competitors. For the sake of that great fatherless young man, I hope the Weavers win.

I hope the Weaver family wins. They are the only team i am rooting for. Plus, Rolly is very cute!!

rolly weaver, you are absolutly gorgeous. I really hope you win, call me!!

I think that the weaver family deserves way more graditude then what they are concived to be having! I really like rolly, hes really hot and i want to meet him!

The weaver family sucks !!!!!What a big bunch of hypacrits!!!Two whinning fat girls, A dumbass son, And A back stabbing mom Who doesn't have a clue about god!!!Hey mom Start praying for your kids dont grow up like you and not for a red bean!!!!!!!!

ROLLY WEAVER is the most goreous guy omg hes sooo freakin hot and i love the Weavers i think that the sisters are really pretty and the mom is so nice and there such a fun family ...and again ROLLYS HOT...Rolly if u ever read this E-MAIL ME =) the Weavers really should win there the best team !!!!

i absolutly love The Weaver family...
Racheal, Rebecca and Rolly are gorgeous children seriouly...The Weaver family is like the best fmily there seriouly the reason i watch the amazing race! I really want them to win...they deserve to win...my heart goes out to them for the loss of there father...they are being very stong ...if i lost my dad would go insane and i dont know how they are dealing with it!
and 1 more thing...ROlly ur seriously gorgeous omg hes such a hottie...if u see this e-mail me=)
much love!

ROLLY CALL ME :p lmao ur 0o0o0o0o soo0o0o sexxi :P accept for the fact that u really cant call me.. but yeah.. anyways- i hope if he looks on here he see's this
ADD ME x_dani_o@hotmail.com .. everyone else add me too.. lol.

hey omg the weaver team is the only team i like on here and plus rolly is really cute if he reads this email me

I really the weaver family, they r soo cool! um i am rooting for them to win for sure!!! yeah my friend zoe is totally in love with ROlly!! they should defently hok up cuz she so damn sexy and hes a hottie!

tania i agree with you rolly give me a call, i like the weavers yah the girls might we weird and rude but rolly is sexy! hes the reason i watch it!!! i really enjoy him and hes myy age:):) soo rolly if you read this find me :) i live in canada man!

Rolly Weaver = Sexy thing I have ever seen

OMG the Weavers rock! I love them mostlty ROlly he is so hot !!!!!!(L)(K)I love you Rolly !!CALL ME BABY . ALSO don't listen to what other people say there is nothing wrong with you . YOU did nothing, is it because your Christains or because you don't want to be buddy buddy with everyone? ANYWAYS who cares what other people say there GAY ! ALSO LINDA YOUR so lucky you HAVE A gorgeous son and have two beautiful daughter's. ALSO IM SORRY ABOUT UR HUSBAND i bet he was great . ASLO ROLLY if u every read this i really want to meet u ! don't worry and not an old women im a teen. WEll i love u guys and im cheering for u and i hope u win good luck !

OMG! All of you Weaver haters need to just just shut up! It's a good thing that they are Christians. Even though they take a break every now and then, it doesn't mean that you have to talk about them. They are just playing the game like everyone else! I hope they win! Besides, who doesn't love Rolly!


Please, Rolly call me! At least I live near him. (Miami btw) so hot

om i loooooovee rollly!!! he is sooooo unbelievably hot!!! and when i saw him on last nights episode with his shirt off...omg ..that was seriosuly the hottest thing ever!! i love yooouuu rolly!!

I love the Weaver family! I really hope they win. They're the best team and everyone else has been so mean to them :( And also Rolly is sooo Hot!!! I love him. He's such a cutie and the best part is we're both the same age and omg.. it was so hot last night seeing him with his shirt off! I love you Rolly!! You rock! :)

You guys serioulsy need glasses. The Weavers are poop stains on the underwear of life.

The Weavers are great people from what i see on TV. You All are judging them all wrong and it's not right,and yeah they are hurt i can't plaim them for being a little emotional they have lost someone that's really important to them and they LOVE, but they are keeping and sticking together, and pulling through like champions. and they deserve a-lot and i totally respect them.
love YALL Hailee Michelle!!!

ROLLY is really cute but i am sure he is taken(crap) and his sisters and mom are gorgious and they are great people and they live in FLORDIA my state SEMONOLES all the way (even though they suck this year) you all are awsome and would really like to see YALL look me up.j/k

Love YALL Hailee Dietz

I do feel sorry for the loss the Weaver family has been through, they should be in therapy because they hatrid towards all other people is so consuming they don't even seem to notice it. They profess to be Christian but act like they have never even read the bible, I mean even the ten commandments how many do they break in each episode? I find it disgusting that they feel so self righteous, and the Mother should be embarassed since she is not correcting her childrens behavior. It is a shame that we have another family like this in our country hiding behind "God" and the Church, when in reality they need to learn to practice what they preach. I nearly fell off the couch laughing when they told Phil they didn't understand why they were all alone - because you alienate everyone else? Because you are rude, you are clueless, and you don't deserve to be so successful in this game while the Gaghan family goes home? The Weavers are a sad example of a large portion of our society, and all you guys that "love them" are most likely cut from the same mold. "God" luck to you all.

The Weavers SUCK!!! They are the consumate holier-than-thou-evangelicals. Talking crap about everyone else and getting all upitty when people throw it back at them. GO LINZ!!! Now that's one awesome & hot family!!!

I am personally pulling for the Weavers myself. It seems that the teams that hate them started hating them when the Weavers started beating them to the finish line. Seems like jealousy to me, but just an opinion. I do agree that the females are rather foolish at times, but no more so than some of the other families. Rolly deserves the win though, the kid plays hard never gives up, he's carrying the team and I hope he carries them to victory!

I can't believe so many people would be so condoning of the attitudes that the Weaver family have towards EVERYBODY but themselves. My wife and I are christians, attend our church regularly, and have been Amazing Race fans since the beginning. We have watched the 3 female members of the Weaver family be petty, mean, rude, conniving, and disrespectful towards thier fellow racers. Every week, they spew hate towards any and all teams, and then wonder aloud why everybody hates them. In tuesday's episode (2-hour), they passed a garbage truck on the highway, and wondered if the Paolo family were "inside". They try to get a park ranger to delay the Linz family by lying to the ranger, and telling him that the Linz's want a "detailed history" of the park. Last I checked, lying was wrong for christian or otherwise. There are other examples too numerous to mention.

