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Are Evangeline Lilly & Dominic Monaghan Engaged?

Posted by Fara Kearnes on October 20, 2005 7:01 PM |

Dominic Monaghan & Evangeline Lilly picScores of male fans of the series "Lost" are waking up heartbroken this morning over rumors that the object of their affections, Evangeline Lilly, may be headed for the altar with co-star Dominic Monaghan.

The couple in real life have been denying all year that they've been dating, but InTouch Weekly is reporting they were spotted checking out engagement rings at posh jewelry on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, looking at rocks "in the $50,000" range.

Yet, Dominic seems so frightened by publicity of his relationship with the young goddess that he pouted and vowed three weeks ago, "I'm never going to get photographed with her again." That would suite Evi's fans just fine, since she's a natural beauty and he's, well, let's just say he was cast as a hobbit for a reason.


She's hot, he's icky.

omg, STOP BAGGING DOMINIC MONAGHAN!!!! he has a gorgez personality (even though i dont no him personaly)+ he is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT!!! say wat u want, but u r so totally wrong!!
luv ya dom!!!!!!MWAHZ!!!!!=)

Hey, I am happy 4 the both of them if they get married!

dom is hot

i think they make a great couple and im happy for them

DoMiNiC iZ sHeXy! i ThInK e Iz GoRjUs No MaTa wAt Ne 1 SaYs!
LoVe Ya!

i am so in luv wit dom (dnt no im personally eitha) but hes so lovely and he is NOT A HOBBIT. and even if he is hes a very very very hot one. And i am now in the anti evangeline lilly fan club (jelousy of course)

If they are engaged there is no justice in this world. Its a sad day when a hairy toed hobbit gets the creme de la creme of hollywood starlets. Why Evangeline why...

I would just like to say - fuck your opinions. Dominic is not handsome in the classical sense, but he's the most attractive man I've ever seen. Name any actor - and he's more beautiful. So piss off and leave him be. Evi's the one whose mouth looks like a bass and whose arse is harboring crabs.

First of all, what the hell is the hobit comment all about? Why bag on him because he was on 3 huge movies. Second of all, he is so freakin hot, especially with his accent. Third of all, who cares if they are in pictures together or not?

I think Dom is ugly! but I do like them as a couple.

Okay... not that anyone really cares what I say... It is not any of my bussiness what they do... even if Dom is a hottie... but I say "Congradulations!!" if they are getting married, and "I am sorry for bothering you!" if they aren't!

I think that she is really really ugly. He could find someone better than her. She admits to not liking to wash her hair and stuff. Why would you want to marry a skank like that? She looks like a little boy if you ask me. She has absolutely no sign of a butt, or chest. She is WAY too skinny, and is more square than a cardboard box. He is cute though.

well i hope they r. they look happy when theyre caught on film. & as a true fan of his, ill just b happy if they r. thats what we should want. him 2 b happy. but i dont kno eather of them. so i wont judge eather him or her. we all feel great when we find the person we want 2 merry. so im happy if hes happy. i love sein ppl happy.

I think they would be the greatest couple, they're both my favorite actors :) So I hope they are together . She's the prettiest and he's the sexiest!

fair play to them. im a hardcore DOM fan, they look hot as a couple. and the person who said Dom is ugly better go into witness protection or something cos that made my blood boil!!


nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dont do that..

Evangeline dont marry him ( i love you ) marry me

You are all maaaad I tell you maaaaaaaad

Why do people dislike Dom? I think he is brilliant and Evangeline is as well. I like them both so much and I enjoy them together.

NOOOOOOOOOOO......i hate that him and her are getting married!!!!!!!! I am also Anti Evangeline!!! DOM IS TOO HOTTTT FOR HER!!!(i hope he dumps her)


Dont be Hatin Evi..shes awsome in person!

Take that back what you said about Dom. He's lovely, and so is Evie, Good luck to them if the rumour is true, They're perfect together

They are engaged!!

Dom is a Hottie n Evi is pretty but they look bad together! cuddlin couples are cute but reality is that in the long run it sooo wrong.

PS. I LUV DOM!!!!!!

I love Dominic! I have been a fan of him for about 5 years now...he's engaged great! but shame its not to me....grrr lucky girl...

oooh, if you had only done your research you would have know the wrath that would ensue after a Dom-ugly comment.

i think anyone who bitches about them can go to hell, Dominics really funny and Evangeline is like the prettiest girl on the planet, i hope they'll be really happy together

im happy for them... if its true. if not, DOM GET OUT NOW THERES A REALLY HOT REDHEAD WAITING FOR YOU IN COLORADO!!!!!!

but if they are.... can i have billy boyd's phone number in exchange for my blessing?

I think Dominic is sexxi and Evangeline Lilly is so pretty!!! As much as I would be sad if they got married cause of the fact that he wouldn't be single anymore I would be happy for them!!!

aw, this is the first time hearing about this! that is so adorable! they'd make such a hot couple!

dom is sexy n evengeline is a knob.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Dom Is Hot!!! Shes...Er...Shes Got Good Tatste I'll Give Her That! They Better Not Be Engaged!!!
If They Are...Grrrrrrrr! I Love Dom!!!!! The Person Who Put :dom is sexy n evengeline is a knob.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Was My Best Mate Kaya :P
Love Yer xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Awww Evengeline is so lucky. *SQUEE* Dom is gorgeous! I love him in everything he does. I like the both of them on LOST. Yeee Dom's amazing<33

come on pplz! dom is the most drop deap gorgez person in the world! even though i love him so much, n whoever luvs him 2 should b happy that he is happy with eva. hope u guys have a awesome life 2gether!

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo crissi x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0 UR NUMBER 1 FAN

OMG pplz stop cussin dom he is gawjuss and he has such a gr8 perosnality and u lot r jus bein horrible becoz ur jealous dat dom got her ...i bet da guys dat sit ther cussin dom are sittin scratchin dere arses wiv a can of beer ..get a life plz ...luv ya 4eva dom and im soo so happy 4 ya bbz *Muwah* xx

that is so mean!!!!!!!! dom is SoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo hot and she is pretty but not that great!!!!!!!!! i can't believe you said that. your right he was casted as a hobbit for a reason, because he is a great actor not because of his looks.

I am so happy for both of them. Dom is such a hottie i am totally jealous!!! But i am glad for both of them they make such a hott couple!!!

i hate evangeline lilly, shes such a whore fake poser hypocrite ugly cunt. Dom's too good for her, and i happen to think he is good looking.

ook this is now 2007 and i just realized they were engaged...!! omg!! i could't believe this! but what happend with them, i mean are they still together or what?? aww dominic is soo hot!! i love him

OMG i am soooooo in love wiv dom.....i am happy 4 evi but he is sooo gawgios!!!!! l LOVE him!!!!!!

I am his biggest fan he is so HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOOK!!!! Dominic is soooooo cute... and i love his british accent... sooo cute!!! They look cute 2gether too... awww man, i wish i could be eva... oh and he was the cutest guy on lost!!! And dont ask yourself why i menshoned CUTE so many times!!! :-)(-:

i hate however did this dominic is a really great person and he got cast as a hobbit becouse he was good at the part if he whant's to be with her he csn he is really cool and evy dosent even diserve him!!!!

I think Dom is incredibly cute. His british charm and delightfully funny personality just makes him cuter!!
Evangeline is a beautiful woman to be sure, but she doesn't have that spark like Dom.
I think they are cute together, and if anything its those asshole reporters and meddlers that will drive them apart.
.....I LOVE YOU DOM!!!!.... :3

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