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Frances Bean: The 7th Grader Reveals The New Cobain Style

Posted by Fara Kearnes on September 12, 2005 8:04 PM |

courtney love and frances beanFrances Bean, the poised daughter of Courtney Love and the late Nirvanagreat Kurt Cobain, was recently interviewed by teen vogue and gave the world a glimpse of her down to earth views on life.

"I'm a different person. i don't want to be titled as Courtney Loveand Kurt Cobain's daughter. I want to be thought of as frances cobain."

In the magazine article and photo spread, thirteen-year-old frances shows no love of grunge and claims that she's a girly-girl. "I don't like to look sloppy. I love feminine pieces," she says. "my favorite color is light pink. I also like baby blue because it brings out my eyes."
, She also makes it clear that she is embarrassed by her mother's retarded, drugged out fashion "style" which often consisted of nothing more than having her boobs falling out of short lingerie. "I prefer it when she's more of a 'classy starlet.'I don't really like her hardmetal stuff, or when she doesn't brush her hair."

The scorecard for Frances hasn't been great so far - her mom is currently in rehab and her dad committed suicide - but she seems more put together at 13 than Kelly Osbourne is at 20. Here's hoping she's inherited her father's legendary talent for music, and nothing from her mother.

Read about the Frances in Teen Vogue on stands Tuesday, Sept. 13.

She also makes it clear that she is embarrassed by her mother's retarded, drugged out fashion "style" which often consisted of nothing more than having her boobs falling out of short lingerie. "I prefer it when she's more of a 'classy starlet.'I don't really like her hardmetal stuff, or when she doesn't brush her hair."

The scorecard for Frances hasn't been great so far - her mom is currently in rehab and her dad committed suicide - but she seems more put together at 13 than Kelly Osbourne is at 20. Here's hoping she's inherited her father's legendary talent for music, and nothing from her mother.

Read about the Frances in Teen Vogue on stands Tuesday, Sept. 13.


Aren'nt you horrible for saying such ugly things about her mother. she is already in a bad disfunctionly place and you record this shit...you should be ashamed..many of us have alcoholic mothers and fathers and we survived and became somebody...don't ever say that she should only have her fathers genes. Courtney is a beautiful talented person...she has drug and addiction problems probably stemming from her own disfunctional family...stop trashing women!! Look to the father for a change..............


Drug addiction is a fatal disease. Sometimes even people with millions of dollars can not overcome diseases.

drug addiction is not a disease, its a choice

when you pick up that bottle, your making a decision

Good for Frances Cobain. I may be a huge Nirvana fan, but she's got a lot to deal with and she seems to be pulling through. Good for her. ~Bret~

Wow, France has grown up! But, i agree with Ada. Its not a disease. And Kurt ( I believe) didn't kill himself.

I love NIRVANA, there my favorite band, but i say that Frances is right. She should be able to be known as Frances Cobain, not "the daughter of Courteny Love and Kurt Cobain", i mean she has a god damn name you know and it's FRANCES COBAIN. FRANCES IS BEAUTIFUL!!


I love Frances!!!!

yes...nirvana is like my favortire badn EVER..but Frances has to be her own damn person..she shouldn't have to be like her parents...and plus..she's really pretty! and bashing courtney love isn't too cool..even if i think she had sumthing to do with kurt's death..

p.s.....kurt didn't kill himself..what big druggie like him would commit suicide 15 days before 420!?!?

Oh for god's sake.

Yeah, at first Drug addiction is a choice, but it's like alcoholism, its there for life. People learn to control it, but some people can't. You wouldn't say stuff like that if all Courtney Love did was smoke, smoking does as much damage as drink and drugs. Leave them alone, it's not your life, it's theirs.