We would love to support a christian team that tries their best to run a respectful race, but we hope every week that the Weaver family are eliminated. Uchena & Joyce (Season 7)were a christian couple who ran a respectful race. They never did something that had me wondering what their pastor thought of that. Let me tell you, if I ran the race with my family, and ran it like the Weavers, my pastor would have a long talk with us when we got back. And he should.

OMG!!! i absolutely love the WEAVER FAMILY to death! they are just so awesome! i just dont understand some of u people out there saying all those negative things about them.. they are great! U guys are definately the best team to win and i hope u guys did win! everyone here is obviously cheering u on and of course i am too! i am also very sorry about your dad... i wish i could help! well goodluck! and also... not to sound like every other crazy teenage girl on here but ROLLY if u read this u are so incredibly HOT!!! i have to tell ya... u make me and many other ppl want to watch the show even more and well i dont get how all these ppl are asking u to e-mail them cause how r u suppose to have their e-mail address... but if u do dont leave me out!!! hottie! well ill be watching and i hope u guys have won!!!! ~later~

omg! rolly is soooooooo hot! rolly is the hottest guy i ever met!
if you read this email, please email me back!
aaaaaaaaaaah i can'T beleive im doing this! i love rolly!
i promise i won't pester u about how hot u r! just email me! plz!!!!!
from paula!
p.s my friend wants to noe if u hav a six-pak

I LOVE THE WEAVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rolly is the hottest most gorgeous man ever!!!!
Hey, Rolly, if u see this, u have to email me...
i just wish they'd stop throwing trash at the Godlewskies...that IS kinda rude.

I think that the Weavers are a great family that are a bunch of hardworkers; trying to win the race, like every other family! People the family "crazy and rude" but seriosuley, it adds to the show and I don't think that they are rude or crazy, I think they are a great bunch of people. They all encourage each other and stick together, no matter how tough it can get. And just a thought, but maybe the rest of the families are jealous that everyone in the Weaver family is really good-looking..;)..They are sticking together, despite the loss of their father and they are doing well.
<3 Jenna

PS: Rolly, if you ever read this, you did incredible in the plane!!!

The Weaver family are playing the game differently. As Rachel said at the Pit Stop, "We're all alone," and sometimes doing your own thing is the right way to go.

If anyone remembers Brandon and Nicole (Season 5), who had the title "Dating Christians" under their names, they got through the entire race, ending up in third. Brandon kept mentioning their faith in G-d and how G-d was going to pull them through, but no one complained about them (okay, so they were not rude like the Weavers)!

I do believe that the Weaver family have a good shot of getting Top 3. Who is next to go? I would say the Bransen family. The relationship between the girls and their father is deteriorating.

To Linda, getting your kids to get through the tasks at Talladega and SuperKart race tracks was not easy, but you pulled it off like a pro. I was scared too when in PA the buggy lost control and when Tommy Linz almost (or did he?) hit you in this last episode. I would be as devastated as your kids were if I was in the same situation.

And to Rolly, who I agree is the only member of the family to have not make fun of or be rude at the other families, keep your head held high and you'll do fine. You are the silent strong type. The ladies (who support you and the rest of your family) on this forum love you because you were shirtless at Playa Maracas. They will probably want more of that (okay, what am I saying - they do!).

Halifax, NS, Canada


hey! the Weavers are awesome i love them!
rolly is hot hes a gorgeous Guy..
if you guys read this which u probably won't but, just keep your spirits up and don't worry
about what other people say! people just are mean cuz there just dumb.. i guess.


ROLLLYS SOOOOO HOT hes seriously soooo omg omg omg
Rolly if u ever read this e -mail MEEEEEE
(click on my name its...under my message in blue and my e-mail will be there)


The Weavers are like the best team there and everyone is mean 2 them. Rolly you are so hot!!

omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ROLLY is the hottest guy on earth!!!!!and i mean hotttttttzzzzzzz. Anywayz, E me if u can, Rolly(even though u probably won't)

I love the weavers they are so awesome!
I LOVE ROLLY WEAVER HE IS SO gorgeous! I aslo think the two sisters are beautiful.I just love the weavers.LInda is also a great person she is nice and careing for everyone around her.HEY weavers if u every read this im really sorry about ur husband/DAd i bet he was a wonderful man.Also rolly i really wish i could meet u,seem like such a wonderful guy and who would not want u.I don't understand why everyone hates u guys? you guys are great they have know reason to. JUST don't listen to what other people say about u. They don't know what there talking about.OMg rolly i can't belive how hot you are!call me!well im cheering for you guys and i hope u win it all! Your the best! I love YOU Rolly!!!!!(L)


i really don't understand you people...

first off, girls u have to get over yourselves and stop being shallow...get over looks...looks aren't everything...

second...you people need to get a grip...the weavers are doing their best...NO ONE is perfect...even christians...ok? so get over it...

the weavers are a great family and they are doing their best...if u say that what goes around comes around, and that's why they are hated...then why, in episode 8, do they smile at the other teams, and the other teams ignore them? They only ragged on the people who ragged on them first...It's not cool that the other teams are so biast against the Weaver family...

the Weavers rock...get over yourselves...

i think the Weavers should win!!
They deserve to win so much!!
I really want to meet rolly
Go Weavers!!

Lmao you think Rolly talks alot in the game, and you think he will email you back.? Think twice

Weaver family,
I think you are the best out of all the teams, plus Rolly is "Georges." ;) I tink that it is really cool that you are Christen. I am also Christen. I vote for you Weaver family!

Kimberlie Webb

i think the Weavers should win!!
They deserve to win so much!!
I really want to meet rolly
Go Weavers!!

hey weavers
win for me
Rolly i think you are so hot and really cute.
i can't beleive you flew a plane
I was so scared
Rolly i love you email me please
it would meen the world to me
go weavers!!!

I luv you Rolly Weaver! Kiss Me!


OMG I LOVE THE WEAVERS! they are going to win the amzing race. ROLLY IS SO HOTT! I LOVE HIM! and i am the weavers #1 fan and ROLLYS #1 fan. they are such a great bunch or people! my #1 wish is to meet rolly weaver omg i love him....call me lol

fristly i feel so bad for the lost of ur father if u see this plz kno that ur family is in my prayers!OMG I LOVE THE WEAVERS! ROLLY IS SO HOTT! I LOVE HIM! and i am the weavers #1 fan and ROLLYS #1 fan. my #1 wish is to meet rolly weaver omg i love him....call me lol. and win the amazing race for me, win it for ur future girlfriend and anyone who hates the weavers have no heart!! luv ya lots! xxxxxxxx/ooooooooo

Found a picture for all of you Rolly fans!

