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Emma Roberts is the Girl Sleuth "Nancy Drew"

Posted by Fara Kearnes on September 14, 2005 7:51 PM |

emma roberts picCongrats to "Unfabulous" star Emma Roberts for snagging the lead in a big screen adaptation of the popular "Nancy Drew" novels.

"Nancy Drew: The mystery in Hollywood Hills" will be updated to present day Los Angeles (and not set in the 1950s) where the teen sleuth will tag along on her lawyer father's business trip and, natch, find clues to eventually solve the murder of a movie idol.

Already a star from her Nickelodeon series "Unfabulous," the 14-year-old is from a highly successful hollywood family: she is the daughter of actor Eric Roberts and niece of world's highest paid actress Julia Roberts. Emma's film credits include playing Johnny Depp's daughter in the drug drama "Blow" and the upcoming "Aquamarine." She's also got a album due out later this month. Emma is on course to be a big star and is open and honest enough to give her opinion about fellow teen celebs to USA Today.


Hey Emma if you get this message I am your biggest fan and I mean it!!! I am only 11 but I look up to you. You are so lucky well please get back to me!!! My email address is little_miss

I think your show at Nick is great. I luv Unfabulous, I like it when you write your own lyrics, it's so cool. Can you please email me, my email address is, trec_cool@yahoo.co.uk and can you please give me Jamie Spears email address?

Hey Emma!

I Love Unfabulous! I feel like you sometimes! I love it so mcuh! If you see this message you can email me if you get the chance! Make more good shows!!!!!!!


P.S. my email: candy40330@yahoo.com

Hey Emma I'm a guy yes a guy watches "Unfabulous" I think your so pretty.A guy who doesn't want to want to go out with you is stupid your so pretty e-mail me if you get this.(You probobly have a boyfriend though) Cjq1012@aol.com

Hi Emma - I watch your show every day I can. I am a big fan of Unfabulous. I think your character is the best! Does it feel like real life sometimes? I can't wait to see you in the Nancy Drew movie. I read Nancy Drew books. Please write me back. I would love to have an autographed picture if you can send one. Love, Rachel Urbano

OMG! Emma Roberts? I like watch your show everyday of my life i just can't get enough of it! Hey girl, how was it like to work with Johnny Depp, do you think he's hot? I totally do! he's like a mayjor Hottie! But anyways, you look totally look the same as you did when you were younger when you played with Johnny in "Blow" Man you haven't changed at all! You rock, you really do inspire me, you just make it seem like a kid can act and so you basically prove that to me, and thats mainly the reason why i like you, and you know me wanting to be an actress one day while i'm still a teenager puts a really big impact on me, and your the one who makes me believe in myself, and me knowing that i can accomplish anything i want if i just believe, and if it wasn't for you i'd be a nobody, i wouldn't have any dreams, or hopes, i'd just be a dead-beat! LOL! But anyways Emma i hope that one day you visit this site, and you read this, and you e-mail me i know that me and you would have an interesting convo! Luv ya always! Oh, and next time you star in a movie with Johnny Depp, could ya tell him i said "Hi" and "I love you"? that would be so great, or you could just tell him on the red carpet next time! LOL! I'm 14 and I want to be somebody someday, i'm sick of my life! Bye

Love Desiree

Emma if you see this i am you #1 fan ever u are my role model, i wanna look like you and be like you i love your show unfabulous! and i love how you write your own songs! i am kinda like you! i even want to start to play the guitar so i can write my own songs just like you! i am in the middle of writing a letter to you! i hope you write back and send a pic of urself and sign it! O.M.G Emma ur the best! mwah luv always Ashlee P.S i will stick up for you no matter what and always will be ur #1 fan.

hey Emma, im a guy, i think your very beautiful, anyone who does not think your pretty is stupid, i don't like you just cause your beautiful , i like you becuase i think ur cool, if you have yahoo messanger, if you want to talk, add me, efraincantu@sbcglobal.net or just enter pimp2krock . I have one thing in commen that I know of, I play a guitar, i have 5 guitars and i'm in 3 bands, i hope u'll still wanna talk to me even though im 13, but im turning 14 soon, talk to you when im added.