They don't need your opinions or approval.

she is awsome kurt cobain was murdered by his wife and the kids doing fine so shut the fuck up

he had to much herione to pul the triiger it was MURDER

i had been searching about articles of kurt cobain's death i cried becoz i am his biggest fan i got his everything pics 6 albums songs videos i love him but when i heard he died i am just messed up with my self from that day i have started writing poems and u must know i am 16 and now through my love for nirvana i have a crush on miss frances franny bean cobain she is 13 but she will grow up and yeah andrea u slut fuck u shes not a bitch her mom is and u r her mom shes a slut and killed her dad kurt i love him kurt man i suppose u r in paradise and u bitch courtney slut u may go to hell yes thats what i want and frances i love u u may become mine

ugh... its a tragedy that the offspring of kurt cobain is so girly and put together... frances im 12 years old and id rather be your father's daughter then u do! ugh its a waste of good genes.

I think That Kurt was murdered coming from a 16 who spends every day singing and playing his music on the guitar he was an amazing man

ps.Frances is a verry beutyfull yung lady who should call me when she hits 9th grade!!

oh man koplemann or what the hell are u frances wont call u u wierdo she will call me herfather was a genius i know that YES shes mine may she is blessed FAA

I LOVE Nirvana and i hope that Frances can make something of her life and she should know the truth about her mother and i hope she becomes something big some day like her Father. Fuckin Rock on NIRVANA rocks Fuck courtney stupid bitch


you shoud not for get about your dad you dad loved you i know ok .

I love Nirvana and am very proud to see that Frances has turned into such a bright and beautiful young lady. I hope Kurt would be proud of his daughter like I am. Now she just has to stay away from Courtney and she will turn out right.

Rock on Frances

I think Frances should try to have her fathers case re-opened. And I think she should be taken away from her f-cked up mother! Sad but true.

frances has alot more to deal with than the one person who cared more about her than life itself being gone and her mother being drug addicted. her mothers a fricken talentless murderer and she'll grow up and mature enough to realise that shes above all this media influence and come to terms with what a ho-bag her mother really is and what a fuller life she would have had if her mom hadnt taken her dad from her!

I am the same age as you Frances, and for some reason your dad's death just makes me cry more than anyothers. I feel as if I knew him from somewhere. Your beautiful and hope your life is happy forever. I don't believe your dad was miserable after all he loved you. I know for a fact that he would commit suicide beacuase he knew he would lose his only love you Frances. I don'y know if I believe your mom killed him or she hired someone. But your mom is not a good. You should tell us wh person, and you should re-open your father's case.It also makes me feel bad that your mother probably hides stuff about your dad from you.You should tell us what you really feel. And you should listen to your father's music he would be very happy and proud of you.
Follow your dreams, and if your mom reads this tell her we are all out to get her. R.I.P Kurt
"Its better to burn out then to fade away." I <3 you. Someday we will see you again, maybe you could come back to us.

yeah i was wondering about that i was like didnt kurt have a kid lol yeah i use to listen to nirvana first i didnt like music then past year i heard smells like teen spirit wow i was amazed and then i was hooked on his music like a drug then i tryed guitar masterd his songs then went on makeing my own yeah i thank your father yeah im 17 i will be famouse jus times with me i diddnt know i that i would be playing in a band and i hope i do good thanks to your father im twice as good now his music helped me keep your own style like your father did he liked his own way as in a way he changed the flow of music and knocked off m.j lol yeah awsome well yeah thats what i heard he changed the flow of music in a way ill live up to him for that and i thank him you look just like your father

You desperate bunch of stupid fucking cunts! We've all heard the murder conspiracy story but pick the time and place, not some site she MIGHT stumble across if she happens to be online and gets bored enough to look up something relating to her. And don't do it in a way that will alienate, offend or frighten the kid, you morons! Oh and @ Cameron: I think the last thing she's going to do is date a self-proclaimed Nirvana fan, IT'S KIND OF LIKE MISSING THE POINT, DUMBASS. The young Miss Cobain needs her independence and continued education and a better home life, not your idolatry of her dead dad through her. Take your grip off your dick and get it on reality for a change, schoolboy.

its cool that you have your own style dude!