First row, third picture.

OMG sooooo HOT!! I LOVE ROLLY! go weavers

Everyone needs to quit talking about the Weavers.
They are doing the best work i've seen. Yea Rolly might be a cutie but thats not why they need to win, they need to win because they are pulling through everything at the same time listening to selfish poeple talk bad about them. I'm sure ya'll poeple talking bad about them wouldn't like it if someone talks bad about you.i'm getting sick of it.(Rebecca and Rachel are some funny girls to) Ilove ya'll

hey weavers
first i want you to win.
my friend caitlin loves rolly soo much and i think that since shes the weavers #1 fan she should win a trip to meet you guys
lot of luck

I apologize for writing those bad things about the weavers they really are a great team
Rolly you are my baby!!!!!!!!

the weaver family needs to win they r the best team in the amazing race and ROLLY WEAVER now he is so hott he is a cutie lol (e-mail me

The Weaver family is the best!!! They rock the show. Rolly is always stepping up - they are a strong team and they deserve to win. Not because of the past, but because they are racing really well.

Godspeed Weavers!!!!! Kick ass Rolly

i have wrote before....but i forgot to leave my e-mail address. lol if the weavers get this message PLEASE e-mail me. i am your number one fan....i have not missed an eposoide. ROLLY YOUR REALLY CUTE! best of luck in the race....luv yaz xxxxx/ooooo

does anyone have any captures of the last episode of the amazing race? especially of Rolly.

i think the weaver's should win the amazing race because they r a really stong family
and rolly is a cutie lol(e-mail me)


super hot and he pulls through for his family dont you all think .

their mother is just trying to be supportive of them .

remember the baseball chanllenge when a linz brother shouted , she was just being supportive .



I think the Weaver family is very positive and has a lot of courage to still be in the race. I think Rebecca and Rachel are gorgeous, Linda is a great mother and she has the same naem as my mom haha and Rolly is soo cutee.
If one of the Weaver family has an email adress, I`d love to talk to them. Pretty_iin_piink@hotmail.com
My name is Alicia
Age: 15
Location: London Ontario

ROLLY IS HOT. THE WEAVERS ROCK. And yay, Rolly with his shirt off. :)

Rolly Weaver is such a HOTTIE. I wish i could meet him and his sister and nice mom. Rolly if you ever read this call me I feel so bad for them that there father died but the became stronger and they are going to win the amazign race

Rolly Weaver= One hot mother ******

hey weaver family,
first of all i wanted to let u know that im 14 and a christian. i think its so wonderful that u all are showing an example of christ and maybe others will come to know Jesus through u.

im so sorry about ur dad and husband. that must be a very hard thing to go through. i know that everyone on the show hates u, but u have a lot of fans. and every girl says rolly email me!

rolly u are VERY hot and u seem like an awesome man of God. i know that every girl asks u to email them and u probablly dont...but please email me. all the girls at my school think ur really cute. but besides the cuteness, u seem like an awesome person and u have really stepped up and helped ur family. thats awesome.

i have been rooting for u guys since the beginning. u are an awesome family. Just forget about what the other people say about u. God loves u very much


ps. rolly would u email me if u can? that'd be so cool...iknow a lot of people ask u to.

I love the Weaver family. I hope they will even though rumor is that the Linz family does. My heart goes out to the Weavers and I would really like to meet them. I hope that they come to Reality4Diabetes in march. It might hurt them on the race not to make alliences with other teams but it is bringing their family close. God Bless them. Weavers if you ever read this please email me.


okay so i kinda noticed everyone here loves rolly.. lol how can you not but does anyone know his email?.. lol if any of yous wanna talk sometime.. about rolly hhaha add me pretty_iin_piink@hotmail.com

Hi! Oh My Freakin Gosh! Rolly Weaver is the sexiest man alive! He is so cute. I loved the episode where he had to go swimming! HELLO! I think he did that just to make us HAPPY! NEWAYS! My heart goes ot to the Weavers. They deserve to win. They are a nice family. They just show the clips where thy are negative just to make everyone hate them even more. But I'm stickin' beside them! Oh, and Rolly, if u read this, e-mail me! Love Yall!

Hey the weaver family rocks!! and Rolly u are very hott! but ur probably taken (lucky bum who ever gets him) but w.e. email me if u ever read this asiancutie_16@hotmail.com,i live in Canada woot woot!! Canada rocks baby yea!!!!! i cant believe that no one likes the Weaver family like they're christians and that doesnt mean christians have be sooo perfect because i'm a christian too, i'm never perfect i spaz at my family for no reason and they still love me and the weaver's were back stabbed to because on one episode they helped the Paolo family get on a plane and they still yieled them, and when the sisters got all of there money tooken away the weaver family gave some on there own isnt that nice and they still back stabbed them, but w.e. weaver family ur still #1 in my book on the race better win Rolly call me or email me laterz.

Weavers rock i think i wrote in this before but i dont think it worked but meh the weavers got backstabbed because they helped the Paolo family get there plane ticket and they still yieled them and the sisters lost all of there money and they still hate them wat the hell is up with that i'm also a christian and we are not perfect on one is, just wanna say that Rolly is a real hottie and cutie and he looked good with his shirt off in that one episode hope you read this rolly add me asiancutie_16@hotmail.com, everyone else add me also:) i live in canada because canada is the best baby ya!!!...lol sorrie if i screwed this up guys!

HEY pplz! all the girlys who think Rolly weaver is hot...i totally agree..all my friends think hes ugly.....but i just slap them across the face when they say that!! lmfao....OMG I LOVE ROLLY WEAVER SOO MUCH...hes the only reason why i watch the amazing race i HATE the linz family especially the youngest one who almost hit linda at the race track thingy i got really scared..OMFG when i saw Rolly with his top of...i screamed sooo much the next day when i told my friends they all thought i was physco. i've been looking EVERYWHERE to find the same hat as rolly's....i really want it...hahahah i think its volcom stone....or sumthing else..

kk ROLLY if you see this PLEEZE e-mail mehh....you got a lotta fans to e-mail too haha(good luck tryna get to them all haha)

Love:Xx.Ashley. xX [[x.Rolly.x]]

Hey all you ppl!I just want to say that I have to agree with all those Rolly fans out there-HE'S HOTT(that one episode where he had his shirt off...*drool*).Anyways if you see this Rolly plz email me!!!
PS-I'm also a canadian christian(Canada Rawks!)

who ever is a christian is pretty sweet but who ever is a canadian christian is even sweeter!!! also just wann say sorrie about your dad weaver family if i lost one of my closest family member i would'nt be able to move on with my life u guys are one heck of a family!!! ohh yea sorrie guys about the mix up about the comments on the bottom lol Rolly is a hottie, and he's my age and i dont really see any hot guys in my city *shivers* lol i live in regina, sk Canada it's pretty crap city

Rolly if u got this email would u email me if u can

love u guys


ROLLY ISSO HOT. i even made up a club called ROLLY IS A HOTTIE SOCIETY!!!!!

the weavers should win soooo much
my friend caitlin t. loves rolly weaver soooooo much go weavers!!!!!