Your New Friend: Efrain Cantu

Emma I love you and I look up to you even though I'm 11 years you are my role model... Plz I want to be friends with you!!! So email me at xelde@aol.com when you get the chance! Thanks bye!

i watch your shows every time its on .
i hope that some day i'll get to see you.:):):):):):):0
got ta go
(oh and if you have a chance email me back at azmcgregor@hotmail.com).

Hi Emma. I'm a girl aged 9 in Ireland.
You are so so so so cool. I'v seen all episodes of season 1 of Unfabulas + I'v seen 3 episdes of season 2 on www.nick.com/turbonick. I love your music. I always listen to them. You are a great singer. I can't wait till your new movie comes out. You are so so famous and cool.

Emma Roberts you can e-mail me if you get this message. My e-mail address is= adnanabbas562000@yahoo.se

Hi emma your mom may have never told you but i'm related to you. you're doing great.
my e-mails dragon99225@hotmail.com

Hi emma I am ur biggest fan more than any of these people even though ur 14 and im 13 i look up to u alot i mean i wish i could look as preety as u and have everything on Unfabulous like the clothes, pures and ur cell phone.Ur the best!!!


Hi Emma!!!!!
Your my favorite actress and i think you play the guitar so awesomely good. and you have the best voice that iv heard. please email me back.......

Hey Emma I love your show! I am 13 and I love you!

I'm a guy that watches your show and I love you so much! I'm 13 and I want to know if you have a boyfriend and would you email me (if you get this)if you don't would you go out with me?

Hey Emma!
I am a HUGE fan of yours!I can't wait to see your movie Nancy Drew!!!I got your new CD. It was so cool and i hung your posters on my door. thank's for autographing it.If you want to you and e-mail or IM me @ lilred24625@aol.com or just e-mail me @ punkprincess0217@aol.com!!!l8er!


Hi Emma!! I think you are a really great actress, and your show totally rocks! I just wanted to ask, do you know George Agiashvili ?
(aka julian from the art lab) if you do, can i have his email? my email is vivalasvegaz@hotmail.com

emma you are the best evr! Even though i am a girl and you are a girl i still wanta marry you! u rock!

hey emma you're so cool! you're so awesome I love you!

emma! omg how was your christmas! I hope you got like hella stuff!!!!!!!!!Do you hink we could go to the movies sometime? we could get ice cream after,. I am a girl, but i am not gay.

hey emma! im a dolphin!!! sakfhoidsfo! thats what i sound like. You are preyy, for a human? do you like spaghetti and meatballs! If you never tried it, you shoul!

heyy emma, ii think your really cool, you kinda remind me of myself actually. i think that we kinda look the same, but yur much prettier =) lol but i also love singing. the songs you make up are almost lyke the songs i make up. Anyways.. i think your an amazing person! i mean all the things you do ! singing,acting, and school?? lol how do you do them all, and still have free time ! well anyways.. have fun w/ your life! your very very lucky !

Sincerely XO0X

Emma Roberts? oh wow!
how cool is that?
I'm Frances, and i think you're doing VERRRRYYYY
i may not be your biggest fan, but - uhm, well - i'm still a HUGE fan of yours!!!
if you saw this, and have time, i would DEFINITELY be happy if you send me an email! francesjoyce12345@yahoo.com
ohpleaseohpleaseohplease do have time...
love ya lots! mwaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!
(P.S.: i think you and jake thomas make a GREAT pair! and oh do you have a boy friend anyway?) *LOL*

Hey! emma this is chris i think you are really awsome ,i em a big fan i watch your show alot. Maby we can talk or something e-mail me back ok.
well i hop you read this.

your fan

love ur shows love u and the others email me anytime

hi i just wanted to say hi and i hope ur career is going good! well i love ur show and i would like to hear from you if possible. my e mail is codyfavata@hotmail.com and i would love it if we could be friends or something thanxs and if u do not have tme i understand bye. p.s. plz tell the people on the cst of Unfabulous i said hi. plz.

