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Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray Get Back to Work

Posted by Fara Kearnes on October 21, 2005 8:29 PM |

Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray"One Tree Hill" star Sophia Bush says she has no problem shooting intimate scenes with Chad Michael Murray despite the fact they are in the middle of divorcing each other.

"My job is my job, and my personal life is my personal life, and I keep them separate," Sophia told People for this week's online issue. "It's my job. It's not always easy, but it's my work it's what I love and take pride in, and I won't let that slack because of personal circumstances."

"I'm a big girl. I'm a strong girl," she said, hinting that Chad's behavior was behind the breakup. "It's not that I don't respect other women in my position, but there are things I won't forgive. I have too much going on in my life to focus on."

An insider recently told People: "Their story lines will be crossing as Brooke tries to get Lucas to come back to her. That will be the real test of their acting abilities."

At the time, the source said the two were "being professional and trying not to let this break between them affect their work or careers. They know that whatever's happened to them in real life has to stay home."


Those two looked so good toghether. It's a shame they're breaking up!

Aww - that sucks :( its a definite shame -

I love one tree hill, and i thought they looked amazing together. And even though i would like to know the whole story behind the break up, i think that people should but out and focus on their own lives. They have enough going on as it is.

Someone fill me in. i know it's not any of my business, but curiosity, ya know? besides, i really admired the couple. kinda reminded me of brad and jen, minus the divorce (hopefully). so is it official, their not getting back together?

I really love One Tree Hill i even download the episodes on my computer even thought i don't miss it 1 nite when it is on air. the only thing about One Tree Hill is Brooke and Lucas i hope they get bak to gether i cried when i heard they spilt up.

someone tell me.... what the hell happened that caused them to break up!!! thanx!!!

~Hey it is kinda like in One Tree Hill cept this happened w/ nate and haley but u were married longer But i still love chad and nathan both!~

thats so tight!! i luved them 2gether i wa sjust a lil bti jealous but they were so cute...awww hes so hot shame on him 4 hes wandering eye>>lol im trippen bye

i used 2 think he was hot but now i no better!!! all the cool speeches he gave were all crap. shame on him, 4 makin' sophia cry!!!!!:P


I think they look really good,.........but its a shame that all hollywood couples end with divorce!!!!!

chad cheated sophia!! guess who was the culprit?! PARIS HILTON! what a slut!!

I dont believe that chad cheated on sophia....... and dont u have to be seperated for a year before gettin a divorce....i believe that they can wirk it out before they have to go through a divorce....I believe that chad loves sophia and that she loves him still.....i hate the media.......they tear up so many relationships......i think that sophia should really block all the maddness out and realize that she knows her husband well enough to know that he wouldnt hurt her like that!!!!!!!!!

Y DID HE SHAG PARIS!?!?!?!?! OMG shes a slut man!!!!!! Wat was he doinggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!xXx

omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i am prayin so much that they get back together cuz it make me so upset to know they arent together!they were perfect for eachother and sophia wa sso lucky and so was chad!i love them so much plz for me sort out wot went wrong!chad is my one but i want sophia to hav him all he rlife!im cryin now!

its that stupid slag paris i used to like but now i absolutely h8 her i love nicole richie instead!and sophia and chad cujmin don listen to the media they want u hearts broken i dont

i do not believe that chad cheated on sophia.. i hate paris.. she's a slut!! i hope chad and sophia can fix it and be together again..

sophia u r a real modle 4 me. i love chad and u and him r a good couple if u still love him and he loves u 2 u really need 2 work thing out i beleive in u and him 2 work thing work and paris hilton need 2 mind her own bussiens. and pray 2 god and say me and chad can work togeth. i know u can just beleive.

say it aint true! theyre job will be so much harder now!! im sure they'll work it out nd if not i hope they stay friends coz they have 2 do all tha intimate stuff on O.T.H! i think theyre both asum actors so theyll play well 4 tha cameras! they just need time so may-b tha media shud just back off, every 1 wants the gossip but it should come 4rm them not 4rm some desperate journalist who's got nothing beta 2 do than muck up otha pplz lives! i think they shud leave celeb brake-ups alone! luv yuh all xxxxxx
(O.T.H-one tree hill rocks)

i just got the new that they had split. WHAT HAPPEN......!!!! They seem happy together...

i thinked both of them were damn hot!!!they r really a prefect couple.in ONE TREE HILL drama both of them really makes that movies interesting coz they r so in true to each other.i felt so sad bout their brake up.but i came across many ppls put the blame on chad but as we noe the real reason that cause them to spilt are oni noe by their ownself.but i really hope that rumours about chad hooking up wif paris aren't true.

i say they should break up!
i like sophia bush. but look at chad he deserves sum 1 better! hes friggin gorgeous and doesnt need to
be treated like shit!! soo..he looks good with peyton..or whatever her real name is...even though i is a tv show they do have some kind of connection together to me!! and u know sophia wants him back..why not? he the most handsomest boy on earth.

they look good together

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