Hey All you Rolly/Amazing Race Fans, Vist the Rolly Weaver/Amazing Race Forums!


Go Weavers!

omg! the weaver family is the best team ever! i hope they win so much! and rolly is a hotty!!! Plz rolly emial i would be so happy! good luck!!

p.s rolly ur so hot!!!!!!! and plz emial me!!!!

I love you guys. I have been cheering for you guys since the begining. I think you guys are great.

Rolly you are so HOT! Gosh! If you ever come to minnesota try to get in touch with me.

Please email me!!!!!!!!!!

i joined the rolly boards!!

come join!!

I really don't like the weaver but rolly is really cute.

The Weaver family has been my favorite form day 1. I really hope they win. They are a real close family and for that reasson alone among others they deserve to win. Rebecca is really really hot!!!!!! If u see this please email me because let alone form you being hot you seem like such a sweet girl




Christians and all religions are for stupid people. You worship a god that obviously doesn't exist!!! hahahahahaaaaa idiots!!!

Omg, good job today, Weaver family. I was so sure that u guys where going 2 be eliminated. But, u guys weren't! I am so happy! I screamed!

Rolly u were so amazing. Nice trick on the ski thingy. Oh,yeah nice jumping into the truck.


P.S. if u guys get this, plz email me back. Rolly ur so frickin HOTT!

u guys the best

i am from tampa florida and i want u guys
to win
u guys ROCK!!!!

The Weaver family is the reason that I watch the show this year. I change plans and rearrange work schedules to be there for the show every Tuesday night. The reason....well it is the weavers and their everlasting hope and their undying faith in God and each other. As to the comments and their strategies, onme of the other posters said something about the lye and how bad that was, I laughed at it because I think it was just a joke. I laughed at that and thought it was a great ploy to buy some time.

I don't hate the other families but I do hear many of them using lots of bad language and really cutting into the hearts of the Weaver family. But they continue to go on...and I really hope they will to the end...God bless you in your trek through life.

Alright Posters of Rolly..

Post your thoughts at a site just for rolly weaver! and talk to other rolly fans! ( Maybe we will see rolly him self?!) We need your help! Sign up now @ the Rolly Weaver forums!!


Go to the URL above, Sign up, Start posting!

I think it is very unfortunate that more than half the people writing on here are teeny boppers who think the Weavers should win because "Rolly is so hot," which he is not. He looks like a girl.
The Weaver family is setting a bad example of what good people are made of, Christian or not. Do unto others as you would have do unto you. If they are so concerned about not being liked, they should try to be nice.
It's very sad the kids lost their father to a tragic accident... I only wish they could celebrate his life by being good people, because the race for a million dollars only makes them look ugly.

Rolly is so fuc......hottttttttttttttttttt i found a pic of him shirtless....


I would love to see rolly naked...mmmmmmm

MMM Rolly Naked

hey it's caitlin
i was sooo glad that the weavers didn't get eliminated!! the other teams are soooooooooo mean to them
Weavers do not give up. win it. you know your the only team with a fanclub site!!!!
P.S. rolly your soo hot

The Weavers are the most fake family I've seen in awhile. Like so many who actually have a clue here, the Weavers defend the hateful & rude things they do by saying they are good Christians. You can't have it both way people! YOU say bad things to others, YOU are bad sports, YOU make derogatory comments about the other teams and wonder why they don't like you? The Weaver family needs to hold a mirror to themselves or maybe ask God for a clue. And what a "poor me" little cryfest at the end of the last episode; give me a break! One minute they say how much everyone hates us and then they dish out nasty comments and say they are better than everyone - good thing I Tivo this so I can bypass anytime the Weavers are talking - they truly disgust me!

Rolly Weaver. What a kid. The first time I watched the Amazing Race 8 and i saw that kid, I fell for him. Not because he is absolutely gorgeous, but because he has a great personality and god does he make me giggle. I feel really sorry for his family ... losing their father and the other teams hating them ... that must really suck. i almost started crying when they came up to the pit stop. I really want them to win just to show the other teams what their team is made of. Iím going to laugh so hard if they come in first and all the other teams are pissed off. but in the end. i want them to win. and I also want to meet Rolly. call me kid.


FUCk linz will win

i only have one thing to say.....rolly is just gorgeous...omg hes unbelievably borgeous...n yes i am gay....

I want the Waevers to win the race anyways Rolly is really Hot!!!

Hey I wuz so scared of last nites show!! the weavers came in last and i wuz crying cuz i wuldnt get to see ROLLY WEAVER!! i love rolly he is soooo hot and i really really wanna meet him someday and tell him that i wuz cheering for him .. he is soooooo HOT . GO WEAVERS!!

hey everyone ohh geez i was starting to cry when the weavers took the wrong road up to the ski thinger.....not only because i wouldnt get to see rolly but the family worked really hard to get this far. i cant believe that they got yielded twice good thing its the last one. but just wanna say that weavers u worked soo hard to get this far u guys are gonna go all the way. and i think it's pretty cute that rolly does all the roadblocks for the family to:) lataz every add me!

Weavers are awsome.. ROLLY YOU ARE SO FRIGEN HOTTTTTTTTT.. lol my friend is in love with you, sadly i missed you with no shirt :'( lolol


The weavers are the best. Condolences go out to them who just lost their dad. I feel so bad for them especially that episode when they had to go on the race track. They have to face their dads death, while people critisize them for "claiming" to be cristians. I think they should look at themselves (linz family). What they're doing isnt very christian. what hypocrits those Linzs. Linda has 3 amazing children, and an exceptionally gorgeous son, Rolly. He's adorable and as a great personality. did i mention..HOT?? much love goes out to the weavers, especially Rolly ;P

hey-again-pplz!!!i was soo mad last nite when i saw the amazing race cause the weavers got yielded again!!!it is soooo unfair that they were yielded both times.they are such a nice family and they deserve to win way more than the godlewskis,bransens and linzs.i know i said this before but rolly plz email me if u see this!!!