i love your show it is so great. i wish i could be u for a change

hi emma my name is libbie and iam 12 years old and my birthday is febuary 14 iam so excited lol!!!! oh yeah cant wait tell nacydrew
Well i gotta gomy moms trying to sing again

email me back at lmcgrath tell me youre email pleaslove ya

DEAR Emma Roberts,

If you see this message you can email me if you get the chance(stevendouglas2@juno.com)and i
live in zillah washington and i am very nice to
women very much and go to dinner and movie to.
Emma i hope you have a happy valentine's Day on
february 14,2006 to.i need your e-mail address
if it ok with you to.

from your bestfriend

HI emma i love unfabulous and i collect nancy drew books and i have always wanted to see a nancy drew movie I have almost read every nancy drew book.please send me an autorgraphed picture

Hi Emma,
I know you can not e-mail everyone so I just wanted to tell you I look up to you so much and I want to be just like you because at my school nobody really pays that much attention to me.But if you ever get the chance e-mail me at madison-9@hotmail.com

P.S. I am only 10 years old.

Hey Emma!
I love your show to bits! Im from ireland and im 14! Maybe sometime we can chat or e-mail each other! My email address is beyondsniper@hotmail.com thanks! xxx

I just luv u show . And i hope it will never stop!!!!!!!!!!! My sister and I always watch it .

Hi Emzie,
I want to tell you that I want to get to know more about you I'm a Filipino I am 15 this year
I want to be one of your friends if its possible
If you have friendster too this is my name John Henry and my e-mail address is johnhenrypmamaril@yahoo.com I also forgot to tell
that your show unfabulous really rocks yours songs are so fab I too can play a guitar, bass, drums, you name it so if you need a back-up or somethin' just e-mail k?

hey emma i love your program im 15 years old and i must talk to u please mail me if u can i love ur work

ps:my mail is luiwrightflosi@hotmail.com

Your the graetest singer i ever heard!!!!!!!!!!!!!My fav Song of yours is {I Wanna Be!!!!!}

hye emmma if u get dis message plz can u add me cus im not one of those jerks who say crap n stuff lol

hiya emma u are soo gdgd at singing and i am 9 years old i love unfaboule and i one of ur biggest fans and i mean it please get back to me at cheeky_lydz@hotmail.com please i really want you to talk to me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxbiggest fan everxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Emma.
I'm 15 And i Live In Morehead, Kentuck, I'm a BIG Fan, i have seen all your movies and i Love your Show On Nick! i have Not Missed a Eps. Yet, And Your Songs, i Have Your CD And i Love it!.... Your a Really Good Singer aswell, i would Like To At lest Have You E-mail me... That Would Be The Best thing Ever!!! lol, i Hope You Read This, Anyways Thanks!.... if u don't Have Time i Understand that!

From A BIG Fan: Anthony


my AIM/AOL Instant Messenger Name is: AAC419
my Yahoo Instant Messenger Name is: aac_419
MY E-mail Address Is: aac_419@yahoo.com

Hi Emma I wanted to know If you can email me at meno034@yahoo.com just to get to know each other.E-mail me By, Emmanuel

you are cool will you please add me and give your email it would be so good to talk to you i am 14 and i watch your show and i am a boy so please add me even if you dont i will carry on watching your show

Emma My name is Nick i'm 14 and I luv u my e-mail address is itunesadmirer@yahoo.com

HI, EMMA i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOUR SHOW you like so cool and i've always dreamed of being on t.v. some times you like so touch me . the more some one tells me i can't do some thing the more i want to do it.i get bad grades so when some one tells me i'am stupid i really show them. i'am 13 so i garenty you'll see me on t.v.!i watch "deal or no deal"so you should just watch it some time.youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu rock!