kurt cobain rocks and frances is not a bitch

Has it ever occured to any of you that maybe Frances wants her OWN identity and not the identity of her parents? Most celebrity kids have that "I don't want to be judged because of what my parents did" attiude. Why the hell should Frances be any different than any other celebrity kids?

dude...frances...your father is one of the most important singer/songwriter/guitarist to ever grace this world, if u wanna dress like paris hilton go ahead, honestly i expect way more from you.

frances rocks and so dose her dad

but it is her life she can do wat she wants and wat kids want to be there parents

frances is a cool girl! she has her own style thats great. but i think it would have been very cool to see her playing a guitar or something like this.

her mother is a fucking bitch!!!

What the fuck is wrong with you guys? let the porr girl be, She can do whatever the fuck She wants, you go to far when you start "giving god`s powers" to Kurt, I mean he was great, but his daughter is an individual, why should she be her`s father shadow??. Now for the drugs, if it is a choise, it`s even worst than an disease, because you could have helped it.

i am one of those people who also believes kurt was murdered, and the dumb skank courtney had something to do with it. id love to meet courtney, id beat the living shit out of her, until she confesses about kurt. frances, your so lucky. well not mom wise, but god damn. kurt cobain is your father. your like the luckiest person on this earth. he was so talented and loved. he didnt kill himself, so dont say that. any one who wants to talk about nirvana or kurt, just IM me ,, cuz i love kurt donald cobain. nirvana kicks ass!!!!

france cobain i think that u r a wonderful im a little bit older than u and i wish i could meet u and im sorry about ur fathers death i know that everybodys says this but im his #1 fan and ur #1 fan the thang that makes me mad is that im 13 about 14 and i never went to ur dads concerts so im going to sing u one of his songs
( i'm so happy cause today i've found my friends there in my head I'm so ugly, but thats okay cause so are you We've broken our mirrors sunday morning is everyday for all i care.... And I'm not scared Light my candles in a daze cause i found god
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I'm so lonely but thats okay i shaved ur head
And i'm not sad and just maybe i'm to blame for all i've heard But i'm not sure

I'm so excited i cant wait to meet you there but i don't care ....

I'm so horny but thats okay my will is good

Hey,hey hey (6times)

I like it- i'm not gonna crack
I miss you- i'm not gonna crack
I love you- i'm not gonna crack
i killed you- i'm not gonna crack

I'm so happy cause today I've found my friends there in my head..

I'm so ugly but that's okay cause so are you...
we've broken our mirrors

Sunday morning is everyday for all i care... And
I'm not scared

Light my candles in a daze.....cause i found god

Hey, hey hey (6times)

I like it- i'm not gonna crack
I miss you- i'm not gonna crack
I love you- i'm not gonna crack
I killed you- i'm not gonna crack

P.S. ADD me on msn charles_willis13@hotmail.com

frances can be who SHE WANTS TO BE!!just cuz her parents are grunge doesnt mean she will be.god give her a break!and so what if she likes to be grily?therer is NOTHING worng with that.she si her own person and can d owhat she wants.i give her all the credit in the for not doing drugs nad staying positive.and as for the mom ocmment that was wrong maybe u should have said she wont do drugs like her mother.

WATCH THE KURT AND COURTNEY FILM!!!!! It really opens your eyes for the murder. How come Frances Cobain talks a lot about her mother but not her father in interwiews??? Don't anyone have the guts to ask her about kurt cobain?????


hey frances u rock and u also r really pretty im not to sure waat foto it was but u looked really cool in it and i sooooooo hope you still look at this page and your mum is beatiful and i want to meet her so that she can help me form a cool band like hers lol!!!!
but i love kurt cobain sooooooooo much i even speak to him in my head you know you should really try to find more oout about him its important u rock add ,e on msn i need to tell you something lol www.tuppyjones3@hotmail.com

You know.. Kurt Cobain whas never happy with himself.. It didnt begon when Frances Bean Cobain whas born.. Frances got's too her own life..



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