You are gorgeous! You better win! I'm 12 only 2 year difference ;) You are hot me and my friends envy u! Good luck don't give up! And don't care about what the other teams think!Their a buch of jerks!

the weaver family is so awsome and rolly is the hottest thing ever!!!!!!!! they deserve to win by the way everyone else is treating them!

me and my friends think rolly is the best thing ever and they better win!!!!

rolly is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hott!!!

I really do believe the Weaver family should win. they are my favorite team. I want them to know i understand what they are going through about their family and all the others not likeing them, alot of people dont like me but i have to agree with them i'd rather be hated for who i am then loved for who or what im not. and yes i do think Rolly is hot but looks are not evrything i just wish i could meet him to see what he is like he seems so nice. I cryed when i seen that they were the last team but then when i heard phil say its a non elmination i was jumping all over my house with tears of joy i am so happy they are still in.If i could have one wish it would be to meet the Weaver's. My heart goes out to the Weaver's. I will always keep the Weaver's in my prayers.
keep up the good work on the amazing race never give up on anything.
Love Kirstie

The Weavers are an awsome family.I like how they stick together and they don't fight like most of the familys do in the race. They may come upon some trouble along the way but they get through it .I'm also so glad that they got to stay in the race ,i really want them to win they deserve it.And i really don't know why the other teams and other people don't like them? Just because they are great at the game and still have a little class while they play it ya hate them it's pretty stupid,none of yall can come up with a good reason why you hate them. well i gotta go I'll wait on your reason.
Age:13 going on 14
**Hailee Dietz**
I Luv the Weavers!

ROLLY IS HOT! that is all i have to say

I think the Linzes will win. They are great

Wow...you love the Weavers because Rolly is "hot"?! Hmmm..very christian-like, you guys must be attending the same church as the Weavers. The family's rotting values is putting christianity to shame. I don't know how they can pray and then bad-mouth almost anything in their way all in one sitting. I especially hated the way they talked about Utah and how they feel sorry for people residing there. The family really made a "pretty" picture of their family for the world to see...they must be very proud.

p.s kaz, you did not make up a society. stop lying on the net. LOL

OMG we LOVE rolly sooooooo much! He is soooo amazing!But what we dont get is why does everyone want to get the Weavers out?!?!?! I mean Just becuz Rolly is sexci dont get JEALOUS!:P
Well good luck WEAVERS!!! Luv ya! U guys r going all dah way!
luv ya ,


Nice to see I have so many fans! I just did a search of my name and I can't believe that I have so many fans! WOW! It's so amazing! And to you haters, it was just editing! Don't beleive everything you see on TV!

Yeah, sure thats you Rolly

that is sooo not rolly prodaly why not he give some facts that hes rolly.

This is the most amazing site in the world i am in love with Rolly Weaver he is my icon U R SOOOOO DAMN HOTTTTTTTTT


ROLLY WEAVER FAN SITE ALL GIRLS -www.rolly8.piczo.com

Rolly is so amazingly hot. What a body. What a face. Too bad the rest of his family is psycho. Yet, I still want the Weavers to win because I just don't like the other families. The Linzes are way too frat-boy gross. Three of the Godlewski sisters are just evil towards the 4th. And I guess the Bransons aren't too bad, but I'm just still surprised that they've lasted this long.


i think that the weaver family is an amazing family! they deserve to win the million!

i find the weaver family very fun and cool i hope they win the million $ i hate all who write and say bad things about the weavers because they have neyr done anything wrong!

I feel bad for the Weaver family because of the terrible loss. I've lost a very close family member, too, so I know how hard it is. Especially for them, because on the show they had to do the car racing. But Linda was very brave and did it. That's def. something to be proud of. I really want the Weaver family to win. It must be so hard for them. But don't give up, cause something good always comes from tough times, and karma will always come to the other teams..

Picture of Rolly weaver shirtless..............


So fuc.....hottt.....I wanna see him naked.


Omy gosh ya'll, ok listen yeah rolly might be fine but you actually need to get to know him better before you get to sayin stuff to him like i love you and stuff.. well rolly guess what i go to church and i am a christian and i would really like it if you read this and e-mailed me or added me @ amanda11rose@yahoo.com well i would really to know you better.. well let me go and head and say yeah i think you are fine thats y i watch amazing race but still you sisters are pretty and your mom too.. Guess what i cant even live with my mom and dad so i live with my aunt and uncle so i know a little of what you are goin thu cause i am too...well if you are not to far away call me at 229-683-3009..kk well g2g bye...
luv always.

OMG some people are just dumb they leave their emails saying oh rolly call me email me and living #,s and emails for everyone to see im pretty sure some random guy is gonna act like him and all u stupid people are gonna fall for it.

Hey I love the Weaver family they are the best not only becuase Rolly is Hott but becuase they have soo much confidence as a team. I hope they win and good luck!!! They are the funniest family

rolly i just wana say that everybody from oxford loves u. You guys are all a great family and i hope you win. sorry bout the loss of ur father. you are doing well with his loss. rolly you are hot. if u get this ..email me or add me on messenger as rockchalkjayhawkgoku2005@hotmail.com um im just glad there is such a cheerful family on the amazing race and a good christian one too! love u all (L)rolly (L)


Everyone I agree w/u! Rolly is like the hottest guy ever. At my school, every guy is butt ugly.
Hey Rolly has blue eyes right? Then he would be perfecto!
To bad he's probably already taken...
Him w/ his shirt off... OMG!

Rolly's so hot.

i hope the weavers win they have been through so much with everyone hating them. what did they do to deserve that. not to mention Rolly is extermly hot.

Come on guys! The Weaver family is a bunch of frikkin losers! All they do is pray for god to help them find the clue.. like he gives a crap! They are rude to other teams.. and they're really really weird! No other team has ever been as bad as this one. Anyone who sympathizes for the team is a loser. If I was the woman's husband, I'd jump in front of a car too! I bet he tried to die at that race track.. pff i would lol. Rolly weaver seems to be the only one not poking fun at other teams. He's embarassed by them! Anyone who does not see that this team is extremely loser like needs to get it through their thick head!!

win weaver family.
but i have to admit rolly is funny when his family did the tipi task; when rolly chanting what the first nations do, " hes looking at me "

Some pictures for you (this site leads you to the Rolly Weaver/Amazing Race Forum):


(Copy and paste this website into the location bar)

Awww I watch the show with my parents...Rolly is such a hottie and the Weever family is the family I chose to win at the beginning!!! They rock!!