Hey Um Do you have aol instant messenger?

sup emma you rock your shows and your songs ar the best if you have a new one pls send it my e mail is mat_mira92@hotmail.com

Hey emma i hope to talk to you if you want email me at steve3000golfer@hotmail.com i just wanna be freinds and i was born february 7 1991 so if you wanna email me cya later

i love your show so so so so so so so so so so much and a thousand so's more.i am 9 years old but i still love your show if you want you could e-mail me at marianasilva@rogers.com.don't worry i still have alot to say.i think you're the best actress ever.i watch your show everyday it goes on.anyways i wish so so so so so so so much that i met you.well i hope you e-mail me soon.
P.S.you are so pretty i wish i was you.

love u bye

Hi emma roberts!! it has always been my dream 2 b an actor but my sprinting has taking me away from it, ive resently made it though 2 the london finals. Its a main part and i reli want 2 get it... i was wondering if u have any tips for me so will u plz email me @ Scott-griffiths@hotmail.co.uk thats a capital S om Scott love u scott x x x

Hey Emma!
Whats up?
Im from Germany, but I can speak English... good
So Im really very sorry, if the one or other word is wrong placed or wrong written, but I hope, you can read my English... ;)
Because of this, I cant see "Unfabulous" on TV... :(
But Ive seen some Pictures and thats look very good an funny! :)
I cant wait till June... when your Movie "Aquamarine" is to see in theatre!!!
Your songs are soooooo great too!
If I ever see a CD from Emma in any Shop, I will buy it quickly!
Youre so sweet Emma!
I know, you are very busy, but if you see this Message, I would be the happiest boy on the whole world, if you would send me an E-mail to: mester_dan001@yahoo.de
...Please ;)
So long... I wish you all good things you would!
Love ya,
Your Danny(Daniel)

Attention to All:

This Last day of April 2006, we have a GOOD NEWS from the prettiest Miss Emma Roberts!!!

Only just yesterday, April 29, '06, She have made an account on Yahoo! U.S. and this is for all of her fans that's wanting her e-mail address, her e-mail address that she made just for her fans who had requested that, is no other than


We hope that you will enjoy writing her your very own messages for her, you can now send her your private messages for her.

-Thank You-

Hi, this is Song Hye kyo, of Endless Love (Autumn in my Heart).

Please watch my show starting on May 8, at GMA 7, only at the PHILIPPINES...

-Thank You-

hi Emma,
i think you are so coooooooool and pretty,
i love unfabolous and i saw your movie blow you was so cute and small there. maybe can you write me. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!
my e-mail adress is:tambor68@hotmail.com

i love ur tv show it is FAB! please get in touch
P.S. my email address is

Hey! It's really cool how myname is also Claire, but that's isn't ur real name!But it was your movie name! I really admire u! My helper's daughter is 14 too and she's really famous too! If you really get this comment, plz email me!

Love Ya,

ur really hott what is your aim

please email me emma at jenniferbelna@yahoo.com

Hi Emma i want to have a life chating with you on either tuesdays or mondays between 4pm to 8pm text me back.

hi emma roberts i am 15 just turned if you ever want to call me fell free during chreistmas at 223-0703

Dear Emma Roberts,

Happy Hoildays and Merry Christmas. I am going to practice on my acoustic guitar. I wrote plenty of songs to become a professional musician when I grow up. I am getting an acoustic guitar and many more presents for Christmas.

Have a nice day.
From,Rockin Sam 16

hello emma roberts i like your tv show unfabulous but more then that i like you! one more thing do you realy like that boy jake and tell him his a lucky guy.

Dear Emma,

Whats up?! Hey, what was it
like doing the show with the
"braty" kid? I bet you thought it was gross when
she threw up on you?! Well,
catch ya later! :)

Hey Emma! Me and my sister,
Abby, Want to know what
your favorite color is. Is
it blue, pink, purple? Let
us know!


hello emma, my dream girl how are you today.did you read the email i sent you yesterday afternoon. please email me if you have read this at M.faruk@xtra.co.nz.

Hi Emma! Is Nancey really your dog? I just want to
know. See ya!

hello emma please call me my number is 073486455 i leave in newzealand rotorua.