OK, would everyone under 14 please stop posting stupid run-on sentences about Rolly's body, making it blatantly obvious that it's the only reason you cheer for this family? These hypocrites have brought everything on themselves. I can't wait to see the finale just to hear what martyrs these people are after they lose.
"We tried to (snif) live a Christian life and nobody (snif) understands us."

That's because other respectable Christians and non-believers alike know that you don't treat people the way you have and expect anyone to show you kindness. Being a Christian means that your "fruits" are shown to others by your actions because you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour, and having him in your heart, as well as reading the Bible, and fervently praying causes you to live a Christian life, not just saying, "I'm a Christian. If you have to preface everything by saying it, maybe you should think a little harder about what jkind of witness you are being. After all, "Christian" means "Christ-like".

I love the Weaver family girl's butts.

Omgosh! Seriously can all the girls stop lusting over Rolly.. If he seriously ever read this he would be freaked out cause you all are stalkers.. its annoying and you 14 year old girls need to stop!

The only reason I still watch the amazing race is to see the weavers. They are excellent at playing the game.. and although they are maybe not best friends with the people on the show... why should they be? They ARE in a race you know. Only one family is oign to win.. so why make friends? I think that Linda is doing a good job with her kids and that Rebecca, Rachel and Rolly

omg rolly u r the hottest guy ever!!! if u ever read this gimme and email!!! he is the only reason y i actually watch the amazing race!!! lyl!
All u gurls who think rolly is hott....totally agree lol!!!!

hey hey weavers!!!
I hope u guys win so bad cause u r the nicest family in the world and u deserved it.
Rolly i give u applause for for staying with all the girls there! i hope u and hunter had fun while it lasted.hehe.

IF u guys read this by any chance
E-mail me back!! especially Rolly!
P.S Rolly u r a hot cutie!

Hey Weavers!! I hope you all win the race! It shows that you are all determined and work really hard. Don't let any of those crazy teams bring you down, you are really good, honest, friendly people. Linda, you are an amazingly strong mother, I give you so much credit for being so supportive and strong. Rachael, you are also a very strong,determined person. Rebecca, you seem like a very hard working and strong-willed person as well. And then of course ther's Rolly. Dont worry im not hear to shout out about you being hot, in fact im a guy just like you. You are very optimisic and hard working, you make us 14 year olds look good! IM me sometime buddy. Good luck to you all, you are the only family who deserves to win The Amazing Race!!

sorry, my AIM is JAMESALI77@AOL.com. Id really like to hear from you guys.

omg last episode amazing race teams come to canada!!

Heya!! Wow lots more Rolly fan girls here too....I hope the Weavers win the race, their a really great family. Linda Weaver seems like a really great and dedicated mom. Rachel and Rebecca are both beautiful girls both in looks and personality, and Rolly is an absolutely gorgeous person, again in looks AND personality.

All the Weaver-Family-haters out there really have no reason to hate them, as I see it they only talk smash about people after the people are rude to them and mistreat them. I dont blame them for it, I would do the exact same thing.

Well anyone on here (Except Weaver-Haters..soooo except Weaver-haters...) can contact me on AIM, threw email, or on yahoo messanger!

Email: bmjenack@twcny.rr.com
AIM: GorgeousXscreamS
Yahoo: brianna_rae_is_ooc

Well bye people!!

I think the Weavers are getting a bum deal. It is well known by now that these reality shows do a great deal of editing to make these people appear how they feel the fans will react to them. There has to be the team everyone likes. "Linz" There has to be the team everyone hates. "Weavers" If we liked all the teams we wouldn't watch because we would not care who won. Right? I'm sure there is some friction between the Weavers and the others but we did not see what caused this friction. Only the end result, which is the Weavers snubbing the other teams. I bet there is more to the story. In some weird way I hope the Weavers win. I think they are the underdog.

OMG! I think that the Weavers r the best team on the Amazing race, and i think that they deserve to win the most. ROLLY IS SO FRICKIN HOTT!

You know what i have 2 say to all those Weaver hatters... WHATEVER! You don't have to go on this website, so don't be complaing that..."all the 14 year old girls only like the Weavers cuz Rolly is so hott" well, u know what if that is there opinion then leave it be. Cuz whatever u say isn't gonna change our minds.

I am sure glad i got that off my chest.Plus i have been cheering for them since the beging. And, i think that it is cool that they r christian.

P.S. if u guys get this eamil me plz!

Lol. From the looks of it it seems like most of you want the Weaver's to win just because of Rolly. I like the Weavers ALOTTT, too. They are the coolest thing and I just laugh at those jealous goodie-two-shoes who don't want them to win coz there 'TOO CATHOLIC'. Haha. How stoopid.

Lovin' all the Weaver quotes too! Soo jokes!

"You wish you were Lance Armstrong" -Rolly

"I would be crying if I didn't have a Big Mac in my hand" -Rebecca

":O Pimpin' bus!" -Rolly

Just some of the many. lol Anyways, all Weaver fans- ADD ME! My email is:


I got msn too. If any of the Weaver's read this PLEASEEEE ADD ME

-A really BIG Weaver fan :)


Rolly, you have a million girl fans and maybe some guy ones to, yeah the family is awsome and ppl need to stop ragging on the teams if you were in a race for a million dollars in pretty sure you would act the same way as the rest of them!!!!
Luv the weavers
E-mail me

Woot woot its me again and I really have to get a lil bit off my chest. I know that alot of the 12-15 year old girls who are Rolly-fans out there are all '' OMG I LOVE YOU ROLLY!! '' But I mean come on be a little realistic.

For one..chances of him reading this are like...zip...

Two...Even if he did he probably wouldnt relaly have enough time to responde to everyone who wants him to email them.

Thats pretty much all...Im 12 and yeah Im a WEAVER-fan, most of them just want the Weavers to win because of Rolly, I think Rebecca and Rachel are both really great people, like I said before.

Oh wow I just sounded like a total bratty jerk...UCK nuuuh I hate sounding mean! Okay I give up, Rolly fan girls live it up!! I mean he might read this just to boost his ego, and it would, ALOT!!

Well..sorry for being meanish...BYE! Feel free to contact me Rolly/Weaver-fans!

AIM: GorgeousXscreamS
Yahoo: brianna_rae_is_ooc
Email: bmjenack@twcny.rr.com

rollys my boyfriend........................................................................................................................................kidding i only wish:(anywase i only like rolly not the mom or the sisters, i wish only he would win itd be awsome

hey...hello...me too.. i really love the weavers
i really cried in the last episode before the finale..
i thought they are gonna lose because of that police...but they didn't., i was really happy...

i watch amazing race particularly because of rolly weaver...so if anyone knows his e-mail ad,home adress, phone no.
or any means of contacting him...pls.pls. e-mail me....
im from the philippines so im really really far away from him
pls. rolly if you read this e-mail me.......



i realized the list is too long my message is in the last part..
but i hope the weavers can still read this
whew...well its gonna be a race to rollys heart.
maybe i can join amazing race too...lol..
well i just want you to know that im the greatest fan of the weavers... maybe theres too many of us but i dont care...
it dont really matter....
i just want you to know that ill still wait here for your reply...hehe...
love ya..
aLL of THE WEavers...............

Rolly... Omg Rolly Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr he is so damn FUCKING F-I-N-E he is the only reason i watch that gay ass show. OMG Y IS HE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FINE!!!! FUCK! OMG OMG ILYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSFM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BYE SEXXXXXXXXXXXXY
~ILy Lexi... E-Mail me

Heyy! Please sign this..
(make sure you include the exclamation point..it's part of the site)

Love sent out..

P.S..it's so annoying when all these girls are like "ohh myy godd! rolly is sooooo hott..call me. email me." and all that crap. that's just plain annoying! please stop doing that! i DO think rolly weaver is cute but PLEASE!

The Linz family is so much better than the stupid Weavers. The Linz family is going to win and we all know it. The only reason that i like seeing the Weaver family on the Amazing Race is because of Rolly. Rolly is hot and he knows it.

Hey everyone, want Weaver Pictures? We have over 100 pictures Rolly & his family, along with tons of other
good stuff!

Check it out now!


Ya'll sometimes it is os hard to be a christian b/c you ppl annoying you like crazy and they get on your nerves so it just comes out just like the weavers they cant help that tho.. It really is hard to be a christian the One's who are CHRISTIAN but you just to trust in GOD...well and I HOPE THAT THE WEAVER'S!! dont get hurt.. lol.. well g2g bye bye...

I hope the Weaver's win!!!! They are the BEST Team out there!!!

ok, ppl, rolly has a gf and that is me, get it thu your head! frig!

To the weaver family

I have been watching the show and I think that you are the most un christian family I have seen in a long time. You sit there and talk about how christian you are, but how christian is it to sit there and talk about people behind there backs and to constantly belittle them. Also I was just wontering if you have ever atualy read the bible? If you had maybe you would be a little more humble. Oh yeah and I also think it said something in there about love thy neighbor.


ohh man god damn linz family had to win, the weaver was sooo far ahead but then came the football stadium and the mother and sisters didnt want to look for it but rolly did it was really brave a courages thing to do to stand up for the family if i was there i would've helped him! but ohh well weavers remember you go through all of this and u got into the top 3 u prooved to everyone that u are a hard working family, ur dad/husband is looking down at you guys rite now thinking "wat a great family i have!" love u guys hope u get my email addy some day!

I'm so sad that the Weaver's didn't win!!! But they did a good job getting where they were.

OMG! Honestly Rolly is the hottest person to ever be on The Amazing Race. I'm really angry that they didn't win the race. The Linz family did not deserve it. The Weaver family deserved it! GRR! LOL.
xxoo--Mandii **

omg the weavers are the bomb i picked them from the beginin and i was soooooooooooooooooo un happy when they didnt win well rolly i know uv heard this already but u are sooooooooooooo HAWT and i was cheering u on the whole time babe
u r sooooooooooo HAWT

omg!!! i love rolly he is so hott i was voting for the weavers all the way i so want his aol sn

Rolly is the hottest guy out there. He was the one who carried his team all that way. If it wasn't for him, the Weavers would not have made it that far. I'm glad they got 3rd, but I would have been even happier if they finished 1st. Rolly is the hottest thing ever, and I'm glad they made it that far because without him, the show is nothing. Rolly if you read this, give me an email please! Lata!


i love rolly!!i love his family too:)
i love the weavers!pls rolly if u evr read this add me on my msn add.
i will wait rolly:)
u are so cute:)
'we can do it'

The Weavers are a great team!I don't care what others may say about them,but i totally LOVE em!
Congrats to Linzes who won!They won it fair and square.
And don't be sad about being in third,Weavers.You guys were terrific and did a great job to get to the finals!im really proud of you!

Yup,Rolly is totally hot!He's a great kid with an awesome personality,which is why i like him a lot.He's only 14,and the only guy in the family,so he played a huge part.He was great in the race and encourages his team not to give up,thats the kind of spirit i like!
Rock on Weavers!
Anyone who knows the Weavers personally,please tell them i would love to get to know them!
They can contact me by my email!Thanks!

i have wrote before......i just wanted to say how mad i was the Linzes won! grrrrrrrrrrrrr. anyways.....i love you Rolly and your family! i wish you guys had won.....anyways.....best wishes in the future and e-mail me back......thx
Tori xoxoxoxoxo


rolly and the weaver are the best!!! mmuahx!

the weaver are the best team ever!they rock!
i hate all the other team especiall linz!!!

i misssssssssssssssssssss rolly!!!!
i misssssssssssssssssssss the weaver!!!!!

i just want to say hi to the weaver Family

hey there.im the biggest fan of the weaver!especially rolly:)he rocks!besides he blows me away in every little thing that he do..he's the best.always there fighting for his family just to make sure that they win..but hey,eventhough you guys didn't win, i still think that you guys are the strongest and the best team ever..rebbeca and rachel are two great sisters that always care for rolly and their mum linda.you guys are the greatest:)and linda.the strongest mom in the whole team.she will do anything just to make sure her children are happy..and despite people talikgn back things about her she dont care.as long as people are not talking bad about her children.i am so proud of linda.good job:)anyhow i hope that rolly is not too sad and always be patient with anything that comes ahead.i hope you're reading this rolly.im a big fan of yours and your family.i know there's allot of people out there looking forward to know you but hey,i hope you too can give the chance to know you a little bit better.
you can mail me at pinkslip_pnut89@hotmail.com.
hope to hear from ur family soon.
thanks.i appreciate it.
love weaver.
love rolly mmuahx!