Hi I am Raymond.I love to watch unfabulous.When, i watch unfabulous, I realised that you are so pretty.I like that part,where you play your music instruments.I al;o hope you can become a superstar one day.I also want to tell the truth that I love you so much.My email address is raymondlukeboudville@yahoo.com.my

emma you are soo great.im your huge fan.i love your movis,espically aquamarime.please reply back at(if you recieve)cherubic_gal@hotmail.com.

i just wanna be oyu friend if you read it can you send me a mail please, my, amil is ivanmaniaco_omega@hotmail.com and i'm 14 years

Hi emma,i want to see Nancy Drew so much when It comes out.I want to be a detective when i get older just like you in Nancy Drew
That would be so cool.your friend'Tony P.S i don't have a e/mail so send a message to 1527 lewison NE Grand Rapids

Dear Emma,

I've seen aquamarine and i like the way you play your character in the movie it is so real the way you act and thats not all your good looking to ;) but uuuhm if you like to talk with me my email account is tyson_the_gamefreak@hotmail.com

Bye hopefully speek you later T.O.

hey guys...umm i don't actually think this is emma roberts since you were all like "hey emma i'm your biggest fan..." i highly doubt this is her, no offense, but why would she write in the third person...i'm not trying to put you down or anything i mean if u want to think its her go ahead but it's not...if u giv me proof that its rlly her i will shut up

Hello emma! I love all your shows and movies, especially Aquamarine! I also like your songs! I think 'If I Had it my Way' is the best songs ever! And I'm your biggest fan, okay! Maybe not biggest, your parents probably took up that post...but I'm the second-biggest then! Guess what? I picked up the guitar a year ago and havent looked back since then! Also, I've done performances before, singing in my chucrh and a mini-concert hall. I just love it! And really, I WANNA BE just like you! Fine, not an identical twin copy, just that I really admire your talents and I look up to you! Please email me and reply me, okay? My email adress is aquamarine17@gmail.com. Or uptowngirl5472@yahoo.com.sg. Please and thank you!


Hi Emma. What is your e-mail address? I need it for a project I'm working on ( I'm doing it on you.)
Thanks. :)

Hey Emma, i am a really big fan of yours and i would like to be friends with you. i am 15 years old. i was born october 21,1991. and so i've heard u were born in rhinebeck,NY and i live in rhinebeck and i've lived there all my life, but can i have ur e-mail address and if u have a myspace can i have the URl if its ok with you. my e-mail is christa112165@hotmail.com and my myspace URL is www.myspace.com/omgkickass.
Thanks alot,
From ur biggest fan ever,

Emma, I love your show Unfabulous and I think your a great actress. Write back when you can. hgoldstein1216@aolc.om

Hey Emma you're an awsome actress! Can you please email me your email adress.Pleaaaaaaaaase pretty please.Your movies\shows are awsome.

Hi Emma

Unlike other celeberties I like your style and you are kind. If you would like to contact me my e-mail address is sk8r_grrl_prro@yahoo.com.
Thanks again,

Hi Emma,
My name is Gabrielle and I am a huge fan. I think your birthday is on February 10, that is my birthday also! I have gone to see Nancy Drew twice and it never go boring. I watch Unfabulous all the time and think you are great!!!!


hey my name is emma to and i love playing the guitar. i write my own songs. here is one of them
"everything under the sun, i keep in my pocket, keep close to my heart" and i havent written the rest. if you could help me finish it that'd be SOOOO cool. love lots emma. p.s. i love the movie nancy drew ironic isnt it...nancy..your dog?

Hey, emma
I know you don't know who i am but i really admire you and think your a great role model.

I watch your who unfabulous alot and it's a great show. you give alot of great advice and seem to be every girls role model, well if you evr get the chance to read this i'd be very surprised

My email address is saliha_1@hotmail.com

try to get back to me

Dear Emma Roberts,

Can you please send me a mail?? I Like you, Youre so cool and beautiful!! PLEASE
Emma! I wish to be frends with you!!, Thats my biggest wish!


Please send me!! Your biggest fan:


hey emma!i was wonderin what the song is called with the lyrics " everything under the sun, i keep in my popcket, keep close to my heart" please message back!

hey emma
I am from egypt Ilove you Happy 18 Birth day
your friend pleas write me

Can you please send me a mail? Youre so cool.I wish to be freinds with you.Your biggest fan mari.my mail is marisidamashvili@rambler.ru

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