Hey Rolly sorry bout your dad same thing happened to me 3 years ago to by the way your really SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rolly -

I think u have great look that will go far..u will be every boy and girl fantasy boy..Play it out and make some $$$$$$!!! You are truelly a Hot Hot Boy...


the weaver family has to be the best family ever!! even when everybody on the amazing race was going against them they kept trying..they have so much strength and I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH!! especially rolly...alot of people like him because he is hott(which he is)....but he is just amazing. every episode he made me smile by how hard he worked through the game, and kept his family together. gosh do i love u rolly...you are just awesome. i know how hard it must be because of your dad and all but you just keep going.... ...much love....shannon

rolly i love you CALL ME OR EMAIL ME! i actually want to meet you!

rolly its ahrd to belive that i will never actauyll get to meet you its kind of sad!

sorry about this but like if you ever have time email me it would mean the world to me..

this is probably kind of reall weird for you for all of these girls to be saying all of this stuff to you but i am your number 1 biggest fan awww ahve a crush haha im also your age!

rolly that was from me zoe!


hey hey hey Rolly you're HOTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!
I"M BURNING.........................
Oh MY GOSH................................
I love you..................................
You're THE MAN IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the weavers are the best. evryone hates them that is so dum and for the dummest reason,i mean they asked questions and then everyone else is like omg i hate them. i mean the other teams are so inmature.



YOU GUYS ARE COOL. ROLLY YOU ARE MY DREAM BOY. GO ROLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO WEAVER FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MY ALL TIME FAVORITE FAMILY!!@!!!!!!!! ROLLY YOU MAKE ME SMILE EVERYTIME I SEE YOU. BUT I CRY BECAUSE I MISS YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO WEAVER FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE YOU GUYS ALWAYS AND FOREVER.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WEAVER FAMILY SEND ME MAIL @ R_R2004@hotmail.com give me a call please rolly and family!!!!!!!!@!!!!!

weaver family add me and evryone else.


I Miss seeing the Weaver's on t.v.!!!!! It's so sad they didn't win!! I LOVE ROLLY!!!! GOOD JOB ROLLY you were workin so hard out there!!!!


i loved watching the weaver family on the show they were my favrite team. i wish they could email me or something because i would love to meet them someday.

i luv u rolly


Rolly is so frickin HOTT!

HE IS SOOOO HOTTT! Ever comin to Massachusetts soon? U were the best runner on the rac\\\\\\ n \=]

you people who are haters are crazy Rolly is hot and I'm lucky i live down the road from him he lives in ormond beach,FL and me to ROLLY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rolly is soooooo hot
Marry me rolly?

why do u guys hate the Weaver so much??

i love rolly and his family. first his family is so catholic which i find adorable and rolly is just so hott! how cute is that face on TV?

Be to the point, you Rolly fans. You're exhibiting hebophiliac longings - you want the li'l dude to cum all over you and to ram his hard cock into you

The Weavers were a bunch of hypocrites. Why would a self-proclaimed Christian mother let her thunder-thigh daughter run around wearing shorts that are two sizes too small? She looked like a hooker. Got tired of them using the fact that the father was killed at a race track as a crutch. Boy that got old!!!!

omg rolly is so hot
i fully dumped my boy friend for him when i live on the other side of the world! i rootin for you and ur family!!!
omg i have knocked back 4 guys for Rolly when i know i never have a chance with him! hey rolly if you eve rread this, i really badly want to meet you, and i luv you so much

The weavers rock! being the emotionally and physically strongest team there! For all of those ppl bagging them out GET OVA IT ND STOP WASTING SPACE WITH HATRED!!!!plz Rolly Rox!`~~!!

guys..your drooling over rolly? lol..im sorry to spoil it for you but he has a girlfriend..

Hi. Da pple who said dat Rolly is HOT nd stuff i so agree wif yous. I LUV ROLLY HIS SO CUTE ND HOT ND SEXY.Does ROLLY hav msn if he dose can u guys add me. My e-mail is lil_cheeky_blonde1994@hotmail.com Nd da Weaverz rule.GO WEAVERZ ND LUV U ROLLY.

Hey Weavers! Best of luck in the game! Your the best family there! Give it all youve got!

OMG are some of you people clueless??? the weaver family was the most spitefull unsportsman like family i have witnessed in all the amazing races i have watched!! The episode where they had to search the chairs for the clues and the mother was going "oh great the other teams are here thats so unfair" hahahaha why is that unfair? They made me so angry and i am SOOO glad that they came 3rd....stop obsessing over rolly he is 15...wait till hes legal

I LOVE ROLLY WEAVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xoxoxo

omg lol u guy lik watch this in 2005 and yesterday the show just finish can someone protest the oc 4 me cos there gonna stop showing it in australia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:( if u can or get me info or wAnna chat add me0. judyovercrazy@hotmail.com

he is so freakin awsome! but im kinda pissed that the weavers didn't win :(

rachel, your hot, very hot.
you'll make a man feel very
proud 1 day.

oh ma goodness! i can't believe the weavers didn't win! i live in aust so it's only jus aired here. i was rooting 4 them all the way! they rock the whole game! i love rolly. he's a cutie.

hey everyone!
ok so the weavers are christians right? i read some ones comment about "the weavers are not at all like christians coz they walk around wearing shorties, throwing trash at people, praying to God for things and calling other people names". i mean what the hell? im christian, i wear shorties! does that make me any less of a religious person? i also throw rubbish at my sister and some times at my friend (as a a joke of course), i call my sister names when we bicker and i pray to God if i'm hoping for a miricle! i mean, SO WHAT?
i believe that the Weavers deserve more credit than given, they had to deal with a terrible accident including losing some one very close to them. Linda, imagine how hard it would on her. not only would she of been grief stricken from the inccident, but had to mantain a role model and care for her 3 children. and the kids, people, imagine losing your dad? how hard would it be to accept that your dad is never coming back and will never be replaced?
its must be hard.
The Linz said some pretty nasty things to the Weavers. I think the Weavers were under-estimated in the perspective of strength and bond. Kudos to you Weavers, your a strong, good willed family and deserve the very best.
Rolly is definetly a spunk and a half! i dumped my boy friend for him when i live in australia! thats sucks :(
any other weaver/rolly fans? add me on msn:
hey rolly, if you ever read this, please take 2 minutes to email me coz it would really and truly mean the world to me.
love you Weavers!

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